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VISTA: New charges filed against mother in toddler poisoning:

22-year-old Christina Noel Howell has pleaded not guilty to charges of poisoning her own 22-month-old son. It’s alleged that she mixed cleaning fluids with her son’s apple juice on several different occasions. The child’s injuries are so bad that he risks choking to death anytime he drinks and has a thousand times greater chance of developing cancer.

Now most people would think that this could be a case of Munchausen by proxy where a parent intentionally injures their child for attention. However prosecutors say she did this to her own son to get the attention of a man in this case the baby daddy.

Again why do some women feel the need to inujure or neglect their own children just to keep a penis in their life.

Thanks to Beth for the tip.

One thought on “Not gulity plea in child’s poisoning

  1. Samantha says:

    just shoot her


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