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Holland Township man names son after Adolf Hitler:

If you thought that Barack Hussein Obama had an unfortunate name get ready to feel sorry for this kid.

35-year-old assclown Heath Campbell of New Jersey named his 3-year-old son Adolf Hitler Campbell. It doesn’t end there. His two daughters are named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.

Now the nazi dad is all up in arms, or maybe just up in arm at a 45-degree angle outstretched, because a local supermarket wouldn’t print little Adolf’s name on a birthday cake.

Of course, they say that they aren’t racist but believe races shouldn’t mix. Um…I think that’s one of the qualifications for being a racist but we’ll continue. He also said that his kid’s names are just names and don’t hurt anybody. Yeah pal, just wait until your kids are school age and you’ll find out who they hurt.

And to make it even better both Breeders are leeches on the system…

Disabilities, the couple says, have left both out of work: Heath Campbell can’t landscape or pump gas because he has emphysema, and Deborah can’t waitress because she has a bad back. They live on Social Security payments.

Just what I want my tax dollars going to. Two probably lazy assclowns who can’t be bothered to work and name their kids after Nazis.

In a perfect world since my taxes are going to support him I, among other taxpayers, should be allowed to go to his home at least once a year and whup his ass.

25 thoughts on “No cake for little Hitler

  1. Laura says:

    ok seriously? i’m sorry but how exactly are these bad parents? so they name their kids something stupid-at least they had the sense to give them one normal name that they will most likely end up using normally anyways. and i’m sorry but if the only other thing you can find to call them ‘bad parents’ is because they live off of social security for disabilities, then maybe you should find something better to do with your day than blog on this site.


  2. Mab says:

    Hitler & co did a little more than peacefully believe that the races shouldn’t mix!


  3. Meg says:

    Okay, I feel like an idiot but what/who is Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie’s name referencing?


  4. Amylulu says:

    Really Laura? Let me explain it to you…What makes them bad parents is raising their children to believe that hate-mongering and persecution is not only okay but expected of them. Actually, it wasn’t just hate-mongering and persecution…it was genocide of a group of people. Millions died directly due to the actions of the man that previously bore that name and you want to know why its bad parenting to promote him? You don’t think it is bad parenting to teach your children to be narrow minded and raise them to believe that one race is superior to all other races? WOW


  5. sfdude_2008 says:

    I don’t blame the supermarket for their correct refusal to write those poor kids’ Nazi names on the birthday cakes those people working at that supermarket literally did the right thing. Those so-called parents are just crazy, and if I ever see those racists in my house, I’ll just kick their sorry racist asses so hard and take their kids and have them sent to the foster care…and have the foster parents rename them…one of those three kids should even be called “Hope” instead of Honszlynn Hinler. I would never even call any of my kids those Nazi names. That’s just crazy. I hope those racist asshats go to jail for a long time cuz they do not deserve the opportunity to procreate ever again.


  6. Bootyj says:

    These white trash “parents” are just loving all this publicity, I kinda wish the store just would have made the damn cake so that all this hype wouldnt have happened. I am pretty sure too that somewhere there are some real nazis getting pretty PO’d at this couple for really making them look even worse than they really are.
    Oh and I am soooo waiting for the next headline to spit out “Wal-mart supports Nazis”.


  7. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Now why is it that two so tragically disabled people, unable to work to earn their own way in this world, are both physically able-bodied enough to do the nasty monkey dance not once but at least THRICE and produce offspring from it? Hmmmm … something doesn’t add up here. Hope the folks at Social Security read about this baby factory duo and take another look at just how “disabled” they are.


  8. becca says:

    Meg, I had the feeling that honszlynn hinler was a play on heinrich himler (provided they had the intelligence to do that)
    Do they realise that there kids are going to get bashed, and bullied, not just by other kids, but by history teachers and such also?
    In asking how they are bad parents, Laura, would you name your kid something that was guaranteed to get them bullied? They have named there child after the most well known monster in history, along with his right hand man (and i wont go into who the hell calls there child aryan nation!) They might think they are funny names or whatever, but the kids wont agree.


  9. vegasgirl says:

    I want to weep for these 3 precious children. The breeders that created them have destined them to a life of being bullied and ridiculed. Normal parents want the best for our children. What the hell kind of lives to these breeders think these babies will have? Would you hire Adolf Hitler here in 20 yrs or so when he’s an adult? Would you marry him? How very sad.


  10. Skanky Skeezer says:

    I find the parents in this story to be morons for more than what they named their children. Adolf Hitler called people such as them “useless eaters” and gassed them. He didn’t only kill the jews. The handicapped, the unemployed, gypsies, jehovas witnesses, and others he deemed unfit went down as well. And as such, these two unemployed half-wits would have fallen in the undesirable column per old Adolf Hitler. And yet they named a son after him. Geniuses!


  11. vegasgirl says:

    Skanky Skeezer, good point. Somehow I doubt these two are smart enough to read and see what Hitler really stood for &amp believed.


  12. Tiara says:

    Vegasgirl, oh they know who Hitler is. They probably have a shrine to him in the house. They said the cake was decorated with Swastikas. How cheerful for the baby! I love the mom’s quote about it being mean not to make a cake for a three year old. That’s it Racist Rebecca, they arent refusing the cake because youre racist, theyre doing it because they hate kids! People who name their kids racist names are responsible for 1. Making their birthday treats and 2. Explaining to them why they dont have any friends to come to their party.
    Imagine that invitation. Timmy is cordially invited to Adolf Hitler Campbell’s birthday party on December 7 2009. The party will be held at the local VFW. This is a dress up party so make sure to dress Timmy in his finest Gestapo,Klan or Neo Nazi uniform. COlors are Red, black and white. Come join the Curbstomping fun! Bring along a bathing suit and towel because we are having a purity pool swimming contest! Party will be between 2:30 and 4:00 with Cake at 3:00 Timmy likes Swastikas, Spider man, Camofloauge, Backyardigans, Steel toed boots and white sheets. (There will be a hand raising ceremony directly followed that is completley optional.)
    P.S. The purity pool is white only. FYI.


  13. ginagm says:

    bootyj, are you kidding me???

    “I am pretty sure too that somewhere there are some real nazis getting pretty PO’d at this couple for really making them look even worse than they really are.”

    yeah, as if committing the most atrocious genocide in all of history wasn’t bad enough. i mean what’s the point of wiping out 6 million people if you can’t even get a birthday cake out of it?! give me a break.


  14. Bootyj says:

    I probably should have said “worse than they already are”. I am in no way, shape or form ever endorsing anything those white trash idiots believe in, my point was, is that there are probably real,devout, followers that are looking at this ass clown couple and they are thinking that those people dont represent anything they believe in, it is kinda like those kids that think they are gang bangers, you know that talk and dress all gangsta like but really have no affiliataion to a real gang, then those kids end of getting the shit kicked out of them for (or worse) for mocking real gangsters.


  15. Hemlock says:

    Very excellent points Skanky Skeezer.They wouldn’t have lasted long in Hitler’s Europe.
    I’d call them ‘useless eaters’ too.


  16. blueeagle says:

    boy… America is really dead isnt it… what if this were some cake establishment that refused to print out the name of some of these extremist hate rappers who urge on the beating of “ho’s” and “yt” and “cops” boy you’d have al and jesse there pitching a fit… for freedom of speech … and blah blah…
    well that sword oughta cut both ways … and no i am not a nazi but i believe in the freedoms to express oneselves no matter how disgusting i find it .. that is what freedom is …


  17. Tiara says:

    hate rappers that urge on the beatings of yt? Who’s that?! I wanna get that CD for Christmas! Come on, be serious, actually people would raise a fit about that garbage as well. I also doubt that a rapper would get their birthday cake made at the local convenience store, fyi. They have freedom of speech and expression, as well as the store and they excercised it. No one violated their rights and you can rest easy knowing they were able to walk around spreading their message of hate uninterrupted.


  18. ginagm says:

    aha, bootyj, i follow you now. you’re saying current neo-nazis, skinheads, etc are probably looking at these folks as posers. i suppose you are right about that. i’d honestly be interested in hearing some of their opinions.
    fwiw, i think nurses/doctors should have the option of reporting some of these highly objectional names when they are handing in the birth certificate forms. not that i’d go so far as to make it a crime, but at least have it looked into.
    of course there is freedom of speech, but these poor little children absolutely deserve the right to bear names that won’t inevitably set them up for a lifetime of hell.

    as for the white boy “gangstas”, are they still referred to as whiggas or am i showing my age here? 😛

    p.s. i’m white too, so no hating on me please )


  19. Ihavekidstoo says:

    blueeagle, you’re right that these cretins have the right to free speech (no matter how offensive most reasonable people might find their speech to be). But the business owner who runs the bakery ALSO has the right to deny service to someone based on just about anything but race or sexual orientation. That’s our free market, capitalistic society.

    I think these parents have every right to say whatever they want in favor of Hitler and against minorities, no matter how vile it is. Freedom of speech has to be for everyone or it’s meaningless. But they should not have the right to totally screw up their kids’ lives by giving them a name that’s sure to cause them problems.

    If nazi daddy and nazi mommy think Hitler was so great, why the hell don’t they change their own names to reflect that instead of saddling their kids with it?


  20. Rachel says:

    Although I think it is deplorable to teach hatred on any level … I also think it is sad for the bakery to take their distaste of white supremecy out on this kids bday cake. Do you think their refusal taught Dad a lesson? Heck no! I do find it interesting, however, that everyone on this site is up in arms about what trashy bad parents these people are because their values are different from most people. Does that mean that devout Christian parents who teach their kids that homosexuals are heathen sinners who will burn in hell because they “choose” to be gay are just as evil? I dont see ANY difference between christians like that and these people who believe in white supremacy.Both ideologies are idiotic in my mind but I cant deny the freedom of speech argument … everyone has a right to believe what they want and unfortunately that includes passing on those beliefs. Luckily a lot of people are able to EVENTUALLY think for themselves so lets hope despite their awful names these kids will grow up and be different than their parents.


  21. The store that refused to print the cake also has a right not to serve those people.


  22. sfdude_2008 says:

    Seriously, Trench, I can’t agree with you more because those kids really need to have their names changed, at least to names that must do with peace, with “Hope” being one of them. Another daughter should even be named either “Faith” or “Harmony” instead of JoyceLynn Aryan Nation.

    To Tiara: GOOD GRIEF, TIARA, YOU ARE SO RACIST!!!!! That store did the right thing not to print that mean cake and serve it to those racist parents and you’ve got the nerve to flame that store! Either you and those clueless idiot parents are on the team or not, and if not, MOVE ON AND GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I certainly wouldn’t even let my parents bring swastikas home because Hitler (not that kid) and his Nazi henchmen used to kill Jews, gypsies, dwarves, twins, blah blah blah, by either gassing them in those so-called shower stalls or having that motherfreaking idiot named Dr. Mengele do disgusting experiments on them! EEEEWWW!!!!!! May God help your deranged soul, Tiara. Seriously, how do you sleep at night?


  23. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Rachel, I agree there’s no difference between the evil of the Nazi parents and so-called “Christians” who teach hate of any kind, whether it’s against another religion or homosexuals. Teaching hate is wrong, no matter whose name you do it in, Hitler’s or Christ’s.

    But I stand by the bakery owner’s moral right to refuse service to someone whose hate-filled ideology he (and the majority of other Americans) finds offensive.


  24. Tiara says:

    Uhhh….sfdude? WTF? You’re kidding right?
    Because if you arent I feel the need to tell you that
    1. Your lack of reading comprehension is staggering, I AGREE that the store should NOT have printed hate on Hitlers cake. In my last post I was talking to blueagle above me.
    2. I’m certainly not racist, considering I’m black, I dont dislike white people and being racist against myself is just silly.
    3.How do I sleep at night? Well, I have a quick glass of water then I roll over on my stomach. I have to have a humidifier on because it’s so dry here right now….is that what you meant?
    4. Ummm…God helps my deranged soul, as well as yours. I’m also praying he helps your reading scores.


  25. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Here’s an update on this story:,2933,479904,00.html

    Apparently, something else is going on here because DYFS in Jersey has just taken little Hitler and his sisters away from these two inbred, knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers and the dad is expected to appear in court over it.

    MSNBC also has a video on it and BOY are these two breeders a pair of winners. Neither, however, look the least bit physically disabled to me. Mentally impaired, that’s OBVIOUS, but not physically unable to work.


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