My baby’s in the toilet

Peach County inmate leaves newborn in toilet:

25-year-old Cornelia Kornegay was in a holding cell at the Peach County Law Enforcement Center in Georgia, aka county lockup. Wednesday morning she notified the deputies that “My baby’s in the toilet,” According to deputies she said it ‘matter of factly’. It turns out that Kornegay gave birth in the holding cell to a 7 pound 6 ounce baby girl but left the baby face down in the toilet. Luckily deputies were able to retrieve the baby quickly and she’s doing fine.

Kornegay did not tell deputies she was pregnant and by looking at the mugshot I can see how deputies may not have known. Kornegay was in jail for violating probation on a misdemeanor offense. She claims she hid the pregnancy because she didn’t want her parents to know.

Think about that for a second. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was in jail she might have dumped her baby somewhere and no one may have ever found out about it.

And if you’re 25 why are you hiding your pregnancy from anyone?

Kornegay is now facing felony child abuse charges.

Thanks to Stacey for the tip.

Michigan AG says craigslist doesn’t do enough to protect kids

Officials: Craigslist doesn’t protect kids:

I’m torn on how I feel about Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. On the one hand he was one of only 10 AGs who didn’t sign the agreement with craigslist about their new safeguards to prevent illegal activity in the erotic services section. He’s also a heavy critic of craigslist having no links to law enforcement websites if their users need to report a crime. On those fronts he has my utmost respect.

But like I’ve said repeatedly, Attorneys General won’t criticize parents because parents are the voters.

My advice to parents about craigslist is the same about MySpace, educate yourself about your kids’ internet use. Know what sites they frequent.

I do have to add that of course no one from craigslist responded to AG Cox’s office or the Detroit News. Typical for craigslist.

Meth heads drive with 5 unrestrained kids

McMinnville couple held on meth and endangerment charges:

Before you read anything click on the article link. You have to see their mugshots.

Anyway the ghastly pair in said mugshots are 38-year-olds Tracy Ann Duncan and William James Duncan of McMinnville, Oregon. After they were presumably pulled over for having 5 unrestrained kids in the car ranging in ages from 5 to 10 police then searched the car and the hotel they were residing at. Guess what they found. Meth in both places and both Duncans were said to have been under the influence of meth while they were driving their unrestrained kids around.

Meth does not a happy family make. Maybe if they weren’t spending their money on meth they could afford a decent place to live.

Remember kids, not even once.

Thanks to Jill for the tip.

Asperger’s is like being Mr. Spock attorney argues


Asperger’s defense raised in Craiglist trial:

If you followed this site for a while you may remember the story of Katherine Ann Olson. She was the 24-year-old woman from Minnesota who answered a craigslist ad for a nanny only to be shot and killed by 20-year-old Michael Anderson.

Previously Anderson’s attorney tried using a mental defect defense stating that Anderson has Asperger’s syndrome. Except mental defect can’t be used as a defense in Minnesota and can only be applied to sentencing. Now Anderson’s attorney, Alan Margoles, is arguing that Andserson’s alleged diagnosis of Asperger’s should be heard during testimony. Check out how Mr. Margoles explains Anderson’s alleged Asperger’s…

Defense attorney Alan Margoles said in an omnibus hearing in November 2008 that Anderson has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and was “laboring under it” so that he “didn’t know the nature of his actions or that they were wrong.”

Margoles likened Anderson’s mental capacity to that of Mr. Spock in Star Trek.

He said Mr. Spock had analytical reasoning, but no emotion. “He operated on pure logic. He had no sympathy, no empathy, no regret, no remorse. He was civil, but not kind. He was cold, but not bad or evil. He thought differently than others on the ship.”

Anderson is much the same as Mr. Spock; except that his condition is not voluntary, it is genetic, Margoles continued. “But the difference is that Mr. Spock knew of his reliance on logic and that he was different from the others,” he said. “Mr. Anderson does not know that.”

Therefore, Margoles said, the jury will hear statements Anderson made to police that may seem inappropriate to a normal person. Those statements, like: “I didn’t kill her, the bullet did,” or “I thought it would be funny,” cannot be fully understood without allowing the jury to hear information about Asperger’s.

Except Mr. Margoles’ entire outlook on Asperger’s is completely wrong. As I’ve stated before Asperger’s doesn’t make you not know the difference between right and wrong. It’s main symptom is that Asperger’s patients can’t discern subtle social interactions like sarcasm and humor and they may come off as having a complete lack of tact in social situations. It does not turn people into killers. If Anderson couldn’t know the difference between right and wrong he wouldn’t have disposed of Katherine Ann Olson’s body or hid her car.

His answers to police of “I didn’t kill her, the bullet did, or “I thought it would be funny” tell me that he doesn’t have Asperger’s and that he’s just a sociopathic killer.

3 arrested in kids for bird deal

Woman allegedly swaps children for c*ckatoo:

So if you saw an ad for a c*ckatoo for sale but couldn’t afford the seller’s price what would you do? If your 51-year-old Donna Louise Greenwell of Pitkin, Louisiana you offer two kids ages 4 and 5 for the bird.

Now let’s reverse the question here for a second. If you’re selling a c*ckatoo and someone offers you two kids for the c*ckatoo what would you do? If you’re Brandy Lynn Romero, 27, and Paul J. Romero, 46, of Evangeline Parish, Louisiana you accept the kids as payment.

How do these people keep finding each other? Do mouth breathing cretins like this have some kind of newsletter I don’t know about or a secret handshake or something?

The worst part is that the kids didn’t even belong to Greenwell in the first place. The kids’ real mother is a fugitive on the run from the law and that the kids may have been traded from family to family over the past year. To make matters even worse Greenwell is a pedophile with a long criminal history.

All 3 have been charged with kidnapping.

Seriously, is there some kind of trailer trash underground that trades the children of fugitives? And if you were looking at jail time wouldn’t you make sure your kids were ok instead of pawning them off on someone who might trade them for meth or something?

The Smoking Gun has the mugshots for your enjoyment.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

More on the death of Sam Udomeh

I received an e-mail the other day from someone who attended the candlelight vigil for Sam Udomeh. He’s the 11-year-old boy that was killed by his mother, Sandra Renia Joseph, when she allegedly struck him repeatedly with her SUV.

In my original post I wondered if there was a part of the story that we were missing. In the e-mail I received the person said that they were told by Jospeh’s long time friends that Joseph did have a history of bi-polar disorder but it was unknown if she was on medication or not.

The e-mailer also wanted me to know that prior to this that by all accounts Joseph was a dedicated mother to Sam.

Paducah shooter asks federal judge to overturn sentence

Michael Carneal

Michael Carneal

Ky shooter, Carneal, asks judge to overturn sentence:

Michael Carneal is at it again. After having his plea to have his life sentence overturned by the Kentucky Supreme Court the Heath High school shooter is now appealing to a federal judge to have it overturned.

Carneal was the 14-year-old gunman in the 1997 school shooting at Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky that claimed 3 lives and injured 5 others.

He now conveniently claims that at the time of the shooting he heard voices and that he did not fully understand his guilty plea. Of course he also claimed that he was bullied even though the people he shot were in a prayer circle. Maybe he was bullied by the ‘voices’ in his head.

It’s never about personal responsibility with these shooters. In their mind it’s always someone else’s fault that people are dead.

Ex-cop in La. ran over 11-year-old son

Investigators say mother admitted to running over 11-year-old son:

49-year-old Sandra Renia Joseph of Lafayette, Louisiana has allegdly admitted to police that she ran over her 11-year-old son, Sam Udomeh, repeatedly with her SUV.

Joseph is a former Lafayette police officer who was currently working for DSS in Lafayette.

Investigators have said that there were multiple points of impact on Sam’s body. The likely cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Joseph allegedly admitted to police that she ran over her son on purpose. The only thing missing from this story is a motive which police have not commented on.

Something just doesn’t feel right about this story. I’m not saying that Joseph shouldn’t have been arrested but it almost feels like there was some outside contributing factor that we haven’t heard about yet like maybe drugs or mental illness even though Joseph has a history of neither.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

Santa Cruz creeper lied about age to get underage girls on MySpace

Santa Cruz man lied about age to seduce underage girl on Myspace, detective says:

29-year-old Edgar Atilano Silva of Santa Cruz, California was arrested last week for allegedly forcing a teen girl that he met over MySpace to have sex with him. Silva allegedly lied about his age to gain the girl’s trust before forcing himself upon her. He then allegedly revealed his true age to the girl.

The victim took over a year to come forward and it’s unknown why she took so long. I’m sure Mr. Silva’s defenders will try to use that to make it look like the victim is lying even though sexually abused victims may not come forward right away for a multitude of reasons.

Police think that Silva may have had more victims.

Ernesto Gonzalez’s lawyer files motion against neighbor

Gonzalez lawyer files motion regarding neighbor:

The lawyer for Ernesto Gonzalez has filed a motion about Gonzalez’s neighbor who has assisted police in their investigation. As you should know by now Ernesto Gonzalez is being held in the disappearance of his 5-year-old son Giovanni Gonzalez. He was the last person seen with Giovanni and he claimed to a Boston newspaper that he killed and dismembered his son.

Anyway his attorney filed a motion seeking information to see if police made any deals with Gonzalez’s neighbor Jason Falls. Falls gave information to police about witnessing Giovanni with his father right before he disappeared.