Nothing says parenting like smoking crack in front of your kids

Police say mother used drug in front of child:

26-year-old Jennifer Alexander of Bradenton, Florida was arrested after a witness saw her smoking crack in front of Alexander’s own 2-year-old daughter. Alexander admitted to police that she was a cocaine addict like that’s supposed to make it better.

I’ll never understand how people get hooked on crack. First off it’s named after part of your ass. Secondly with all the stories that have been told over the years about crack why would anyone say “Ooh, that’s for me”?

Check out the mugshot too while you’re at it. Kind of like the textbook definition of crackhead.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Va. couple charged with murder in death of 11-month-old daughter

Murder charges for baby’s parents:

Breeders Linwood Jones Jr. and Shawntay D. Jones, both 25, of Suffolk, Va. were arrested Monday and charged with murder in the December death of their 11-month-old daughter Zanya Jones.

On December 1st paramedics were called to the house to find Zanya laying on the floor. Her body was already cold and rigor mortis had already started to set it.

The Breeders were charged with murder after the autopsy revealed that Zanya died from malnutrition and dehydration.

As usual in these cases the home had little heat, trash all around, no running water and feces in the bathroom.

Makes me wonder if they had a flat screen TV and an Xbox though? Not only that but it doesn’t cost money to pick up the damn trash in your house. And if they were really that bad off there are plenty of government programs that would let you feed your own damn kids.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Man has charges dismissed then gets indicted in craigslist shooting

Grand Jury Indicts Suspect in Craigslist Shooting:

Do you remember the bizarre case of Willie Donaldson from Virginia? He’s the ex-marine who was arrested for shooting and killing 32-year-old Matthew Hicks after responding to a craigslist erotic services ad placed by Hicks and his girlfriend.

Donaldson claims the shooting was in self-defense when Hicks allegedly tried to rob him and by the look of Donaldson’s mugshot that story may be true.

A judge last Friday threw out the charge but a grand jury indicted him on second degree murder charges on Monday. How does that work exactly?

Girl slams toddler in front of cops

Marysville woman allegedly slams toddler:

Police in Marysville, California responded to a house where four people were allegedly fighting. While there police witnessed 19-year-old Jennifer Yvonne Lafayette slamming her 16-month-old daughter on to a table.

The house had no heat, no food, garbage strewn everywhere and marijuana and knives within the reach of children. Lafayette also had another daughter there that was only wearing pajama bottoms.

The 16-month-old was examined by paramedics and determined to luckily have no injuries and both children were placed into custody of CPS.

Again this another case of if you can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em. No food but there was weed around. It’s nice to see where the priorities were in that house.

Thanks to Lazar Wolf for the tip.

Alex Phillips pleads guilty

La Crosse Teen Pleads Guilty in MySpace Nude Pictures Case:

In case you’ve forgotten Alex Phillips was the then 17-year-old from La Crosse, Wisconsin who posted nude pictures of his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend on MySpace. When police recommended to him that he take the pictures down he told police ā€œF*** that, I am keeping them up.ā€

He had previously pleaded not guilty to felony child porn charges. But now under a plea he has pleaded guilty to causing mental harm to a child and the felony child porn charges were dropped. He’s looking at years probation.

Pilot accused of solicitation

Pilot accused of online solicitation in Texas:

28-year-old pilot for Mesabe Airlines Steve Anderson was arrested in Houston, Texas for soliciting a 12-year-old boy for sex. Anderson was arrested at the teens home whom he met over MySpace. Authorities were notified when the boy’s teacher caught the boy texting Anderson while he was in class.

First of all what is a 12-year-old doing on MySpace? Secondly, whatever happened to ‘don’t talk to strangers’? When I was 12 if a 28-year-old guy approached me for sex you bet your ass I would have told my parents.

Mercades Nichols takes plea

Suspect in Teen Beating Accepts Plea Deal:

Mercades Nichols has accepted a plea deal in the video recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay. According to the terms of the plea Nichols faces up to three years probation, 100 hours of community service, she must write a letter of apology to Victoria, and she can not profit from the media. Also under the plea prosecutors agreed to drop the kidnapping charge which carries a life sentence.

If you’ll recall prosecutors said that they would only offer Nichols the deal if co-defendant Brittini Hardcastle also accepted a deal. She’s expected to take a plea deal on Feb. 4th.

Cop who questioned Matti Saari charged

Breaking News: Police officer in Kauhajoki shooting case to be charged with negligence:

The Finnish police officer who allowed Matti Saari to have his gun back has been charged with negligence.

If you’ll recall the officer interviewed Saari on suspicion of violence the day before Saari launched his attack on Kauhajoki School killing several.

The officer allegedly found no reason to withhold Saari’s gun from him despite the YouTube videos threatening violence.

If it wasn’t such a tragedy it would almost be comical. I see the cop being played by the late Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame handing Saari his gun back saying “All right then. Move along.”

Win her over with chloroform, more Casey Anthony shenanigans

Anthony lawyer wants more info about ex-boyfriend:

In the almost nine years that I’ve been writing about crime I’ve read about some stupid lawyers that have made some pretty ridiculous claims. However I think Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, may just take the cake in that category.

Baez has filed a motion seeking more information for an alleged ex-boyfriend of Anthony, one Ricardo Morales. The reason that Baez wants information on Morales is that Morales had a picture on his MySpace that said “win her over with chloroform.” A Google Image Search for the picture turns it up on various websites.

It’s more than likely not a picture that Mr. Morales made himself. It’s one of those pictures that’s spread around the internet that people post on their MySpaces or blogs because they find it humorous in a dark way.

This is nothing more than Baez grasping at straws trying to find anything that would deflect guilt away from his client. It’s not working.

Wichita woman accused of pimping out 5-year-old daughter

Mom accused of prostituting daughter, 5:

A 48-year-old Wichita, Kansas woman has been accused of prostituting her 5-year-old daughter. The man accused of raping her daughter is 51-year-old Reggie Stafford. While the woman is facing charges for whoring her 5-year-old daughter out prosecutors say that she also did the same thing to her two other daughters who at the time were between the ages of 8 and 14.

Prosecutors tried to get testimony from the older daughters introduced into court but the judge disallowed that stating that the testimony does not fit the Kansas Supreme Court’s guidelines for prior bad acts.

Anyway this how little the unnamed woman must have thought of her 5-year-old daughter. She sold her daughter into basically what amounts to sexual slavery for 6 or 7 bucks which she used for booze and smokes. Which may turn out to be prophetic because I hope that the birth organism will be trade for $6 worth of smokes in prison.

Thanks to Maryanne for the tip.