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Child porn luring man gets jail time:

I originally posted about Ian Stuart Johnson here. Back in January Johnson, of Calgary, pleaded guilty to child porn charges and trying to lure underage girls over the Canadian social site Nexopia.

He was sentenced to time behind bars yesterday but only for 15 months. No offense to my Canadian readers but it seems that Canadian sentences are almost as bad as the British ones.

15 months behind bars for an obvious predator is a joke. In 15 months he’ll be back on the streets again looking for his next victim.

5 thoughts on “Canadian Nexopia predator sentenced, sort of

  1. Vega says:

    Not that this is related to the article in question but your webhost seems to have sold you down the river on your other, non-B5 sites. Do they disapprove of aspie jokes or something?


  2. Yeah, I’m not very happy with them right now. I think it’s time to find a new host.


  3. blah says:

    You read a press release eight months ago. You hardly know the intricacies of what occured.

    So tell us what draconian sentence would this douche bag receive in Amerika for his pervert texting?

    You have 2.3m people in your prisons,… I don’t see you having a lack of scumbags to post about. If you want a solution, start with the parents and all the pervert images everywhere. Have you had a story about USC 18, statue 2257? No because your FBI doesn’t enforce it.

    Stop buying music and movies that are perverted. Cleanse your media and these mental midgets brains won’t be overflowing with thier sicko thoughts.

    15 days, 15months or 15 years they all equal the samething, this guys life is over. Rightfully so? Ok, sure but what do we do with him now? Your to black and white over this.


  4. That’s the problem with the world. Too much gray and not enough black and white. I would put him away for however long it took for him not to ever approach children again.


  5. john says:

    Lets see…50 % of American girls age 15 have had intercourse. Evidently lots of statutory rapists walk among us. Are they really evil? I doubt it, horny yes.

    Average age of puberty(sexual maturity) is about 13

    maybe its normal to have sexual feelings and act on them? Are laws the problem?

    Me, I was locked up, tortured, raped and beaten for 3 days @ 13 with a knife to my throat or gun to my head.

    if people were allowed to explore their sexuality naturally then maybe they wouldn’t turn into predators.

    you cover a woman in a berka and her ankles become highly erotic. Any time you say NO, someone may use force.

    how bout we start doing something about keeping violent criminals in prison and stop vilifying pleasure and pot?


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