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Woman Attacked After Craigslist Meeting:

40-year-old Wayne Graves was arrested for assaulting a woman he met on craigslist. The woman from Upper Marlboro, Md. was found by police unclothed and injured.

The injuries must have been pretty severe since Graves has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

I am not blaming the victim at all. If the charges are true then Graves is a grade-A scumbag. However, this is just another reason why not to hook up with people on craigslist.

4 thoughts on “Woman attacked after craigslist hook up

  1. Maya says:

    I can’t believe this Mr. Graves did this to a woman, especially when he’s a married man with a family…He also was a youth basketball coach, we never had problems with him with the kids, he was very respectful to the kids and to the parents. That why it’s so hard to believe he would do something like this a woman…I have no respect for him anymore, he’s a scumbag and I hope they bury him under the jail for life….


  2. Wraith says:

    I take direct offense to your statement about hooking up with people on craigslist. My wife of 4 year and I met online, on craigslist (community&gtIT&gtEducation of all places) 7 years ago and have been going strong since.Bottom line its fall under 2 categories. The assailant’s predatory nature and the victim’s lack of awareness are the reasons to blame. YOu take precautions to not get robbed or mugged when going out at night, you lock your doors so you don’t get burglarized, etc. You therefore leave a “safety net” of public places, locations, people to call, etc. when meeting a stranger online for the first time. I’m 6′, 180#’s, ex-marine SF, and every time I’ve met someone from CL, man or woman, I leave a trail and set up safeguards.Bottom line, blaming craigslist is just denying the issue. Identifying the issue and doing something about it/to prevent it is the key. Granted NOT using craigslist for dating is one way, but never crossing the street for fear of getting hit by a car is the same path.


  3. Slim says:

    😥 This is very sad. I heard the woman is in critical condition and may die…why did he do that?!?


  4. anonymous says:

    There are 2 sides to every story.Not sure if they met on craig’s list but they have been in a relationship for about 2 years.Abuse however is wrong on all levels and totaly unacceptable.


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