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Family Wants Body Of Killed Stockton Girl:

This story is a reversal in what we normally see around here.

38-year-old Maria Bettancourt of Stockton, Calif. has been arrested in the abuse and torture death of 3-year-old Guadalupe Correa. The autopsy showed that Guadalupe died from trauma but police aren’t going into much detail.

Bettancourt is the girlfriend of Guadalupe’s father, Alberto Correa. Correra has disappeared in the wake of his main squeeze’s arrest. Which makes one wonder if he was involved or complicit in the abuse.

Guadalupe was raised by a foster family who had her other two sisters but were forced to give up Guadalupe to the sperm donor. Biological parental rights should never outweigh the welfare of the child.

BTW, Ms. Bettancourt looks a lot like Captain Lou Albano.

Thanks to Bridget and LadyJade for the tips.

4 thoughts on “Father disappears after daughter dies from abuse

  1. Kathy says:

    How awful! I often cringe when foster children in my care are returned home. Sometimes things work out and the families get it together as best they can. Sometimes, you pick up the newspaper to read that the birth mother threw the baby at her husband in a drunken rage, knocking over the 2 y/o who then fell onto the corner of a step splitting his eyebrow open (and needing stitches)… and all you can think is “I knew something like that would happen.” Luckily in that case, the kids were ok and finally adopted out to a family who could take all 5 siblings. It’s sad that Guadalupe didn’t get that second chance.


  2. Tielgirl says:

    I cannot imagine that the little girl asked her mother to take her away and the mother, because she didn’t want to get the father in “trouble”, left the little girl behind to be murdered by the battle-axe.


    What does it take for an adult to decide to do the Uncomfy thing and get their hands dirty and LISTEN TO A CHILD?????


    1. Clevo says:

      It takes a sane, mature, loving, responsible adult who is willing to do the hard things, because they can and because it’s right. NOT some ugly broken down evil crazy pig like this sow.


      1. Tielgirl says:

        Yeah, but why does it seem like there are fewer and fewer responsible adults??


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