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Police say mother used drug in front of child:

26-year-old Jennifer Alexander of Bradenton, Florida was arrested after a witness saw her smoking crack in front of Alexander’s own 2-year-old daughter. Alexander admitted to police that she was a cocaine addict like that’s supposed to make it better.

I’ll never understand how people get hooked on crack. First off it’s named after part of your ass. Secondly with all the stories that have been told over the years about crack why would anyone say “Ooh, that’s for me”?

Check out the mugshot too while you’re at it. Kind of like the textbook definition of crackhead.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

One thought on “Nothing says parenting like smoking crack in front of your kids

  1. Teri says:

    Wow…I did check out her mug shot…she’s only 26???? She looks more like 56!! Guess that’s what crack does to you….so yah people…you want to age faster then you should…do what this bimbo did!! Not only is she harming herself but look at what she is teaching her young child! Makes me sick that a mother would put crack before the welfare of her kids….but she isn’t a mother in my eyes….just a crack headed baby maker….and the father must be a crack head too….who’d want to sleep with that??? She needs that child taken away the social services shouldn’t even attempt to put the child back with her! She doesn’t deserve it…another case for sterialization!!


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