Megan Meier’s suicide will be allowed in Drew trial

Evidence of Megan Meier’s death will be permitted in Lori Drew’s cyber-bullying trial:

On Friday after saying he probably wouldn’t allow it at trial U.S. District Judge George Wu ruled that prosecutors would be able to present Megan Meier’s suicide at Lori Drew’s fraud trial.

I’m torn on this because it will lead to a conviction but it will also lead to an appeal and possibly an overturn of the conviction.

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  1. GregS

    They are totally blowing this trial, first they charge her with all the wrong charges, now they turn a so called hacking case into something else by making it a suicide case. This is going to make a circus out of the whole trial and accomplish nothing.

    People are being emotional, and are not making rational decisions in this case. Bullying is a problem and I think we should pass some anti bullying laws, and it has nothing to do with the internet, myspace, TOS, etc. This could have just as easily happened over ordinary telephone or through a pen pal snail mail setup, so the internet angle is destroying this case.

    If it was about harassment, bullying and stalking they should have charged her with that rather than charge her with hacking and fraud which is not going to hold up in court.


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