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‘Mortal Combat’ Killer Gets 36 Years:

C’mon people. Do your research better and learn how to actually spell the game.

Anyway, Lamar Roberts was sentenced to 36 years behind bars in the beating death of 8-year-old Zoe Garcia. If you’ll recall Roberts and Zoe’s sister, Heather Trujillo, claimed that they were imitating moves from Mortal Kombat when they beat Zoe to death.

Trujillo was previously sentenced to 18 years probation.

Like I’ve said before, personally, I think that Mortal Kombat had nothing to do with Zoe’s death and that the suspects were just using it as a crutch. If it wasn’t Mortal Kombat they would have used some movie or TV show to blame it on. This is nothing more than a case of unattended teens with a penchant for violence.

One thought on “36 years in Mortal Kombat death

  1. bogustoo says:

    I completely agree. But what’s with the MAJOR difference of sentences?


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