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Principal still doesn’t know why killers did it:

This article starts off talking about the three yahoos who were arrested for threatening the life of Barack Obama. Then somehow it morphs into talking about Columbine. I guess because both involved guns and happened in the state of Colorado. However, it contains a great interview with Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis.

I’d like to address two great quotes made by Principal DeAngelis who is often the target of mutant harassment.

“Less than a year after the Columbine shootings,” Mr. DeAngelis was saying, “I was on a panel somewhere and I was asked, ‘What could have prevented Klebold and Harris from committing those murders on that particular day?’ I didn’t really have a good answer. The guns that they used were bought legally. An 18-year-old student went to a gun show in Colorado Springs and bought these weapons and gave them to Klebold and Harris.

I think Mr. DeAngelis is being too kind. The obvious answer is that parental involvement would have prevented Columbine. I’ve said it hundreds of times, if Harris and Klebold’s parents had just gone snooping through their own home they would have discovered what was going on. Whether or not they would have done anything about it is a different story. So maybe Mr. DeAngelis is right and Columbine was inevitable.

He also addresses the two cowardly scumbags’ motives and their mutant followers…

“Where I really struggle is, what caused so much hate in those kids’ hearts that they would kill their classmates and their teachers and they would kill themselves? You’re talking about kamikazes, but the kamikazes had a deep national and religious reason to do what they did. With Klebold and Harris, there was only this aspect that they had to do it so that their names would live forever. And you can go on these Web sites that are dedicated to them, and it’s like they do live forever.”

What caused so much hate is that they are one of those from their generation who believe that the world is fair and that the world owes them everything. It’s not and it doesn’t. And as far as their mutant followers are concerned they buy into every myth about their cowardly heroes, mainly the myth that they were bullied.

However, I think that they live forever due to their cowardly and violent legacy. Their mutant followers are just a mere footnote.

5 thoughts on “Columbine principal still doesn’t know why they did it

  1. starviego says:

    In your linked article Frank DeAngelis is quoted as saying “An 18-year-old student went to a gun show in Colorado Springs and bought these weapons and gave them to Klebold and Harris.” Colo Springs?? I thought the Tanner Gun Show was held at the Denver Merchandise Mart.Also, it might be coincidence, but one of the men arrested in the Obama plot is named “Nathan Johnson.” An individual with that name was a driver at Blackjack Pizza in the summer of ’98 and knew Harris and Klebold. See page of 10155 of the released documents.


  2. Nicole says:

    “What caused so much hate is that they are one of those from their generation who believe that the world is fair and that the world owes them everything.”No, they just wanted respect. they wanted to take their names back, and you know what? they did. like it or not.


  3. Respect is earned not given. When you’re a pair of hoodlums respect should not be expected.


  4. Ron says:

    There is a pile of evidence indicating that Harris and Klebold were avenging a bad arrest. The cover story about hallway harassment has been the popularly accepted motive, but closer examination reveals much anger and hatred towards Law Enforcement. A National Geographic documentary “final report Columbine” concludes that the killers were avenging the January incident. Their arrest for breaking into a van.Dylan wrote to Eric in a yearbook entry,”Killing cops!!! blowing up things. the holy April morning of nbk. My Wrath for January’s Incident will be godlike, not to mention our revenge in the commons.”Harris drew a picture while under arrest that can be interpreted as a cop sexually assaulting a kid. page 10589Classmates were taunting them with abusive Gay remarks. You Tube Eric with friends.Eric is shown sitting at a table and a friend says,”Eric you just got jacked up the arse.” YOu will see a dramatic change in Eric’s demeanor from carefree to angry and aggressive.Eric’s parents took him to counseling and he as put on anti depressants because He was having fits of rage as a result of his arrest. There has been no post-Columbine investigation of the arrest.


  5. Erin says:

    I think it’s so easy for people to point a finger at the parents.. oh they didn’t do enough, they didn’t care enough…. bullshit… 99% of parents out there can’t figure out what’s going on with their moody teenagers. They tried to be good parents, they took their kids to counseling, they tried to help them… and anyone who thinks that respect is “earned” obviously hasn’t been in high school in years. I’m only a senior in college now so I remember high school pretty well…. and I remember seeing perfectly nice people getting humiliated in the caf or the hallways because they didn’t wear the same clothes or drive a cool car… I think the only person who has ever logically summed up where Dylan and Eric’s problems have come from is Marilyn Manson in his interview to Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine. We live in a society where war is seen as an acceptable way of getting whatever it is we need or want, the crime rate is sky high and all of our media constantly forces it down our throats that we will never be good enough unless we’re supermodel thin with Armani clothes and a Lambo in the driveway of our cushy suburban home… We turn on the news every night and we’re assaulted with stories about rapes, murder, and war. Violence begets violence… you want someone to blame? Blame congress for bombing cities all over the world, blame the media for making people feel inadequate. Don’t get me wrong, what Erik and Dylan did was unforgivable, unnecessary and heart-breaking. Same thing goes for every other school shooting in this country, but maybe we should ask ourselves why in many other stable countries (Canada, Germany, England, etc) who have a comparable number of guns per household, listen to the same music, watch the same movies, and have the same violent video games have substantially less gun violence and school shootings… I highly doubt the answer to that question is that parents in America aren’t doing their jobs and I think it’s much more about the way our society is structured.


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