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Father of 5-month-old girl faces murder complaint in Oklahoma City:

Here’s another idiot that thought he was smarter than doctors and police.

24-year-old Jason Scott Day of Oklahoma City has been charged in the death of his 5-month-old daughter Natalie Emami.

His story was that the baby choked on formula and was unresponsive. However hospital staff said that her injuries were consistent with those of being shaken.

I guess I have to say it again. Don’t lie to doctors and cops about your kids. You may think you’re smarter than them but you’re not. If you were that smart you wouldn’t be abusing your kids in the first place.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

23 thoughts on “OKC man charged in daughter’s shaking death

  1. Kathy says:

    Babies cry. Some babies cry incessantly. If your baby’s crying is driving you that insane, put the baby in the crib. Go do a load of laundry and stay in the laundry room for 10 minutes. Give yourself time to regroup. If you still can’t handle the crying, call a friend, a neighbor, a family member… especially if you done the standard baby checks – hungry, dirty diaper, gas? Is there a hair/string wrapped around fingers, toes, or any other part? Seriously, shaking the baby is only going to get you a prison sentence where someone bigger than you is going to do things to you that make you wish you were the one shaken to death.


  2. Samantha says:

    Well I dont live too far from this guy, I would like to find him and shake him up some! Probably, ok definately, do a lot more than shake him! Ugh I can’t stand people like this.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Google “Shaken Baby Syndrome”, click on “Abusive Head Trauma” and read the “Diagnosis” section. He probably was shaking the baby prior to Feb 3, 2009. He was using the vomiting excuse. The last time he shook her too hard.


  4. Diane says:

    I knew this man and his entire family when he was a young grade school student growing up. His mother really tried to raise him well. I don’t agree at all with what he did, but I really think he must have just had a moment of anger and didn’t realize it. It’s just so tragic.


  5. Natalies Grandmother says:

    Whatever happened to the “innocent until proven guilty ” its law………..none of you know the whole truth.just what you heard on the news…….. lets prove it one way or another….so stop and think before you condemn someone on what the news say or police assume ! this child had many problems her entire little life…… stop and think………it could happen to any of you alone with a baby.


  6. Angel says:

    Natalies Grandmother:
    What does this comment mean:

    “this child had many problems her entire little life…… stop and think”

    Are you blaming a five month old baby for her own death?!?! Are you blaming this innocent babe for her father’s anger management issues and lack of control? Just exactly what kind of problems can a five month old baby have that would justify what was done to her? I don’t give a purple piss WHAT the baby did – there IS NO EXCUSE for what he did. I have several children of my own. I have been puked on, peed on, crapped on and spit up on – repeatedly. And never, let me repeat, NEVER, have I felt the need, the desire, or even the slightest URGE to KILL MY CHILD! I have been spit up on, had my hair pulled, had necklaces broken, and earrings ripped out of my earlobes by tiny hands. There were several years in which I explained away my infants’ spit-up stains on my clothing when out in public as the latest fashion accessory for a busy mom. But I NEVER blamed my child!!!! What a sorry piece of garbage to do something like this to a defenseless child. And you are just as sorry for defending him…..


  7. Angel says:

    And this comment:

    “it could happen to any of you alone with a baby.”

    Oops! Wrong again! This only happens to people who have so little self control that they feel the need to take out their petty frustrations on an innocent child rather than placing the child in a crib for a few minutes and leaving the room for a breather. Military wives do it all the time…..being alone as sole caregiver for their babies while their husbands are deployed, that is. According to your logic, all babies born to military families would die of shaken baby syndrome……gee…what a huge body count that would be!


  8. Samantha says:

    Agreed Angel. I have 2 kids, both of whom have been alone with me most of their lives and neither of them have ever been abused!


  9. Natalies Grandmother says:

    She was not abused…….how can YOU know this? by reading the paper? wrong people , you better pray nothing happens to a child while you are alone with it


  10. Natalies Grandmother says:

    ANgel…..YOu dont know what he werent there….you believe what they say he did..He may not have done anything…….they just said he did………autopsy not even out yet.come one.get real


  11. Angel says:

    Natalie’s Grandmother:
    No, I don’t know what he did, but I do know that the police have at least enough evidence to call it murder, or there wouldn’t have been an arrest. Let me guess….you are the mother of the accused….am I right? I am very sorry for your loss, but shaken baby syndrome leaves a very distinctive evidence trail, and if the doctors weren’t sure of their diagnosis, then your son would not have been arrested. And even if your son didn’t do anything – someone sure as hell did. Otherwise that baby wouldn’t be dead from having her brains tossed around the inside of her skull. YOU get real. That baby was murdered, and if your son wasn’t responsible maybe you should be spending your time trying to find out who was, instead of coming here to defend him. If you come up with an alternative suspect, and it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to apologize. Otherwise, nobody here really gives a rat’s fat ass about hearing how innocent he is. Proof, please.


  12. Natalies Grandmother says:

    Give it time, this man was arrested solely on the basis that he was there alone…………..and it “looked” like shaken baby syndrome……he is NOT the only one being investigated,he is the one in jail………I suggest you read up on the other things that can cause this..and I have spent months researching this……….and believe you me…………everything is being done to find out what happened to Natalie………… she was ill most of her life………it may not have been injuries to her alone that caused this. SO yes.I say it again……. stop and think before you believe it all on the news.. police and news do not know it all……….sorry you believe this.and sorry if I defend this man….doesnt mean I do not want answers,we should all want the truth……and I simply do not believe we have it.


  13. Angel says:

    How can you have spent “months” researching this when it only happened in February? Are you psychic, and knew before it happened, and so started research on the father before the actual crime? Enquiring minds want to know.


  14. Natalies Grandmother says:

    I have spent months investigating the other things that were wrong with I said,the news knows nothing of the passed issues…….thats what I researched


  15. DS says:

    To Natalie’s Grandmother: It is counter productive to argue with people like Angel on sites like this. Of course you love your son and want to take a wait and see attitude while this other woman has a “hang him” mentality. Probably best not to waste time arguing with someone like that. Your son and grand daughter are both precious to you, and some people cannot see that.


  16. Natalies Grandmother says:

    You know DS I thought the same thing when I got finished writing the last statement… thanks, I am done , God knows the truth………


  17. Angel says:

    NG: I have no desire to compound your misery in this situation. I have children, too, and would want to believe the best about them, if any of them were ever in such a situation. Believe me, I understand. You say you have done research which points to the man’s innocence? Would you be willing to share any of it with the readers on this site? I have already said that if I am wrong, I will be happy to apologize, but as yet, all you have given us is innuendo and personal opinion. Apparently the state has at least a few facts to back up their case or they would not have made an arrest. I would really be interested in knowing if there is any exculpatory evidence which you are privy to, that the state may not be aware of. I am not trying to be mean, I am simply trying to get the facts straight. I would like to ask you a couple of questions, if you wouldn’t mind. I’ll understand if you don’t want to answer them, but you have to agree that lack of pertinent information will only serve to make most people who visit this site assume that the accused id guilty. As I did. But at least I’m willing to consider that I could be wrong. Could you please take the time to answer a couple of questions?

    1. What was the cause of death? If the baby was NOT shaken, then there should be evidence to point in a different direction. If there is a previous medical condition which contributed to or caused her death, then that should be provable.
    2. If her death WAS caused by shaking, was there anybody else in close proximity to the baby who could have caused the fatal injuries? An aunt, a sister or a babysitter?

    Any extra information you can provide would be welcomed by most of the people on this site, I think. Because I don’t think any of us want to see an innocent person incarcerated for something that was done by another. If we put the wrong person in jail, that just means that there is an ACTUAL child abuser who is still free and capable of harming other children. Personally, I would rather the guilty party pay.


  18. Ithinkican_2 says:

    I think,no I know one should not judge until you know ALL of the facts,why do so many believe the news,


    1. no_excuse says:

      so what do you know that we dont? please enlighten me.


  19. no_excuse says:

    Natalie was my cousin. 
    The bastard that murdered her was just sentenced to life with the poss of parole, eligible in 38.3 years. 

    Who knows, maybe the news will get out in prison that he is a baby killer adn he will get what is coming to him.


    1. Truthseeker01 says:

      Maybe you should start telling the truth about what really happened and not tell idiotic lies! Your just proving how simple minded people are in not looking into the TRUTH about things!


      1. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

        Truth is, this asshole was convicted of first degree murder for shaking his infant to death. You’re (not your) the one proving how simple minded people can be and how far denial can really go. Unless…do you have some kind of update where he was cleared and released? If so, I’d love to see some links. Thanks.


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