Mercades Nichols’ mom arrested for domestic battery

Mom Charged with Battery of Teen in Video Beating Case:

I can’t tell if this is irony or not. Poetic justice maybe?

Anyway Christina Garcia is the mother of Mercades Nichols. Nichols was the alleged ring leader of the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay.

Previously Ms. Garcia filed a lawsuit against the Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd for making ‘defamatory’ remarks and causing ’severe emotional damages’.

I think that lawsuit may be in jeopardy now that Ms. Garcia has been arrested for battery charges for beating her daughter Mercades.

During altercations Saturday afternoon, Garcia grabbed her daughter by the hair, kicked her several times, and spat on her, sheriff’s officials said.

It gets better though, or maybe more weird would be appropriate. Garcia called police stating that Mercades had assaulted her. However when police investigated they discovered that Garcia was the aggressor.

One could almost say that it looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

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  1. gompertz

    It is really puzzling. What was Christina thinking?

  2. M. Hutchence

    ha! weeks ago- when everyone was so taken by her presence and posting on this board- i honestly couldn’t believe it. To think these losers are permitted to breed.

  3. yougotgoodshyster?





    3 or 4 of them pop out like a fucking jack in the box.

  4. gompertz

    To M. Hutchence- It’s not that simple. And, no, no one was “taken” by Christina’s presence. We were responding with restraint and sensitivity to the complexities of the situation and I see no reason to alter my attitudes in any way. So you may continue to gloat all you want. I continue to maintain that the Lakeland miscreants are not beyond hope and I find your dismissive attitude toward them uncharitable. On the other hand, I have long detected in your comments a disturbing tendency to minimize the criminality of those you indulgently refer to as “my boys and girls” while displaying open hostility toward others whom you deem unworthy. Judging from your own statements you seem to believe that the vast majority of those you see in your professional capacity are just innocent victims of circumstances and eager to display the right amount of remorse. Yet you admit that these people often inflict serious and permanent injuries and even death. Oh well, as long as they display remorse, it’s okay, right? Tell me, what sort of restitution do they make? Do they pay for the reconstructive surgery, wheel chairs, prosthetic limbs, funerals? And how many times are these monsters (yes, that’s what many of them are) released back into the community with little or no punishment by “liberal” judges?
    In my experience, I have found that by whatever criterion you want to use, people are alike in their capacity for good and evil. For instance, I find no reason to draw a distinction between, let us say, “troubled inner city youths” and “spoilt rich kids” as a predictor of behavior. However, I confess that I would personally feel safer on the streets of Lakeland, Florida than Compton, California even though no one is really completely safe anywhere. You once accused Electronica of being “enamored” of the defendants in this case. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I could say the same thing about your attitude toward those you see in your professional capacity.

  5. M. Hutchence

    Hey Gomp- i detect quite a bit of anger there, that’s okay- you have a good point. I know i have said a few things that are blunt and offensive, especially towards the days when this ended with a wrist slap.

    Anyways, to address what you have directed at me: More than a few times i get comments from friends and family –
    saying the kids i work with should be locked away for life, even gassed. Sometimes i feel like i almost agree (not gassing) but sometimes i see in the population a few kids that are “working it”-

    And let me tell you , a lot of them WON’t get out so you don’t have to worry. We get a few back, but a lot of them move on and really pick up the pieces – True – I can say i am proud of a lot of them that move on – especially if they stay on the right path-

    Your comment about me being “enamored” no not exactly- I think i have had a fair amount of posts that don’t mention it at all. By the way, i work as a paramedic too, I try the best i can to keep my personal feelings out of both fields.

  6. M. Hutchence

    by the way, upon reading my original post – i apologize for saying “everyone” in reference to a previous thread- should have said “some”

  7. gompertz

    To M. Hutchence- First of all thank you for your answer. You are right, I have a lot of anger. The reason why, that’s another story, and I certainly don’t mean to direct it toward you.
    I don’t think anyone (except the perpetrators and their friends and family) was happy with the plea deals. I felt some jail time and a lot of
    counseling would have been appropriate. I believe that the prosecutors and defense attorneys all acted in a shameful manner and denied justice to the victim while pursuing their own various agendas.

    As for my attitude to the perpetrators, I feel outrage but also pity, because I see them as typical products of a culture that offers nothing but materialism and no moral guidance. In that respect kids living in poverty are no different from rich kids. The only difference is that the poor still believe in the American dream while those from affluent backgrounds have lived the dream and found it a big disappointment. From what I have observed, when children of the rich turn to crime they are less likely to be susceptible to correction because their criminality is often the result of despair. It may be that those who have joined gangs and turned to crime because of lack of opportunity are more apt to accept the chance to turn their lives around simply because they still hold out hope that the “dream” still has something worthwhile to offer.

    Still, after all the analysis and speculation, I am frustrated by lack of facts that would enable me to understand the Lakeland miscreants. And whatever motives others may have for following this case, for me it comes down to wanting to understand and draw conclusions. So when Christina posted here I saw an opportunity to get insights that were based on more than guesswork and general observations. As for being “taken” with her, well, some said I was “hypnotized” and “brainwashed” so the word “taken” is rather mild. Anyway, upon reflection, I don’t find the latest episode all that surprising. I’m sure there is more to come, but things will probably remain murky and not at all edifying.

    One more thing- the word “enamored” was the word you used to describe Electronica’s attitude to the Lakeland girls (young women, actually) and it seems so convenient a term to cover many kinds of attitude. Judging from your posts which I have been reading for quite a while, I would not say it applies to you, and I apologize for implying that it did.

  8. M. Hutchence

    Yes- when i used the term “taken” i meant – or i thought to myself- “Am i the only one who is getting the sense that this lady doesn’t give a shit about Vic and her family?” etc –
    And yes i do regret some of the things i said pertaining to what i would do if this happened to my daughter etc. However- i think i should digress to say that how i feel today, rather:
    i will do everything in my power to not let this happen to my daughter, and the daughters of my current girlfriend. This is a heated topic so tempers are bound to flare- no need to apologize- your posts have been really good reading through out this. Also keep in mind that i did tell electronica she should shoot for law school- especially criminal defense- I was trying to get her to examine her own feelings for the perps-

    I felt at times, electronica may not have even existed but was some posing young adult connected w/ the perps still not sure –

  9. Frank

    Trench,I think you mean the rotten apple doesn’t fall far enough from the dead ass tree,lol.

  10. gompertz

    M. Hutchence- The question of some commenters being posers was raised a while back and not only with reference to Electronica. Of course one can never be sure. But I accept Electronica as genuine simply because she seems genuine, that’s all. Remember the suggestion was made that almost everyone on mcs is a poser, a cyberdetective or whatever. An intriguing idea, but impossible to evaluate without some further evidence.

    As for Christina posting here, well, determining motives is a tricky business even when communicating face to face. Suffice it to say that the comments I posted represent my attempt to influence the situation in a positive way rather than simply to put forth a personal opinion, and that goes for my attitude toward all the miscreants. For one thing, I tried to take a conciliatory approach in my remarks with the forlorn hope that some of the perps would read them and be influenced by them. And then there are my views on cosmic consciousness which motivated me also, but which I will not elaborate on here.
    Still, I understand fully the feelings that you and others express about wanting to defend your loved ones from that kind of attack and I share those feelings. I did express some outrage when the lenient plea deals were announced and I still feel that justice was denied. But I try to avoid adding to the kind of comments that are just designed to be hurtful. The problem I have with that kind of comment is that, based on my knowledge of human nature, I fear that the vast majority of people are much more eager to inflict pain on the perpetrators (though I admit they do deserve to feel some pain) than to offer any kind of relief for the victim. For all we know, Victoria enjoys reading the insults directed at her attackers. Who could blame her? But that is a pitifully inadequate recompense for the hurt she suffered. I really expected something better from the court. 🙁

    Sorry if I express myself in such a roundabout way. Partially that’s just my way of saying things and I can’t be brief and to the point even if I try. But also I think that an indirect and convoluted manner of expression is more appropriate for this messy situation. It all seemed so simple because we have all the evidence we need in the video. But it’s like a quantum physicist said about his subject: the closer you look, the weirder it gets.

  11. christina garcia

    Of all places I thought I could come to, I thought it would be here. Alot of you have spoken to me long enough to know I would not beat her. The apple fell too far from the tree and I was tryingto keep it under control. She was in my mom’s face, cursing AT HER disrespecting her, you notice how there are no pics of her? That is because there are no marks on her. I never beat her, she was very angry that day because my mother put her car keys in my hands and told me not to give them to Mercades. I got in between because my mother is almost 70 and I’m not letting anyone disrespect my mother or axct like they are going to hit her, even my own kid! I won’t be back on here either.

    The most I expected from you guys is see mom, she isn’t such an angel is she? Or something like this. But to assume that this could even be remotely true saddens me.

  12. Amyv

    Christina –

    I hope you do not come here looking for support. For there is none to be given. Things in your life are just never you fault are they? No you blame your daughter? Where do you stop.

    According to police records and witnesses from your mothers home you were the aggressor. Or are we to believe once again these documents are lies. It stated you kicked, hit and spit at your daughter. So either all of the witnessess were lying or you commited these acts.

    For this I will stick up for your daughter as I have for Victoria. Your daughter would be the victim in this case. Once again you make yourself look wronged. Do you have no line you will not cross? Even at the expense of Mercades.

    Your statement about you and Mercades going seperate ways for a while would be wise. This is the only chance your mother has of giving Mercades morals that you do not provide. Come back at me with what you will. But you showed your true colors. Even those who tryed to give you a chance finally saw what you really are.

    Let your mother continue to raise your child as she has been doning. Custody is one thing. Her not living with you is another. For your mother I have horribly sorry for the positions you have stuck her in. Yet one again poor Christina. Well cheer up. How is that law suit looking now?

    Also please remember your comment or should I say suggestion to me about getting off of the computer and raising my child. Advice to you. I would rather type on a computer than beat my own daughter and blame it on her. This hon is not what a mother does.

    God Bless Mary Nichols for bringing up this glad in the most difficult of circumstances. Also provide her the wisdom to show Mercades this is not appropriate behavior even when it involved her own mother.

  13. Scott

    I keep hoping this Victoria Lindsay case will be over so all those truly affected by her assault can move on. I am sad to learn of more problems for the Garcia and Nichols family. I am especially sad for Mary Nichols because she is caught in the middle and paying the price. I would certainly hope that Mercades has learned by now to treat her grandmother with the respect she deserves for giving her so much in life. It’s sad to think of Mercades cursing out her grandmother. If it’s true it’s awful and must hurt Mary deeply. When I was a kid I would never even think of swearing or talking back to any of my grandparents let alone my parents. My how times have changed and for the worse. And alot of it in my opinion is internet related.

    I have never seen Gomp angry in his words. Until Hutch drove him to it. Welcome to the anger club Gomp. You’re here for life now. )

  14. Christian

    Christina, you need a serious reality slap. Your daughter is a monster and it’s obvious how she became one. You disgust me. You came to an internet discussion group looking for sympathy? That’s funny, in a tragic way.

  15. Cindy

    Christina, I looked at your MySpace page over a year ago. The first thing I noticed was how many pictures there were of your younger daughter, and that there were few, if any of Mercades. I have a daughter too. She turned 18 in November. I have oodles of pictures of her on my myspace and face book accounts. Your daughter has been out of control, but you had a responsibility to her. Pictures posted on a myspace account don’t = parenting. But they do say “This is my daughter. I thinks she is beautiful. I want you to see her. I value her.” I guess she has not felt very valued by you, her mom.

  16. Greg.S

    We don’t have enough information to judge the situation here. Mercades should come here and tell her side of the story if she has one. If there is a picture of her and there is visible damage then it might be something serious, otherwise this could be a domestic dispute that happened to reach the public attention because of the previous trial…

    1. What evidence do we have that Christina was the aggressor?

    2. What evidence did the police have that a battery took place? Was Mercades injured or what?

    We need more details than is offered currently and these details can only be provided by Christina and Mercades themselves.

  17. Greg.S

    One important question is, if Christina called the police, how did the police come to the conclusion that she was the aggressor unless something happened after the police arrived?

    Also who is pressing these charges? is Mercades charging her mother with domestic battery or are the police charging her? If Mercades is pressing these charges it makes a big difference.

  18. gompertz

    Those of us who have bothered to read the police report have plenty of information. While it appears no physical harm was done to anyone, that is not the important question. I accept the fact that families get into fights and sometimes they can get really out of control. That happens everywhere. What is important is this: Why did Christina call the police knowing that Mercades is still facing sentencing? Whether or not an actual battery took place, the mere existence of “probable cause” that Mercades was involved in any kind of violence, no matter how mild, would be enough to take the plea agreement off the table and open the possibility of her going to prison to do hard time, considering that she did plead guilty to some serious charges. Nor does it matter who was the aggressor, especially since the report determines that Christina was the primary aggressor, leaving open the possibility that Mercades could be charged as an aggressor too. Surely her mother knew this?
    It is sad that things have taken such a turn and part of the problem lies with the Florida law enforcement which makes no provision to provide counseling of any kind for young people like Mercades who are obviously in need of help.
    The 2-page police report is available at

  19. gompertz

    Scott, very well said. This is a family in need of intervention, and not the kind of intervention offered by law enforcement. And this is not a unique situation, except in terms of the publicity it has received.

    I had a much-needed laugh about the “anger club.” Yes I have always been a member. Anger and compassion are two sides of the same whole, like yin and yang. As NIetzsche said, “When a tree’s branches reach up to heaven, its roots reach down to hell.”
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one… ) 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 :-0 )

  20. AmyV

    Scott – If you believe these police reports and I do. There are witnesses this time who all have the same story. Except one Christina Garcia.

    Mary Nichols who we have all always held in the highest regard did not tell the story as Christina states above. Yet told the same story that Mercades had stated to the police. So who to believe in this one?

    Of course if you have read the police report than you will know that Mary Nichols was not even in the same room at the time of the first altercation nor the second. So just how was it that Christina, as stated above, felt the need to stick up for her mother? Mary Nichols was not even in the room. Mercades could not have been in her face. Yet this was not caught on tape so who knows. (however even when this is the case does not help much).

    Also Christina in her story to police stated Mercades was trying to get her cell phone away from her so she could not call police. Hmm… why does this sound eerily familiar. Cell phones unavailable when beatings are taking place. Mary Nichols stated that it was Christina who wanted all of the phones from the house so Mercades could not call.

    The second altercation there were further witnesses. Does the name Zach Ashley ring a bell? Three people intervened on Mercades behave to break up her mother beating her. Wow. This from a boy who showed no such urge to stop the beating of Victoria. (allegedly I know).

    So who do we believe? Christina’s version which is backed up by no one. Or Mercades, Mary Nichols and two boys present at the time. I hope Judge Spoto handles this case. Perhaps Christina can write a letter of apology to her daughter.


    Unless you believe these documents are tampered with there seems to be enough to know what really happened. The reason behind it who knows? The police report gives the information you need.


    I must agree with Scott. I have never seen your feathers ruffled lol. Yes welcome to the club. However let me state to both you and M. Hutchene you are both willing to admit mistakes and continue to comment without further animosity. This shows true character.

    I have stated before for Mary Nichols I feel much sympathy. She has been put through hell by her granddaughters actions. Trying to be a good person and raise this girl. Continues to be put in harms way by her own daughter. I hope she has the strength for all of this. Grandparents left to raise kids that parents will not. Sad.

  21. Greg.S

    Gomp I just read the police report, even if 100% of the facts are listed in the reports, because I don’t know exactly what they were arguing about I cannot judge the situation. I have no idea what each of them said to each other, but it’s not unusual for family members to have arguments and fight. It’s the wrong way to handle the situation but it does happen fairly often.

    The police report only tells us what happened, but in my opinion this is a private family matter and not at all like the situation with Victoria, thats why I don’t make any judgements. This fighting is probably a result of the previous trial, which must have had an impact on the family.
    All during the trial Christina came here fighting for her daughter to keep her out of jail, if she called the police she was willing to put her daughter into jail, the question is why? Only she can answer that, and the details are probably very private. I’ve asked her over email, I’ll keep whatever she says private unless she wants it public.

    Mercades has a side of the story too. I haven’t heard Mercades side of anything. And while it’s nice to read police reports, it’s better to just ask the people involved..

  22. Scott

    Good one Gomp about the tree branches. )

    Amy, Mary has been put through alot. And there may be more to come. Now her daughter and granddaughter have legal problems and she is caught in the middle.

  23. Phil

    Good analogy Gomp , anger and compassion . But as everyone is welcoming you to the club I would feel less then neighbouly if I did not include my own welcome to the club .not much of a club really for me it usally means I have to apologize to someone for something That has its own rewardes I guess . I agree on every thing you said about Christina . its not the fight we were not there nor would have anyone else been there if she hadn’t of called the cops . To throw her whole family back into the spotlight for this is ridiculous . then she says that Mercades was not innocent in all of this , You figure , my god we have been saying what kind of person Mercades is for near a year now ,Christina nearly gave Mercades a longer sentece then the judge did for her role in beating the crap out of her friend .
    I have no problem believing Christina when she is pointing out the bad side of Mercades . I guess dis respecting your Nana is worse then watching and encouraging your friends to beat ,humiliate , a friend in your own house ,
    Well every one has to draw that line in the sand , to make sure that your kids no right from wrong .To say no more . I would think an earlier time would have been more benificial

  24. gompertz

    Everyone here is making valid points. I try to withhold judgment and as far as goes any altercations that take place in families, I am in no position to throw stones, considering my own childhood memories of belligerent relatives with their constant provocations…

    The whole problem is that once the police were drawn into it, there was a danger that the original felony charges would be reinstated. Greg points out that Christina was here fighting for her daughter. But that only makes it more perplexing. What could Mercades have done that was so terrible as to necessitate this drastic reversal?

    I believe that, in spite of the police and media attention it has received, this should be a private matter. If Mercades wants to volunteer any information, okay. And if any of the others present at the house wish to make statements, they may. But I do not feel that it would be helpful for me to make any personal enquiries. First of all, I have no expertise to offer that could help to resolve this family’s problems. Second, in my experience there are usually as many sides to these stories as there are participants and it is the job of the court to sort these things out.

    The one thing that is clear is that Mercades as well as the others should have been offered counseling of some sort. Does the state lack the resources? Or don’t they care? Or is it too far-fetched to think the authorities actually look forward to see some of the perpetrators reoffend so that they can keep this sad story going? That way they could keep the public’s attention focused on this circus instead of those intractable quality-of-life issues like petty crime and speeding cars.

    To Amy and Phil, I am honored to be welcomed to the club. Like the Joker in Full Metal Jacket, we must integrate the two sides of our nature. The Joker adapted and embraced the duality of war and peace, anger and compassion. Leonard did not. He went from being the frivolous donut-eating kid to the cold killer. But he couldn’t integrate the two sides of his nature and went crazy. Mercades must decide whether she will go the way of Leonard or the way of the Joker, and in the situation she is in, there is some need to think earnestly about these things. There are methods of embracing the duality, for instance meditation or tai chi. But you have to make the effort and take that step for yourself.

  25. Phil

    This was
    posted By Sarto on Mercades Mom Sues .
    That is the thread that Trench Does not want used I havw copied and pasted it to here . Because
    Like always Sarto writes things worth reading so agian what is wriiten below is by Sarto

    I wonder how long it will be before this story really plays itself out. Unknown, apparently Victoria&rsquos father, tells us on Toppix that his daughter continues the dark away-from-her family journey that brought her to that tragic moment almost a year ago. How long before she finally joins the adult world that she still seems to reject?

    In the meanwhile, Christina and Mercades continue their own destructive dance. Granted, Christina said some imprudent things about the police when this whole thing started, but in many ways she seems to have grown. She put her financial future on the line to keep her daughter out of jail. She speaks about losing her house by the end of February. What did Mercades say or do to trigger this explosion from her mother? The only good point is this: They both said they still love each other. But how long before this story ends?

    The others? Kayla, obviously full of regret, expressing deep remorse. April Cooper, bigger and stronger and scary as ever. Did the judge, who seems clueless, note her attitude? B. Mayes? She could still see some prison time, either as a juvenile or as an adult. B. Hardcastle? Scared of adult jail, shedding tears of sorrow for herself as she accepts her fate. What has she learned, this girl who enjoyed something that can only be described as torture? And now, she is pregnant. Will this girl ever stop making losers&rsquo moves?

    In a couple of weeks, sentences will be imposed and the thread will end. The future? Something tells me we will hear from some of these girls again. I pray for them all.

  26. M. Hutchence

    “In a couple of weeks, sentences will be imposed and the thread will end. The future? Something tells me we will hear from some of these girls again. I pray for them all.”

    Very well put- and my concern as well. Very similar to OJ Simpson- It may take a long time, but at the expense of God knows how many tax dollars, and human suffering, we will see these girls again, you can bet on it.

  27. AmyV

    Gompertz –

    Great points. Perplexing is a well choosen word for Christina’s proclaiming to be fighting for her daughter. Yet saw no such interest by furthering her daugher’s chances of going to jail. I do however have to respectfully disagree with “the whole problem was brining in the police”.

    This is truly a dysfunctional family. The limits are not drawn as to who will be betrayed or turned on next. Just as Mercades felt no need to show loyalty to her friend so has Christina shown these same actions towards her daughter. She is the one who chose to make this call. So the “corrupt sheriff” can not be blamed for this case or for its media attention. Having trouble with emailing you will try again later.

    GregS –
    Yes these things happen all of the time. Does not make them acceptable or right however. I know you know that. Dysfunctional families often lead to dysfunctional children. No offense to anyone here who has over come such circumstances.

    I am afraid that Mercades side will not be told. Just as she has never spoken about her role in Victoria’s beating. So you must rely on a one sided response again. If there were witness and of course Mary Nichols these are the other voices in this case. They all agreed Christina attacked Mercades.

    Phil – I must have missed something. Why does Trench not want that thread used? Thanks for Sarto’s comments. Although I must admit I am quickly tiring of the constant remarks made about Victoria.

    Victoria has not spoken about this matter except for the one or two interviews. She has no say in what others write about her in blogs.

    Scott I have stated as much to you. Why do we believe that she is going down this dark-path? If anyone needs space and time away from the horrible crime it would be here? Wondering aimlessly or trying to put the past behind her.

    Also do not like the statements about her earlier path leading to this beating. I know not what was meant exactly yet should not have been implied. So for her sake I hope people back away from giving our personal information in her life. She is the one above all who deserves and it should be demanded for.

    I do not know who will reoffend in this case. Since Christina was not part of the originaly beating she is not a repeat offender. Just needs space… from her daughter. I believe that could be afforded since her daughter has liven with her mother for quite sometime.

    This was a case of domestic violence. This is not acceptable in our society no matter how many times it happens. Just as the severe beating Victoria took is totally unacceptable.

    Yet as I stated before. Perhaps Judge Spoto will get this case as well. Then no worries. Slap on the wrist and a letter of apology. Somehow I see this as more fitting in this case.

  28. Scott

    Counseling is now the key Gomp. But only we talk about it. I never hear the judge or the defense attornies talk about counseling for the girls. I would rather the girls receive counseling than community service. These girls are young enough to turn around if they are led in the right direction. But that’s not happening here. They are in denial as are their belligerent parents.

    Phil, I have no confidence that the judge has noticed April’s apparent bad attitude and lack of remorse. This probably just another case to the judge. And the behaviour and strategy of Cooper’s attorney to attack Tori has been sad too. 🙁

    Yes Amy it seems judge Spoto seems to specialize in slaps on the wrists. ) I do wonder what Tori thinks of all of this. We will likley never know.

    And you were right all along about Tori not getting justice. You can say to all of us “I told you so”.

  29. gompertz

    Phil, thanks for posting Sarto’s comments, which I had overlooked. I thought the other thread was closed because some people had trouble scrolling due to the length.

    Yes, Sarto has provided us with food for thought as usual. And again I am stimulated to express some views of my own which might give a slightly different perspective.

    I agree with Amy that there is no reason to assume the worst about Victoria’s path. Her journey may be dark, but from darkness will come light and if this is the way she has chosen, who are we to question it? I see her plunging into the ocean of the collective unconscious to retrieve the archetypal treasure and attain the unity of light and dark, yin and yang. That path is fraught with danger but the reward is great and she has shown great courage in following it. And it is inevitable that she will have enemies. Just now someone posted a vicious attack on Victoria’s family over on Topix. Read it if you want, I have my suspicions about who “Rachel” is. But I am once again reminded of that Bob Dylan line about the “lone soldier on the cross” who “won the war after losing every battle.” Victimized again and again, yet she will emerge victorious in the end.
    As for Ms. Hardcastle, surely she is a monster who enjoys inflicting pain. And yes, she seems to keep making bad decisions. But there is a slightly more charitable interpretation which might have a grain of truth. Perhaps Ms Hardcastle got pregnant to avoid jail. Or perhaps not. Maybe she was motivated to have a romantic encounter because she felt hurt by all the nasty comments directed at her. Most girls I know would be devastated to be called fat and ugly, and when it is said over and over on various forums, that could lead to some serious questioning of one’s own attractiveness. Maybe she was seeking some kind of validation by having a relationship. And of course I have no solid evidence for this speculation. But I think we need to look at the possibility that it might be true and not give up hope. In my experience people who inflict pain are often dealing with a lot of pain themselves. And people who are angry can sometimes transform that anger into compassion. Is it possible that becoming a mother could effect such a transformation?

    Scott, you are right that counseling could probably help. But no help is being offered.
    I’m sure there are many people who would love to see some more incidents of violence involving these perpetrators, and last week’s episode was received with glee by those who derive enjoyment from other people’s misfortunes. Might it be that some in law enforcement are among them? Don’t offer any counseling, let the perps continue on their present course, and soon there will be another violent incident to titillate the public and take their minds off their problems. And more slaps on the wrist followed by more dysfunctional behavior. Are the people in authority really that diabolical?

  30. AmyV

    Scott –

    We always say your comments are short and to the point. Mine tonight will be as well.

    I have never tolerated what I felt to be bad mouthing Victoria. This was never acceptable to me in no way shape or form. I just hope everyone will take people’s comments about the direction of her life with a grain of salt.

    We may never know all of her views and feelings about the crime that was commited against her. She does need to go on with her llife and seperate herself from the pain. I choose to believe this is what she is doing. Please do not believe everyone you read on Topix. I find remarks there to be against Victoria. So I will not post there.

    Scott, I wish I could not tell everyone “I told you so”. I wish I could say jusctice was served.

  31. AmyV


    Hope all finds you well. I thought your last post was compassionate and thoughtful as usual. Is it true that Brittini Hardcastle is indeed pregnant? I still can not seperate these rumors. If this is a way to validate her self worth Gomp. this would be a disaster. So I hope you are wrong yet know sometimes this is true. People go to great lengths when feeling such low self esteem.

    Last weeks news for me was really somewhat of a surprise. I truly thought we would not hear much more of this case. If not for a long time perhaps never. So anyone that views with with glee fails to see the violence continues. As for law enforcement being among those I believe we have been down this road before.

    The law did not commit Victoria’s beating, kidnapping, betrayal, etc. Just as the law did not cause the domestic violence now prepetrated. The law also did not commit this violent act either. The criminals did.

  32. Scott

    Amy, I hope Tori can seperate herself from the pain and move on like you say. She is smart I hope she can do that. But being book smart does not mean you will be decision making smart.

    And it appears Hardcastle is pregnant. I wonder of Tori wnats her to have her baby in jail. Probably not which would be incredibly generous of Tori.

  33. Phil

    Guessing What Victoria would want if dificult at best . She is on record as saying she didn’t want prison time for the guilty , We don’t know why . or what she feels about the 8 that were involved . I have said it before Victoria is a tough character . She got up off the floor to press charges . Some say They can’t wait till she acts like an adult . Seems to me thats what she has been trying to do . Make her own way not wanting to live at home . What she is not doing is acting like a teenager , Who knows though we can all guess away . Do not expect any help from Victoria on this.So you can believe her Father ,which I do but you have to realizes what he sees as major faults in his daughter I do not . Imature stubborn adolesences or free spirit depends on your views . . I think Victoria is a survivor who will outlast March 30 . i do not think haveing regrets makes up alot of Victoria’s time . The 6 girls however will wallow in this fer the rest of your lives . It will be very interesting whether Victoria will be at the sentencing herrings . I do not think so . The rest of us including the guilty are more into this then Victoria seems to be.

  34. Scott

    Interesting points Phil about how Tori is already acting like and adult and moving on. I hope that’s the case.

    As for Tori not wanting the girls to go to jail that was reported that Tori said that but we never heard Tori say it or read her say it. How could Victoria not want Hardcastle to go to jail for atleast a few months for damaging her vision for life and giving her nightmares for life? The other girls i can understand if Tori doesn’t want them in the slammer. But Hardcastle is a different story just because of the extended assault she gave Tori and the extended damage she did to her mentally and physically.

  35. gompertz

    Phil and Scott, I don’t think Victoria will show up at the sentencing hearings. Why should she? Would the judge listen to her? Does Spoto care about what the victim wants? I doubt it. What if she says she wants the judge to impose the maximum and he goes ahead and imposes no jail time. She doesn’t need the aggravation.

    Amy, of course we don’t know the motives of Ms Hardcastle. Obviously she doesn’t want to go to jail. But I would rather believe she got pregnant simply because she wants a baby rather than that it was a silly trick to avoid jail. Anyway, in a few years, the kid will be old enough to watch videos on the Internet and then mommy will have some explaining to do…
    Amy, I hope everything is okay with you. And hope you are getting enough sleep. 🙂

  36. AmyV

    Gomp –

    As you can see I am up late again 🙂 Getting enough sleep though.

    I believe by now with everyone still commenting Brittini H. must be pregnant. The thought would not even have entered my mind of her doing this to avoid jail time. I just hope if this is so she will grow up and learn what it means to be a good mother. It is hard to reconcile the difference between the ruthless teenager on the tape and a soon to be loving mother.

    Yes the violence she commited would be difficult to explain to her child. This case seems to have no end to its sadness. I also agree since Victoria has made not appeared a the sentencing thus far she will come forward now. I see this as perhaps her trying to get on with her life. I hope this is so anyhow.

    Still getting mailer demon when responding to you. Hope all is well

  37. Phil

    Scott ,We all want BH to go to jail who knows what Victoria wants .If she wanted jailtime for any of them then she could have made this known publically thus putting presure on the state .So Scott you may be wrong on this one . You would think she would want all of them in jail God and everbody else knows thats what I wanted and I only had to endure the watching of the tape . But Victoria and Talsia seem to have a different view . I am still not sure what Victoria’s father thinks .
    Hi AmyV great post you are right you can tell a criminal by thier actions and these people are criminals to bad the courts have not treated them as such

  38. Phil

    Hi AmyV and Gomp Up late myself interesting points about BH . What a case defendants getting Pregnent ,Victims father on one site defendants mother on another ,Mother arrested for beating up the daughter she so long defended against those who wanted to beat her up . From life in prison to community service
    Strange stuff indeed

  39. AmyV

    Phil –

    Good evening Phil. Seems we are all up late tonight:) The time for them to be treated like criminals has long since passed. Now with B.H. being pregnant the judgement would he harder. I to do not wish to see a pregnant woman in jail. However, if there were speedier trials this would not have been an issue.

    I have read some of the comments on Topix and I surely do not understand what Victoria’s father wants. Her mother has made it clear I believe. She would like to see them given another chance. As for myself I have stated before if this were my daughter I would never afford them that leniancy.

    I would want them punished. period. If this sounds to harsh for some I can not apologize. Watching the tape was enough for me to want justice for her. Criminals they are.

    Sleepless in Fla, N.Y. and Canada. Wow must be something in the water.

  40. AmyV

    Phil –

    O.K. once again posting again at the same time lol. A lot of people began this with much passion for the victim and wanting just punishment for the criminals. Yet little are left I am afraid. I have not watched the video in some time.

    I can not believe this has been a year. There was never a thought in my mind when seeing this brutal attack for the first time such events would take place. Yet the judgements been passed. Already future crimes have been commited. Although not by the teenagers themselves.

    I am glad to see some have held out long enough to show their true interest in justice for this young girl. Perhaps that is all we can count on now. Enough focus and perhaps it may stop just one more such incident.

  41. gompertz

    As expected, Christina Garcia’s domestic battery case ended with a plea deal. If anyone is still interested, here is a link:

  42. Alirebelchick

    Regardless of what the case may be, no one deserves to be beaten like that! Not even an animal. I don’t what is wrong with people today, especially kids. It sickens me.


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