Handyman ad gets response from pedophile

Michael Berk

Michael Berk

Police: Man Solicited Sex From Child Online:

The headline is a little misleading.

A Maine father of four placed an ad on craigslist advertising his services as a handyman so he could feed his kids.

Instead 28-year-old Michael Berk emailed the man saying he would pay the man if he could have sex with one of his children. Being a decent father the man called the police on Berk.

This should show you the type of people who are trolling craigslist. Even when you’re trying to feed your children you still have to worry about scumbags like this.

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  1. Trench Reynolds

    I hope to God I’m wrong but it makes me think he’s done it before and got away with it.

  2. Rob Taylor

    What is going on? The world is going to Hell. Why would this guy think he could get away with this?


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