10-year-old OD’s, left for 12 hours

Police: 10-Year-Old Overdosed On Mother’s Medication:

42-year-old Roberta Lynn “Bobbie” Justus-Buck of Franklin, Indiana has been arrested in the death of her 10-year-old son, Travis Buck.

Here’s how it started…

Justus-Buck told police that both of her children had been sick, and that she had planned on taking them to the doctor the day before. But she said that when she and her daughter went to wake up Buck, he was unresponsive. She said that they left him on the floor so that the girl would not miss her appointment.

When Justus-Buck and her daughter returned from the doctor’s appointment and shopping at Wal-Mart Travis Buck was still in the same position and was cold to the touch. An autopsy revealed that Travis Buck died from a morphine overdose. Justus-Buck had a prescription for morphine. I wonder what ‘condition’ she needed the morphine for. She claims that she never saw him take the morphine and that she never gave it to him. When police told her that’s how her son died she said “Then I’ve been a terrible parent, I guess.” There’s no guessing about it, you are. The autopsy also showed that Travis Buck was dead for at least 12 hours before she called 911.

And did I mention they all lived in a trailer and that it was piled with trash, food and dog feces and has since been condemned?

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.


  1. HOW do people live with themselves? If I’m trying to get my kids ready for an appointment, I start at least 2 hours before we have to be anywhere. If I was to attempt to wake my son up and he was unresponsive to me, I would IMMEDIATELY suspect something was wrong – especially at that age. People do make mistakes, but this was no mistake. This is proof that she was obviously a worthless person, and totally unfit to be a mother. Morphine, and any other kind of narcotic, should never be allowed into a person’s home. It’s a total shame that so many children die from things like this because of their parents’ careless and selfish behavior.

    I just don’t understand people. This is a SICK world.


  2. He was dead for TWELVE hours before she called for help and she just left him there so she wouldn’t miss her other appointment and a trip to the Wal-Marts? Unfuckingbelievable.

    Sometimes I really wish there was mandatory sterilization.


  3. what does she mean by unresponsive when she tried to wake him? if that child was dead for 12 hours….she had an appt. and went shopping…a dr.’s office usually isn’t open until 8 or 9am. did she go there and then shop until 8 or 9 pm??? by unresponsive does she mean dead? she tried to wake him and saw that he was DEAD….but didn’t want to miss the doc appt and needed to shop at walmart????? figured he was already dead so there was no rush in calling 911????omg….this is too much to even comprehend.


  4. Yet another kid who will never know what life in a normal, nurturing, loving home was really like.


  5. Travis Buck was one of my sons best friends. The way the school system handled this makes me sick! My son came home on Halloween crying his eyes out. The school gave them a letter at the end of the day and said “Travis Buck passed away and you need to go home and talk to your parents”. The letter had said that the classmates were “supppose” to be called down to the office where there were Chaplans to speak to. My son and many other of Travis’s close friends were not called. How would the school know who plays with who on recess! My son was crying uncontrollably all evening. When it was time to go out to trick- or- treat he said how do you expect me to go out now. Travis was here and now he is gone and he cannot go out, why should I. I explained that he should go out in his memory and take their other friend also. He said ok but cryed from house to house until he had a headache and nearly vomited. Holloween I’m afraid will never be the same for my son and will mark the day of the worst news of his childhood. Thanks FCSC for handling things as expected!
    It is now nearly 6 months and my son will stop at his resting place to talk to him and has not made sence out of the fact that this cold happen.


  6. The day that Buck was layed to rest a woman was very upset speaking loudly. “Did you see her laughing?” She wanted to lung for the mother of Travis Buck but people held her and spoke softly to her as they cryed. How could such a horrible thing happen? Welfare and investigations are always poking there nose where it doesn’t belong it seems and then leting conditions like this go by unnoticed. How did EVERYONE it seems turn a blind eye? Could this have been predicted? What is going to be done in the future so this does not happen again to other innocent children?


  7. That egg donor should have the living shit beat out of her. Let’s see, she was on her way to take the sister to a doctor’s appointment, and didn’t think her UNRESPONSIVE son might need medical attention at least as much (if not more) than the walking, talking girl? That woman must have the IQ of a dead dead slug! I wonder how she explained the boy’s death to her sister?

    “Hey, sweetie, remember this morning when we couldn’t get your brother to get up?”

    “Mmm, hmm.”

    “Well, it turns out he wasn’t just being lazy, like I told you.”

    “Really, Mom?”

    “Yes, really. He was dead. But since I’m such a lazy, worthless piece of shit, I didn’t even bother to check for breathing at the time. Besides, I wanted to get you to the doctor, and buy you that cute new blouse you wanted from Wal-Mart.”

    “Oh, okay, Mom.” ……”Hey, Mom?”

    “Yes, Sweetie?”

    “If I die, are you gonna leave me on the floor to go shopping, too?”

    “Of course not dear! If you were dead you would hardly need a new blouse now, would you?”


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