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Denver police: Mom cuffed girl to keep her away from food:

What is it with Breeders tying up their kids to keep them out of the food?

52-year-old Danelle Daunchet of Denver was arrested for using zip ties on her 10-year-old daughter so she wouldn’t ‘steal food’. The girl would have hands bound behind her back at night with plastic zip ties then Daunchet would cut them off with a knife in the morning.

The article contains a quote from the physician who examined her that said the binding may have caused permanent damage but nowhere does it say that the girl had any kind of eating disorder, not that should make any difference.

Daunchet was able to post a $50K bond so I don’t think she’s hurting for money and she doesn’t look like she’s missed any meals herself.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

5 thoughts on “Denver woman zip tied daughter

  1. Kathy says:

    That’s insane. Seriously, what is up with parents who padlock cabinets/refrigerators and chain/zip tie their kids to keep them from getting food? Most children won’t stuff themselves unless they learn it from their parents. Most young children stop eating when they are no longer hungry because they haven’t learned to “emotionally” eat. A safety latch on a fridge to keep a 2 y/o from crawling in during the night isn’t a bad idea. We had one when our son was that small. But, a child who lives in your home shouldn’t be considered a thief for wanting to eat. Totally nuts.


  2. sfdude_2008 says:

    Kathy, you can say that again. That lady is nuts!


  3. evie_1 says:

    Kids will steal food IF they are being deprived. I am not saying that this child was, it’s just something to think about


  4. mom_of_2 says:

    evie_1 u prob do the same thing what crazy lady did 2 her kids… who the heck wants to tied up ur kids for,,, if they are hungry then they are hungry,everyone has to eat….taking food from ur own fridge or kitchen is not call stealing


  5. evie_1 says:

    Pardon me mom_of_2, you have made me feel I need to defend myself. I have never deprived my children of food or drinks and the thought that any one would do that makes me sick.
    I was only repeating what was in the report. That’s what the ‘mother’ said, “That she tied up her daughter so she (her daughter) would not steal food”. Please pay attention to what is actually said in the article before you blast away about someone else’s post


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