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Alex Pacheco

Alex Pacheco

Suspect arrested in death of Broomfield girl:

Back in October of last year 13-year-old, Kelsey Shannon of Broomfield, Colorado disappeared. She was reported as a missing endangered runaway. Last week her body was found in a drainage ditch and showed signs of being there for quite some time.

18-year-old Alex Pacheco (pictured) has been arrested for her murder.

Pacheco allegedly wrote the following on his MySpace…

In a Dec. 11 entry on Pacheco’s MySpace page blog, he writes about his depression over the missing “girl of my dreams.”

The entry — “K.M.S. come home” — says “my fianc? (sic) has ran (sic) away wake up every day wondering if your (sic) okay I don’t know where you are or if your (sic) near or far there is no withdraw (sic) as bad as this I miss your eyes and irresistible kiss …”

“I just hope that you come home I’d sell my soul to save your life because I know you’ll be my wife.”

For a second let’s just gloss over the fact that an 18-year-old that in love with a 13-year-old is uber-creepy and illegal.

As I do for MCS I went looking for Pacheco’s MySpace. I did not find the one they were talking about in the article but I found a MySpace for an 18-year-old Alex Pacheco from Broomfield, Colorado.

He called himself “Tha Widowmaker” and guess what, he’s a Juggalo.

Again it’s not the music that makes some of these Juggalos killers and criminals, it’s just that there’s a disproportionate amount of them in their ranks.

UPDATE: Juggaloness confirmed.

4 thoughts on “Did a Juggalo kill a 13-year-old girl?

  1. A says:

    With comments made by the clown so-called angst “I pretend society”, I cannot believe that this country hasn’t been annihilated off the face of the earth by it’s ever growing competitors as of yet.


  2. CHESNuT says:

    :mrgreen: I WANNA CHILL WIT rawrgurrl, suup girl 😛


  3. lygurlz says:

    wat is wrong with this world!!!! there is nothing wrong with being a juggalo!!! just because some girl got murded people shouldn’t blame it on any one group just because they have no one else to blame!!!! for anyone knows he may be the only juggalo that has killed he may just be one sick person in a whole society…wat ever the case shall be no one should be pointing fingers just because they’re angry that no one has been proven guilty…the juggalo way of life has nothing to do with this case so everyone should just chill out about it.


  4. Agai I’m not saying that this guy killed because he was a Juggalo but there are an inordinate amount of criminals in ‘the family’.


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