The Trench Reynolds Report

All Crime Is Personal


Family, friends remember slain Stroudsburg man:

Parents of Price man charged with murder speak out:

21-year-old Michael Goucher of Stroudsburg, PA served in the military, volunteered in his community, and strived to become a police officer.

19-year-old Shawn Freemore of Price Township, PA has a criminal record going back to the age of 14 which includes charges of retail theft, burglary, disorderly conduct and drug paraphernalia possession.

Which one do you think is the Juggalo?

If you guessed Shawn Freemore aka Skippy Critter then you would be correct.

Freemore is accused of stabbing Michael Goucher 19 times after an alleged tryst gone wrong. Freemore allegedly told police that he rebuffed Goucher’s advances but when Goucher followed him Freemore stabbed him. Even though Freemore told police the pair had previous sexual encounters. Not to mention that 19 stab wounds does not sound like self-defense.

Now again since some of you can’t seem to get it through your make up I don’t think ICP’s music makes Juggalos into criminals. It’s just that a lot of criminals become Juggalos. Freemore is just one more of them.

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