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Casey Anthony has hundreds of online supporters:

If you haven’t heard about Casey Anthony you’ve been living under a rock you can catch up here.

Long story short she’s a person of interest in the death of her own daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. Anybody with half a brain thinks that she had something to with her daughter’s death even though Caylee hasn’t been found yet.

Those without half a brain have become Casey Anthony’s Facebook friend…

Casey’s Facebook page is dedicated it to her missing 3-year-old daughter Caylee. On Facebook Casey has a growing list of friends leaving messages of support. She is getting lots of support from strangers from Leesburg to London.

Amanda wrote: “Keep your head up mom…I’ve been in your shoes before. It’s not the best place to be behind the pointed finger….There is a rainbow after the storm.”

Maegyn from Michigan wrote…”There is not a night that I don’t pray that when I wake see that she was brought homes safe and sound…”

It does say at the top of Casey’s pages that the site that says only positive comments. The site is being monitored and her friends from around the world seem to respect that.

According to the report from FOX 35 in Florida, Casey Anthony has approximately 650 Facebook friends. That’s 650 people who probably think that the word ‘gullible’ is not in the dictionary.

349 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Facebook

  1. brenda says:

    The reason nobody has a comment for Casey, if it has to be encouragement, is because nobody with a particle of a brain thinks she is innocent or honest!!!!!!Think about it


    1. Phil says:

      G U I L T Y………….G U I L T Y……………G U I L T Y…………….


  2. brenda says:

    After long thought, since I eat, sleep, drink, think etc. about this case, I feel I can relate to Casey on a one-on-one contact because I feel that Casey had a very “somewhat” unencouraging upbring, especially by Cindy because, although I feel, that Casey was jealous of the relationship between Cindy &amp Caylee, Cindy was jealous of Casey growing up because Casey was taking away her youth, which was probably very restricted and Casey had popularity and fun &amp fashion while she didn’t have it. I feel strong about that and you would agree, if you were to look into Cindy’s past. I to have a daughter and I know my parents treated her like a piece of gold. Althought they were not cruel to me, as a child, but they sure never gave me nor my sisters &amp brothers the care &amp attention they gave my daughter. I didnt feel jealous and I was happy with the love they gave her but I did notice. My thought were confirmed when my Mom died and my Dad gave my daughter an eternity ring he had given my Mom, but he felt Lynn was the most important person in Mom’s life, so he gave her the ring. Casey, if you don’t tell where Caylee is, you are enabling your parents to become rich quick on Caylee’s disappearance and why gratify them anything for the way thery treated you. But please remember, Caylee didn’t do anything to you except being born and that was not her fault, so don’t punish her for how you were treated. You know, deep down, they are NOT REALLY supporting you, they are now lining their pockets on behalf of you and do you want that????? Eventually, they will feed you to the wolves when the time is right, if they think they can get the rights to a book or movie but they can’t do that without an ending. Your only consultantion will be, THEY CANNOT PROFIT FROM THE OUT-COME. Casey, if you have to go down the river, take them with you, whatever has happened, they had some part in it, even if it was mentally. Please hear my words. I’m not out to destroy you, but I think I can really relate. If you beleive a word I told you, please contact me for one-on-one talks. Stop George &amp Cindy from making a foretune on your head and please stop taking that Jose Biez (or whatever his last name is” because I think he is only looking out for his pockets for the future and using you for PUBLICITY &amp FAME not to meantion his fashion show. His ONLY concern is his appearance on camera or in public, if brains wer gun powder, he wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose….. Casey you can be sure I would listen to you but, if I never hear from you, don’t let them have the opportunity to live in luxary for the rest of their lives after sending you to the wolves. Please think about it……..


    1. grace says:

      Grow up and get a life!!!!


    2. ma says:

      What the hell, your life must of been real bad. grow upand get a life. u need help ur self


    3. casey says:

      are you psychotic or something?


  3. M. Hutchence says:

    yep there is definitely something very… missing in that family. But also- there was a case years back where a single mom drove her car into a lake letting her 2 young boys- simply because she wanted to be seen as available and attractive. Maybe Casey simply couldn’t handle being a single mother.

    As much as any upbringing issues Casey may have had, she is still a horrible rotten excuse for a mother and a human. She also exhibits the ability to lie, steal and cheat without any remorse whatsoever.

    I see today they indicted her for murder.
    Finally .


  4. GregS says:

    I think Casey killed her daughter by accident and now is lying to cover it up. I waited a long time before voicing my opinion on this case because I wanted to make sure I had an accurate assessment of her character, but now that I observed enough of her behavior.

    1. She’s not capable of remorse, guilt, or empathy.
    2. She’s a grade at psychopath of the highest order, not sociopath but psychopath.

    The sociopath can keep a job and can manage to be honest enough to maintain some friendships and normal relationships, basically the sociopath doesn’t wear the mask all the time with all people. The psychopath on the other hand wont be honest with anyone and simply will tell everyone what they think everyone wants or needs to hear.

    So if you want to know why Casey is lying, it’s because she’s a scared psychopath. She’s going to tell a story she thinks you’ll all believe, and if you don’t believe it, she’ll keep trying to paint a more believable story, and she’s probably been doing this all her life, nobody actually knows her, not even her family. Her persona is completely false/fake.

    And no I don’t think she’s as rational as people make her out to be. She’s not calculated enough to kill her daughter deliberately. And luckily shes not very smart, I’d say her IQ is on the lower end of the spectrum. That being said, I’d probably have liked her, I don’t see her as evil, but more like broken.


  5. GregS says:

    I think Casey should have been allowed to have an abortion. I think Cindy feels responsible for not allowing Casey to have the abortion in the first place. So Cindy wants to protect her daughter from lethal injection.

    I think Casey is trapped, she can never confess to what happened because she’ll go to prison. I think she should be offered a plea bargain, if her daughter died in a freak accident she should be given the chance to plea guilty and receive an ordinary 10 years to life with a chance or parole. I think she should have her tubes tied on top of this as part of the arrangement.

    If she does not agree with that, then she should face the death penalty. And I’m no supporter of the death penalty either.


  6. Allie says:

    Cindy is a liar and munipulator. So guess what Casey is too. Where do you think Casey learned it from?
    Casey needs to come clean for lil Caylee and take her knocks like a grown-up. Cindy and Casey needed professional help years ago. I feel sorry for Casey’s father. Besides Caylee he’s the victim hear. The truth will come out one way or another, it always does. Even if it takes years, the truth can’t hide because it’s always there. Like it or not Cindy. Oh by the way Cindy, Caylee’s dead and you know it. Your feeling guilty won’t change a thing. You, Cindy, should have been working from the thruth years ago. But, it’s your thruth or Your out of here? You can’t control this one.
    The last couple of videos of Caylee are telling. Look at her eyes, you can see she’s been drugged already. All the lies in the world won’t bring her back. I hope they find her bones. She was precious, and in spirit she still is. Bless You All To Tell The Truth…Now!!!


  7. guilty says:

    she ductaped her child then murdered her and threw her in the woods, theres not much more to that, she is the word evil, she will rot in hell and rot in jail for all of eternity, the grandparents should be brought on charges, what cindy calls 911 saying it smells like there is a dead body in the trunk and that caylee is gone, but she has time to wash the evidence right before police get there, why hasnt there been any charges?????
    that little girl caylee did not stand a chance with a family like that, all selfish and self centered but guess what all they have left is their pathetic two little dogs who they treated better then their grandaughter, becuase the pathological psychotic daughter is going to burn


  8. guilty says:

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


  9. guilty says:

    hahaha died in a freak accident my ass, do freak accidents happen when people reserach BEFOREHAND the words ‘missing children” chlorophome, neck breaking etc” and then tape their kids mouths with industrial heavy duty tape so the kid doesnt scream in agony while they are being murdered,….. wow it must have such a freak accident can you say gullible and denial at the same time


  10. Niya says:

    I used to feel sorry for Cindy Anthony until I read some documents from the case and saw the transcript of her interview with police. She spent the whole time trying to pin it on friends of her sociopathic psycho of a daughter. Who the fuck does she think she is to try to frame these people who are also victims of her daughter’s lies, manipulation and theivery? to me it is despicable! The only one who I feel pity for is Caylee and slightly George. Lee can rot in hell right along with is mother and sister. The whole of them make me want to strangle the life out of them for their total disregard for other people.


  11. Alexis says:



  12. Lori Smith says:

    Get Off the grandparents! You have no Idea Of why they deffend Casey and how they must feel Until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Anybody on the outside can see Casey is guilty, but if she were your daughter would you be able to convince yourself of something so horrific? They are in denial no doubt about it, I dont believe they know she did this I think that they honestly believe she would never do anything like this. Ppl cope with things differrently. I dont think any of you have a clue of how you would cope. Yeah I know…..You would help authorities fry your daughter……..whatever! Until your there you dont know


  13. Scott says:

    Allie, there is no doubt that Casey got her lying ways from her mother who has caused problems during the investigation. And Cindy intentionally giving the police Casey’s hairbrush instead of Caylee’s hairbrush means to me that she knew Caylee was dead and she was only interested in getting Casey off.

    Well said Niya. I’m with you about Cindy and Lee. I want to still feel for George. But at this stage in the case I can’t. At first he tells police of the death smell from the car. Then he changes it to a rotten pizza smelll because Cindy said that. Unreal. You can’t make this up.

    Where are Cindy and George now? What happened to their media tour? Oops.

    Poor Caylee. her bones are mixed amongst animals. But atleast Casey dumped her in a area where she buried her pets. I mean allegedly dumped her of course.

    Alexis, if Casey were my daughter I would want her in jail for the rest of her life for taking the life precious and innocent Caylee. And then you have all the other non murder related charges she faces.

    Now Cindy and George want to get their stories straight and tell the truth? It kind of makes me think about what they realy know.


  14. Jessie says:

    What a very sad day for a beautiful 3 year old innocent little girl. Its not just the state of Florida that is grieving it is the whole country. I have followed it since day 1 and i am not able to eat and sleep for days now. I went to watch Nancy Grace and couldnt even do that tonight.Im just sick. All of us who has watched it is grieving as tho this little girl was our own,i do believe. As far as Casey, I do not hope that you get an injection to end your life. that would be way to easy to get off .I would like you to do life in prison and I hope you get what is coming to you everyday till you cant handle anymore and you die a very horrible death. As far as the grandparents,I do believe all they knew to do was lie to everyone cause they didnt know the right thing to do. Well the bitch in jail learnt it from them to lie. As far as Lee,well you want to desecrate your nieces little memory site that was set up for her,well that says alot for you to. As far as I am comcerned you are another loser along with your sister. I do believe she killed her over the jealousy with her mom and thats pretty sick.To everyone who has been defending this killer since day 1 that speaks volumes about you to. So go ahead and keep sending her money and doing whatever else you have been doing for her cause one loser will always back another loser. Rest in peace little Caylee . You are up there with the angels now you precious little girl.


  15. Chuck D. says:

    RIP, Caylee…as for the rest of her family, they make me sick.

    If Casey was such a good mother, why did she lovingly refer to her daughter as a “little snot head” and go out partying the whole time she was supposedly using “other resources” to try and find Caylee before finally calling the cops, not showing the slightest sign of anything being amiss?

    And to her “my kid would never do that” parents, here’s a news flash for you: pizza doesn’t smell when it goes bad, it gets hard as a rock. Stop making excuses for your daughter, that’s prolly part of how she wound up the way she is, as well as her idiot brother.


  16. allie says:

    Thanks for the lecture Lorie Smith. You are right that most people wouldn’t know how they would handle a lot of things. BUT, ONE BIG DIFFERENCE, most of us would expect and be able to handle the TRUTH. That’s the big issue here… All of the lies over something so serious. Its sickening.


  17. allie says:

    Thanks for the lecture Lorie Smith. You are right that most people wouldn’t know how they would handle a lot of things. BUT, ONE WITH ONE BIG DIFFERENCE, most of us would expect and be able to handle the TRUTH. That’s the big issue here… All of the lies when there is such a serious matter at hand. Their own granddaughters life. That’s why the comments about the grandparents. Its just sickening. Sadly, even with all the lies, they can’t bring her back with the truth now.
    Really, I pray for them, they are hurting more than most of us will ever know. May god bless the grandparents.


  18. Sheila Jo says:

    How can anyone have a kind word for a mother who spends her time “grinding” on a pole at a bar while her child is missing?? Waiting a month to even report her as gone, shows someone needing time to “COVER” their tracks…

    Hope Casey likes “heat”, because there’s a corner of Hell awaiting her someday and hopefully it will come after a nice “injection”.

    May God be with Heavens newest angel, Caylee Marie!!!


  19. Sheila Jo says:

    I’d like to add….as for the parents and brother, I feel as though Casey was a spoiled brat and it appears that whatever she wants…she gets and whatever she says, is believed. No questions asked!

    How could anyone support her in jail when all the evidence was leading in only one direction? A mother whom truly wants to locate a missing child, would do a little thing like HELP the police, not elude them and hide behind your high powered “defense team”.

    I smell another “O.J.” trial and it makes me sick!


  20. Pam Coursey says:

    Little Caylee will never be able to say her side of the story. This mother will get off with a manslaughter defense and be back at &ldquoFusion.&rdquo The children&rsquos storybook &ldquoDouble Double Trouble&rdquo is about a babysitter named Zanny. The sleasy &lsquodream team&rsquo is being funded by an anonymous trust&hellip.It&rsquos OJ Simpson all over again&hellip.Where is the justice for this innocent little girl?


  21. marie graham says:

    i think


  22. marie graham says:



  23. Scott says:

    Jessie, the 2 Anthony children did learn to lie and deceive from their parents.

    Chuck, you make a pertinent point about how pizza doesn’t smell when it goes bad. It get’s hard. It’s like eveyone knew this but the Anthony’s. And Casey did call Caylee a snothead. She had an underlying resentment of her darling 2 year old daughter Caylee who was the star in the family and not her criminal mother.

    And if spacey Casey somehow gets off from her murder, fraud, theft and child neglect charges hundreds if not thousands of people in Florida will storm the courthouse and take care of business like they did back in the 1800’s.


  24. Brenda says:

    Thank the almighty God that the dear little darling was found before Christmas, yes, I guess there really must be a God to have this little child laid to rest in peace, with her little “baby”. Little would they have thought that this year Caylee would be getting a casket for Christmas. Has anyone wondered WHY the Anthonys agreed to cooperate finally for full immunity, especialy Cindy since George has already did his part in putting Casey away when he testified at the grand jury. Cindy is NOW willing to sell Casey down the river for her freedom. She should not get immunity since she thought it was such a joke not cooperating with law enforcement and Caylee’s hair brush and when she said, “I was going to give them the dog’s brush instead and NOW she wants immunity???? The media keep referring back to her saying “I know in my gut she is close by”. I only hope they don’t forget to replay her tape to her brother Lee, when she told him “this should have been done a long time ago” and it was in the same conversation when she told him that “maybe I just wanted to be a bitch”. I live in Canada and, of course, I have no way of communicating my opinions, therefore, I would beg anyone who could remind the OCSO of that conversation. If there is any sympathy to go out to that family it should be to George, he was their patsy. Caylee is dead but, it’s times like this that a person really realizes there are still alot of people who really care for others and that can’t be wrong. Thank you for the opportunity to have had to privelege of communicating with some very caring people. We all have 1 thing in common and that is justice for Caylee and let the rest burn in hell after spending a long, long time in jail and there is nothing to bad to happen to Casey and her Dork frien “the meter man”…..


  25. While you’re here why not take a look at a case that’s similar to the Caylee Anthony case but isn’t getting half as much attention by the media. This would be the case of missing 8-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez

    Part 1


  26. Scott says:

    That was an amazing post Brenda. And I’m also glad Casey’s remains were found before Christmas. But I’m confused with the point you made about the meter man being a friend of Casey’s. I only wish Caylee’s remains were found back in August when the meter man tipped off police about a bag in that area.

    Trench, the Gionanni Gonzales story is terrible. As is the lack of media coverage about it. There are so many people of Spanish decent in America that this should be a major media story. Someone needs to get Nacny Grace and other prominent talk show hosts to start focusing on this story.


  27. Me says:

    I don’t care what Casey may or may not have done, I would wreck that chick. Seriously, have you seen her damn! And she’s obviously a little fiesty so that increases her level of hotness by atleast 4.


  28. Chuck D. says:

    The whole “murdered her toddler daughter” thing kinda overrides any sex appeal she might have.


  29. Sheila Jo says:

    Me….How can you even say seriously?? or joking anything remotely kind about that “Child killer” and if that makes her hot, you my friend need counseling.

    As for that precious child, so many people want to give love to children and can’t and then this “female dog” kills her own…again, I’ll add there’s a corner of hell for her and she’ll spend time revisiting her crime. Can’t get much better than that! Oh wait, yes it can…she’ll have to face God someday and HE knows the truth. No dream team or lies to her defense that day.

    And to Brenda…you made a great/sad point, NO child should be given a casket for Christmas.

    God Bless You, Caylee Marie


  30. Martin says:

    The rumor/word on the street is that Casey has had orgies with multiple guys at a time. The rumor is also that she has had sex with so many guys at a time that she doesn’t even know who the father of Caylee is. She has no clue.

    Trust me, you don’t want to have sex with Casey, shes a huge wh^*e, and may have STDs.

    You have been warned.


  31. allie says:

    Thanks Martin, finally something that makes sense about who the father is. I hope that the testing on the bones and the tooth shows what happened to caylee drug wise. My thoughts go to Caylees last minutes alive. This is sad but I hope Caylee was out so that she didn’t have to suffer her evil mothers sick plan for her. I sense that Caylee was scared… It hurts my heart. I pray it was over quickly. I can’t imagine if the baby woke up in the trunk. Think about the sick person that would do this. It makes me think death penalty. And I normally don’t believe in the death penalty. Sad.


  32. Chuck D. says:

    And given the photos that surfaced of Casey preparing to urinate in public(!) and “driving the porcelain bus” (which George falsely tried to claim were taken before Caylee’s disappearance), I think that shows just how good a mother she really was.


  33. Scott says:

    Me, yes Casey Anthony is physically attractive. But she’s a terrible human being. Here’s a thought. Why don’t you get off on a chick that didn’t murder her own darling daughter? Allegedly that is. There are millions of hot women and hot mothers around the world that aren’t child killers. Maybe you could pick one or two of them to lust over. It’s just a kind thought from me in the holiday season. 🙂

    As for who the biological father of Caylee was, don’t you think the guy or guys who had sex with Casey in December of 2004 would want to know if they were the father?


  34. Alice says:

    Casey killled her innocent child because she was jealous of her child and her own Mother. Casey has no remorse or feelings for ‘ANYONE” other than herself. She is a cold blooded murder and should be charged accordlingly. Casey is NOT above the law as she likes to think, her stories are all lies… Casey willl spend the rest of her life behind bars and many many hours hopefully thinking about her actions with all the pain and grief she has caused her family, friends, and this country. Casey is not a hero she is a low life, May God be with Caylee.


  35. Sugar says:

    CASEY&rsquoS A SLUT! When she found out she was pregnant, she told Jesse (her boyfriend @ the time) that he was the father. he said they weren&rsquot ready to be parents, so they should put the baby up for adoption to a couple who can&rsquot have kids.
    She said: &ldquoI&rsquom not gonna carry a baby for 9 months just to give it up.&rdquo so they kept her. later, a paternity test revealed it wasn&rsquot his! but he stayed just as smitten w/the baby as he was w/Casey.

    WTF?! How/why&rsquod he stay w/Casey after she cheated on him &amp lied about the baby? if i was him, i woulda run from that lying slut &amp her bastard daughter. i can’t believe he proposed marriage later! i’m also surprised that she dumped him cuz she was “happier alone.”


  36. Chuck D. says:

    Anyone see the MSNBC special on the case? It included the audio of one of Casey’s first jail calls…while Cindy (@ that point in time, anyway) is trying to get her to tell the police what she knows, Casey seems far more interested in getting her BF’s phone #…def speaks volumes about her fucked-up priorities.


  37. Sheila Jo says:

    Regardless of what you may think Sugar (we all have opinions) you should be ashamed to refer to that precious child in your comment as “Bastard Daughter”. She had NO choice in the matter of who fathered her or how her mother behaved!

    Even after all this time, my heart literally breaks thinking about this babies last moments…did she awake to see “who” wanted her dead? Did she spend her last moments in a darkened car trunk just to die?

    Casey should have to hear and see this nightly in her thoughts as she tries to sleep. But then, with everything she’s done, I’m sure she doesn’t give a damn, at least she’s alive!!! News flash Casey, no more boyfriends, club outtings and drinking parties…that’s not allowed where you’re staying. Maybe, you’ll find a nice cute girlfriend in the slammer.

    As for your brother, he’s a piece of work also and your parents are ignorant, which isn’t against the law.


  38. Scott says:

    Well said Alice.

    Chuck, I saw the MSNBC special. And yes spacey Casey knew Caylee was already dead because she killed her so she was onto other things such as herself and her boyfriend and her hard partying ways. She has been emotionless about Caylee. Casey has only cried because of the huge trouble she’s in.

    Sugar I don’t get your disasteful comment about Caylee. Poor Caylee the only ones who really wanted her were her grandparents.

    Sheila Jo, I’m sure Casey can block out Caylee’s last moments so she doesn’t have to think about them. Poor Caylee what a beautiful child she was even though she was fatherless. Why haven’t the guys who had sex with Casey in December of 2004 come forward to see if Caylee was their daughter? I would want to know that’s for sure. Why are the Anthony’s keeping a secret as to who Caylee’s father might have been? Maybe it was one of the cops she was “dating”. Or a family member. Oops. ) Something doesn’t smell right about this case and it’s not the pizza in the trunk of Casey’s car.

    And what about all the other charges Casey faces for fraud, theft and child neglect? When can the prosecution have a trail for Casey for those well earned charges? Casey should get years in jail for those charges alone. Then you add on murder charges on top of that and Casey is screwed. But not like she likes. )


  39. GregS says:

    Sugar, Casey is a sociopath, it’s obvious. Women like her prey on men who are “Smitten” and just really weak with their emotions. She had him wrapped around her finger, thats why he wouldn’t dump a woman who cheated on him without protection.

    The reason why people like Casey Anthony get worse is because there is an endless supply of weak men to manipulate, take advantage of, and play with. And until a majority of men decide they don’t want to play these games anymore, then what do you expect? A sucker is born every minute in this world and Casey Anthony is just one of the people who knows and exploits this law of nature.

    If you don’t want to attract a girl like Casey Anthony, don’t be a sucker or a coward. Girls like Casey Anthony like “soft” targets. If you are young, naive, and soft, you can expect to be hurt by girls like Casey who prefer guys like you, and if you have a lot of money then they prefer you even more.


  40. GregS says:

    If anyone is interested in Casey Anthony’s psychological profile

    Always seek knowledge.


  41. Scott says:

    Greg, it’s true Casey is a pro at picking out soft touches of both sexes who are easy to control. Maybe she gets that from her manipulative mother Cindy. ) But I’m not sure you can blame a man for falling for Casey. Especially before she turned really bad and into a murderer and killed her own daughter. Casey is attractive and has a great smile and it’s easy to see why she had so many men including policemen and not just guys who were soft touches.

    Anyway Jesse Grund seems like a really good guy. Casey and Caylee were lucky to have him for the time they did. And if Casey had stayed with Jesse then Caylee would most likely be alive today. I do not want to see Jesse Grund take the blame for Caylee’s death. But I think that’s what the defense will try to do once they realize no one will buy the Zanny the nanny garbage. Either Jesse or the meter reader will be the target of the defense team.


  42. GregS says:

    Scott, being manipulative is a learned trait. Of course should expected and even reasonable that Casey Anthony should manipulate,I just think naive suckers make it so much easier for her than it would have to be.

    Maybe if guys stopped falling for her fake tears, her tone of voice, her body language, her lies, and just accepted her as is, they’d not be manipulated. If you look at her communications with people, she’s very good at communicating, she’s very charismatic, most of us would probably like her at first glance. It’s only when you really look at her behavior can you say you really know her, or anyone really. You can only know someone when you observe their behavior.

    You can also learn about her by her lifestyle. She’s not in college, and there is no indication that she is smart enough for college. She does not seem to have any direction in life, and while she is only 22 or so, she should have married him when she had the chance, the fact that she didn’t is another sign of not being able to see the big picture.

    Despite the fact that Casey Anthony is a manipulative psychopath, I don’t perceive her as “evil”. Her behavior shows that she is extremely selfish and self centered, with a complete lack of empathy or concern, but she’s not evil because she does not get pleasure from hurting people.

    There are millions of Casey Anthonys, the difference is this Casey Anthony isn’t as smart as some of the others out there. I’m willing to bet that most of us know a Casey Anthony type, we might even be relate to someone like her.

    The worst thing you can do is enable a person like this. The worst thing you can do is be like “it’s not your fault”, the worst thing you can do is forgive and forget, if they do harm to you, you create a line in the sand and if they cross that line it’s their ass. Some people don’t set bounderies,or limits, they don’t have a line, or they keep moving their line. If you are inconsistent you encourage people to manipulate you.

    Decide on behaviors which you will not accept from any living human. And when someone shows you that behavior, cut them off immediately. I’d have cut Casey off long before I’d ever be in a situation like that guy, and by cut off I mean change my phone number, not accept her calls, not keep anyone from her network associated with her, completely cut off.

    For me it only takes one time to reach the cutoff point, but some men like being cheated on and abused and it just encourages it further, just like the women who don’t leave domestic abusers. If you are going to take it and not dish anything back, they will keep dishing. And if you do break free, now they will target your kind from now on.


  43. GregS says:

    A human being is the sum of their behaviors. If you don’t want to be a sucker ever again, learn to look for patterns and read behavior. The person who is Casey Anthony can clearly be seen by paying attention to the details of her behavior.

    She relied on good looks and charm because you let her. Stop thinking with your feelings and looking with your eyes and pay attention to what she does, is her behavior attractive?

    Thats when you see that she’s really just an average girl, not exceptionally smart, not exceptionally beautiful, her best property is she’s probably fun to be around. If you want to have a fun time or a fun relationship, then you hang with someone like Casey.

    But marry her? Only if you are a damn fool.


  44. Scott says:

    Greg, I have to label Casey Anthony as evil in addition to self centered which is what you call her. Going online and reseaching neck breaking and choloroform is a very bad sign of someone’s heart. And I would say that not burying her daughter in the respectful way she did her pet hamster makes her evil. She killed Caylele and should have atleast dug a hole to put her body in. But no casey left Casey body lie with dead stray cats and rats. It’s just so sad. 😦

    And Casey is quite attractive at first sight. That’s true and she knows it. Then you find out a little bit about her and then you realize she is a troubled human being who in reality is a criminal.


  45. GregS says:

    Scott a lot of people use Google to search about how to kill their wives, does that mean all of these people are evil?

    Just because she thought about it, it doesn’t mean thats how it happened. The evidence does show she may have used choloroform, but does that mean she broke her daughters neck? Until they show just how Caylee died, we cannot call Casey evil, lots of women go insane and kill their babies. It’s sick, but its not evil unless they enjoy it.

    An evil person enjoys hurting and torturing others. An evil person would want to kill in the most painful method possible. Choloroform and neckbreaking seem to be among the least painful ways to kill a person, while setting a person on fire or drowning would be evil.

    It seems to me that Casey saw Caylee as a pet that had to be put to sleep. There is no evidence that she hated Caylee and wanted to torture her or give her a painful death. Killing as an act in itself is not evil, it’s mean, it’s sick, it’s cruel, but it’s not evil in itself. Torture is evil, rape is evil, because the intent is to make someone suffer.


  46. allie says:

    Well said Scott.I thought the father might have been a family member too. OOPS!
    I’m with you Sheila Jo.
    So sad, a casket for a Cristmas present.

    And for New Years, she gets to lay in a Morgue. Good job Caysey,you impressed us all with just how stupid you really are. Duct tape and the trunk of your car, is the punishment you should experience,Casey. Its only fair. Tit for a tat. Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth. What comes around, goes around. Right casey?


  47. allie says:

    People who want to harm others, especially their own daughter,or wife, IS EVIL!!! I do believe, at the time, Casey enjoyed what she did. It was only after she realized she might have consequences, did she have regret.she was only worried for herself.
    Think about that.


  48. Sheila Jo says:

    Just for argument sake, lets say Casey did this accidently…then how is it that she can not participate in the recovery of her own child and or not assist in the truth in any way to help authorities do their jobs. Then she says they’re full of shit. Well, seems to me we know who’s full of that and their name is Casey Anthony!!!

    Evil, ok maybe not….but malicious, YES! You don’t know your child is dead and go to bars to flaunt your body, girate against another woman and rent videos, all the while your child is decomposing not even a mile from your bedroom window. How in the hell did you sleep at night?

    Maybe her ass kissing brother is the father. Why is it that no-one stands up to her just “for” her but where is the support for Caylee? I guess to them the cliche goes….”Gone and forgotten”.


  49. allie says:

    So true, Sheila Jo.We all hurt for lil Caylee and it brings out so many emotions for this baby. I stick by evil though, because she causes so much pain and doesn’t give a sh**. And, nothing would stop her from hurting others.
    I pray for Caylee! She is with the ANGELS of heaven…


  50. Scott says:

    Greg, yes someone is evil if they are researching killing someone. It’s that simple to me.

    If Casey Anthony accidentaly killed her daughter Caylee then she should have said so from the beginning. She would have gotten about 10 years for accidental manslaughter. But now she’s screwed. I think Casey killed Caylee accidentally by chlorofoming her to death so she could go out and party and not have to worry about Caylee thinking that she was knocked out by the chloroform. But murder is still murder even if it’s accidental.

    Allie, it’s bizarre that the father angle in the Caylee tragedy has never been made public. Caylee was a sweet child who any man should have been proud to have fathered even out of wedlock. What was the big deal about being Caylee’s father that the cat couldn’t be let out of the bag? We might never know.

    Sheila Jo, I think reality has hit the Anthony’s that Casey is gone and that Casey killed her. They are hiding out now and will probably never recover from this.

    And SJ the million dollar question to spacey Casey is how did she sleep at night knowing that her daughter was decomposing among the dead animals of that area? Casey acted like she was reborn with Caylee out of the way. That was sick. I hope Caylee can rest in peace. casey on the other hand is trapped in jail with the world hating her. That may not matter to her but if she ever got out in the public again people would let her know how they feel.


  51. allie says:

    Scott, good overview of what is written here.
    The only reason to even bring up the father thing is because of Casey’s lies and what she did to Jessie Grund. She knew she was already preg.when she met him. So calculating. Also, there may have social security for the baby if the father died. It is interesting how Casey so hid who the father is.
    Scott, I do like to read your overviews.
    Always kind and interesting. Thanks. It also adds to her package of lies.



  52. GregS says:

    Scott I don’t believe in evil thoughts, only evil deeds.

    And you are right she is screwed. She’s screwed and should never be released from prison, not simply because she killed her daughter, even if by accident, but because she is mentally ill. She has a moral retardation, she is morally insane, and it cannot be cured.

    If she doesn’t belong in prison she belongs in a hospital, either way she does not belong in society. Her illness is that shes a psychopath, prison does not cure psychopaths, and punishment isn’t going to change the fact that her brain isn’t functioning properly.

    It’s a medical problem too, not simply a law enforcement problem. The cause is a brain disorder. The effects are controlled through prisons but it’s still a mental illness. And for this reason she’s not evil, she’s sick.


  53. Sheila Jo says:

    So much passion here with all the “bloggers”, even more so sad that there wasn’t this much passion in the finding of such a beautiful little child…

    As for Cindy, I believe that she really realizes she should have been more aggressive with Casey in the beginning when she kept being told Caylee was elsewhere and couldn’t be talked to and or visited. One has to wonder, if Casey were held more accountable, would this all have transpired differently. I’m basing this on the facts that “both” parents admit their daughter has pretty much on the most part been a liar and thief!

    As for George, sad sad man…when Casey almost knocked him down getting to her car trunk first to remove stolen gas cans, why after he admits he smelled “decomposition” did he not do more to see what was or what had been in that car trunk.
    Afterall, he’s a retired poilice officer of some sort, is he not?

    And now, we hear of a newly surfacing video…I just wonder who was notified to film in the exact area where a month later her body was found, to show only that, there was NO body. Could Lee be a factor in that? Just thinking here, alright!

    Behind bars, we know Casey has no choice but to use the men in her life that just do as directed all in the name of “not upsetting precious Casey”. As they say, there’s one born every minute!!!

    One can just pray that, justice comes to Caylee and if that means prison for her own mother for her murder, sadly it must be that way.

    I’ve never been one to blog and just want to add, I look forward to reading all the comments and views about this matter. Most here are very respectful and kind.

    Happy New Year to each of you!!!!


  54. says:

    Casey is where she is at due to the fact that her lie’s have put her where she belongs. Her own Mother, father and brother “All” know Casey has told multiple lie’s over the years and have allowed her to continue to lie, not to mention the fact that her family believe’s in “All” her lies as well. Casey will never accept nor will she ever admit that she killed her daughter Caylee.. Because..she wants her mother and father to think she is not capable of doing such a deed. ( let’s face it, if Casey was such a good mother then why was Cindy going to take the child away from CASEY?? If you listen carefully to Casey you can tell in her tone of voice and maneurisms that she is a manuipulative lier, and will lie at any cost no matter what. I believe what happened to Caylee is that Casey tried to chloroform the child as a test to see if her concoction worked then put the child in the pool and the child drowned, Casey freaked put the child in the kid’s playhouse, realized she didn’t have a good enough story ( LIE) so she put the child in the trunk of “her” vehicle with the chloroform rag . Casey hid for the past several weeks so she could come up with a story ( Huge Lie) so she came up with the Nanny theory. Also if you watch the tapes of Casey in jail speaking to her mom and dad you see Casey only Cries when mom and dad ask or speak about Caylee. Its guilt on Casey’s part as she knows that her child is Never coming home again, because of what she has done to her child. Also Casey mentions that she will lie, steal or whatever it takes to bring Caylee back..Guess what Casey NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LIE, STEAL or whatever its not going to bring your child back from the dead. Casey tries to talk as if she is educated, but she is not, just listen to her.


  55. says:

    PS.. in one of Casey’s conversations with the police she mentions : THE HORRIBLE THING THAT HAPPENED…. then goes on to mention that she left her child with someone she trusted.

    I’m wondering ….Does Casey have multiple personalities???

    Or, is Casey putting some truths here and there in all her lies? Read between the lines.


  56. Scott says:

    Thanks Allie. I enjoy reading your posts. Yes Casey is calculationg. And a very good actress. She sat there in court the other day looking so natural and relaxed like she was in her living room. Amazing. Or I should say her parents living room as Casey didn’t have her own. ) But as an actress Casey is very good. I’m watching a Nancy Grace rerun right now and Casey is being videtaped talking to her mom in the slammer and Casey is making up all this stuff about Zenaida Gonzales. It seems so real. But we know it’s all a lie about Zenaida.

    Greg, I’ll choose a prison over a hospital for Casey’s permanent residence. I just hope after she is convicted that they take the nice snacks away from Casey who is eating good in the jail neighborhood so to speak. )

    SJ, it is amazing that Geoge didn’t do more to find Caylee and question Casey relentlessy in the beginning. Especially once he knew there was a dead body in Casey’s car. Hmmm let’s see, George was a former cop, his granddaughter was missing and there was the smell of a dead body in his daughter’s car. How the hell could George not put 2 and 2 together and figure out that it was possible Casey did something with Caylee? Or atleast Casey killing or getting rid of Caylee should be looked into. As it turns out Casey did both.

    George and Cindy knew Casey never wanted a child because the child held Casey’s personal life back. They knew Casey was into drugs and partying and sleeping around. That’s a terrible mix for the mother of a 2 year old daughter. Poor Caylee. With a mother like Casey she was doomed from the day she was born. 😦

    No Alice I don’t think spacey Casey has multiple personalities. She’s just a good actress and a great liar.

    And once again I’m watching this Nancy Grace rerun as I write this and Casey just told her mother that Jesse Grund is not trustworthy. LOL you can’t make this stuff up.


  57. AmyV says:

    Hello everyone. Some of you know me from a different blog. Those of you who do know I live in Florida. A couple of hours from this tragic event.

    I have read your posts from the beginning to get caught up. I follow Nancy Grace every night on this case. She truly is an advocate for justice for this poor child. Also, this is on the news 24/7 down here.

    Anybody with half a brain knows that monster killed that child. Yet I still hear defense for her. People say their is not enough evidence. I don’t know what more they need. I am not a big advocate of the death penalty. However, I have felt like hanging that girl myself.

    No mother would ever make up lie after lie if she were in fear for her daughters life. This girl is beyond evil. Sorry Greg have to disagree with you on that one. I don’t think she enjoyed killing her daughter I think she just didn’t give a s*** at all. So that to me makes her evil. A person without a soul.

    I think the people of Florida have shown what they think of Casey Anthony. Never have I seen a case where people would camp outside of someone’s house to try to get the murderer to admit the truth. Of course the police were blamed for letting this happen. I said Good let them scream at her all night long. Why did she deserve any rest. She was feeling way to pampered in that house.

    As for the issue of the father. Hats off to Jesse. She was pregnant when he meet her. He did not know this. She lied about him being the father. Although he had his doubts he stuck by her in the event this was his child. An attachment was formed and even after he found out she was a lying bitch he still loved that child. That would be a hard emotion to turn off. So I don’t believe he was a sucker. To many REAL fathers who would not have done this.

    I don’t think its a big mystery who the father is. I just think she slept with so many men she doesn’t have a clue. I will stop short of saying it was a family member. With everything else that has happened this has never even been brought up as an option.

    If this monster were my daughter I would not stop loving her. That is what makes a real mother. However, I would not lie and manipulate to protect her like Cindy after they KNOW she killed their poor little grand child. The grandfather I do feel a lot of sympathy for. He made some statements about his daughter that any father would find sickening and knowing it was condemning her all the more. He was out of the loop and controlled by the other members of this strange family.

    George Anthony did not say he smelled decomposition in the car the day Casey had the gas cans. That came later after they picked it up from the tow yard. I believe Cindy and especially Lee are in the cover up up to their necks. Totally changed my mind about Cindy when she started blaming everyone else under the sun.

    Caylee was not laid to rest on Christmas Day. Nor was she laid to rest on New Year’s that poor babies remains are still sitting in a cardboard box at the funeral home. Further shame to bring upon this family. I would like to see the people of Florida again go to that house and demand that poor child have a proper burial. The families main concern is of course defense for Casey. Sick. Sick.

    Caylee has been with God for many months now. Her suffering is over. Caseys has just begun and hopefully will continue until the day she dies.


  58. Jan B. says:

    I think it would be interesting to have a video camera hone in on Casey Anthony in her jail cell when she is watching the memorial service or funeral for that preciouse little girl, Caylee to see her reaction. This story has broken my heart and it brings tears to my eyes when I think about how Caylee died. She loved and trusted her mother and it is terrible what happened to her. When I see the clip of the video of her singing the song, “How Much I love you” At least Caylee is in Heaven now with angels watching over her.


  59. Scott says:

    Great post Amy. You make mnay pertinent points and the most importnat is that poor Caylee’s remains or what they found of her remains are still at the funeral home waiting for burial. It’s outrageous this murdered 2 year old girl has not been laid to rest. Maybe the Anthony’s will pay for this disgrace someday.

    Also Amy I agree with you about Casey being evil. She’s evil and so heartless. Casey gave her pet hamster a better burial than she did her own daughter. They ended up in the same area. It’s the truth.

    And some doctor please tie Casey’s fallopian tubes so she can’t reproduce in prison. )

    Jan, Casey would probably be emotionless if we caught her watching her daughter’s funeral from jail. I believe Casey has perfected believing that she didn’t kill her daughter. Casey is the master at playing innocent.


  60. Alice says:

    I feel strongly Casey will be sent to jail for the remainder of her life, preferably I would like to see her get the death penalty…
    I also feel as part of her sentencing the judge should paint on her cell wall a mural of her daughter Caylee as a never ending image of her daughter so Casey Never forgets what she has done to her innocent child. The mural of Caylee should be the first thing Casey see’s when she wakes up and the last thing she see’s when she goes to sleep.
    As for Casey watching the funeral services for her child, she will opt NOT to watch this due to the fact that she does NOT CARE about her child. Casey is a cold calculated murderer.
    Looks like Casey got the hots for her Atty.


  61. Phil says:

    See the latest
    Casey’s Mom sent an e-mail

    In the e-mail obtained by Local 6 News, Cindy Anthony wrote to Lois Peter, “As for my daughter, she never hurt Caylee and that will be proven. She loved her deeply.”

    Prisons are definatly filled with parents innocent children


  62. Alice says:

    Phil I have seen the email. Cindy is just as delusional as her daughter Casey.
    If Casey loved Caylee deeply then “WHY” did she not contact police to report her child missing?
    Why didn’t Casey tell Mom and Dad where her daughter was? to many un-answered questions!
    What Cindy has to say is not credible anyway.
    The evidence they have against Casey is overwhelming and will be brought forth when her trial begins. There is way more evidence that is not known to the public.
    Cindy is just making herself look like an idiot, all over again, “That smell was pizza rotting in the back of the vehicle” ….. NOT SO! ( it was an empty pizza box) besides cadaver dogs do not hit on rotting pizza in a trunk of a car…. The
    Evidence is overwhelming against Casey…. Casey should Rot in jail, along with mom’s rotting pizza theory.


  63. Sheila Jo says:

    As we continue to post about this case, a child that was murdered by the one that should have been her “protector” her own mother sits skeletonized in a box in a freezer awaiting a proper burial. Why???

    Cindy Anthony, I believe is weighted down with the guilt that she “made” Casey what she is today by always taking up for her and excusing her actions. Regardless of what friend, family member, neighbor, ect. she mistreated, there was always an explanation. Shame on Cindy!!

    And, how is it that now an email surfaces that claims by Cindy’s own words, Casey would never hurt that little girl, she loved her too much. This being the same Cindy that not a few months ago told the police in an interview…I don’t care where Casey is, I only care about Caylee. This too being the same Cindy that Lee (Casey’s brother) told police had a fight the last time they saw Caylee alive, that his mother Cindy told Casey she was an “unfit” mother and that she wanted to seek custody.

    Lets face it, little Caylee wasn’t doomed from the start by having Casey as a mother…it was a package deal, she had wimps for grandparents and an uncle that wouldn’t put her “first”…Casey was always the center of attention. That explain her inability to function like most adults and have her own place and meet her own needs, not always look to other for a handout or something to steal.

    I pray this child gets laid to rest soon in an appropriate manor that’s befitting of an “angel”.

    God blesses all children!

    I want to add, what kind of uncle (LEE) would tear down a memorial people cared enough to place for your niece? How dare you!!! They at least (even as strangers) showed love for her that her own relatives didn’t. I guess I’d be ashamed too!


  64. allie says:

    The worst lie of all is to yourself…Cindy.
    Is there even a speck of truthfullness here? It seems as though you (Cindy) have your head in the sand because its so much easier than facing the truth. You might have to wake up and deal with the fact that your daughter (Casey) is a murderer. What? You thought that murderers have hunch-backs and they grunt. Look to God in your heart, because God is love And… He is also truth. Yes, you need to be honest,at least with yourself, to be close to God. Where lil baby Caylee is jumping on the clouds,laughing and loving God.

    I’m with yoy Sheila Jo. Well said.


  65. GregS says:

    To all who want to give Casey the death penalty, if she’s dead we will never understand why she did it, and we will never understand her mental illness.

    She should be kept alive so we can find out exactly what is wrong with her brain and why she did it. I’m not saying she’s insane, but she is certainly mentally ill and anyone can see that. If we don’t even know whats broken within her, how can we hope to fix the millions of Casey Anthonys who have the same problems?


  66. Phil says:

    Hi GregS
    Some people are not born with the ability to show empathy for anybody .Does this make them sick,or just the most selfish. Some people are born evil I don’t know if that it a disease or a characteristic . Most people who would have the same brain configuration would not show that lack of empathy with murder especially of thier own child . I to do not agrree with the death penality . Not for study reasons but for me the worst thing you can do to someone like Casey Anthony is to throw her in jail for life and forget about her . ,because to people like her it is all about her ,they hate to be forgotton. .


  67. Chuck D. says:

    I say give Casey life in prison…given the “honor code” prevalent there, the best way to make her suffer is the knowledge she’s gotta look behind her everywhere she goes and the fear that someone might not tolerate a baby killer as well as the rest of the population, to the point of wanting to do something about it…


  68. linda says:

    my sentence for Casey would be life in prison without parole and having to watch the videos of Caylee being played over and over again for the rest of her life.


  69. Alice says:

    George knows the “TRUTH”… He is just to afraid to speak up because Cindy is a controlling B*tch, just like her daughter Casey.
    Lee is not so dumb, he knows Casey killed Caylee.
    Casey is only kidding herself thinking she will get away with murder.
    As for Sweet little Caylee- may she rest in peace.
    I also hope that Caylee haunts Casey everyday of her life.


  70. Cindy says:

    I don’t think Casey with her personality disorder will ever feel any remorse for killing Caylee. I think Casey duct taped Caylee’s hands mouth/nose, and feet and threw her into the swimming pool. I hope I am not right, what a horrible death for such a sweet innocent little Angel! Could you imagine driving around with your decomposing little girl in the trunk of your car? SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!


  71. allie says:

    Cindy, I hadn’t heard that Caylee’s hands and feet were wrapped in duct tape.Is this true???does anyone know??? It makes me sick to think what Casey did to that sweet baby and it makes me sick to see the way the family sucks up to that self centered b**ch. The grand parents are worried sick for their granddaughter yet they walk on egg shells around Casey. I don’t get it. Any of us would demand the truth and not except less. Yet they act as if they are afraid of her. Very weird…


  72. Cindy says:

    Allie, the duct tape hands and feet are only a theory of mine. I am assuming that if Caylee’s feet and hands were duct taped also, the tape probably came off with the decomposition. I have only heard about the duct tape around the skull. That makes me wonder, if Casey used chloroform, then why did Caylee’s skull have duct tape wrapped around it? I have said that the grandparents behavior is wacky! First off, I don’t think that human decomposition would smell like pizza. Give me a dang break. George Anthony was a sherriff’s deputy and Cindy is a nurse, I am quite sure they both can tell the difference. Second, I have a 2 year old little girl (named Haley) and if my parents granddaughter was missing and my car smelled like death, I am quite sure they wouldn’t believe that I was innocent. All the evidence points to one person…..Casey. Third, to show what kind of charactor Casey is, she stoled checks from her friend and money from her parents. Now she has killed their granddaughter. SICK,SICK,SICK!!!!!!


  73. allie says:

    Your theory on the duct tape rang true, Cindy. That’s why it horrified me. I believe that she chloriformed Caylee, then she put the duct tape on her mouth, just in case she woke up. She couldn’t have Caylee wake up and start crying in the trunk.
    of her car. Which makes me think, Casey did this more than the last time. At least once more, maybe more times. It hurts me to even say that.
    . .
    After Caylee passed away in the trunk, Casey then tried the pool thing (drowning).she was trying to make it look like an accident. But, she knew it wouldn’t work. Too much time had gone by. Her ex baeu Tony must be sick to his stomach, knowing that he slept with Casey when lil Caylee was in the trunk of her car.
    Let’s bow our heads for Caylee and all the other abused children out there. I ask for their protection from all the Casey’s out there.



  74. Cindy says:

    Allie, I just hope my theory of duct tape/pool drowning isn’t the way it happened. Maybe Casey did chlorophorm little Caylee, and Caylee didn’t suffer, hopefully she just went to sleep. This case has turned into such a media circus, that I hope everyone remembers what this is all about…Justice for Caylee!


  75. Alice says:

    Casey told her mom and dad will you let me speak… then Casey opens her lying mouth and tells absolutely nothing!!!! the media this and the public that,, blah blah blah, still NO TRUTH out of Casey’s mouth, just more lies… I say give her some truth serium, or better yet get her drunk she will spill her guts then. Either way, she will never get out of jail… Casey your right , YOU HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE due to what you did to your child. You show no remorse, nor do you care, words mean nothing from your mouth… Rot in Hell Casey!
    May Caylee rest in peace….


  76. Cindy says:

    Oh my gosh everyone, I am watching Nancy Grace, and she is reporting that during the autopsy, they discovered a heart shaped adhesive sticky shape on the duct tape that covered Caylee’s mouth. The killer placed the heart shaped sticker directly on the duct tape on Caylee’s mouth. They also found Caylee’s favorite Winnie the Pooh blankie. Casey is seriously ill!!!!!


  77. Scott says:

    I wonder if they will nail Casey with the death penatly charge. The more information we get on Caylee’s death the greater the chances of casey facing the death penalty are. I would be okay with life in jail for Casey. As long as she doesn’t get to keep ordering nice snacks and bottled water and the like.


  78. Cindy says:

    Sometimes the death penalty turns into life in prison. It takes so long to actually give someone the lethal injection. I don’t think the prisoners on death row get those special items, until the last dinner….


  79. Chuck D. says:

    As I’ve said, I’d actually prefer life w/o parole over death for Casey, given how child killers are usually treated in prison.


  80. John says:

    How many of you agree that Casey Anthony is an alien?

    She should be released from jail immediately, taken to a secure location, and studied by doctors, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists so we can figure out just what species she really is.


  81. Phil says:

    Nothing says love like a sticker on duct tape .


  82. Cindy says:

    I agree that Casey is an alien. The reason I believe that she is of another life form is because after they are caught, most sociopaths will confess to their crimes. Examples: Ted Bundy, Susan Smith, etc. Casey ain’t crackin’!!!


  83. Cindy says:

    That hurricane came through Florida while Caylee’s remains were in that wooded area. How could anyone sleep while their child’s body is outside in that wooded area, all alone, with all that rain, thunder, and lightning???


  84. Cindy says:

    George Anthony was reported missing and found at a motel in Daytona Beach. He had text his family and said that he wanted to commit suicide. Casey, look what you have done to your family!!!!
    I can only imagine what George is going through. The mental anguish of not only losing a daughter and granddaughter, but the growing evidence that his own daughter killed his granddaughter. I always thought by George’s body language that he knew down deep that Casey killed Caylee.


  85. Scott says:

    Cindy, I feel the same way you do about George. I also believe he has known all along what Casey did. How can you not feel for him? Cindy is harder for me to take. She is cold and calculating and I believe Cindy set the tone for Casey’s life of lies. Poor Caylee she never had a chance with Casey as her mother. 😦


  86. Phil says:

    Latest news George taken into custidy for
    considering suicide .Poor man stuck with those 2 women


  87. allie says:

    Dezy, Just as we respect your opinion, please respect the opinions posted.
    I feel very sad for the Anthony family. None of us would want to go through this.
    The reason that so many do not back Casey is simple… It’s called a liar. With little Caylees life on the line Casey lies about everything. If she were innocent, she would do anything to find her daughter. Yet she does every thing to mislead the very people trying to find her and help. Does that sound right to you? Dezy.
    Also, when Caylee is supposedly missing, Casey is out dancing and having a great time. Does that sound right to you?
    She drives a car around that has a stench in it so great that you can be three feet from the car and it would knock out a horse. She lies about her employment at DisnyWorld. She says there were calls from the nanny and Caylee while at the nanny’s, no calls with a unusual or unknown number found at anytime. Dezy, I could go on all day. The smell of death, the in the car was backed up by highly trained dogs.
    How do you explain all this away?
    The truth is known by God.
    When you love someone, you don’t put them through the hell that Casey is putting that family through. Which shows she is a socialpath.
    The one person who could put all this to an end,is Casey, with the truth.


  88. DEZY MARTIN says:



  89. DEZY MARTIN says:



  90. GregS says:

    Stop having sympathy for the devil. Casey Anthony is an evil child killer according to the evidence.

    Sure we don’t have DNA evidence that Casey Anthony did it, but we have enough evidence to know that Casey Anthony was involved. The heart shaped sticker? How is she going to explain that to any sane jury?

    And when she goes to prison, how is she going to explain this to the other prisoners? She’s a good liar, but lying only takes you so far before you paint yourself into a corner as she has done. She’s lied herself into a corner and is now like a scared rat, but I’m voting guilty.


  91. GregS says:

    I tried to avoid calling Casey evil previously, because I left open the possibility that Caylee died in some freak accident.

    The claims now are that the tape was over her mouth and nose. The evidence also shows that she was executed in a manner consistent with that of a mother killing an unwanted child. None of this is why I concluded that Casey is evil, that conclusion is reached by the joking about baby medicine, and other evil comments and snide remarks.

    Many people have made similar evil remarks, or may have searched on how to kill on Google, and these people aren’t evil because they didn’t ultimately do what they were thinking. Casey visualized the crime before he did it, shows no remorse, and treated Caylee like a pet being put to sleep.

    So there is no reason to have any sympathy for her, lets save our sympathy for people who deserve it. Caylee and George deserve sympathy, Cindy needs to see a psychiatrist.


  92. GregS says:

    Phil I wont go so far to say people like Casey are born evil. She’s certainly a sociopath, but the majority of sociopaths while they might think about killing their wife, their husband or their child, and they might have violent fantasies, they don’t actually go and do it because they are rational enough to know that the consequences of being and doing evil do not outweigh the benefits of being and doing good.

    Casey was over confident in her ability to lie, she thought she could lie her way out of any situation. She probably learned this because she had so much success lying to her parents, friends, ex boyfriends, she literally created a false reality, a false persona, and most people don’t really know Casey because they listen to what she says(think Cindy) rather than observe what she does.

    Casey is a compulsive liar, a manipulative sociopath such as this usually gets pride and even pleasure from being able to fool or trick people into believing her false realities. Casey lied to her friends about the baby sitter, the truth about who and what she is only slipped out in her cruel jokes and snide remarks. Her jokes if you pay close attention are sadistic, and this is the sign that she is evil.

    Many people are full of sh*t, many people are sociopaths who are honest, and many people who aren’t sociopaths are sadists, but when you combine all three into one person you get an evil manipultive person. Lack of empathy, compulsive lying, and sadism are the three traits which when combined make Casey evil. Any of these traits by themselves wouldn’t produce evil, it’s only when they are all combined.


  93. DEZY MARTIN says:




  94. allie says:

    Sociopath, sociopath, sociopath. Thanks Greg S.
    Since Casey hates jail time, that’s what she should get and she shouldn’t see the light of day outside of jail. She will grow old in jail because she’ll never tell the truth. Because the truth is ugly. So, we’ll see you in about 50-60 years or more. Also, when she goes to the big house, well let’s just say they hate baby killers.


  95. DEZY MARTIN says:



  96. DEZY says:



  97. allie says:

    The only hatefull person here is Casey. She could have put all this to bed early on, but no. Lying and covering her own butt is the most important thing to her. Again, all of this could have been avoided with the truth. There is NO comparison to what Casey has done, to the comments in this forum. None!!!
    I was wondering when the family would have a buttfull of the Casey koolaid.
    My heart goes out to George. Infact, if he needs a place to decompress…I’ve got a place for him.
    Always!!! God bless Gearge. He doesn’t deserve all this bull***t.


  98. DEZY says:



  99. myriskalen says:

    I bet the mom has something to do with her daughter’s death.


  100. Jessie says:

    I have to say that everyday something new and odd is coming out. Now you got George wanting to end his life. I feel bad for him because I dont think he has ever had any sayso in that household. You got the mother who is loony,bossy,calculating and ignorant enough to think that the smell in the trunk could be from a rotting pizza. I have worked with my brother in law who owns a funeral business and George is right,death is a smell of its own. And no its not a smell of pizza either. Then you got the idiot son,who was passing the little codes to his killer sister and tearing down a memorial site for a little Angel that never deserved any of this. He now wants criminal immunity? So what does he know that he would want to cover his ass and throw the sister to the dogs? Then there is casey,calculating,lying,stealing,sneaky low down child killing whore. She is not even considered a Mother to me cause a mother would never hurt her child. She has done nothing but lie from day one that this was all discovered.All she kept saying the other night on the video,is she is the victim. Oh Poor you. She gets out on bail and she goes home and lays around on the coach and cooks meals for everyone and doesnt lift a finger to help find her child cause,oh whoops she knows right where she is.In the woods in a laundry bag and a trash bag with duck tape over her mouth with a little heart sticker on the mouth.Oh ya ,she did have her winnie the pooh blanket in there to. Now ,you have people,who want to say that she is innocent? If she was so innocent why did she not come forward along time ago when the baby was missing? why did she tell all those lies? Why did she take the police to Universal and act like she worked there? Why did she go out partying and whoreing while her child was missing? To me if you think that this child killer is innocent I just have to wonder what your life is like if you can see all this and still believe that she is innocent. I hope she does not get the chair or the needlle cause that is a easy way out. I want them to turn her loose with a her new neighbors she has in the hell hole and they can show her what they do to child killers. Let her suffer ,she deserves all she gets plus plenty more. And to just let Dezy know at least Nancy Grace is a mother who loves her two children and she fights for whats right. What to hell is your excuse? Maybe you have a little Casey in you huh? Cause she is the victim as you want to believe. And why? Because you have a lying,skeeming,calculating,stealing,child killer that can not tell the truth so she just keeps telling more and more lies and getting caught. She cant do the right thing and tell the truth cause after all she is the victim right? Not the Angel that was thrown out like yesterdays trash. Casey stated the other night she didnt have no one to comfort her so why dont you go down the Dez and comfort her.Im sure she probably go for you to


  101. allie says:

    Yes!!!…I’m with you Jessie.
    (A side note) I’m not knocking people who struggle with education, communication and writing skills. I’m 52 years old and I didn’t my GED until I was 36 yrs old. I worked hard to climb my way up in the business I work for.
    But Dezy, you are a horrible communicator. It is almost impossible to understand what you’re saying besides “you all suck”. Everyone on this site has been respectful to each other, except you!
    Fine, back Casey all you want. Its your prerogative. You are expecting everyone to react to your snide comments, that’s your thrill. But this is about a precious angel, Caylee. Not about You.
    If your so in love with Casey, send money to her account at the jail, so she can buy more hostess twinkies and gain 50 lbs. But you would be better off hitting the books and get some writing skills down, so you can diss us more effectively. Because you’re doing a poor job of it now.

    Bless Caylee

    Casey can stick it were the sun don’t shine!!!


  102. Cindy says:

    I know I really am not suppost to judge someone else, but if anyone deserved a date with “Old Sparky,” that would be Casey. While Casey was on the computer looking up “neck breaking” and “chloroform,” she should of looked up Florida’s Death Penalty. She should of Googled in the name “Allen Lee Davis.” Davis was convicted of murdering a pregnant woman and her 2 young girls. His date with “Old Sparky” came in 1999. Not very pretty, the pictures of him after his death in the electric chair are on the internet.


  103. Jessie says:

    Allie, I couldnt of said it any better than you did. I wonder if she knows what the spell check button is?


  104. DEZY says:

    this ain’t her but it’s her computer and i droped out of school and don’t know much about computers but i make more in a day than you make in a week! ha ha i knew i got your freaks all goin on your freak show! have fun!!!!


  105. DEZY says:

    i wonder if she knows how is on her computer now like casey’s house or how many people have been on it!


  106. DEZY says:



  107. allie says:

    Dezy, please don’t make this about you.

    Thanks Jessie


  108. DEZY says:



  109. DEZY says:



  110. Sorry for slacking off. Dezy is banned.


  111. Phil says:

    You do much legitimate research for me to not to give you her kudo’s .i do not know if there will ever be a way to know why sometimes the switch tuns off or on to why one kills and one will just think about it .With Casey i think her mother and especially her father let her get away with things for so long that it built into Casey a false sence of invinceability..This is no way should be interperated that I am blameing the parents

    To everybody else
    .As sorry as I am for George to be saddled with these 2 woman it seems for what i have seen that the mother would call out Casies before George would . Please also think about this ,George the ex cop was making no move to forces the issue on Cayle’s disapearence before
    Cindy Anothony called the cops .


  112. Alice says:

    I fell sorry for George, he has been so distraught over this whole thing. I wonder what Casey might have thought when she was told of her Dad’s thought of suicide? ( probably not much)
    George is suffering, he knows that Casey killed his beloved granddaughter. Cindy is just hoping this will all pass as if nothing ever happened. Lee is just covering up for his sister’s heinous crime, and Casey is just sitting back loving every minute of it as she loves the lime light and the media attention. Casey will never tell the truth because her Mother, Father and Brother will all know that Casey was jealous of her own child. Casey never wanted Caylee to begin with. Casey took the one thing her parents loved, Caylee to make them suffer for having to bear this beautiful child, this is Casey’s way of showing she is boss. Casey will be proven guilty and should rot in jail. Some people want to believe a mother is not capable of killing her own child, here is a perfect example of what a ( MONSTER ) of a mother can and did do to her sweet innocent chilid, then Lies, to cover up her stories, which none of them pan out to be true. Casey admitted she lied to the detectives, and her friends, What I don’t understand is that Casey says “I WILL LIE , CHEAT, do whatever it takes to get my child back”. Does Casey really believe that by lying, stealing etc will bring back Casey? She is delussional like her mother Cindy!! Not to mention that I just heard that a co worker of Cindy’s knew immediately when Casey walked into mom’s office area that Casey was pregnant, and Cindy never said a word?

    May Caylee rest in peace.
    PS&gt if it weren’t for Nancy Grace’s show none of us would have the privilege of knowing what was going on with this case. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL AND CASEY WILL ROT IN JAIL no matter where the venue is…


  113. Alice says:

    error&gt Does Casey really believe that by lying, stealing etc will bring back CAYLEE?


  114. Jessie says:

    Alice, Casey obviousley has no cares other than her being the victim here as she says. So no she dont care about what is going on with her father. All this looser cares about is herself and getting out to go party again and sleep around as she has done so well. Like she said on one of the videos they showed on the Nancy Grace show and she was argueing with her parents and throwing her little fit, Her comment was,Mom, I have no one to comfort me,they need to know I am a victim here. Well that shows me she has no thought of anyone other than herself,especially when her daughter is thrown out like a piece of garbage with duck tape over her mouth with heart stickers on it. She is a very selfish,sick minded person and i can not wait for her to get what is coming to her. I just wish they would show the trial on tv so that we could all have some closer and see her get whats coming to her.


  115. allie says:

    Beautiful Caylee’s last pleas were words in a song. They were,”don’t take my sunshine away”. She sang that song with such mature emotion that its amazing.
    Don’t take my beloved grand parents away.
    I’m going to a funeral today, I will pray baby Caylee is put to rest as well.


  116. Jessie says:

    Dear Allie, Im very sorry to hear that you are attending a funeral today. Hope that you are doing ok.


  117. Sheila Jo says:

    Sorr, I’ve been away for a few days but just got updated here…

    As for Dezy, I’m shocked at the allegations that most of us here are being crude/cruel and hateful.

    Glad Dezy’s gone but want to quickly ad, someone that spells the way that person did doesn’t make more in a day than some of us do in a week!!! For when Dezy returns under a new “nic”…get a dictionary before you start slamming all of us, it will go better when we can actually tell what you’re saying :)~


  118. Allie says:

    Thank you Jessie! It’s a tough thing to go through when you really love someone and their death is untimely, like cancer. But murder?

    The funeral for baby Caylee is going to be really tough for everyone in that family. It’s hard enough with the untimely death of an adult, but a baby almost three years old…That is going to be like a volcano standing on the head of a pin. The emotions are going to flow with such sadness and so much pain. There aren’t enough words for what they will feel.

    Casey has shown that she is more afraid of her mothers reaction to Caylees death than the actual murder of Caylee. A heart sticker on tuct tape is her way of saying “I Love YOU”.
    It is going to be interesting to see how Casey “ACTS” when the funeral finely does happen.
    I think that Casey is going to be morning due to her own incarceration, more than the morning of baby Caylee’s death… SO sad!!!


  119. Sheila Jo says:

    Has anyone else heard that they actually want to have a somewhat “jail” service for Caylee so that her sleaze bag mother can say goodbye to her daughter…

    Sheesh, I would’ve thought she did that when she placed that heart sticker over the duct tape that silenced her child before she was murdered.

    I think that is just yet another disrespect to that precious childs memory. Can’t she just be laid to rest without all the hoopla for Casey.


  120. Jessie says:

    Allie, You are right in all catagories. She has never cared for that baby. All she had was jealousy toward her. The baby was cutting into her partying life. Well did you see Nancy tonight and the lawyer is trying to get the funeral at the prison? He is a doosy to. She should remember the little angel the way she saw her last, Putting her in a laundry bad then a garbage bag with duck tape over her mouth with the heart stickers on it. I hope she suffers the rest of her lousy,miserable life. I just wish that they would put the angel to rest. I cant imagine what it was like for her being alive cause she must of been around alot of fighting with that crazy bunch. Talk to you later Allie and I am sorry for your loss. Just buried my brother in june from that nasty cancer to . They seem to find cures just not one for that . Have a good evening allie,nice talking to you again..


  121. Jessie says:

    Sheila Jo, This is just another case of that witch wanting things her way. I couldnt believe it when I heard that tonight.Just like the interview they showed on Wed I think it was . Where Caysee was saying she was the victim. Never heard a word out of her nasty mouth about her baby. She was to busy whinning she didnt have anyone to comfort her and she was all alone. Well I wonder how that baby felt when one of the most people that baby trusted did that to her. She still wants to control everyone and everything like she has her parents for years and now she isnt getting her way and she dont know how to take it. I just wished that they would show her triail on TV so we all could watch it. Also glad to see tonight that guy stopped makeing the Caylee doll. He was a sicko to. Have a good night .


  122. Sheila Jo says:

    Allie &amp Jessie,

    I look forward to your post and I’m sorry that I was wrapped up in getting current today here and neglected to realize Allie had suffered a loss of a loved one…my prayers and thoughts are with you tonight Allie.

    Jessie, sorry for the loss of your brother as well, again my prayers are with you also!

    I’m leaving for Texas for a few days and will be offline, so to all here….Take Care and have wonderful days and even better evenings 🙂


  123. Jessie says:

    Nice hearing from you and I hope that you have a safe trip to texas. Talk to you when you get back.


  124. GregS says:

    Alice, lying, cheating and stealing comes naturally to a woman like Casey. Even murder is natural to a woman like Casey. If we got rid of all laws for a year so that murder was no longer illegal, women like Casey would be murdering co-workers to increase her own job security, murdering all the women more beautiful/smarter than her to kill off the competition for a man, and it would be as effortless as shutting off a light switch or brushing her hair, in fact she might even begin to enjoy it.

    Jane Toppan, a woman who had a similar mental illness to Casey’s, once said her number 1 ambition in life was “to have killed more people helpless people than any other man or woman who ever lived.”

    Some people get immense pleasure from killing helpless people, defenseless people, helpless animals, etc. Yes some women enjoy slaughtering babies. And yes some women like to kill off elderly people in nursing homes, and of course you have evil individuals who like killing homeless people by setting them on fire.

    What they all have in common and what makes them evil isn’t that they kill, it’s that they find pleasure in killing HELPLESS people. They get pleasure in finding some defenseless helpless person and killing them. They’d rather kill a sick old person in a hospital, or a weak defenseless homeless person, or a child. They wont kill the strong, they only enjoy killing off the weakest most vulnerable people in society.

    Sometimes this will be a child, sometimes it will be a homeless man, another time it will be an elderly person in a nursing home, or it could at times be an entire race or gender that they target. This should highlight the difference between bad and evil. A killer is usually bad but seldom evil.

    An evil killer would try to kill a defenseless vulnerable person or an undesirable person.


  125. GregS says:

    If it is true that Casey put Caylee to sleep using cyanide, then she’s among the worst kinds of killers.

    Now it’s probably true that being snuffed out with cyanide isn’t painful, there have been medical serial killers who used similar methods and the people who survived it claimed to have been in a semi conscious state, simply unable to speak, scream, cry for help or move. The body slowly shuts down.

    So it’s not as painful as drowning, or fire, but it’s probably not completely pain free either as people do have emotions. And because Caylee was killed by her own mother, her final thoughts could not have been pleasant, and having her favorite blanket and heart shaped sticker on the tape certainly doesn’t change that, but this is a lot like the nurse killer types who try to kill with “medicine”, she probably told Caylee it was medicine.


  126. GregS says:

    Medical killers/Angels of death usually kill “patients” with “treatment” or “medicine”. Harold Shipman killed over 250 people this way. As a doctor, he knew the medical histories of is patients and would simply prescribe them a killer medicine. Then he would sign the death certificate saying they died of natural causes.

    Casey is just as evil, but only half as smart. Fortunately for us she wasn’t smart enough to become a doctor or a nurse. If she could do that to her own daughter, what do you think she could do to you and your daughter if she ever had power over you?


  127. Cindy says:

    Hi GregS. Are they now saying that Casey used cyanide? The last thing I heard was that she used chlorophorm, or that is what they thought. Isn’t cyanide what Adolf Hitler took?


  128. allie says:

    Thank you, Sheila Jo. I hope you have a good time on your trip.
    Ijust got back home from the burial of my brother as well, Jessie. I know you know I went to a funeral. He died of cancer as well. Really hard to lose someone you love, so to think of someone to cause a loved ones death.Just terrible! When you lose someone, you feel as if you never got to say enough to that person. But a almost three year old???
    How could she do that to a her baby???
    Sheila Jo and Jessie, stay safe.
    Talk to you soon!


  129. allie says:

    Thank you, Sheila Jo. I hope you have a good time on your trip.
    Ijust got back home from the burial of my brother as well, Jessie. I know you know I went to a funeral. He died of cancer as well. Really hard to lose someone you love, so to think of someone to cause a loved ones death.Just terrible!
    When you lose someone, you feel as if you never got to say enough to that person. But a almost three year old???
    How could she do that to a her baby???
    Sheila Jo and Jessie,really nice to see your messages. Stay safe.
    Talk to you soon!


  130. GregS says:

    Sorry Cindy, I meant chlorophorm.


  131. Janet says:

    I think that we should put Casey Anthoney &amp Scott Peterson in a cell together.


  132. allie says:

    Janet, I think Scott Peterson and Casey should be in a cell together and have to pay restitution to their victims familys for the rest of their pithetic lives. I think they are soul mates.They both think the world revolves around them.


  133. Janet says:

    allie, You are right, but i’d hate to see those two repoduce. They deserve each other but no one deserves parents like either of them. I cry everytime I see that precious little Caylee’s videos and photos. No doubbt when she’s in prison they will be keeping her all by herself because others will want to kill her…..and rightfully so.


  134. Jessie says:

    I think they should turn her loose to meet her new friends in the jail. Giving her an injection or the chair is the easy way out and she dont deserve it. Give her what she wants. She tells her parents that they dont understand that she has no one to comfort her,well give her to those prisoners in there who will comfort her and show her what they think about baby killers. Have a good night all.


  135. allie says:

    Oops! I hit the submit button twice. Sorry.

    I love to see Casey sweat. She is very afraid of being seen right now.
    Casey is saying life is not fair. She says that everything is being fabricated and twisted… She should know, she is the one twisting and lying about everthing. And, in all it’s unfairness, she has her life, Caylee’s was so brutally taken by that sick B. That’s what’s unfair and so sad.
    This will be interesting on who the father is. Either she really doesn’t know OR someone that she should not have ever been with??? Casey and Cindy have tried to throw Jessie Grund under the bus. Casey lied to him about him being the father, knowing full well he wasn’t. I think that one of the most dispicable things a person could do to another and to Caylee as well.

    Jessie, she not only wants the funeral in jail, but to have private time with her parents so that she can tell them to cover her butt or munipulate them in some way. She won’t get to.

    Jose Biez is happy to have Casey as his client because Casey is his meal ticket. He will be famous (not in a good way) and rich. So he will not let his meal ticket to fame and wealth go away.
    Next he’ll write a book,which will be a best seller (so he thinks).


  136. Jessie says:

    I see that you watched Nancy tonight to. She is not going to play with the police and the Orange Cty Sheriff the way she has played and manipulted her parents all this time. She is so sick to keep saying she is the victim. No sorry miss bit.. your daughter was the victim. I hope she does refuse to go to court tomorrow like she said that she is going to cause like they said tonight,we will use force to get her there. Her lawyer is a joke. Now he wants the state removed from the case. What an idiot.I honestly believe that she does not know who the father is. And your right they want to throw jesse under the bus,cause if you remember from the get go she was telling her parents done trust him and i dont want you talking to him.So if we ever find out who the dad is I wouldnt be surprised if he is still alive and this is another lie to us and to her parents. Cant wait to see her nasty butt in chains tomorrow.Talk to you later,have a good day now since it is 12.01


  137. Jessie says:

    Just seeing her in court today makes me sick. Sitting there smiling I would love to wipe that smile off her face. Now there going to say Cindy didnt want to go to court cause of the media would be all over them? Well Cindy You did not worry about it since this all started you had your face in the camera all the time. Then there was Lee taking down a memorial site and walking around protecting his child killer sister now they dont show support for her and go see her in court today. Huh, Are they by any chance starting to believe that she is a killer? If so, Its about time they woke up.


  138. Janet says:

    Poor little Caylee will never get to smile again.


  139. allie says:

    Yes Jessie, I was watching Nancy. You are so right, when you say the father won’t be known. Just another lie from Casey. Like Mike says on Nancy G., when her lips are moving, she is lying.
    I agree with you about Cindy and the media, her face was right there until the truth came out and the precious baby’s body was found. The lie was busted.
    Did you notice that when Cindy is around Casey, she’s like a flirty, shy little girl. Cindy seems to be happy that Casey will give her the time of day… What is that all about? Weird!

    Janet, you are so right, Caylee won’t be able to smile ever again. I cried when I read your sweet and simple blog. So true.

    Who was Casey turning back, in the court room, and smiling at?
    Casey looks as though she doesn’t have a care in the world, except with a little nervousness.

    When I lost my puppy a few years back, he got hit by a car, I grieved for years. Casey acts as though its just another day??? I just don’t get it. She must have hated Caylee for her to be able to move on like she has.
    I worry that Caylee was mental abused before she died. Like I’m going to show you you brat or you’ll never see your grandma again you brat. She must have done this before she put the tape on Caylee. IF this was NOT an accidental overdose, which the prosicution is saying its not.
    Caylee didn’t have a chance. The grandparents needed to step up and protect her.
    Cindy says, “I can’t afford to take Caylee”, but she couldn’t afford not to. Hind-sight is always 20/20.

    And, on the Jose Biez thing, he is flirtatous with Casey. Casey thinks its a love connection, but its really because she’s his meal ticket… His Girl??? Sick, when your baby is dead and Casey’s the murderer.

    George was in over his head with these two. Maybe that’s why he had an affair. He HAD to get away from the twisted, sick lies.

    I’ll say it again, George, you have a place here with me. You are too good for these imature girls with all their arguing,lies and games. Cindy and Casey need to grow up and realize just how awful and sick what Casey has done.
    I hope Cindy will see through Casey, but I don’t think she will or can.
    Talk to you soon!


  140. Jessie says:

    Hey Allie, Nice to hear from you again. I dont know who casey was laughing at or with in the courtroom yesterday. I do know if her lawyer had her dress like that to impress well it didnt work. If he was trying to make her comfortable well he should of just got her a stripper pole and brought that in. Just the sight of her makes me ill. I think the reason her mom and lee werent there is cause i do believe they finally believe she had something to do with it. Time they opened there eyes. All she thinks about is herself. Look at her with the interviews with her parents complaining she has no one to comfort her,or talk to but her lawyer and she is all alone and she is the victim.Never do you hear her say anything about that precious baby. I agree with you when you say she was mentally abused because Im sure since she was so jealous of that baby with the grandparents that when they were gone i would not be surprised how abused she was either way. That was caysees way of getting even with the mom and dad for all the love they showed the little angel. She is a very sick and evil person who has no concience other than what she wanted for herself. Yes George never stood a chance with those two in the house. When he tried to confront her about getting a job cindy would stick up for her. So,I think it was 2 things Allie. One,Cindy was afraid that she would take caylee and they would never see her again,and two cindy was afraid of her cause she is so sneaky and coniving and she never knew what she would do next.Well cindy found out now what she is capable of doing when she gets mad huh? Cause I think right after cindy grabbed her by the throat over her stealling the money from the grandparents and I think thats when she killed the baby. I think the baby was still in the car when george went to get the blocks out of the trunk of her car and thats why she run out ahead of george and shut the trunk really fast because she has the baby still in there, I think thats when she got scared of almost getting caught and went and threw the baby in the woods. But thats my thoughts on talk to you later allie. nice talking to you and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend friend.


  141. Cindy says:

    Allie, I also had my dog hit and killed by the school bus when I was 14 years old and it still haunts me to this day. (I am 39) It was my fault that the dog got hit, I let him out.
    My son is now 17 years old, but when he was little, I loved to have my son around my parents. I was never jealous that my parents were giving my son love and attention! Grandparents play a very inportant role in a child’s life. Casey was jealous of a 2 year old?
    Wouldn’t it bother you if you were in jail and no one came to visit you? Doesn’t seem to bother Casey. She acts like this is a joke! We’ll see if she is smiling when she is convicted of 1st degree murder and gets life in prison or a date with the Florida electric chair! Lets see her smile when she gets to the Florida Big House and those othere women are sizing her up.
    Here I am sitting in Illinois where the temperature is 37 degrees right now and stupid Casey is sitting in sunny Florida where there is so much to see and do, locked up in a jail cell. (where she should be) such a waste! Just my thoughts.


  142. allie says:

    Jessie, your blog is insightfull. I always enjoy what you have to say and it warmed my heart. Thank you!
    I agree, her clothes looked too much like a put on. She’s clearly gained weight. To those who put money in that killers account, keep it up. By the time the trial comes, she’ll be as big as a house. She is so self absorbed that she’ll keep those twinkies coming. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with twinkies, but when your a liar and killer, they go right to her ass because she’s just sitting there trying to figure out how she’s going to get out of this.

    Jessie, the stripper pole is exactly the way we would see the real Casey. It made me laugh so hard. The sad thing is, she doesn’t have a thought or care about her baby.
    I hope that Lee and Cindy see the truth, that Casey had something to do with Caylee’s death.
    Casey’s the victim alright. She thinks that everyone is stupid enough to buy in to her story. After all she’s gotten away with her lies for so long, that she thinks she can talk her way out of anything. Cindy created a monster by not confronting all of Casey’s lies. This started years ago. SAD!
    Jessie, I agree, that baby was in the trunk when George tried to get his gas cans. I wish George would have followed his instinct then. It’s not his fault though, and I’m sure he will beat himself up for a long time to come. Casey doesn’t care who she hurts. Sad! I agree, that’s when Casey tossed precious Caylee. Like garbage.

    Cindy, when you think about how hard it is to lose a pet and that Casey treats this like she lost her goldfish???
    It makes you see how calious she is. Amazing.
    Talk to you soon, friend.


  143. Cindy says:

    I don’t think that Casey, with her personality disorder, really knows what kind of trouble she is really in. Does she really think that she will ever see the light of day again? The only light she will see is the fire in the bottomless pit and Satan there to welcome her.


  144. Jessie says:

    Hi Ladies, Hope you both had a great weekend. Thanks for the nice letter Allie . Caysee has no care in the world only herself . I do believe that her mind is so worped that she really thinks that she is going to get away with all this and that she is going to get out and her life will go on. I do think she has that sick mentality. It just gets me when she is telling her parents on that one video that she is helping the sherriffs office and the police and that the media and the oeople writing on the blogs don’t know her so we should shut our mouths up. Yes we do know the cold,lying,stealing,stripping,baby killer that she is so she needs to shut her own mouth up. She has told them the truth from day 1 she says . well what was the trip to her supposid work and her made up nanny and all the other lies she has told. I believe she has told so many lies in her lifetime that she actually believes they are true cause that is how sick she is. I just wished they would show the trial on TV and when they find her quilty they should just turn her over to her new friends in the slammer to so they can introduce themselves to the baby killer. As for Cindy,what a joke she is. I wonder how much money she made off of her grandaughters death to go to all these TV shows and say her daughter would not hurt little Caylee, Well Cindy ,i hope you are eating your words at the kitchen table with your looser son. And I do feel sorry for George. Could you imagine how this would of all gone down if he would of just went and looked in the trunk? Couldnt of saved the angel probably but what a different turnout this would be. Have a good night all.


  145. Cindy says:

    What do you guys think Lee Anthony’s role in this is?


  146. Jessie says:

    Hi Cindy, I dont know for sure what lees role is in this. I do know that he and casyee were talking in code that one time and it got recorded. It was like he knew where the body was and he was asking her in code questions about where it was. Then, that day he walked up and grabbed little caylees memorial and took it away was pretty bad to . I would think that if he is wanting criminal immunity he is in deeper than what we are hearing. Because you dont just ask for criminal immunity unless the cops have something on him that they convict him of. I just think they are ready to throw her overboard now and tell everything they know if they all get immunity. So that just tells me as ususal it was all about Caysee and not little Caylee. Did any of them really think and put the baby first . To let my grandaughter go a month and not talk or see her would never happen especially when the mother is coming in and out of the house without her,never would that of happened if it would of been me.And to know that she was lying,stealing ,partying there had to be radar somewhere that just did not feel right to them and they didnt act on it for a month. Just don’t seem right to me. Have a good dayand nice talking to you.


  147. Cindy says:

    Jessie, the part about the grandparents not seeing Caylee for a month bothered me too. Caylee lived with George and Cindy, you would think they would of been more suspicious. Now if Caylee and Casey didn’t live with them, then maybe I could see that. But see Casey didn’t have anyone else to answer to besides George and Cindy. No father of Caylee’s, no other grandparents, no other siblings of Caylee’s. As for Lee, there is no way I would loose my freedom, for something my stupid sister did!


  148. Jessie says:

    Cindy. If they lived out of state or something then I can understand not seeing them either. But they lived under that roof and thats why I dont understand why they didnt do something a long time ago. I think at this point with george and cindy wanting immunity and lee wanting criminal immunity they are going to throw her the rest of the way under the bus. I would just llike to know what lee knows for him to want criminal immunity you know? I love my family more than life itself and let me tell you about the time one of them did something to a child that would be the end of it. I guess know they are going to wait for george to get home and maybe have a funeral for her. Just bothers me to know she is in a box in a cooler. She just can not get the rest and peace the little angel deserves. And I think all these people that are sending money to her jail account must be or was maybe in the position that she is in to support her cause I can not see any reason to support a child killer . talk to you later


  149. Cindy says:

    Hi Jessie. I also think that those little remains need to be put to rest, but I know that Caylee is with Jesus, in his loving arms. Jesus love the little children all the little children of the world…..


  150. Phil says:

    I know everbody feels sorry for George ,but he is an ex cop Why didn’t he doing anything to find Caylee
    or push the issues with casey, until Cindy called the cops, Casey had him wrapped around her finger . At least the waaco mom used to try to call her out on things and acutaly got the investigation going while George wanted to stay out of it..


  151. Jessie says:

    Phil,You are right about George and that is probably one reason why he tried to end his life was because of the guilt. I lost a niece when I was 12 and my neice was 8. I know my mom and my dad just wanted to go be with her. It was a horrible horrible time for all of us. this was the only child my sister could have and she tried to commite suicide after we lost her. But my parents never went a week without seeing my niece. I feel bad for george and cindy for there loss and I have said all along neither one of the parents should have let Caysee come and go in the house for a whole month and not find out where that baby was. So no phil i do not feel sorry for them on the angal that they should of been finding out a longtime ago where that baby was. And for him being a cop i just dont understand why he did not push it earliier on. I feel bad cause seeing my parents go threw it and how it affected us all you cant but feel bad for them both to that extent. Good talking to you Phil. cindy you are definately right,she is in jesus arms safe .


  152. allie says:

    Phil, you are right about George, he is not without blame. Being an ex cop, he should have known, or at least acted on his insticts and that smell. I think he was disconnected from his family. It was easier to look the other way. He should have gotten away from Cindy like he had planned, but he stayed and became numb and oblivious.
    I do have concerns for him and I do think he is a decent guy, who made a huge mistake. A mistake so hanous, that he’ll never forgive himself..
    I do have a special place in my heart for him. He lost, partly by his looking the other way, the most important person in his life. That’s why he’s in the mental hospital.

    I agree with you Jessie, he wanted to commit suicide over his lose and his guilt. Cindy is the one I don’t get. She did call the cops on Casey, but she can’t follow through with anything, or ask the tough questions without looking like a six year old. She dances around Casey like Casey is a princess. I don’t believe that started last week… Weird as heck to watch. She makes me want to shake her and tell her to wake up and grow up.

    Its like when there is an alcoholic in a family, the whole family is sick with the alcoholics problem. I have never seen anyone as much in denial as Cindy.

    Whas sad is out of all this, Caylee loses her precious life.

    Caylee is in the arms of Jesus.

    Have a good safe night all!


  153. Cindy says:

    Jessie, I am so sorry for your loss. We almost lost my sister at age 6 to leukemia. Would you believe that when she went back to school after the chemotherapy treatments, the kids made fun of her for having lost her hair!
    It really bothers me that we may never know what malicious act Casey did to Caylee to end her life. Did she drown her, strangle her, use chlorophorm, break her neck? Several web sites have suggested that Casey strangled Caylee. If someone has been strangled and all the bones are present, the M.E. can tell, because that little bone called the hyoid (probably not spelled correctly) will be broken. In Caylee’s case that bone may not have been present or was so small that if it were broken, it may have broken into a million smaller pieces. What do you guys think?


  154. Scott says:

    Are they are going to bury the remains they found of Caylee’s? It’s criminal that she hasn’t had a proper funeral yet. That poor child. What a terrible ending she must have had. 😦 And being killed by her own mother. Oh my God. I hope Caylee never realized who was killing her.


  155. GregS says:

    What do you expect George to do? All he has is his wife and kids. His wife sided with Casey, so what was he supposed to do? Abandon his family and lose everything that makes life worth living?


  156. Jessie says:

    Cindy kids can be definately cruel and make alot of fun of kids when they have no idea what the kid is going threw thats for sure. no I dont think we will ever know what really happened to that baby cause the killer is just not going to talk. I hope that your sister is doing fine now. I dont think that little Caylee had any broken bones by what they were saying and they did say if she would of broke her neck they would of known it, I think she just chloraformed her and gave her to much. They was real sick and put heart sticker over her mouth on the duck tape. Scott I think they have the public memorial set up for the baby from what I heard tonight. Maybe thats why George got released from that hospitol tonight so that he could be there and be closer. I do wish him well I just wished he would of been alot nosier and looked in the trunk of her car when he said his conciense was telling him to do it and he didnt. And if he would of bucked up and was a man along time ago and put his daughter in her place instead of letting her lie,steal, and party maybe things would of been better off, And I would hope any cop would know that the law is the law whether it is your family of some joe smo off the street that they should all get the same treatment. So I guess ole georges days of a cop he thought the law was the law but not for his family huh. But then if I had a family like that I would rather die alone that acknowledge them with there lieing and scremming,murderous ways.


  157. Cindy says:

    If Casey used chlorophorm, why did she duct tape the mouth? To keep Caylee from crying out, maybe? I don’t know much about chlorophorm, but I would think Casey would of had to put a rag over Caylee’s nose and mouth to administer the chlorophorm, so if this is true why the duct tape? Doesn’t chlorophorm put a person to sleep right away?


  158. allie says:

    Cindy, I think Casey put the tuct tape on her mouth, because if Caylee were to wake up that she would cause a lot of problems for Casey by crying. This is very sick. But think about it, a screaming cry coming from the trunk of a car. Casey would be caught? This is why I don’t think this incident was the first time? In June, with the heat in Florida, I would think that alone would kill Caylee?.

    At first I thought the tuct was to keep fliuds from coming out of her mouth after she past away.
    Does anyone know IF fluids come out of your mouth after you die??? Way too sick!

    Jessie, good to hear from you. I’ll bet George is also wishing he would have followed his gut instinct. The guilt he must feel?
    I think when a family becomes dysfunctional, they mentally check out from each other. Its easier to look the other way. I noticed that there was not ANY touching
    Between Cindy and George and when Cindy would touch him, he would pull away. I noticed this on Larry King. I couldn’t go a day without touching, hugging and loving my significant other. He’d had enough. Do you blame him? He shouldn’t blame himself for what happened, but I’m sure he will, but I hope he can forgiv himself. After all Casey’s the guilty one, not George.

    May God be with him and precious baby Caylee…



  159. Cindy says:

    Allie, If I were George when he had the opportunity to open that trunk, I don’t know if I would of been able to do it either, but I sure would of called someone that could do it, like the police! I also think that George would of lost it then and there if he had opened that trunk and found his beautiful little granddaughter dead and decomposing in the trunk. That really takes guts to back a car into your parents garage, with a dead body in the trunk!! Didn’t George and Cindy wonder what that terrible smell was?
    I am trying to figure out how Casey dumped little Caylee’s body in those woods without being seen. If you go to Google Earth, and zoom down to street level, the Anthony house is 20 houses from the crime scene. She would of had to carry that body behind a whole lot of houses before getting to those woods. I don’t know how she did it.


  160. Alice says:

    Hello everyone. I agree with a lot of what everyone is saying on this blog, I just can’t stomach listening to Casey any longer due to her many lies, its sickening…. Cindy is so afraid of Casey she believes every word that comes out of her lying mouth its so unbelievable. George just sits there, zoning out. George knows that Casey killed Caylee, so does Lee. I heard that conversation with Lee and Casey and that conversation did not appear to be very intelligent nor did they appear to be talking in code. I think that Lee knew all along that Casey never went far from home, so therefore Casey would have put Caylee on familar grounds. As for Jessie Grund= he never hurt Caylee as Casey is trying to implicate him in some sort of way. Casey WILL NEVER confess because she loves the cameras and the lime light- Remember its all about her, she’s the victim..’NOT’! As for the heart sticker over Caylee’s duct taped mouth, didn’t Casey have many of these items in the house because she did crafts and such? I wonder if the heart sticker matches up with any of these craft items found in the home. The same goes for the shirt found with block letters found in the bag with Caylee. I wonder if Casey made that shirt? Don’t you also think that there were way to many items found with Caylee that these items definately came from the home and not with some figment of CAsey’s imagination of a so called nanny.A Nanny would not have access to these items in GEorge and Cindy’s home. Also, why did Casey back her vehicle up to the garage , that’s the day Casey put Caylee in the trunk wrapped up in the garbage bags and hamper bag and discarded CAYLEE like she was trash. Poor Caylee, she is the victim here..
    Rest in peace little one…


  161. Scott says:

    I’m tired of the Anthony’s and all their lies and their arrogant scheme team of lawyers. But in the end spacey Casey is going to get life in jail or the death penalty. This case is really draining and will continue to be so until it’s conclusion.


  162. allie says:

    You are so right, Scott. It will be two years of the Anthony’s nonesense.

    The memorial is NOT the funeral. When will the bury precious Caylee.

    Also, a lot of people have donated cash to them and many will do so at the memorial. I believe that’s the reason Cindy is having a memorial for five thousand plus people. The will use the money to get Casey off. Which they won’t be able to. And greed.

    I hate a liar and Cindy is the biggest liar I’ve ever seen, besides Casey.
    Casey and Cindy make me sick. You two made your bed, now you’ve got to lie in it. Or should I say waller in your own sh**. But you had to take baby Caylee. She was too good for you, Cindy and Casey.

    Bless lil Caylee.


  163. Jessie says:

    As I sit here this morning watching the Caylee Memorial crying and praying that this little angel will get put to rest real soon. What a moving and a great memorial. To see George up there speaking is so touching. What a great job done to everyone who worked on this memorial. God Bless Little Caylee and I pray that the family get there closer that they are so needing. I can be very negative still with all of the things that are waiting to come out of this but today is Caylees day. So God Bless You Little Caylee as we know you are in a better place with the Angels now


  164. Cindy says:

    Caylee’s memorial service was very touching and well done. I think this will help in the healing process.


  165. Cindy says:

    Nancy Grace just said that the jail was going to let Casey watch the service on tv, but Casey refused.
    Was Lee giving Caylee a elulogy, or was he talking about Casey, in using the initials C.M.A?


  166. Janet says:

    Casey’s parents have enabled her to be like she is….A BIG LIAR. And LEE, it sure WAS a message to his big lying sister, using the initials CMA. How stupid does he think we all are. To look at the family they are normal…..better check under the skin.


  167. Cindy says:

    I don’t think Lee was grieving for Caylee. I think he was grieving for Casey. If Lee was indeed saying all that mushy stuff to Casey and not to Caylee, that is just bizarre! I thought it was a nice service, until the grandparents brought up Casey’s name. George is right though, everyone should pray for Casey’s soul, and if I wrote a letter to Casey, it wouldn’t be encouragement. I know I am on the outside looking in and am not living George and Cindy’s nightmare, but I know that if I were suspected of killing my child, with all the evidence pointing one way, my parents wouldn’t even bring up my name at a funeral or memorial service! I know that George and Cindy love their daughter Casey, but Casey is an adult. What about poor little innocent Caylee? She is the true victim here, not “poor little Casey.”


  168. allie says:

    What a beautiful ceremony for baby Caylee… The flowers, the angel wings and the music. Wow, the singers sang so touching and gorgous and lovely.
    Every song was perfect. The song I loved the most was the “Caylee Song” and the singer that sang it, really touched my heart.

    I didn’t think there would be any protesters. The protesters are angry at Casey.

    On the family, what they had to say was so heart felt. Caylee was very special and she will be missed. The family did better than I thought they would do. I was crying the whole time. I thought they held it together well.

    On Lee, he spoke so much from the heart, so honestly. Even IF CMA was partly about Casey, at least he spoke from the truth and his heart as well as his love for his baby niece, Caylee. She is sorely missed and will be for a long time to come. Different from seeing him tear Caylee’s shrine. I just think that Casey is his sister, all he’s known from birth. He can’t just stop loving her because of this. He can be angry at her, but she will always be his sister. It hard for an outsider to understand. Me as well. I understand much more now.

    And George, it was good to see he is
    Trying to heal and forgive. He needs to be able to begin to forgive or else die. After all, Casey is still his daughter. Mind you, I can’t forgive her, but I’m not her parent. I don’t know what I would do if I were.
    On Cindy, I thought she did a great job as well. Just don’t lie to us, we care for Caylee too!

    How hard this must have been for them.

    God Bless George, Cindy and Lee. They will be with Caylee again. I believe Caylee was there in spirit telling them she’s OK now.

    I cried watching the memorial. I thought it was so beautiful.
    Its too bad Casey is not connected to their grief and the loss of precious Caylee. She needs to dump Biez, he’s going to hang her at the rate he’s going. If he hasn’t already.


  169. Jessie says:

    I agree with Cindy and Janet . I did not hear Lee say Caylee once the whole time i dont think. I do believe that he is grieving but he was sure to keep saying I will keep my promise to you CMA. Thats all he would use was initials so I feel that he is still coding to his sister. Then there Caysee who has the right the police said to be able to watch this beautiful memorial for her daughter and she is with Biaz working on her case? Ya she was probably having congenial visit with Biaz and we all know her having fun is more important than her child has ever been, It was good to see George and he held together real well i thought. I do think we all needed this since most of us has followed it from day 1 . I just hope they let her have her proper bureak now. I did catch yesterday that caysee was upset cause caylee was cremated. I hadnt heard that she was has anyone else heard that. I didnt think there was going to be protestors there either . Why would they want to mess with something for the Angel Caylee. I dont think she did anything to help her case in not watching it or sending a note with her parents. I would of thought that Biaz would of been there however . It was a very nice memorial. Did everyone hear there is another child in Florida that came up missing last night? I think they said she is 5 and her mom put her to bed at 10 lastnight and got up to check on her at 3045 this morning and she was gone. So lets pray this child has a better turn out than the newest Angel to join the Lord,Little Caylee,Rest In Peace.


  170. Jessie says:

    Fox News just reported that Biaz was at the jail with Caysee and that he had his laptop and that they watched it together cause he didnt want her alone. My question is I thought she couldnt be around anything like a computer or anything? Is this another case of Biaz getting special treatment for the child killer cause they are so worried about her . Biaz is a loser so they fit perfectly together.


  171. Kim says:

    Is there gonna be another showing of the memorial service itself?

    I missed it.


  172. Jessie says:

    I dont think they are going to show it again. but if you go to Nancy Graces website ,i think you can see it online.


  173. Nina Ren Tran says:

    What a fiend!

    That’s why I don’t like Facebook


  174. Cindy says:

    They are now reporting that Casey’s fingerprints were found on that duct tape. Surprise, Surprise! Is it to late for Casey to ask for a plea bargain? Does she know that she is facing life in prison or worse…? Does she really think that she is going to be found not guilty and go home?
    Little Caylee was cremated in the last few days. Could you imagine having to cremate your 2 year old granddaughter? What a heart renching decision.


  175. Chuck D. says:

    I hope Cindy’s not still in denial after this latest piece of evidence was uncovered…her daughter’s a sociopath who’ll be lucky not to spend the rest of her life in jail, where her fellow inmates are guaranteed to make her life hell.


  176. Phil says:

    Hi Cindy
    could you please tell me where you saw about the fingerprints on the duct tape ,


  177. Cindy says:

    Hi Phil. Nancy Grace was talking about Casey’s fingerprints on the duct tape.


  178. allie says:

    I heard they found finger prints on the tape, but I didn’t hear that they are Casey’s prints???

    I want to point out that there is a five year old missing in Florida. The thing I want to mention is that Cindy and Gearge thought that the police decided that Casey was guilty almost immediately.

    Well here’s why…

    Heliegh’s family did everything to help the police find their child right away. They’ve done polygraghs to clear themselves. They have done everything possible to help the police find their child.

    They haven’t lied to the police. I could go on, but if you are wondering why the police decided Casey was guilty in less than 24 hours. Compare your case to sweet Heleigh’s and you’ll understand.

    I hope they find her alive. Let us pray for Heliegh.


  179. Alice says:

    Allie, I heard Leonard Padilla last evening on Nancy Grace show say that the fingerprint belonged to Casey…. But no one ever mentioned it again on the show? I would have thought they would have a field day on the subject. Casey is “GUILTY” I am still hoping she gets the death penalty!


  180. Alice says:

    AS for Lee saying CMA at the services for Caylee , he was telling Casey to “COVER MY ARSE”. Lee knows something , I strongly believe Casey told him what had actually happened to little Caylee. I also believe George knows definately that Casey killed his beloved granddaughter. as for Cindy she will always be in denial.


  181. Cindy says:

    I also hope they find little Haleigh alive. Nancy Grace was reporting that there is 43 sex offenders in the area where Haleigh lives. I believe she said the 43 sex offenders are within a 5 mile area. Scary!! These sex offenders can’t be rehibilitated, so find them guilty and start hanging them! I saw an episode of the tv show “Paranormal State,” and a house was haunted by a spirit of an 8 year old girl who was raped in murdered in 1908. I don’t think the accused man even had a trial. A bunch of men went to the man’s house and took him and hung him!


  182. Amyv says:

    Hello to some of you I am new to this blog anyway. Others I have joined on other blogs. Hello Scott and GregS. Also M Hutchene.

    I have been unable to comment on this case. For I feel words would be lacking. I am from Florida and this rash of unspeakable crimes is horrible.
    The words to express my grief over the death of this poor child sometimes fail me.

    First let me say God hold Caylee close in you arms. Provide her with an angel she was so lacking on earth. Do know although you have been failed by your family we still here on earth will not fail you now. Rest in peace little angel.

    As for the Anthony family many times I have been torn over the dynamics of this. However, after seeing the funeral services I am no longer. To George Anthony I would extend my deepest sympathies. Please do not forget he was instrumental in helping the police with the investigation against his daughter. If you are not a parent you would only be able to imagine. If you are a parent you find it impossible.

    Did anyone hear the interview he gave willingly to police? This poor man had to excuse himself to vomit. He even stated he did not want to believe he spawned a child that would kill her own child. This man felt so much pain he was suicidal and hospitalized for this. How would any of us handle this situation?

    As for Cindy Anthony I know she loved her grand daughter. I know she is a mother who needs to show support for her daughter. However, shame on her for continuing to protect Casey at the expense of Caylee. The funeral was for Caylee not Casey. Her words of encouragement to her daughter when her daughter would not even watch the funeral I found disgusting. Disrespectful for the child who this day was truly meant to represent. No more excuses for Cindy’s behavior. Can she not at least give her grand daughter this one day without expecting compassion for the one who murdered her. She as well as Casey show the same sort of personality traits.

    Lee should be in jail with his sister. CMA should be Caylee. We all knew he was referring to Casey. Once again you just laid to rest your beautiful neice. Show one bit of sympathy for her as the endless of amount you find for your murdering sister. The funeral was the last place you should have found to send a secret message to your sister. However, you failed. She did not watch it anyway. To busy with her lawyer planning her defense.

    Absolutely nothing attractive about this girl.


  183. Cindy says:

    Amyv, thaks for your comments! You said all the things that I have been feeling, but not able to communicate very well. Although I shouldn ‘t pass judgement (and I know that I have in several postings) Lee Anthony doesn’t even seem to miss Caylee, all he seems to be worried about is Casey.
    I do think this is very good therapy for all of us. Being able to make comments on these web sites.


  184. Yet still no media coverage, Nancy Grace or otherwise, for Giovanni Gonzalez. Hmm, I wonder why that is?


  185. Allie says:

    Amyv, Wow!!! You really said it well. I couldn’t imagine that Caylee’s service would be about anything other that Caylee??? You are so right…CMA, CMA, CMA…Cover My Ass… Casey Marie Anthony.

    But, why did he kiss hiss bracelet??? I can’t imagine that was for Casey?

    God bless Caylee. May she be in God’s hands.
    And George, I’m glad to see he is trying to help others. It’s a great way to help in his own healing. What a mess with the other three.

    I understand that George, at one time, wanted to leave and start a new life.

    Well when this is all over he may say…I didn’t kill my granddaughter and I am not happy in my home situation. Then he will make a life altering decision to be on his own (maybe?). I know, it happened to me.

    Here’s a little bit of my story, this happened a few years ago and it was highly publicised at the time. My daughter was 12 years old when my husband and my two daughters and myself, were driving to grandma’s house. When someone, who hasn’t been caught to this day, threw a seven pound rock threw our windsheild, from a overpass and hit my baby (12) in the face. They had already thrown one rock and had another waiting for the next victim. I was going to divorce my abusive husband at the time, but when a tragidy strikes, well it’s no time for seperation of any kind. But, a couple of years afterwards and 19 surgeries later, thank god she lived, I said to myself, “I didn’t throw that rock”. I removed the horrible guilt a parent feels. (Amyv was right on what a parent goes through) and I divorced my controlling, abusive husband. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but it had to be done to move on…and to grow, for all of us.

    Mental abuse is worse than physical abuse, because the scars don’t show.

    All I’m saying is that the reality of all this will set in hard, and has set in hard for George. But as time goes on, he will have some revelations and he will become much stronger for it.

    Because this tragedy is so serious, it’s hard to understand the lies and game playing from Cindy and Lee??? It’s your granddaughter and the police are trying to help in every way they can…And you lie and you don’t help when you can??? Wow!

    Sorry about the digress to my story, but that what I think of when I see how true Georges heart is.

    Again, the three guys who threw the rock (7 lb’s) have NOT been found. My daughter is disabled for the rest of her life because of it. Blind in one eye and severly scared. I guess because they haven’t been caught, there is no closure for me…But at least my daughter is alive.

    There are so many stories like mine that have no closure. I pray for them all!!!

    God Bless!!!


  186. Allie says:

    Casey will get what she deserves… Killing her own baby because she is not the center of attention. The spoiled brat won’t see the light of day outside a jail. She probably thinks she’ll get out of this somehow.


  187. Cindy says:

    Oh my gosh Allie, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. Last spring 4 or 5 boys (16 and 17 year olds) in my son’s class, were charged with throwing a bag of ice over an interstate overpass, through a car’s window. The boys got either probation or public service. One of the boys was a star football player, who made our local newspaper’s foootball player of the year last fall. I didn’t think that was right to give him such an honor because of what he had participated in, but that wasn’t for me to decide. Also, Dr. Phil McGraw’s sister-in-law (his wife Robyn’s sister) was seriously burned when someone threw acid over an interstate overpass they were traveling under. That person has never been caught. My grandparents were cut up when someone threw a glass beer bottle through their car windshield at a 4 way stop. It is a scary world!!!


  188. Sheila Jo says:

    I cried through the entire memorial service but at times the tears were filled with anger that Lee and Cindy (mostly) but also George would take this angels special tribute and turn it into a Casey-A-Thon…hell, I felt like I was supposed to pick the phone right up and call in a donation to her defense fund or something.

    And, the day I write to that demon child of theirs is when hell is freezing over!!!!!! When did anyone care about little Caylee until after she was dead and then very litle even at that point. But, you can rest assured, Casey is given everything her heart desires and no-one questions her at all….how incredibly sad!

    If last nights news is true, I wonder how they’re planning to explain Casey’s fingerprints being on the duct tape that quieted the mouth of her own child as she died?

    I’m a grandmother and I can tell you without doubt, if my own child brought harm/death to one of my grandchildren, all bets are off…they won’t be able to “play me” and better hope the court gets to them before me.

    I pray that God allows Casey the time of peace to feel and understand her guilt and be forgiven but that she never ever forgets the day she murdered her precious child. Casey life goes on but Caylee’s was tragically ended and will never more be an issue. Why??? Jealously, it apears!


  189. allie says:

    Cindy, it is amazing how many people out there that have been through horrific events caused by some self centered, hateful, mean person(s). I think that’s why when a child is hurt, it captures every one’s attention. And, throwing an object off a overpass, well anyone can be that victim. I was afraid to tell my story, but I think its important that we take care of each other and do everything we can to make sure the people we love are safe, loved and cared for, because we could lose them in a heartbeat.

    I got my daughter, but I didn’t get all of her. She lost about 25 percent of her brain, her right eye, her sense of smell, and she is 35 and hasn’t been able to work her entire life. Yeah, she walks and talks, but she is up maybe 8 hours a day. I could go on, but my story is just one story of way too many.

    Look how many people you know that have had some level of this.

    Somebody said to me that I have know idea what its like to deal with the press and horror. Jessica’s head was caved in so far, I thought they would never be able to save her, but we got lucky.

    Thank you for your thoughts, Cindy it helps. For me its like yesterday. Maybe I’ll get a hold of Dr Phil. I didn’t know that about his wife.

    Everyone, make sure that kids everywhere are safe. Call the police if you know of abuse. And love each other. Please!

    Evryone is important
    And loved by God. Especially children.


  190. Bogustoo says:

    All of this controversy, hatred for Casey and sympathy for Caylee months after the initial report. Yet not a SINGLE comment about Giovanni Gonzalez.

    The circumstances were quite similar. The father was the last person to see Giovanni alive. He lied about the child’s whereabouts. Giovanni’s sperm donor was charged with child endangerment.

    In case you’re wondering, Giovanni has never been found. His father “confessed” to killing, dismembering and dumping Giovanni. However, his confession was proven to be false. There was blood found in his apartment, but it didn’t match Giovanni’s blood.

    Now that Casey is in jail charged with murder and Caylee’s body has been found, can we please turn our attention to one of the thousands of other missing children and possibly help shed a light on their whereabouts?


  191. Jessie says:

    Hello Everyone, Wow,I had to catch up with all the postings. First Allie, I’m so sorry to hear what your daughter and you and your family have gone threw. You know there is so much crime and violence out there now days its just amazing. I remember when we were in school and growing up if you wanted to fight you went out to the school yard and dooked it out. Now days it seems like they have to settle it with guns and crap. Just sad. Well I was watching nancy grace tonight and she touched a bit on the fingerprints of that child killer but it doesnt sound like it has been confirmed yet. And my heart just goes out to little Hailee that is missing. Sounds like the story with the babysitter is changing a bit to. Something just doesnt sound right with that whole thing. She is changing the story on where Hailee was sleeping. Just scarey with all those child predators living in that area but they said tonight they were all checked out for the last few days. My heart just breaks for the dad to. I think having the mom on there tonight she started to talk about how he is not even supposed to have the kids at all. Thats a whole mess that doesnt need to be heard on air. I hope that everyone is doing ok. Been a bit since I talked to you all. So I hope you are all doing ok. Excuse my writing please as I have had surgery and the med make me think funny. Stay safe everyone,lets pray for the safety of little Hailee . I also heard tonight that it was confirmed that little caylee was cremated a few days ok cause the grandparents didnt want to bury her cause they were afraid the media or someone would mess with her grave. Comon, how many famous people are buried and they dont get messed with. they were also saying that her ashes are not at home cause they dont want someone to break in and take them. that family needs to get a clue all of them. I hope George wakes up soon and gets away from all of them. As far as Lee and his CMA.that was a code for the child killer.It was a very sad memorial and it was a nice on till they opened there mouth about caysee and we should forgive and we should write to her. Well, why havent any of them been to see her is my questin? If they believe in her they should be there to see her. They want to blame it on the media but they didnt mind the media when they were making money by going to those appearance shows and stuff and they ,cindy always had her face in the media protecting her daughter. Its always easier i guess to blame someone else than take responsibility for what the daughter has done and what they have done with all there lies. Hope you all have a good night. till next time.goodnight


  192. Scott says:

    Trench, I think we know why Giovanni Gonzalez is not featured on Nancy Grace. He’s not white and he’s not black. And he’s not a girl.

    Jessie, it’s like it was a memorial for Casey just as much as it was for Caylee. That was strange and dissapointing. And psycho Cindy is back in control of the Anthony’s.

    Would anyone of us stand by our daughter or sister if we knew she killed her own daughter? Of course not. But the Anthony’s do.


  193. Jessie says:

    Scott,where do i get the information about little Giovanni Gonzalez ? I would love to read any articles that I can on him. Your right that Cindy is in control and she always has. Makes me sick on the day that the baby should of been recognized that they had to throw her killer into the mix and make it about her.Let me tell you something,I have a 24 year old daughter with no kids right now,But if she was to every harm my grandchild in any way all heck would break loose. Who is going to stand up for the kids of these abusive parents,step parents,if not for the grandparents? I just feel bad cause I wonder what little caylee went threw before all this came about. If they cant back her when she is killed obviousley she wasent being backed when she was alive. Its all caysees way or no way. The parents of her should of been parents not let the baby killer run them around by there nose. But then she got that from her mother cause cindy you can tell does a good job of that. Please let me know Scott where I can get any info on Giovani to.


  194. Jessie says:

    Scott,Nancy Grace has been reporting on the little boy who happens to be a colored boy that is missing. He is very young and he had disabilities that they are looking for. Also,where can I get information on Giovanni so that I can read up on him. As far as cindy i dont think she has ever lost her control either. As far as the memorial for little Caylee once again they all showed there true colors and stuck up for the killer. Caysee is just like her mother and has to have the control. Maybe they should of been the parents cause obviosly she run them around all her life by there nose. If they still cant back little Caylee when she is gone were they ever there for her when she was alive when her mom probably did things to her, I doubt it very much. I have a 24 year old daughter with no kids right now but let me tell you if she were ever to harm them she would have to answer to me then the authorities. Who is going to defend these kids if we arent? Scott,please let me know where i can get this info on giovanni so i can read up on it. Thanks,Have a good day all.


  195. Bogustoo says:

    Jessie, read my previous post. Trench has written about Giovanni. The link is in my post.

    Or Google Giovanni.


  196. Scott says:

    Jessie, Trench has written about Giovanni here. Nancy Grace has not covered this story at all. But she has given some coverage to Adji’s disappearance. Now Nancy Grace is into little Hayliegh’s abduction. How odd is it to go from Caylee to Hayliegh like that?


  197. Amyv says:

    Scott –

    The Caylee to Haleigh irony was not lost on me. Very odd indeed since I do believe Haleigh also does have Marie as part of her middle name. Small fact I know yet so strange. I am watching the news right now and she is of course the main center. As she and any other missing child should be.

    I know many people think George Anthony does not deserve our compassion. How do you deal with the lose of your beloved grandhild at the hands of your daughter? How do you leave the only family you have left your wife and son? He knows the truth. However is there not a point where any one of would find it so overwhelming to lose everyone of our family at once?

    I believe he will someday leave. Yet at this time emotionally is not that strong. For this I can not begin to judge. Because there is no scenario I could even dream up to match this mans pain.

    Right now he has joined the search for little Haleigh. Perhaps in some small way he will find comfort in feeling useful to someone when ever one else around him has made him feel useless. Including and foremost his own family. We can all argue his feelings or lack there of. I just feel I see something in him I find so lacking in the others. I maybe wrong however if so he needs no more grieve.


  198. Amyv says:

    Allie –

    I know I have not been on this blog long however please let me state how sorry I am. Unfortunately, in one split second someones careless or outright disregard for human life can effect so many innocent lives.

    Please know when you say there are thousands of stories like yours sadly there are. Yet each one you are painfully aware is unique as so are the lives it effects. You have had the strength that few people would find and you can take some comfort in that.

    I am a rehabilitative therapist. I see everyday that disease and tragedies in a persons life can lead to great heartache. Yet I have the utmost respect for the family members who show never ending love and devotion. You are truly one of these. The guilt is never for you to feel. The guilt lies solely with the ones who commited this crime.

    So with my utmost respect and true admiration please allow me to say god bless you and thank you. Your daugher has been blessed with a mother that has shown the willingness to give up her own life to take care of her. I am sure for this she will always be proud. Because I am one who believes they know. No matter what the brain injury love and affection they feel.


  199. Allie says:


    Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    It is so true that a scuffle out in the school yard just doesn’t do it anymore. They shoot or stab or who knows what else? Duct tape a child? a three year old? Real Big of Casey..Yeah!!?? She’s the tough one alright. She makes me sick.

    You’re right, the family is so worried that someone will steal her bones or ashes??? What the he##? Rob their house for the ashes?? That makes me think that they would do something like that. You know what they say about a person who is always accusing others of things, that they are the ones who would do something like that… Crazy!

    You are so right, it’s easeir to blame someone else. someday they will see how they have behaved. Mature adults don’t act that way. At least they need to get to the truth, but it seems to be Cindy’s truth or worse Casy’s truth.

    I hope you are doing well after your surgery. It’s never fun. I have slept at the bedside of my daughters surgery many a night. I wouldn’t leave her side, that’s why this is so hard for me to understand…Caylee needed someone on her side.

    Be Blessed


  200. Allie says:


    Thank you for bringing Giovanni to our attention.

    If the blood that was found wasn’t the boys, than who’s s it? Maybe they have the wrong DNA???

    I wonder why this story hasn’t gotten attention from the media? And, they haven’t found the poor boys body??? WOW! You would think that would get their attention.

    I will see what I can find on him. Maybe if we blog on Nancy Grace or Jane Valez something will happen.


  201. To my own disgust I actually did write the Nancy Grace people about Giovanni’s case and I never received a response.


  202. Allie says:

    I just read that Giovanni father has been on Americas Most Wanted. So ther is some attention, but obviousely not enough.

    I hope they find the boy alive and well. I pray for him.


  203. Allie says:


    Let me just say that your blog to me really touched my heart. You made me feel as though I am not alone in my plight and that I was heard. I know that others experiencing similar things felt the same way when they read your blog. They are heard and they are important and cared about.

    Even though this blog is not about my story, I wanted to point out what so many people have been through and still experience every single day with pain that people like Casey cause.

    It is so hard to understand Cindy and Lee Anthony. This is their grand baby, their neice, their precious little one. And they don’t seem to get that this is about little Caylee. And Casey doesn’t seem to even give Caylee a thought. She wishes all this attention would just go away, so that she can drag her family by the nose, stomp her feet and become the center of attention to her family again. I believe that’s why she killed baby Caylee. Caylee was more important than her to her family and she just couldn’t take it anymore. It is extremely perplexing how they could believe Casey is inocent in any way, except for George, they seem to??? I agree with you about George, there is something special about him. I wish him well and I pray for him and Caylee.

    When something so horrific happens to someone you love, especially to a child, you just don’t get over it. I couldn’t imagine not being there for my daughter every second of every day. I would rather it be me that suffers through the pain and heartache that she goes through each day, than see her suffer. Then when all the media attention dies down, it’s forgotten about and the victim is still hurting and still has to go on as if nothing happened.
    While the persons that did this go on with their live. They seem to just forget what they’ve and until caught, they don’t pay for their crimes. Thank god Casey got caught and she won’t see the light of day. Yes her life has been taken from her…She took it away herself. I to worry about what Caylee had to go through in her last minutes. What kinds of things did Casey say to her? Was she tortured…I hope not!

    Your words are a gift to me and others. Thank you so much.


  204. Giovanni’s case was only briefly on AMW. Still it was more than Nancy Grace and Greta Van Sustern have done.


  205. Janet says:

    Are all the crazy nuts living in Florida?


  206. Amyv says:


    Yes unforunately we are were all the crazy nuts migrate to from other states to get out of the cold.


  207. gompertz says:

    Hi, everyone. A few people will know me from the Lakeland beating case. Though most people who posted there had good intentions we had a lot of disagreements, but that’s okay because it made for a lot of interesting discussions. Over here everyone agrees on the important points of the case. We know Casey Anthony is evil and needs to be severely punished. No argument there. As for the parents, I know they have their weaknesses but they have a very difficult situation to face, and I’m not going to judge them.

    We all feel sympathy for baby Caylee and it is proper and right that we remember the innocent baby with love and compassion. Now we are also reminded that there are other tragic cases. Some, like Giovanni Gonzalez, are not reported at all. Maybe some people feel that Giovanni Gonzalez is less lovable for some reason, as Scott suggests. If that’s true. it’s sad. But there are other tragic cases that get a little coverage and then disappear from the national news. For instance, there is baby Grace. Remember her? Murdered by her mother, about the same age as Caylee. Here is a link that might work

    but since I’m not too good at this I don’t know if it will. If not, you can look it up by Google search at Galveston Wire Topix.

    Nancy Grace has spent so much time on the baby Caylee case she doesn’t have time to report on Baby Grace or anything else. But just because we focus more on Caylee than on the other babies who suffer and die, it doesn’t mean we don’t care about the others. I think Caylee has become a symbol of all murdered and abused children. And by accepting baby Caylee into our hearts we also accept all the other victims, Giovanni Gonzalez and baby Grace and even those we don’t know.
    Now when I read the tragic story Allie told it affected me deeply. Even though I don’t know Allie or her daughter personally I feel sorry for them and I will remember them in my prayers. I agree with Amy that you, Allie, are doing a wonderful and blessed thing and I know God will bless you greatly.
    And God blesses baby Caylee and baby Grace and all the others who suffer and in the Spirit they find eternal Peace.


  208. Cindy says:

    Maybe it’s not so bad living in Illinois! We do have sex offenders here too, but in the town I live in, there are maybe 3 or 4. Not 44 within 5 miles!!


  209. Amyv says:


    The fact that there are so many sex offenders in one neighborhood is truly upsetting. I do not know how the laws continue to fail us in the protection of our children.There is not a neighborhood where I live where there is less than 10. Yes I am from Florida.

    I bought my home for the warmth and safety I felt it afforded my family and daughter. Unfortunately, even in this seemingly safe place we have had trouble with a man trying to get to a teenager. The only thing we could think to do is put more locks on our doors. Security systems were installed. And yes guns were bought for protection.

    You are extremely lucky to have such a low number in your town. I would like to see however the number 0. They give up there rights to live in communities were they are able to prey on the most innocent.

    It has been proven time and time again no amount of counseling, medications or jail time can rehabilitate them. So why are they still set free? This I will never understand. Stop putting our children at risk. They should be given sentences equal to that of a murderer. Before the sentence actually has to fit the crime.


  210. Cindy says:

    There needs to be a deterant so these sexual preditors will think twice before acting on their sick urges. Once these people are convicted, HANG THEM!! Like you said Amyv, they cannot be rehabilitated.


  211. Janet says:

    I just remember going out to play when we were kids (of course I’m 50 now BUT) our mom was just concerned that we made sure our homework &amp chores were done, put on our play clothes, and don’t be late for dinner! It makes me sick to not be kids be kids, but the sad fact is CHILDREN’S LIVES WILL NEVER BE THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE. You can’t even live anymore.


  212. Janet says:

    I wouldn’t even want anyone to know where I live, but it is the last good place….NO LIE!


  213. Jessie says:

    Gompert, Oh,I just read your article and I actually got sick. I dont understand why they did not give them the death penalty. To mutalate her and put her in a box and keep her in the house until they put her in the bay.I dont even now what to say or write threw my tears. I am a person who does pray alot but I pray for all of the little children of the world.Thank You for bringing this to my attention. I think that the reason nancy has followed so onto little caylee cause from the get go its just been one lie after another that has come from the mothers mouth and its just unbelievable. I just wonder how many more little angels are out there that none of us no about. Thanks all and have a great day.


  214. Jessie says:

    I just wanted to say that it doesnt matter what state that you ,i or anyone else lives in there is crime and violence so i wouldnt want to point fingers at one state. I live in a city with violence,hate,crime,predators around me to. I am originally from upstate NY and I am here to take care of my ill brother,but I will be here till he goes to the lord then I will go back to where I originally live. Its all around us whether we know it or not. I wish i lived in the 60s again where we could send our kids out to play or to the park and not have to worry about them but those days are over unfortuanately. Just love your kids and watch out for them and protect them is all we can do now.


  215. Cindy says:

    Janet, I know what you are saying about how back in the day we could hang out and our folks didn’t have to worry. I am almost 40 now, but from 1978-1987, my family lived in a Lake community a few miles west of the small town where we went to school. I don’t know how many acres this community was, but it was rather large, with hills and trees and not a lot of traffic on the streets. My sister and our friends and their brothers and sisters used to ride our bikes, take walks at night, go to the community beach and pool and not be afraid! We also used to play “man-hunt” after dark. Everyone knew everyone, and our folks weren’t worried for our safety. There was quite a few areas that were heavily wooded. We would walk through these areas and not think twice about it. Now 20-30 years later, I would not let my kids run like we did, even if I still lived in that lake community!


  216. zyworski says:

    What we have is a deceased child and the mother under indictment as the likely killer. The cause of death has never been established and that leaves room for reasonable doubt in a 1st degree case. The prosecution would have offered a manslaughter plea a long time ago if the press didn’t have a spotlight distorting the justice process.


  217. allie says:


    I know you mean well by what you say- there would be manslauter charges. I’m not buying that. But if the media attention makes Casey face the murder charges that she should face… More power to the media. The police have more evidence then they are stating, but in the end a jury will decide. Like I said before, Casey won’t see the light of day outside a jail cell. She’s got a very lonely life ahead of her. She’ll have plenty of time to think about what she’s done.

    My heart goes out to Jessie and his brother, I just buried my brother. May your brother become stronger and may he beat his illness. God Bless You and may you find much strength!

    Gompertz, thank you for your kind words. You clearly know what its like to hurt, worry and care for others. God Bless You as well.

    I live in a area were you would think there would be many, many sex offenders. But there are only a few under 10 in a five mile radius… But 43. Wow! I pray Haliegh is safe and alive. May the Christ light surround her and protect her.


  218. Jessie says:

    Zyworski, Thank You for the condolences on loosing my brother. My prayers are going out to you to. I was so glad to see 2008 go out and a new year come in. I lost 5 in my family and I am still trying to come out of the depression mode. We never know what each other are going threw when we walk by them on the street or in a store that is why it is important that we treat people the way that we want to be treated. Hope that everyone has a great day.


  219. allie says:

    Jessie, do you have a ill brother as well as a loss of a brother. Wow!!! My heart goes out to you.
    Like I’ve stated earlier, may you find much strength. You are a very special person to be there for the ones you love.


  220. Jessie says:

    Hi allie , I was talking about my brother that I lost in August. In 2008 It was an awful year as I lost 5 family members so I was glad when we came in 09. Thanks for your care and concern cause sometimes it is just a struggle to get threw the day for me anymore.


  221. Cindy says:

    You guys, I so hope they find Haleigh Cummings safe and return her to her daddy and other relatives. There are some videos on You Tube of this sweet little girl and it is just heartbreaking. This abduction of children has to stop!!! Let’s pray for Haleigh’s safe return!


  222. Sheila Jo says:

    Cindy…. I agree 100%, the assault on such innocence is just crazy and unacceptable!! Children first, should be able to live in peace, as they are truly the “peaceful at heart”.

    My prayers and thoughts are with little Haleigh and her family. ~~Gods speed~~

    Now on to todays events…Can there possibly more more evidence against Casey Anthony other than just catching her over the lifeless body of her child? This defense team better be well prepared, because they have a huge task ahead.

    I’m pretty sure we don’t have half the “real” picture, therefore, the evidence they have that we know about is serious enough, I’m awaiting the “fingerprints on the duct tape” saga to be revealed. And, lets not forget the BIG diary evidence, I mean the ’03 could easily have been changed from ’08 and I wonder if so, could Mr. “CMA” have played a role there…I’m still trying to figure out the “promise” he made that he’ll not forget!

    You’ve just lost your child and you’re writing in your diary how you’re happier than you’ve ever been and making so many “new” friends you want to keep. And, how you believe in your own judgment and hope the end justifies the means.

    I see a “smoking gun”….how about each of you?


  223. Sheila Jo says:

    Sorry, I almost forgot…

    Does anyone have the story on there being a pregnancy test at the crime scene?


  224. Cindy says:

    Sheila Jo, I heard they found a Gatoraide bottle with unknown liquid with white powder on the rim, syringe, knife, and a pregnancy test. But some of those items could of been from anywhere. Remember that area was underwater for a long time, plus they said that the lot had lots of trash.
    The reports I read this morning say they didn’t find Casey’s fingerprints on the duct tape. Yesterday I heard they excluded George, Cindy, and Lee, but they didn’t say anything about Casey. I also read that Caylee’s little bones were scattered in 40 different locations, even her teeth were scattered. When I heard that her teeth were scattered, that broke my heart even more. I wonder did Casey break out her teeth, or did they just naturally come loose from the skull. I guess baby teeth don’t have roots, so I guess maybe they don’t stay in like permanent teeth. So cold, so brutal, so sick, so so so sad!!


  225. Scott says:

    Cindy, the news about Caylee’s bones and teeth being all over the place is so sad. It’s hard to believe Caylee’s mother could kill her and discard her like she was trash. 😦 And now this 5 year old girl Haliegh is missing in Florida. I can’t believe it. Well I can believe and can’t believe it if you know what I mean.


  226. Amyv says:


    I do not want to even think of what the explainations are for her teeth being spread about. This is truly sad beyond words. We all know there could be a lot of reasons for that.

    The thing I find the most disturbing is the red heart over the mouth. Such a sinister thing to do. I just will never understand as that is the thing that just sticks out in my mind.

    Sheila Jo –

    I feel the police have way more evidence than they are showing. However I for one have heard enough. I agree with Cindy about the water and the length of time with certain items. Although a lot of coincidences if this is the case. I pray this girl gets what she deserves.

    They just arrested a pedophile a few blocks away from Caleighs house. Some very disturbing info. on things. However they are not saying he is a person of interest. We will see. God Bless that sweet Child. I fear for what we will find.


  227. Sheila Jo says:


    As for the teeth, I would believe it to be more possible that with all the flooding in that area the body was in they may have just floated off in many directions as the loosened and left the jaw. As I sat here and type it occurs to me that the tiny skull roled out from the bag, which would mean it was contained. Therefore how did the teeth get strung out? Correct me if I’m wrong please, but did the body not remain in the trash bags and laundry bag until found?

    Either way for me, it’s disgusting to hear this and know this isn’t some sicko movie plot but an actual event that has ripped so many to their core. I feel for even the most “hardened and seasoned” police officer working these types of tragic cases.

    I would also want to believe that the prosecution and states evidence is being leaked solely to rattle Casey’s nerves…but so far a waste of time it appears. However, I do believe they have so much more than they want anyone to know about. Remember the cliche…Give em a rope and they’ll hang theirself!


  228. Sheila Jo says:

    Just a statement…

    If I were the Anthony’s there is NO way I could still be living in the same home…afterall, not but fifteen houses away was where their precious grandchild was left in the elements to decay like trash.

    Also, the simple fact that no-one is quite sure at this point exactly where that child was murdered!

    God, I could just go on and on…how sad.


  229. Alice says:

    After reading some articles I see that there were NO fingerprints on the duct tape which leads me to believe that leonard Padilla may have been given some misinformation? I know that they have Excluded Cindy, George and Lee, but they Never mentioned Casey? so, does Leonard know something we don’t know? or is a fact absolutely NO Fingerprints were on the duct tape? I keep hearing conflicting stories….. Another thing, Casey must be gong crazy she hasn’t seen or heard from her defense team in 8 days.
    George, Cindy and Lee all know Casey killed Caylee that is why they are “NOT” calling her or seeing her, they are now convinced she is guilty of killing Caylee, of course Cindy will deny this even when her daughter is convicted of this horrific crime! Cindy is and always will be in Denial…. One more thing about the duct tape and fingerprints, does anyone know if you use rubber gloves would this prevent fingerprints on duct tape? also would there be any residue of rubber gloves on the duct tape? and if so were there any rubber gloves found? Also, has anyone matched up the duct tape found with the duct tape borrowed from Casey’s friend?


  230. Sheila Jo says:

    Alice, I don’t claim to be a “CSI” but, it would seem to me the “layman” that using rubber gloves would be difficult when handling duct tape or anything sticky. Would it not stick to it and tear the gloves?

    Just something to consider!


  231. GregS says:

    Amyv I think the problem with sex predators is more complicated than how the law handles it. I think it’s both a medical problem, and a legal problem. I think there are different kinds of sex offenders, rapists/molesters are the worst kind and cannot be cured. Among the sex offenders in a given community or who are released, what percentage of them were convicted of a physical sex crime such as rape or molestation, and what percentage were convicted of lewd conduct, sexual harassment or something along those lines?

    Rapists generally cannot be cured, I agree with you that not only can it not be cured, but it’s the sorta crime where empathy in the mind of the rapist simply doesn’t work right. They don’t put themselves in the position of the victim, so there is a greater likelyhood that they’ll do it again. Their only regret is being caught.

    Now other sex offenders such as people convicted of lewd conduct or sexual harassment, can be rehabbed. So to me it depends entirely on the level of the sex offense they are convicted of, and to simply group them all under the label sex offender without classifying them by type or by kind, will lead to us wasting resources on sex offenders with no violent history or history of physical harassment.

    When a child is kidnapped, or a woman is raped, there is a certain type or kind of sex offender which fits that profile. Anyone who has been convicted of child molestation or rape in the past should be questioned and should be suspect. I think if we make every sex offender convicted of any kinda sex crime a suspect, it’s not going to bring us any closer to the individual who most likely committed the crime.

    In specific if we have children and there are lots of sex offenders in an area, we need to know what kind of sex offender. There is a huge difference between a violent sex offender who was convicted of rape, and a sex offender who was convicted of public nudity, or some form of sexual harassment. What I think we need is a more detailed registry which classifies sex offenders by type, so that we can discriminate between the violent sex offenders and the non violent sex offenders. As far as I’m concerned, the violent sex offenders should either stay in prison, or be forced to live amongst each other and should be kept away from civil society.


  232. GregS says:

    And also we need to encourage the use of backround checks. If you have a new neighbor who moves into your neighborhood, conduct a backround check on the individual and if you find they have been convicted of violent crimes against women or children, then do the right thing and alert the community through the church or through some other means. In general you should know your neighbor, who they are, what their backround is, it’s time that communities police themselves.

    If you know a new person is moving in who has been convicted of rape, do everything you can to make them move out.


  233. AmyV says:

    Alice –

    That is a good observation. Although I am not with forensic science. I do work in the medical field. Wearing gloves and handling tape is very difficult. Yet I am sure they provide better materials for these kind of investigations. As for the fingerprints.. I live in Florida and I think from all of the information that has been gathered there were none. Could be wrong but it is insinuated.


  234. AmyV says:


    First off hello. Hope all is well with you. You bring up some very interesting comments and let me say on most I agree.

    There are different types of sex offenders. Chilld predators and rapist can not be rehabiliated. They should not be allowed in our communities or out of any type of instituation for that matter. As you well know this is a hate crime. Hatred of women is usually the motive behind rape not the act itself.

    The people labeled as “sex offenders” that I feel should be held accountably different is young men with young women. I mean this in as far as a 21 year old young man who gets with a girl who has lied about her age. I think you will totally agree with me on this one. The parents find out charges are filed and the young mans life is ruined. This does happen yet when looked up for sexual predators there names will always be listed. There addresses as well. So for these few I wish there was a better way.

    On the lewd acts and sexual harrassment that would be handled case by case. Of course never with any type of minor. Lewd acts is a very harsh word to apply without wanting to hand down a harsh sentence. Where do they cross the line? These may be people taking the first step towards becoming and rapist and pedophiles. There lies the problem you just don’t know.

    You are absolutely right about the community becoming involved. Our court systems are constantly failing us on this and other issues. So I agree. Look it up on the computer very easy to find. Run a background check when necessary. Keeping our children safe is up to the people. Not the court system.

    Of course in Caylee’s case this would have made no difference. When a mother commits such an act against her own child no background check could have helped. These cases are the ones without any type of rational answers. Since no rationality can be applied to them.


  235. Marie C says:

    I’ve followed this story from day one and it’s only getting worse, i can’t believe the special treatment this bitch is getting in jail. where are the people/family representing caylee? I watched the memorial service the family had and all i can say is WHAT A CROCK! these people did not deserve to have Caylee they ALL need to be in jail! they’re all attention seakers and troubled people, they are a danger to society, to eachother. They can’t even cry REAL tears!!! Look at the way cindy looks at casey and casey looks at cindy they both disgust eachother! Look at the brother!!! oh my GOD how do you even smile..let alone laugh? Your neice has been murdered! Your grandchild has been murdered! Your daughter and sister is a killer! How do you find the time to smile????? This is not real, these people are sick and it’s obvious! George trying to commit suicide? what good what that do now George? How can that bring caylee back? you need to brush yourself off and tell the truth about your killer daughter, Accept that you raised a killer and that your wife probably pushed her to the edge! cindy stop blaming the media they did not raise that bitch you did!!! they did not kill caylee…your daughter did! now do the right thing and defend your granddaughters honour for frick sakes….Somebody defend that angel!… I know everybody deserves a fair trial but C’MON!!! It’s an open and shut case and here we are still talking about who done it? Everybody KNOWS who did it!!!! Now take her and put her in a REAL PRISON so that she can suffer the loss of her child the frickn’ HARD WAY! not sit and order crap off a prison menu!!! and walk around like everything is ok!!! I look at her face i don’t see pretty! I see animal! I see a vicious ANIMAL …she has no right to breath! She is a killer there is nothing pretty about this bitch….You know there is so much bull shit in this case , liars, lawyers police that used to date her, i wouldn’t doubt if she having SEX in jail with her attorney or jail guards or whomever she can wrap her legs around! Hey everything else about this case is fricked up, why not? Look at her and her lawyer in court..tell me there’s nothing going on ‘romantically’ or sexually with those two…seriously! are we stupid?


  236. jason says:

    You hit the nail right on the head marie, AMEN the angel Caylee needs representation from family and friends


  237. Rob says:

    I totally agree with Marie C. the anthony’s are attention grabbers, they want the spot light none of them show any kind of sympathy for the dead child. It’s true everybody mourns differently but my gosh these people don’t show any type of real emotions, the tears all look fake and are they crying about Caylee or their reputations and how their own daughter turned out? They don’t show true sadness for their loss and I agree somebody other than the prosecution should be representing Caylee where are these peoples family morals? where is the love for this poor child, Caylee? It is obvious the mom, Casey is self absorbing the attention she’s getting from the media and I’m betting also that there is something more than lawyer/client relationship with those two. It’s sick and is getting sicker. Put her away, give her the needle she doesn’t deserve to be recognized for anything other than a killer that has been put to death!


  238. Mchelle says:

    All I have to say is to Caylee. Dear sweet angel. I am so sorry that you’re mommy did this to you. The whole world has come to love you and it breaks my heart to see you’re pretty little face knowing the pain and suffering you had to endure. I prayed for you every night before they found you. And after you were found I prayed that God would hold you tight and give you the love and comfort that you didn’t get here on earth. I think about you every day and I hope you are doing ok up there. Rest easy angel, you are safe now where no one can hurt you anymore.

    NOW as for Casey I am going to be short and to the point. She does NOT deserve the death penalty… why??? Because it’s the easy way out. She should be put through the same pain and suffering that she put her own daughter through. She doesn’t deserve a private cell, or bottled water, or special privelages. She deserves nothing but misery. How can you look you’re baby in the eyes and murder her??? I don’t and probably never will understand. If she didn’t want her anymore she could have given her to someone who did. Casey you are a poor excuse for a mother and I hope you rott in hell. I pray to god that you are put through what you put your daughter through. I hope the general population beats you to a bloody pulp. God forgive me for wishing something so awful upon someone, but if anyone deserves it it’s her and people like her


  239. L. Collins says:

    Has anyone even considered that chloroform was used on Caylee to perpetrate sexual abuse upon her?
    This happened in Michigan about 10 years ago when a woman’s boyfriend chloroformed her daughter when she was at work to abuse her. She was overdosed and died.
    Please consider this possibility by one of Casey’s friends or brother.


  240. allie says:

    Yeah, Sure we’ll consider it. We’ll also consider that the tooth fairy did it.


  241. Scott says:

    I agree with Marie C that this story is only getting worse. This is and will become an even bigger nightmare for the Anthony’s.

    The thing I don’t get is why do the Anthony’s want to protect Casey who in their hearts know killed Caylee? It makes no sense.


  242. trish says:

    Seriously L Collins? Don’t fall into the web of lies this thing(casey) has thrown out there! Don’t try, Like her parents, to find excuses for this animal! It’s so obvious she did it and more obvious it was alone, otherwise there would have been a leak by now. She wanted to party, she found ways to party without having a job, therefore, friends, family or her stealing paid for her partying. She wouldn’t have the nerve to leave caylee with her mom, because that would make mom right about her being an unfit mother. Therefore to prove her mother wrong she decided, hey lets use this crap to knock her out and i just found myself a cheap babysitter! Probably after MULTIPLE uses it finally killed the poor baby and instead of fessing up the bitch decided to make it look like somebody else did it and the method of trying to hide the fact she did is just so disturbing in so many ways. The most disturbing part is how she acts and how the family backs her up. The dad used to be a cop and mom a nurse? Ok i would think that they’d have to have some kind of intelligence, why, even though it’s their daughter, would they protect a murderer especially when she killed their own granddaughter? It’s sick and none of it makes sense and the death penalty should be on the table otherwise this will be a never ending story and we’ll have to see her on the news and she’s just loving every moment!


  243. Scott says:

    Trish, Allie et al, can you imagine that killer Casey is even getting fan mail and financial donations from around America? It really is hard to fathom.


  244. marie c says:

    This is why she needs to get the death penalty scott. without the death penalty she will always be in the spot light. also, we know that she’s not the only freak of nature out there, we know there are many sick people as herself, we know that murderers are all over this world so yep she’ll keep getting fan mail and donations and she’ll always absorb the attention that she’s getting. remember the ones sending her donations are just as sick as she is and they too are trying to get into this sick pattern of getting recongnized i think it’s like a high for them. It’s a sad sad world we live in and unfortunately there are many casey anthony’s out there and until we do something about their punishment it will only grow! I really am angry also about people making money off this case like selling caylee dolls and t-shirts? seriously who’s buying this? and why? are we that corrupted that we need to support these idiots? is society so bad that we’re stuping to their lowest level? we need to put a stop to this madness! This case should be the end of tolerating murderers and keeping them ‘safe’ away from others so they can’t be hurt? wow, who was there for caylee? God bless the little angel may her mom get hers!


  245. Cindy says:

    Nancy Grace reported last night that one of Casey’s defense attorneys, Linda Baden’s husband, some doctor, let it slip in an interview with Geraldo, that Caylee’s hair had chlorophorm found in it. If Casey’s parents thought that Casey was an unfit mother, why didn’t they take custody of poor little Caylee? They knew what a lie, steal, cheat, kind of person that Casey was.
    I do think that George is the only one in that family that shows any emotion over the loss of little Caylee. At Casey’s last court appearance, George and Cindy were sitting right behind Casey, and George was crying.
    Nancy Grace also reported last night that the FBI did a DNA paternity test on Lee Anthony. Thankfully, Lee was proven not to be Caylee’s father.
    I just hope Jose Baez and the other defense attorneys as well as Dr. Henry Lee, are not able to get a jury to believe that “some other dude did it.” But we have to remember that whatever happens in October, Casey will be someday judged by God, for what we all know she did to poor little Caylee.


  246. Scott says:

    Marie, I am generally for the death penalty in intentional murder cases so i am with you that Sacey deserves the needle when she is found guilty of murder one. But it’s up to the prosecution to go for the death penalty and they are not at this point.

    Cindy, I hope it is true that spacey Casey had chloroform in her hair and it can be proven in court. That would be great. And I agree with you about how George and Cindy Anthony should have gone after custody of Caylee knowing what type of person and criminal Casey was. It’s hard to imagine that Casey killed Caylee and then went on a partying, stripping and skanking it up spree in Central Florida once Caylee was out of her way and hair. Damn it is so sad. 😦


  247. Cindy says:

    Scott, let me clarify. It was Caylee that was reported with the chlorophorm in her hair, not Casey. If it is true that traces of chlorophorm were found in Caylee’s hair, that would mean that Casey had used chlorophorm in the past, but the part that disturbes me is the duct tape around Caylee’s skull. Surely if Casey had used chlorophorm in the past, she hadn’t duct taped the child’s mouth shut. Why this time? I just wish Casey would admit to killing Caylee and tell us really what happened. I don’t think that will ever happen with Casey being a sociopath. If she did confess, to how Caylee was killed, who would believe her anyway? Or I should say it would be hard to believe her. Don’t forget that the state of Florida can still bring back the death penalty up until the day the trial starts, so there is still hope.


  248. Allie says:

    Cindy, I think your right on all things, but I think she duct taped each time as well. My theory is that if Sweet Cyalee were to wake up…She woul’d cry. This is sick… but, can you imagine a cry coming from the trunck of your car. Maybe she would have her friends in her car or passers-by might hear her. Very disturbing!!!
    What’s also sick are people coming on the blog, trying to convince us to believe someone else did it??? Makes me think someone on the defense is trying to get the street to have doupt or open up to other possibilities. Good Try but it’s not going to happen!!!
    It’s sick enough that we have to know that KILLER KASEY is getting fan mail and money. I agree they are the sickos as well. If she keeps up the twinkies we are going to see a seditary, fat Casey…So, I guess, keep it up. Just don’t pay for here defense…That is sick.
    God Bless Caylee!


  249. marie says:

    Jason, I don’t think it’s Florida water or people from Florida. There are sick idiots all over the world, can’t blame the place or country they live in. I do agree though that this story really smells, none of it adds up. I’ve been following it as well and I too agree that something happened in that home that was bad and witnessed by the little girl and they had to get rid of her. I’m thinking the girlfriend was probably having an affair or was doing on the side things for drugs (who knows) who ever was in the home that night probably panicked killed the little girl so she couldn’t tell and got rid of the body (probably in that dumpster) they had enough time to figure out what to do with the body before the dad got home and 911 was called and removed the body from the dumpster and moved it somewhere else? Somebody needs to explain why the dogs hit on that dumpster 3 times and nothing was found and nothing has been said about it. Maybe police know more than they’re putting out? I also do not agree with their timing to get married, wow, i’ve got kids and i couldn’t imagine my state of mind if any of them ever went missing i’d be a dam basket case i would never be able to eat/sleep or live a normal life without knowing where my child was or getting my child back , getting married would NOT be anywhere CLOSE to being something i’d want to do at that point, it doesn’t make sense and it sure doesn’t paint a pretty picture for them, there’s no excuse to get married right now, they are young they had lots of time to get married and he should have waited until his wife was at least old enough to be classified as an adult, but like jason said both husband and wife act very immature he kind of reminds me of an eminem wanna be, sorry that’s my oppinion. I too know people who suffer from bi-polar and yes Jason you are absolutely correct when you say you have to know what to look for, because they are sooooo good at acting and making people believe that they are not sick and that they are caring and loving people when they really are not and some of them can be very harmfull and dangerous to themselves and others. I don’t think this little girl is alive and I’m sure the two of them know it (dad and wife) it’s just so sad that today’s generation have kids but have no family morals and their children become their property and not their lives!


  250. jason says:

    Marie? you mentioned that Ronald reminded you of an Eminem wanna be, that’s funny look at the similarities! Eminem grew up in a trailer (Ron lives in one) Eminem has a daughter named Hailee (Ron has Haleigh) Eminem has a son named after him (Marshall) (Ron has Ron Jr)? WOW? good observation Marie )


  251. Cindy says:

    I agree that somthing is not right with the Haleigh Cummings case. I like everyone else couldn ‘t believe that Haleigh’s daddy got married while his little girl is missing. Getting married would be the farthest thing from my mind if my child was missing. Remember what Ronald said to Misty during the 911 call, “Bi@ch how could you let my child get stoled.” Hmm? I also don’t think that Haleigh’s biological mother Crystal Sheffield seems very upset either. What is really going on here? I was also wondering how Ronald kept out of jail living with a 17 year old girl? Is that not considered “jail bait” in Florida?
    Back to the Casey Anthony case: Did anyone else hear on Nancy Grace last night about Casey’s missing diary pages? In those pages is suppost to contain the motive for Casey to kill Caylee. Casey wanted to spare Caylee from having to live with grandmother, Cindy Anthony. I have heard that Cindy Anthony had said that Casey was a sociopath, so why leave Caylee with Casey? Sounds like Casey had planned on killing Caylee for a long time. Poor little baby didn’t have a chance.


  252. jason says:

    Is it just me or is Florida full of crack heads? Here we go again with yet another missing child and the parents are so fricked up that it just makes my head spin! Ok, first of all you don’t wait to call 911 when you notice a 5 year old is missing in the middle of the night! (First red flag) Secondly, I don’t care how old you are or how much shock you’re in you do NOT change your frickn’ story every chance you get. Here’s the icing on the cake, you get married a month after your kid goes missing not knowing if she’s ever going to come home? Sorry dude you and your teenie-bopper killed your kid! Here’s what i think happened, dad was at work, little step mommy was home having somebody over for some extra something at night, little girl saw them in the action and they needed to keep her quiet some how so got rid of the kid! Daddy some how knows this has happened and instead of thinking with his heart he has now let his OTHER brain take over because for some sick reason this dude is into KIDS!!! Who the HELL finds time to get married at this time when all this is happening? What the hell was the rush to get married? WHY? I’m telling you this smells funny, i don’t care how emotional this dude shows us on tv i think he’s pulling the blinds over all of us…that little girl (his wife) reminds me of a bi-polar sister-in-law of mine, if you don’t really know her you would think she was the most honest and wonderful woman there was, but behind closed doors she’s evil, sick minded and able to convince people she’s not..i’ve lived with people like this you have to know what to look for and everything these people are doing is so wrong and so obvious that they did something to the girl. Don’t be looking too far from the doorstep you have her killers right there beside you! Look at daddy’s expression when he was talking on the Nancy Grace show it’s so immature when he was asked about his wife’s age…play it back look at his reaction these 2 are immature kids that killed their little girl and know how to play the emotional sympathy trip and they are reeling everybody in, including Nancy and she’s a tough cookie..Beware Florida is it in the water?


  253. Greg.S says:

    He should have got married. He just lost his daughter, all he has left is his girlfriend, and he’s human. He probably needs some sense of family to help him get though the difficult time, so getting married does make sense..


  254. marie says:

    Greg? NO IT DOESN’T! you obviously don’t have kids and if you do tell me that you would put marrying your ‘girlfriend’ before you knew the where-abouts of your kid first? sorry it’s not HUMAN…what’s human is looking for your kid until you can’t breath anymore….not being able to sleep or eat because you don’t know. LOVE makes a family not marriage! anybody can say ‘I do’ but if you don’t love eachother it means crapolla. Just like anybody can father or give birth to a child but if you don’t love the child you’re not really a father nor a mother. It’s the love you have for eachother that makes a parent and a spouse. They already lived together so if they love eachother enough they are already family. Please Greg, tell me, how long have these 2 been together or known eachother? she’s only 17 for God’s sake, you think she’s ready for marriage? Ron has his mother and grandmother it’s not a lack of having a family that he’s having a tough time with, you can’t replace your daughter! It’s the fact that something went wrong, he knows it and now he has to choose between sending his girlfriend, now wife, to jail or defending her because somehow she’s convinced him it was a mistake and he’s running out of young girls to date or sleep with!


  255. trish says:

    Greg you have to be kidding me, it’s human? Are you smoking that funny stuff? Seriously, nobody in their right mind gets married in a situation like this. They supposenly don’t know where the child is so for all they know she could be dead or in the hands of some child molester. Any which way he doesn’t have his child what the hell would getting married make this all good for him? Replacing his daughter with a wife? That’s human? If your definition of having a family is getting married then buddy you’re going to go through alot of divorces in your life time. Like Marie said LOVE makes a family. It’s how you treat eachother and support eachother through good and bad and love eachother unconditionally that’s some of the things that make up a family. Getting married at this time of his life was the worse thing he could ever do! His wife is a teenager! she, herself, could become a ‘missing child’ he married a child! For the love of God what’s going on here?


  256. marie c. says:

    I know Jason! That’s the first thing I thought of when I seen him on the Nancy Grace show!…the way he presented himself the way he talked..the way he looked/dressed …it was like he was trying to be Eminem LOL and they have ALOT of similar things including daughter’s name…wait except Eminem wouldn’t marry his girlfriend if his daughter went missing….do you think? NOT!!!
    Ron would be better off marrying Casey Anthony, she’s more his age and they at least have something in common. They both traded in their daughters. Casey traded Caylee in for Partying and Ron traded Haleigh in for marrying a young little immature girl! Sorry …but crap like this pisses me off! Poor kids have no chance in this world anymore …whose going to protect them if their own parents can’t?


  257. jason says:

    Hahaha Marie, i’m going to have to start paying more attention. hey greg dude you seriously can’t be serious about your statement. it’s human for him to get married at this time? and all he has left is his girlfriend? ummm, what happened to his son, his mom and his grandmother? More so his son, even if the bio mom gets custody (which i highly doubt because she seems like a real flake) but let’s say she does. Does that make him not his son/family anymore? Dude you need to give your head a shake, even the not so smart individual could see that this case has so many wrongs in it and it smells fishy. You don’t get married at this time of the situation it’s NOT NORMAL IT’S NOT HUMAN it’s down right disrespectfull to the missing child and the rest of her family (her brother) when that boy grows up and reads about how daddy married his teenaged girlfriend less than a month after his sister went missing and still not found, what the hell do you think is going to go through his mind? The son needs to be taken away from all parties involved, otherwise he’s going to grow up to be just like his flakey parents and he’ll have kids of his own that he will not care about because he’s going to think that his children are replaceable just like his sister was, think about it


  258. Greg+s says:

    trish thats my point. He’s not in his right mind. Who would be in their right mind when their daughter is missing? That is why his eccentric behavior should be expected.

    I’d not be in my right mind either in that situation. I don’t think any normal person would be in their right mind, except maybe Casey Anthony.

    You people who think he should be in his right mind are the same people who would complain if his behavior were too calm and he were acting unaffected. Leave the victim alone, his daughter is missing and hes clearly not going to be in his right mind. So give him a break and be glad he hasn’t done anything to harm himself or others… you people are completely unrealistic and judgemental and it doesn’t help.


  259. trish says:

    Excuse me Greg if i disagree with you, but yes he’s not thinking straight i totally get that, but a month later? uh uh, if it was something he was going to do because he totally lost his mind at the time, it would have been done a long time ago. Plus he’s been doing talk shows and honeymoon, get real. I know everybody grieves differently, i was all for him from the beginning until now! I’ve never thought the 17 year old was off the hook from the get go because nothing added up with any of her stories i, from the very start had suspicions of her doing something maybe not purposely but she had some kind of involvement with it, he always sounded sincere and saddened and i believed him, NOT NOW , he knows something that is going to incriminate his wife and now he’s trying to protect her because it’s too late for him to protect his daughter! I guess it all depends on how old you are greg, because i’ve dealt with teenagers and young adults of today’s generation and i can read them like a book, as much as you want to believe that a parent can’t hurt their child, as much as you want to believe that a parent won’t choose a girl friend or boyfriend over a child it’s absolutely sadly untrue, they do and it’s horrible. I would NOT want to be a child in todays society. there are no family values there is not enough love to keep a child safe.


  260. jason says:

    Omg trish you are absolutely right. My wife and i have had custody of our granddaughter for 3 years now, (child protection took away from mom)she’s 10. Her mom (not our daughter/26) has been with so many different men since this child was born, has moved more than 50 times in 10 years, has never worked and may have a grade 9 education. Her dad (our son) has been in and out of jail and has no job no education doesn’t have any plans for future and he’s now 29 with 3 kids 3 different moms and has no intention to be responsible for any of them. Mom chooses friends, partying and drugs over this little girl and it breaks our heart to see the pain in the little girls face every time she’s told she can’t go live with mommy yet, because mommy hasn’t cleaned her act up. Daddy chooses drugs, friends and video games over kids and acts like they’re his siblings and not their father. There’s no love, no consern about the childs welfare they don’t give a ratz patootee about their children and i can bet everyting i own that if they had custody of this child she would have been dead by now and we unlike the anthony’s will NOT allow this we will NOT allow them to have their children until they smartn the frick up! i don’t think we’re being judgemental it’s a FACT! the world is not a pretty place regrettably


  261. Janet says:

    Hey Everyone:
    Here is my thought…..I think that Ronald married Misty because it just doesn’t look good to be 25 and your young girlfriend is not even of legal age. That was even brought up shortly after Haleigh went missing. Of course the timing is in bad taste, but do these kind of people even look like they THINK. Now they want to go after MOM, filing for a change of custody….not that she is any smarter, but if my child disappeared from Ron &amp Misty’s why would I want my other child to stay in that house/tent/trailer etc.
    It’s so terrible that little innocent children can’t even be safe these days. Keep praying that THIS little girl makes it home safe.


  262. Alice says:

    Casey feels she will be set free due to the Dream team she has on her side. Its very obvious Casey Killed her daughter Caylee with Chloroform due to the hair samples , not to mention the trunk of her vehicle has high concentration of chloroform in the trunk.. There never was a Nanny, she got a hold of Zanie’s name from Sawgrass apartments where some friend of hers lives. If Casey says this Zanie is not the real Nanny, then she has no “OTHER” person to blame, its all about some other person killed Caylee, when in fact they have the “Actual” killer in jail her so called piece of sh&ampt of a mother Casey!
    Casey says we need to get a life, looks like her’s is taken away from her due to her henious crime on her own child. I hope she rots in that jail cell forever.
    Also, I am sure she will get a life sentence, the public is not buying into her lies, except maybe Cindy and Lee, also her so called Dream team. I hope one day they put Casey in the real jail population and let justice take its course.


  263. Marie c says:

    AMEN Alice! I’m sure it’s a done deal that she will get life in prison, but, it shouldn’t be enough! I think she should get the death penalty, otherwise her face and crap happening to her behind bars will always be in the media because some sick bastard/s will still be supporting her and sending her money, gifts and pretty much a way-to-go tap on her back for killing her kid and still be able to live! I can’t wait for the day that bitch’s face is not appearing on my tv set! Everytime I see her or hear about her, my blood boils just thinking about what she did to that poor little girl and to look at the lack of emotion she shows for the loss of her little girl is just frickn’ incredibly disturbing. I can’t believe that she has the nerve to buy make-up and snacks and is allowed! I know there’s the innocent until proven guilty claus, but c’mon this case is obvious and the fact she’s entitled to a fair trial just floors me, we wonder where the tax money is going to? gee i know where alot of it is going…I try to have sympathy for her family, but i can’t, i do NOT see anyone in that family representing Caylee, it’s like she never existed, even though George shows the most emotion if he had the guts to try and commit suicide why doesn’t he find the guts to stand up to his family and tell them they need to be there for Caylee NOT Casey. They already have to accept a death in their family. I think they should look at Casey as the one who died and Caylee as the one who will live on and on as they help not let this happen to another child in her honour and let that angel’s memory live forever! I hope to God that the jury is carefully investigated, the way this story is going it wouldn’t surprise me if they found a bunch of “anthony wanna-be’s” that would be totally fricked up!


  264. Cindy says:

    As more and more details about Casey and her life before she ended her sweet daughter’s life come out, we find out that she is very sick. She stole $45,000 from her parents, George and Cindy and they almost lost their house. Casey stole 2 checks from her very own grandma (I would of never gotten into my grandma’s purse without permission) one check for $54 to pay for Caylee’s 2nd birthday party, and one for $300 and some dollars to pay AT&ampT for her cell phone bill. The $300+ was taken from the money to pay for her grandpa’s assisted living. Casey never told the truth to anyone, never finished high school, I could just go on and on! Casey is where someone who lies, steals, and cheats and let’s not forget murders deserves to be-Orange County Jail. Casey better hope she never gets out of a private jail cell. From what I have read, the other female inmates are ready to rip her to shreads!


  265. randy says:

    Not a beleiver of ‘fair trial’. I think if there are ‘obvious’ lies and deception to law officials, there should be no such thing as fair trial to that person, i don’t care who they are. If you have a right to a fair trial, than victims and law officials should have the right to charge you with extensive lying and serious time should be served! I say put Casey in a ‘REAL’ jail, that’s where she chose to do with her future! Maybe she can party hardy with her new in-mates and her lawyer can get his rocks off on it :0


  266. trish says:

    haha Randy! after all the pictures we’ve seen of her and other women, it’s not surprising this is the avenue she’d take for her future LOL , this could be what she wants. I say give her a be-lated birthday present, a new bedroom with some room-mates! Hmmm I wonder if she’d show some type of emotion then? I’d love to be a fly on the wall the day she gets put in a real jail cell. I’m sure she’d feel right at home!


  267. randy says:

    well trish she wouldn’t have any problem taking a pee in the middle of her bedroom won’t compare to her peeing in between cars though, she might have withdrawls lol. If her lawyer was smart he’d let her be put in the real cell now, think of all the money he could make with selling those pictures and videos. All kidding aside, i have some compassion for the family members, i know Cindy may not be very popular, but if anybody should have been close to suicide i think it should have been her. She’s the one that had it out with her daughter Casey the last time Caylee was seen she’s the one that Casey despises of and if what we’ve heard about ‘mercy killing’ of Caylee in Casey’s diary is true than God how can this woman cope thinking that it could have been her pushing the wrong button that got Caylee killed? It’s a sad situation and i’m sure if any of these people saw this coming they would have stopped it some how. I’m hoping. I agree with one of the writers that they should accept the loss of their daughter, but not accept what happened to their granddaughter, they need to represent.


  268. jason says:

    I don’t know if I’d agree to having any kind of compassion for any family member. Look at them, besides George, Lee is taped laughing as he is asked questions regarding the nanny and the whole Caylee thing, LAUGHING? That defenitely is screwed up, Cindy sits in the courtroom and although it may look like she’s comforting her husband if you look at her facial expression it almost looks like she’s giving him heck for crying, maybe it’s just me but re-play it and look at her face it does NOT look like she’s comforting him with words that’s for sure. She has to focus on what’s happened and not on pointing fingers at other people when it’s so obvious it’s her daughter that did it. I remember her saying nasty things about Nancy Grace and what she was reporting and she even told i think it was Larry King that she couldn’t wait until they find Caylee and rub it in Nancy’s face! Lady I’m sure Nancy would have loved to hear the news of finding caylee alive! Unlike Cindy, Nancy Grace was looking at reality and not fiction. Cindy wears the pants in that household and hey to each his own, but George should grow a set of balls and stick to his original ‘professional’ discovery when he said he smelled decomposition in the car and NOT stand by his wife when she tries to convince him it was bad pizza, he needs to show pride in his knowledge! If he can’t distinguish the difference between the smell of rotten pizza/garbage and decomposition how the hell did he ever make it as a cop? Is that why he’s no longer a cop? who knows? I hope they find justice here, for the sake of that angel.


  269. Janet says:

    Sounds like Grandma is the only one who has any brains!


  270. Cindy says:

    George knows. I can tell by the way he acts. He is just going along with Cindy to save face, and have a united front. I don’t even think that when Casey is found guilty (hopefully) that Cindy will admit even then that Casey killed Caylee. But after all is said and done and Casey is partying with her new friends in a Florida women’s prison, time will pass and people will forget about her, just like they have Susan Smith.


  271. jason says:

    Janet when you say grandma i’m sure you mean Casey’s grandma …i’m sure you don’t mean Cindy unless you’re just as warped as she is? Cindy you’re right there’s no way Cindy will ever admit that her daughter did it because it will make her look like she was a bad mother as well. Seriously, based on what we’ve seen and heard from Lee and Casey, how proud are these parents? I’m embarassed for them. I’m not saying it’s their fault the way their kids turned out, but, don’t play dumb and defend them knowing that they are lying and guilty of all the wrong doing here, they’re enabling them. And yes it’s visibly obvious George knows and that’s probably why he’s more emotional then anybody in the family, but I also hope you’re right about people forgetting about her once she’s put away, she’s not worth remembering.


  272. Cindy says:

    I don’t think that Cindy and George were “bad” parents. They moved to Florida from Ohio probably to give their children a better life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow up where the weather is warm all year round and lots to see and do. To be just miles from the ocean to the east and Gulf of Mexico to the west. (I am from Illinois, so I think this would be great) I am sure that George and Cindy gave Casey a wonderful childhood. Probably took her to the theme parks, took her to the beach, read her bedtime stories, took her for rides in her little red wagon etc. They might of been guilty of spoiling Casey, but the sociopath personality, I believe she was born with that. I do also believe they could of done more to protect Caylee. Maybe from what they witnessed between Casey and Caylee, they mistakenly believed that Caylee was safe with Casey.


  273. jason says:

    I don’t think they’re bad parents either, I just think that Cindy doesn’t want to be ‘known’ as a bad parent. We, as parents, do the best we can to raise our kids. Once they’re raised and have their own life and families it’s up to them to do the right things and make the right decisions, unfortunately that’s not always the case ( as we see in this one) but, we, as parents, should also accept that our children can become corrupted as this one did and we need to accept that they have to be punished, no matter how much we love them and can’t believe they would do such a thing. It’s a sad case for the Parents, it’s a lose lose situation, there’s no good at the end of this, but they need to represent Caylee. She did NOT deserve to die that way. No child should have to die at the hands of their parents especially their own mothers.


  274. Janet says:

    Jason, Ya, I was talking about Casey’s Grandma. I can’t even imagine having a kid like Casey…..sure you want to stand behind your kids but this is just too obvious that Casy is the one and only one who did this to Caley. I think that George &amp Cindy were so close to Caley because both Casey &amp Lee were grown up and they were having a second chance with Caley. It sickens me to think what Caley went through and knowing her Mother was the one who was doing it.


  275. Cindy says:

    I don’t think rational people (not the ones that protested outside the Anthony’s house when this all started) believe that Cindy is a “bad” parent. She might be a parent of a “bad apple.” My own 17 year old son got really mad one night and put his fist through the drywall and called me some rather nasty names. I know that he was brought up better than that. So now he is living with his father with no cellphone and no car. (He had it so bad here…LOL) I don’t feel like I am a bad mother, he chose to act like that so now he is facing the concenquences, simple as that!


  276. Alice says:

    For every action there is a Reaction! Casey will pay for her actions against her child Caylee , she will also have a Huge REaction when this case is over and she is getting a life sentence, possibly a death sentence when all is said and done! Casey enjoy your treats while waiting trial, because when the trial is over and reality sets in- its a real eye opener, not to mention this is your new life behind bars “forever”! Casey needs to get a real does of reality in jail- set the other inmates free for 2 minutes- I can assure you Casey will spill her guts. ( it doesn’t really matter, we “all” know the authoirty figures have figured this B*tch out. With the excetption of her family, “Except” Casey’s grandmother, she is the only one who tells it like it is and has any guts to stand up for CAYLEE!


  277. marie c says:

    The only thing i’ve heard from the grandmother (casey’s grandmother) is how Casey lied and stole from her and the family (again all about them). Maybe i missed any of the stories she’s said about mom’s neglect towards Caylee or anything to help me believe that she’s standing up for Caylee. I hope i’m wrong, I hope she is out there FINALLY representing that poor defenseless angel. I wish we could ‘see’ her in court ..sitting on the prosecutions side(caylee’s side) somebody in that family NEEDS to be representing that poor little girl, it’s heartbreaking not to see that. It’s almost like all of them have blanked her out of even existing at all! At the memorial service George should have been asking people to pray for Caylee and for all the children out there that may be Caylee someday, he should have asked people to help others like Caylee so that they don’t end up the way she did. He should have been asking people to donate to those places that help find missing children. Instead, he asked people to send Casey letters and gifts to keep her spirit up, because she needs love too? THAT Upsets me to no end! Yes, every child, including Casey needs love, but in this case the only love that should be going her way is from her parents and family because it’s their obligation to love her as their own flesh and blood. The public sending her love letters and money and whatever else she’s getting there while sitting in jail is absurd. I agree with Alice she’s going to get her ‘eye opener’ and i hope it’s soon. The more this drags on the more she enjoys life! Most of you would disagree that’s she’s NOT enjoying life alone in that cell, but, think about it, she’s all about herself and the last thing she wants is to be out with people, ALL people, that want to take a piece of her and tear her apart! She’s not stupid, she knows, she’s safer where’s she’s at. We do things to keep prisoners safe (keep them in a solitary cell, away from other prisoners)
    and what do we do to keep children like caylee safe? Sad isn’t it


  278. Cindy says:

    Wow Marie, good point about keeping prisoners safe, but not children like Caylee. The only reason Casey is in a “private” cell is to keep other prisoners from killing before her trial. After her trial she will probably be considered fair game. I am surprised that Susan Smith is still alive in a South Carolina prison. Maybe she is in segregation.


  279. marie c says:

    There’s a case in Canada with a guy named Paul Bernardo and him and his did a series of killings and the last i heard, although he got life in prison he’s in his own cell …with t.v and bla bla bla…if you don’t know the story check it out at this will blow your mind what his wife got for punishment! it has to stop!!!


  280. jason says:

    I know the story marie and it’s sad and pathetic. The x-wife is now re-married and has kids of her own and lives in protective custody, her new identity is protected by law! protected? after all they did to those innocent girls? I don’t care about the plea bargains, if you committed the crime or were part of committing the crime you should burn as well! It’s stories like these that make up the Casey Anthony’s they hear about it and know they can get away with it! Unless the law changes the ‘rights’ that criminals have, this is NEVER going to stop.


  281. Cindy says:

    In my opinion, after someone commits a crime, they give up all “rights.” For people convicted of serious crimes such as drug dealing, kidnapping, rape and murder of adults as well as children, just start hanging them. Don’t let them sit for years on death row. After someone is convicted, take them straight out to see the hangman!! Simple as that!!


  282. Alice says:

    Your absolutely right, no one should be sending Casey anything except her family and friends if she has any left. That’s the sole responsibility of her parents, not the public. As for inmates, they have “NO” rights except for a fair trial. The victims need rights and those behind bars should not have any rights until proven innocent….Prison these days is a country club, I say make jail what it is suppose to be a “living Hell” so there will never be repeat offenders, also it will make others think twice before they do any harm to innocent people especially children. If a person commits an act against an innocent child, they should automatically get a death sentence. Its a good thing I am not running those jails. PS there would be NO segregation for baby killers.


  283. Cindy says:

    Look how long Jeffery Dahlmer lasted in prison. Not very long. He was knocked off by another inmate.


  284. Greg.S says:

    If they find that the diary of death is written in her handwriting, its going to be an open and shut case. If convicted she should be put into a Supermax prison like these

    Supermax is arguably a worse than death prison. 23 hour a day lockdown. No contact with the outside world. No contact with other inmates. No books, no TV. Just you and a cell. If Casey Anthony is really so weak minded that she murdered her own daughter, this would be living hell for her. She’d breakdown and go crazy after a few years.

    The reason prison these days is a country club is because most of the people in prison are not truly bad people. They are mostly stupid, but they aren’t bad. Casey Anthony if she killed her daughter, is truly a bad evil person and in the same league with people who kill their mother. This sort of evil person belongs in a supermax prison where it’s living hell.

    Drug offenders, thieves and dumb people belong in the country club prison depending on how much damage they cause. If they rob for billions like Madoff then they belong in the Supermax prison but if they rob for thousands, they belong in an ordinary prison./


  285. marie says:

    I agree with Greg about the idiot offenders that do petty things, yes they still deserve to be punished but not to the extreme. Lately, though, it seems that the ones committing the ‘petty’ offences are getting treated worse than the ones that did a major offence. I watched some of the Casey trial on cnn over the ‘who’s paying’ for her defense, anyway, i noticed that even the judge was being too nice to casey when he spoke to her, it’s nuts. Also her frickn’ lawyer’s smerk is so bothersome it drives me crazy i wish i could reach in the television and smack him hard upside the frickn’ head! They claim he’s not getting paid through selling of her story or anything like that, well gee hmmm how is he getting paid? well judging by her pictures and partying and all the guys she’s been with, i wonder what she’s doing to her lawyer when he’s going to the cell to ‘visit’ her, maybe she’s talking into his mic! LOL i wouldn’t put it past any of them!


  286. Cindy says:

    Now there is an 8 year old girl missing from a small town just south-east of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. There were 44 registered sex offenders that lived withing 5 miles of Haleigh Cummings house in Florida. There are 78 registered sex offenders that live within 5 miles of this little girl from California. Let’s pray for her safe return and all the other missing children.

    P.S. Two little boys ages 7 and 9 had been missing from a town 20 miles from the town that I am from in Illinois. The boys were reported missing on March 9, when their father failed to bring them back after a weekend visit. The cops issued a nationwide “Amber Alert.” The search for the boys came to an end on Sunday evening after someone reported a “suspicious” vehicle abandoned in a secluded area. Cops responded to find the two little boys dead in the back seat of the car and the father dead 60 feet from the car. An apparent murder suicide. Please pray for the family of these boys also.


  287. alice says:

    I think it should Mandatory that all child predators have to wear an ankle monitor so that way they can be monitored as to their where abouts at all times. As for having child predators living in an area within a 50 mile radius should be mandatory or better yet, put them in a community for child predators ONLY. Keep them confined at all times let them kill each other, not our innocent children, this is happening more and more and NO one is doing anything about it………..”WHY” are we allowing this to happen?


  288. Cindy says:

    Ok, how could George and Cindy Anthony learn about little Caylee’s remains being found, but still be at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel dining?? Food would be the least of my concerns!! I would be inconsoliable! I know that George and Cindy loved Caylee, so why weren’t they devistated when they learned that Caylee was dead?


  289. alice says:

    Cindy, I have to agree with you, I would not be able to function, never mind eat anything… Cindy and George new a long time ago that Caylee was dead. You can tell from Cindys reaction when she was visiting Casey in jail, Cindy has her hands covering her mouth and she is crying so desperately for answers from Casey and Casey is just spewing lie after lie. I believe that Cindy definately knows that Casey killed Caylee because she was jealous of her own Mother! George knows Casey is a killer as well. Lee Knows as well, but they will defend Casey to the end. WE can only hope that justice will prevail, and keep Casey in jail “FOREVER”. Casey says the media and police are twisting her stories to convict her of this crime if they don’t find the Nanny… Guess What, Casey has made all those lies, and twisted stories, her story does not make “ANY” sense but to her. she is full of delusion and should be committed to an insane asylum when trial is over.


  290. Cindy says:

    Why is George the only one that get’s emotional? Why can’t they have a united front for Caylee? I know they loved Caylee. What do they want, Casey to get out of jail so she can continue lying, and stealing and making her parents life HELL? She is not going to change if she is released from jail. I would think that George and Cindy would be afraid that she might get out of jail. Hopefully the state will decide to ask for the death penalty.


  291. alice says:

    If Casey ever gets out of jail, the rest of her family needs to worry… due to the fact that if Casey gets away with murdering Caylee, her family could be next, who is to say that Casey wouldn’t cholorform them next especially Cindy.I am so surprised that if Casey’s friends all knew that she was such a diabolical lier etc, why would anyone want to associate with her?
    I was just thinking, do you think that her defense team would actually use an excuse of CAsey may have killed her child due to Post partum ?


  292. alice says:

    Manipulation as one of sociopath traits is closely tied with their view of the world and their place in that world. Sociopaths view the world differently. Other people are not subjects of their experience but rather objects. They play with other people as if other people are toys. They lie. They are prepared to undertake well structured plans to manipulate their victims. The ones that are at most risk are the ones in a relationship with a sociopath.

    These sociopath characteristics are the most important ones, but there are many more. It&rsquos very important to pay attention to somebody&rsquos behavior in order to spot these most important sociopath behavioral traits. THIS IS CASEY WITHOUT ANY DOUBT IN MY MIND, THIS IS HOW CASEY ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT CAYLEE BEING AN OBJECT AND NOT A HUMAN BEING. Casey’s diary holds clues, read between the lines, not to mention that between her lies there are some half truths. “I feel she/Caylee is close by- down the street in the Zone a childhood hangout of hers/Caseys.


  293. Cindy says:

    Alice, I think that Casey has to admit that she killed Caylee to use the postpartum excuse, and I don’t think she will ever crack. Postpartum depression is very nasty. I had a little of it after my four kids. (Just a day or two of feeling sad) With my fourth child, I had a c-section, which with the pain of the surgery, and all the hormones going down, I felt like I was going crazy. When my fourth baby was a few days old, I had a massive panic attack, and went to the hospital. But I NEVER thought about killing my baby! I was actually afraid that they would come and take the baby away from me. This feeling of not quite right only lasted a few weeks, and as my incision healed, I started to feel better. Doctors say that if you are prone to postpartum depression, for every baby you have, the depression gets worse each time. I think that Casey was already a sociopath but maybe the birth of Caylee made things worse.


  294. Joe Miller says:

    “Keep them confined at all times let them kill each other, not our innocent children,”

    This is fine but we have to start actually organizing and separating the different types of sex offenders. Non-violent sex offenders are not the same as rapists, murderers, etc. When we discuss statistics like X amount of sex offenders live in a location where a child is missing, what percentage of these sex offenders were convicted of a violent offense?

    A person can be convicted of a sex offense from verbal sexual harassment, and this is far different from kidnapping and rape. I don’t think rapists should live around sane people, whether they raped a child, an adult, it’s the nature of the crime itself which marks them.


  295. Cindy says:

    Did anyone else watch Nancy Grace tonight? Or watch George and Cindy Anthony’s deposition? Wow!! What a bunch of B.S.!!! George Anthony accused “Zanny’s” attorney of flipping him the bird while the attorney pushed up his glasses! Cindy Anthony blew up at the attorneys and poor Zenida after the deposition, while George told Zenida he was sorry. LOOK WHAT CASEY HAS PUT HER PARENTS THROUGH! But yet they stick up for her sorry booty?? She is killing her parents with all this stress! At least George wears the Caylee button on his shirt. Why doesn’t Cindy wear one?? This saga is stressing me out and I don’t even know the Anthonys! LOL


  296. allie says:

    I saw it Cindy…unbelievable???!!!
    What a screwed up mess Cindy Anthony is. Cindy is looking in every way possible for a fight. Can you imagine having to grow up with that or be married to that?

    When I saw George and Cindy in their driveway, before Caylee was found, fighting with the protestors I thought, who does this? Who stands in their own driveway with a broom, arguing with people who know Casey is a liar. Cindy wouldn’t see the thruth if her own life depended on it. Cindy thinks she can create her own thruths, then she expects everyone to follow and believe her bulls**t.
    Dang Cindy, you’ve got to live with yourself… What a miserable place you must be in. If I were Cindy Anthony, I would commit myself to a mental hospital. Cindy, YOU ARE SICK!!! Without the loss of poor little Caylee. My gosh, what she must have gone through. A Sick mother and grandmother. And a passive, abliging grandfather. George just goes along with it all, maybe to keep the peace?.

    With all of the evidence against Casey, you’d have to be a blithering idiot to believe her.

    I have a comment on truthfullness for you Cindy Anthony, since that is a problem for you. I went online and found some interesting things about lying

    1st: Bending the truth is lying.

    2nd: Telling half truths, is lying.

    3rd: Omiting any part of your story or expaination, is lying by omition.

    4th: Changing your story in any way to change others beliefs away from the truth, is lying.

    There is so much more. Just type lying and click on the dictionary online. There is enough information about lies that it could take hours, even days to read it. But Cindy Anthony, you need to read it, becuase the worst, most destructive lies are
    The Lies To Yourself.

    You can’t begin to heal until you are honest with yourself and then to others.

    George, I’m sorry to say that the bones that were found WERE Caylees remains, since her body was gone, what else would a person say that found her? You didn’t find her because you and Cindy were too much in denial about the truth. Precious Caylees remains were found, thank gosh. But by that time… They were her remains. Sorry!


  297. Cindy says:

    Allie, did you also hear on Nancy Grace Wednesday night that Casey was accusing Jesse Grund of “drowning” Caylee in the pool? Is she giving hints on how she killed little Caylee? If so, what a horrible way to die.


  298. marie says:

    OMG! I’m like you cindy this story has me so stressed out i just want to climb through the dam tv set and start slapping people upside their heads! SERIOUSLY ..what the hell was that? Omg both parents were just awefull. I had hope that George was the only sane one in the bunch, but after yesterday i have changed my mind completely! Is it just me or are this people just full of themselves? Like who the hell comments about a nanny being a 10 and this Zanny is not, how rude is that? What is it with them and their looks? Cindy and Casey are so alike it’s not even funny! You now know where she gets her lying from it so frickn’ obvioust so frickn’ wrong, it’s a miracle Caylee even made it to be 2 years old living in that zoo of animals! You know they try to point fingers in so many different directions you have to wonder if George’s attempted ‘suicide’ was actually real or an attempt to take the focus off the real stuff, because face it a person who’s going to commit suicide does NOT text message back and forth for hours …..they just do it! They may say their goodbyes but they sure as hell don’t text message back and forth! In my opinion he had NO intention of harming himself and the only thing that’s bothering this man is NOT the death of Caylee, it’s the fact that his disfunctional family is out in the open. Cindy, George, Lee, the whole dam family is screwed up and needs to be put away, they are ALL a danger to society! Maybe cindy wants to get casey out of jail so she can finish choking her! she should have done it right the first time!


  299. Cindy says:

    You know what else is rude? Not even thanking people for “falling in love” with little angel Caylee. People are only outraged because they love Caylee, and want justice for her. Yes, and saying that this Zenida isn’t the right nanny because she isn’t a “ten?” Why doesn’t Cindy wear the Caylee button on her shirt like George does?? I just think they could of done more to protect little Caylee. They knew what kind of person she was.


  300. marie says:

    Ya no kidding, these people don’t appreciate anything, it’s ALL ABOUT THEM! They want the attention to be on them, NOT Caylee. George said to Zanida that he’s sorry for what’s happening to her and that he hoped at the end of this he could shake her hand? WOW, bet she wanted to shake his hand after him basically calling her ugly or NOT pretty enough to be the Zanida who babysat his granddaughter…unbelievable it’s all a frickn mess! These people think they’re hollywood stars…they try to look perfect for the cameras…my GOD..if it were me in their situation I would be a living MESS, combing my hair would be difficult enough let alone put makeup on!!!! Both Casey and Cindy sit like they own the place and chew gum like 2 frickn’ cows! There is not one shot of them whether it be talking to the police to the judge or media…they are forever chewing that gum like pigs! Also, honestly, based on what we’ve seen so far about Cindy do you think that taking Caylee away from Casey would have bettered Caylee’s life? I don’t see a loving grandmother nor mother when it comes to Cindy, she’s the OLDER version of her daughter and she probably tried to kill Casey in childhood many a time but didn’t succeed. She’s vicious, manipulative and controlling..she’s plain EVIL~ All in all this little girl Caylee was doomed from the get go, she is sooooo in a much better place right now! I have yet to see ANYBODY, except the public, out there supporting poor Caylee, what a horrible horrible family!


  301. Cindy says:

    I have said from the beginning that I believe that George and Cindy loved Caylee, but what the heck is going on now? Is the intense grief causing Cindy to be in this state of denial? I think these parents are literaly going crazy. I’m sorry but, any child of mine that would put me through this kind of hell would be alone in proving they were innocent, with no support from me! People might say that if I were in that situation my mind would change. But no it wouldn’t. I would be beside myself with such grief that my adult child would be on their own! The Anthonys are writing their own episode of “As the World Turns.” Could you imagine being Caylee in that house when Cindy was choking Casey? Wow! I have heard many experts say, including Dr. Phil McGraw, that people should never fight in front of their children. Poor little baby didn’t have a chance!


  302. allie says:

    O.M.G. Cindy and marie, you are so right on. Marie the chewing gum thing, wow Cindy looked like she was on uppers. Her eyes were bugged out and she was so combative, ready for a fight, with anyone who looked at her wrong…the same anger can happen when a person is hooked on downers, so Cindy is on either or both??? Also, gum chewing is a sign of upper use. Now that doesn’t mean she’s on them, but I would bet money she is on something???

    Your right Cindy, poor baby Caylee didn’t stand a chance.
    Caylee must have been so worried and scared seeing her mom and grandma fight like that.

    Do I hear Anger Management. The problem is that Cindy or Casey would not have accepted the fact they need anger management counciling. They were gone (mentally) years ago. To them acting this way is normal. Wow!

    George and Cindy are going through hell. None of us would want to be in there shoes… But, none of us would stand behind a killer like that without wanting the truth. They have so far to go for the truth, they may not accept anything other than their own twisted lies…ever!

    So sad! No matter how you look at it.


  303. Cindy says:

    Can you guys believe what George Anthony had the guts to say to Zenida’s attorneys? “You have torn apart my family so much every single one of you. You don’t realize what you have done to us and you don’t care.” Shouldn’t he be speaking these words to Casey? Who has torn their family apart? Casey. Who has done this to the Anthony family? Casey. Who dosen’t care? Casey. All of America cares, except who? CASEY! It’s still all about Casey! UGH!!


  304. allie says:

    Cindy you had wrote about Casey’s stealing $45,000 from Cindy and George and that they almost lost their house over it. Casey’s stealing from her grandparents as well as her friend, Amy and others we haven’t heard about.
    After all of that stealing, you would think that George and Cindy would wake up to the truth about Casey. But after seeing their court appearance and seeing just how hostile they are, I don’t think they have ever been truthfull to each other or anyone else. Its amazing to see the degree of ignorance they have.

    Through all this, they want to blame anyone but Casey for the death of baby Caylee. They clearly want to blame Zenieda sp, and her lawyer. George and Cindy… Casey killed Caylee.

    Read back aways to the L.Collins blog.
    I honestly believe that L.Collins is Cindy Anthony or Jose Biez. It is trying to get us to think someone else killed Caylee.

    On another note, every time I read Gompertz blog, it reminds me that there are so many others out there that really nead our help.

    Marie you have hit the hammer on the head with the Anthony’s.

    Cindy I agree with you that they don’t appreciate the help and love for Caylee that so many people have. Their just in so much denial. SAD

    This whole ordeal is just beginning.


  305. Cindy says:

    Hey Guys, the Tracy, California police arrested a 28 year old WOMAN for the kidnapping and murder of Sandra Cantu. The woman is the church pastor’s daughter.


  306. allie says:

    Its so crazy that a mentally ill 28 year old mother wouldn’t have shown some signs earlier??? Its just sick. This makes me think that there are so many people out there that their lives are in danger. Right now! Take heed. If your in a dangerous situation, get out. Tell someone. Call the police. NOW. Do something.

    On Cindy and George:

    Wow you two looked like immature children. By trying to protected Casey, you actually hurt her case and you looked bad while doing it. Have some self respect. For Gods Sake.

    Please read the ten commandments and live by them. Please find peace in your hearts. Please!

    We know it hurts, but the truth will free you.

    On sex offenders:

    I was just reading what Joe Miller wrote about separating sex offenders. It make so much sense to label a hard core offender differently than someone who flips off their neighbor.

    On Hailey )sp Cummings. I think the dogs hit on her scent in the garbage and she is in a landfill. I prey not! For the family. I hope she shows up well like E. Smart.


  307. Barb says:

    GregS – If Casey had had an abortion, Caylee would be in the same exact place she is now onlyif it would have happened a lot sooner and her remains would have resembled a bloody mess in a stainless steel receptacle at the end of a medical gurney instead of a skull in the woods with duct tape covering her sweet little mouth.

    Alexis – If this were my daughter I would be extraordinarily horrifed, in more pain and grief than I can possibly imagine, would continue to love my daughter unconditionally, defend her when it was only truthful, but I would NOT lie to the police, obstruct justice, insist my daughter got psychotherapy, and get some myself to both find out what the hell happened to cause this kind of behavior from my own child and to try and recover from the unspeakable grief of losing a darling, beloved grandchild. This is what any NORMAL, law abiding, SANE parent would and should do.


  308. Cindy says:

    The State of Florida is once again going to seek the “death penalty” for Casey Anthony if she is convicted of first degree murder. It will probably be about 13 years until she gets to meet “Old Sparky.”


  309. Barb says:

    Yep, Old Sparky. Have a seat, Casey.


  310. allie says:

    Cindy, I think 13 years is a good amount of time for Casey to think about what she’s done to precious sweet Caylee.

    And, its about time the family faces the TRUTH about the monster they created through their inability to be honest, truthful,forthright about ANYTHING.

    Cindy Anthony needs to join the Marines. They’ll straighten her ass out. They wouln’t put up with her crap one second.
    She bullies everyone she’s around. So the monster is created, Casey. Needle or Chair.


  311. allie says:

    So true barb on what you wrote to Alexis.
    I wonder who Casey is going to try to blame. It will be funny when she’s caught in a lie and slapped down…Again.

    It looks like Cindy and Casey lie and fight and twist things to their benefit all of their lives. It not going to work anymore. Ha


  312. Cindy says:

    Look at what “Old Sparky” did to Allen Lee Davis. There are pictures on the internet. (although he deserved it!) If George and Cindy were angry at the depositions, I bet they are rabid now, about Casey facing the death penalty!


  313. Alice says:

    I just heard on the Nancy Grace show last night that they found evidence from Casey’s shoes found in Casey’s vehicle that they can tie to the scene where Caylee’s body was found….. The defense is going with some other dude did it… not Casey.. The defense is blindsided by all of Casey’s lies they “All” look like a bunch of idiots.
    Cindy how to you explain this evidence?

    Also why is George and Cindy going on the Oprah show in May? Are they trying to persuade an audience that their daughter Casey is innocent? This will not help her case, the Evidence will prove her guilt and in the end Cindy and George will look like a bunch of idiots so will Casey— no one believes this family and there lies!!! The apple does not fall to far from the tree.


  314. Cindy says:

    Alice, Cindy will come up with some B.S. about how kids still hang out in “The Zone.” That’s why the dirt is on her shoes. I also couldn’t believe that George and Cindy are going on the Oprah Show! The best thing George and Cindy can do is to keep their mouths SHUT!!!


  315. Janet says:

    The best thing for G&ampC to do was be quiet……TOO LATE NOW THOUGH. When they had to go to the questioning by Zanaida’s attorney they should have just been calm &amp curteous, but they made them selves look like the idiots they are. They did themselves in right then and there. They were rude and it made me sick how they cut Zanaida down, by describing the “10” that the real one was and her teeth and all. Hey, not everyone can primp themselves up like the phoney ANTHONY FAMILY. Beauty is on the inside. It just goes to show you what a disfunctional is. I just wonder how they will conduct themselves on OPRAH?


  316. Cindy says:

    I couldn’t believe that Cindy had the nerve to tell Zenida’s attorney that he was making an “ass of himself.” Hello? Who was making “asses” of themselves at the deposition?? George thinking that Zenida’s attorney was flipping him the bird!! LOL!! and Cindy with her meltdown on the way out of the deposition, calling the attorney a “bas&amp&amprd.” LOL!!


  317. Barb says:

    Regarding the soil on Casey’s shoes, yep, she’s stepped in it big time and I’m speaking metaphorically.

    Dear Fascinated – Sounds like you have been through an experience with a sociopath. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Did you know that I am currently in litigation with someone – another sociopath – who fooled me for three full years before finally ripping me off and verbally assaulting my entire family with so many fantastical lies it is just unbelievable. I used to feel so sorry for her because she is a single mom and seemed so down on her luck, but my gut kept telling me, “What is she doing to contribute to all the chaos in her life?” She always had such a believable story, and like I said three whole years went by before she actually did something to me to rip me off thousands of dollars. Once I found that out the cap blew off quite a pandora’s box and the things I found out about her….oh my word. So I am spending thousands of dollars on an attorney to go after this woman who willl never pay me back, but I will not back down. I want this on the record. Although it will be at the bottom of a rather lengthy list. She has ripped off SO many people I almost fell out of my chair when I made these discoveries. How could I be so dumb – TWICE????? Because sociopaths are insideous, prolific liars. I don’t care what happens I will listen to my gut no matter how much it seems to not make any sense.


  318. Barb says:

    I just emailed Oprah and told her I am boycotting her show when she the Anthony’s make their appearance and told her I am asking all of my friends through ever avenue of the Internet I can think of. She is too powerful to interview these people. If she is sympathetic can you imagine the brain washing that will result? Awwww….poor Cindy and George. Gag. I can’t take it.


  319. Allie says:

    Barb I’m with you 100%. I am stunned at how munipulitive and twisted that family is, and how they think anyone will buy their bull##it. It amazes me. Cindy is just creepy! I now believe that Casey is a product of her environment, for the most part, sick as she is. Cindy’s eyes are crazy, she needed mental health help a long, long time ago…Too late now. She created the monster…Casey. But the Opra show? WOW!!!
    Now we get to see more of them. Puke.
    I do hope Opra busts their balls though. They need to shut up or tell the truth.


  320. Janet says:

    NO NEED to boycott OPRAH…….let George &amp Cindy go on the show and bury themselves deeper in lies.
    As long as they don’t get paid (Nancy Grace’s Show says Oprah does NOT pay her guests) They will however get a free plane ride, hotel etc…..planes crash, ya know!!!!)


  321. Cindy says:

    Hey everyone, be sure to watch George and Cindy Anthony on the CBS Morning Show tomorrow (Wednesday) NOT!! These parents keep getting weirder and weirder (is that a word?) as this story drags on and on. Reports are that they have snubbed Oprah and will be on the CBS Morning Show instead.


  322. Barb says:

    Oprah bagged the Anthony interview. Wow, she must have taken my boycott threat seriously! LOL!


  323. Barb says:

    This is off topic and a little shallow, but I wish Cindy would do something about those eyebrows. They look almost like a perfect “U” shape and make her look more menacing.


  324. Cindy says:

    Next, someone is going to be complaining about Cindy’s pointy nose with the hairy mole. LOL!! You are right Barb, she does have very high arch eyebrows.


  325. Sher says:

    Give it up Casey, it’s over, no one is dumb enough to actually believe that you’re innocent. Stop playing the victim, the only victim is that sweet little girl! And Cindy &amp George, could you show an ounce of compassion for your grandaughter instead of that evil thing YOU brought into the world- How dumb do you think people are- she is going to be guilty of 1st degree murder and than your going to blame the media- you’re so predictable!


  326. allie says:

    Everything you wrote is exactly how so many people feel about Casey.

    Casey, stop thinking that even one of us think you are a victim. As for Cindy and George, you two created this monster. Don’t expect anyone to buy any more of your games or your lies or your bull**it. Were done with you, especially when you forgot that Caylee even existed and you pretend to believe Casey over the truth and that beautiful baby, Caylee. If Casey were to beet this murder charge, God forbid, Cindy and George your next.

    Can you detect chloriform? Hmmm


  327. LI_Mom says:

    BEFORE Caylee died, Cindy called Casey a “SOCIOPATH.”

    AFTER Caylee died, Cindy called Casey a “loving mother” and George called her a “good lady.”

    Obviously, NOBODY in that family can be trusted to tell the truth about ANYTHING.

    You’d think that Caylee’s death would have finally taught them about DEALING WITH their serious problems. Instead, it has made them even more determined to IGNORE reality &amp behave as if THEY are victims of Caylee.


  328. Marie says:

    You’re right Li-mom it’s almost like they’re the ones that got murdered, it was them that experienced the cruelty that Caylee went through! I can’t stand to look at their faces any more NOT one of them they’re all liars and poor actors. George’s expressions on his face is so fake that it makes me sick that we even cared that he was going to commit suicide, honestly I think that was all a frickn’ lie, who the heck text messages back and forth for hours saying goodbye because they’re going to kill themselves, seriously it was all to focus on them and not on what happened to Caylee. If this animal (Casey) does NOT get the death penalty, children around the world will be in greater danger from the hands of their loved ones then ever before, look at the new case with Emma, it’s a sad sad world. No child should EVER have to experience this and putting the murderer to death is the only thing that will stop others from doing crap like this. I can already see a George and Cindy show a remake of Jerry Springer in progress, hey! now there’s a show they should appear on, they fit right in there!


  329. Cindy says:

    Isn’t it funny how George and Cindy blame the media (and everyone else) for what has happened? Who is the one charged with killing little Caylee, CNN? No their own daughter Casey! Casey has done this to their family, no one else!!! I think George blamed Zenida’s attorney for breaking up his family. Hello wake up!! Even Cindy’s own brother says they are the stupidest parents in America!


  330. marie says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t blamed her friends for wanting to take her partying all the time? Another thing that gets me about this “frickedup” family is they will lie through their teeth about the events that happened but yet they won’t stand by their words and LOOK FOR THE REAL KILLER? I have yet to hear them say that law should be searching for the ‘real’ killer, or seen them go out and look for themselves, if it were me i wouldn’t rest until i found who did that to my granddaughter and the reason they don’t is because they already KNOW who the real killer is! I’m sure these people don’t watch themselves on tv, because if they did, they could see and hear how ridiculous they look and sound! If i were them i’d go disguise myself and not want to be seen by anybody due to their stupidity and lies…..If it weren’t for the public and the prosecutors there would be NOBODY representing Caylee and that really bothers me…a 3 year old with NO FAMILY? How happy could this little girl have been? The Anthony’s don’t deserve to wear Caylee ‘s picture on their shirts or badges! In reality they should be wearing Save Casey and forget Caylee badges!


  331. Cindy says:

    I only see George wearing the Caylee buttons. Why dosen’t Cindy? I am waiting to see how the grandparents of little Emma act. Nancy Grace reported that little Emma’s family took turns babysitting her and had arranged their schedules so she didn’t have to go to a stranger for babysitting. Little Emma’s grandma even took an all night job, so she could be with Emma during the day.


  332. marie says:

    Cindy doesn’t wear the buttons because she wants ALL eyes on HER! She doesn’t want to bring attention to Caylee it’s all about HER, God forbid if it was about Caylee and what happened to her! I’m sure Emma’s family is devestated and although what this mother did to her child is unforgiveable and she too deserves the death penalty, She at LEAST didn’t take cops on a frickn’ roller coaster ride of lies and continue to do so like CASEY! But, her as well, I just don’t get it, their reaction to what is going on doesn’t make sense, i’d be a frickn’ basket case, you’d have to sedate me to keep me from going nuts knowing i lost my child! these moms just sit there and show no emotion what-so-ever it’s disturbing, what’s this world coming too?


  333. Alice says:

    Casey is as guilty as the day is long, EVERYONE knows this no matter what her so called dream team can dream up. I believe that Casey thinks she can LIE her way out of this horrible crime she has committed. Casey even believes her own lies! She is so motionless when it comes to her own child, God what a spineless B*tch she is! Casey probably threw Caylee in the pool to drown while she was busy texting her friends so she could go partying. WEll, if Casey was such a good mother then why was Cindy going to fight for custody of Caylee? There are a lot of inconsitency in Cindy’s and George’s statements which I am sure will be brought out in the trial and they will purger themselves.Casey will NEVER be set free no matter what her defense team dreams up. I can’t wait to see her face when the verdict is read! GUILTY AS CHARGED-DEATH PENALTY IN FORCE!


  334. alice says:

    I can’t believe George and Cindy showed up for a Haeiligh cummings vigil?
    I am so happy to hear that her father Ron has published a statement to the Anthony’s.
    Ron is absolutely right, there is NO COMPARISSION in these two cases…..
    1st of all, Caylee was suppose to be bonding with her so called mother Casey, who then claims she sent Caylee with the fictitious Nanny, who does not exist- then the story changes from Sawgrass apartments to the park where Caylee was taken by force… ( yah, right)
    Caylee was murdered by her own Mother, who will Never admit to the crime and is looking to blame some other dude did it just to try to get off on a crime committed against her daughter. As for George, Cindy and Lee- don’t you think its about time you actually teach Casey what its like to learn responsibility, take blame for what you have have done to your innocent child- Casey,were you so deprived and jealous of Caylee that you could only see the only way out for you was to kill Caylee? My god, why didn’t you give her up for adoption if you didn’t want your Mother Cindy to have Caylee- were you so jealous of your child that if you didn’t want your child you had to kill her? I hope you rot in that jail cell for the rest of your life. YOU CAUSED THIS TERRIBLE TRAGEDY OUT OF YOUR JEALOUSNESS TOWARDS YOUR MOTHER, YOU CAUSED YOUR FAMILY THIS HARDSHIP AND PAIN.. I hope when all is said and done, you get the death penalty, I only wish that I could be on your jury. GUILTY AS CHARGED BI*TCH!


  335. Bogustoo says:

    While I applaud Ron for telling the A’s to bug off, I must disagree with the statement that there are no similarities between the two cases.

    Casey lied about Caylee to avoid charges. Misty is lying through her teeth about what happened to Haleigh.


  336. glad says:

    just put yhis animal to sleep for ever!


  337. glad says:

    this whole family is sick .I just don’t want any more of our taxes going to feed rabid animals it’s about time our laws were changed ,I believe a life for a life kill her and be done with it!The grand mother is so sick and that grand father is so stupid!he should leave this whole family and start over with a women that will treat him like a man and not the idiot he portrays.The son is as sick as mom and grandmother none of them should ever breed again MENTAL ILLNESS IS HEREDITARY!!!!!!!!!


  338. tricia dawson says:

    i know for a fact every one can see she killed her kaylee was holding her back she shows no remorse if u look at her she ,,,,, seem happy no emoition even on the audio tape shes laughing , the whole issue i am mad cuz casey is a monster my child go missing i am gonna try to find her ,,,,,, and then she lie only guilty people lie i hate her and cant wait to see her go down, the biezz guy is full of shit he kept asking the same thing over again…. its crazy cuz if it was a black girl she would been threw under the prision,,,,,casey knows what happend the grandparents do also ,,,,they are gonna go to there graves its sad for lil kaylee,,,,,, she has a sick mother god help me i want to kill casey myself shes a monster hope ahe dies in prison if she walks i will find her


  339. tricia dawson says:

    i really hope she gets it hard


  340. Leeandcindy says:

    GEORGE ANTHONY DUMPED CAYLEE’S DECOMPOSING BODY ON WAY HOME FROM WHERE CAR WAS IMPOUNDED-because the BODY WAS IN THERE when the car was stored in the garage, the stink was there but THE BODY WAS NOT after George got the car home! THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBILITY!MY SPECULATIONS, skip ‘reply’ message that comes right after THIS message, but see all others!


  341. SouthrnHunnix420 says:













  342. Awson says:

    they keep on the sticker found on the little girls bones, and the pic that is emty of stickers, did it fver acure to these lawayers that ot could have beem the last sticker on that page, and what is up with her lawyer, I have seen some court cases before never have I seen two lawyers so stuped in my life,not does it only show she is guilty they now it and show it when they both  r asking questions and think its funny, i wouldn’t have them two defend a dog let a[one a heart[[ess humanbeing . I was abused and raped when I was young had a child, it didn’t make me go out and murder my child and her jail conversation on the phone with him telling him he is the best father in the world and then said he hurt her when she was young, ya right let me put my child next to a father that suposely hurt me in the past so he can do the same to her ya right,not to mention watchen her, no crying but alittle boy I would be rolling on the floor crying my eyes out, watchen her face while it is going on she lost some weight in her face, the two bones in her head by her hair line you cand see it perficet when she gets mad or things r not going her way her skin by her bones sink in and them bones stick out, and her eye brows what the hell is up with that for someone  locked up and can’t be around the population how the hell is she doing her eye brows by noe they should be grown together by now, ya give her a rasor to shave her eye brows and put make up on to go to court and show the pepole she is looken good, give her one after the trial when she is found guilty and hopfully the death pentaty and knows she is goning to die for the life she took from a small child she gave birth to, she had plenty of family that would of loved to take care of that child, she didn’t need to do what she did and the baby did not get into that family pool the grandparents were way to safe around the pool, she found a way out by useing the pool and getting a tatoo sick bitch, u take a life u lose yours , the stats attorney shehe is the best I have ever seen in a long time, now the boxs of stickers they found with baby show things in it for a scrap book that was and should of been done when the chile was born just like every mother does with a bitth of there child, last thing, nothing i mean nothing while her mother was on the stand crying seeing them pis of her grandaught again not a sniffle no crying no nothing she is good but not that good, if I can see througt her they should be able to and im not evena lawyer od a doc, ready throw the lines she is given u all, she wanted her fredom from her child she got it, she didn’t think she would get cought, she did, she is acting nuts to look good in the court roon she has,she has acomplished every thing she st out to do and more by using her father, been there seen that, abuse is not the case.


  343. Darryl Mays says:

    Hi Casey! My name is Darryl Mays from San Francisco, California, and I really, really love you a lot!!!  I would really love to get together with you, meet up with you. I would also like to take care of you, forever!! My email address is at:
    @gmail:disqus  Contact me at: 3143 16th Street, Albion Hotel, Room #16, San Francisco, California 94103.  Thank you!

                      -Darryl Mays


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