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Young ‘Adolf Hitler’ and Two Sisters Removed From Home:

I’m sure we all remember the story about the Campbell family from New Jersey. They’re the ones who named their youngest son after Adolf Hitler and two other children with Nazi names.

Well, now the New Jersey Dept. of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) have removed the children from the home. DYFS isn’t saying why the kids were removed due to privacy laws but have hinted that it’s more than just names.

I wonder if has anything to do with their alleged disabilities that they’re collecting Social Security for.

Thanks to Kelly, Yarbz, Jamie, Bogustoo, and Maria for the tip.

21 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler in NJ custody

  1. Tiara says:

    I was JUST about to send this to you! I knew they were unstable!


  2. bogustoo says:

    The father’s picture in The Home News and Tribune is pretty freaking scary. He looks evil!


  3. Laine says:

    I’m the last person to judge a book by his cover, but one glimpse of those parents sent a chill down my spine and gave me a bad feeling for those babies. Thank God DYFS intervened. If only they had the authority to legally change the poor kids’ names!


  4. jade says:

    someone at another website brought up a good point – you know good and damn well these people are white power nutjobs. nobody gives there kids names like that “just to be different”. WP (WT?) nutjobs, 9 times out of 10, have guns and/or meth. possibly why the kids were taken.


  5. Excellent points my dear.


  6. jade says:

    wish i could take credit for it. that was Punxheart. she also said naming you kid that is like sending him to school wearing a “My mommy makes the best meth in town” t-shirt.


  7. bogustoo says:

    Now THAT would be a t-shirt I’d see around here! LMAO!


  8. Who says Jersey doesn’t have rednecks?


  9. bogustoo says:

    hehehe We do! And what’s worse is that, along with the mullet hair and redneck attitude, it’s merged with the Jersey ‘tude! LOL

    And the mullets start around here at age 5. Scary shit.


  10. In South jersey we called them Pineys.


  11. bogustoo says:

    Pineys aren’t rednecks. They’re in a category all their own! LOL

    My 16 year old is still laughing over the meth t-shirt comment. He’s going to make one to wear to school. Charming child! hehehe


  12. jade says:

    if he does, you better email pictures to Trench!


  13. sfdude-2008 says:

    I hope those poor kids’ Nazi names get permanently changed into something that must do with peace! Even my parents would never bring any swastikas homes at all…and my mom totally HATES combat boots of any kind!


  14. bogustoo says:

    You’ve got it, Jade!


  15. Isa says:

    Not surprising. Maybe this is judgmental of me but I have an awfully hard time believing that people who would give their kids names like this are worthy parents.


  16. Alexandra says:

    I personally don’t care what you name your children, just keep in mind how other children will react.

    I have heard of someone who named their child Shithead, pronounced “Sha-theed.” Go figure.


  17. Angel says:

    Yeah, I went to school with a guy whose last name was Bacon. He said he was gonna name his first son Christopher Paul. (Crispy Bacon for short). And one of my in laws with the last name Knight said he was gonna name his daughter Dayanne, or if it was twins Ima and Ura. LOL. He didn’t though, both of his kids have normal names.

    But Hitler? Jeez, people, get a grip on reality. Was another of his kids named Lucifer? These people need to have their heads examined.


  18. Was another of his kids named Lucifer?

    Either Lou Cypher or Lucy Furr.


  19. bogustoo says:

    Lucy Furr is an AWESOME name for a daughter! hehehe Leave it to Trench to come up with that!


  20. Samantha says:

    Good one Trench… you are so creative.


  21. Angel says:

    LOL, Trench….


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