Baby’s body found in investigation of other baby’s attempted murder

Coroner: No cause of death yet for Belleville infant:

Back in November Elyse Mamino of Belleville, Ill. was accused of giving birth to her daughter in a bathroom at a family party and trying to drown the newborn in the toilet. Luckily the child survived. The state thought it was a good idea to return the baby to Mamino after the baby was released from the hospital.

Normally in these types of stories we’d be reading about how the baby was injured at the hands of the mother but not this time.

While investigating the attempted murder police found the remains of another baby in Mamnio’s residence. The date of death was determined to be sometime in 2007 but the cause of death has not been determined yet.

She’s pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charges.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.


  1. Wow… what has this world come to?? If you dont want babies, DONT HAVE SEX!!! Plain and simple!


  2. But only AFTER they had demonstrable proof of a dead baby. An almost-dead baby, apparently, isn’t proof enough that she’s an unfit mother.

    Do these child protective services agencies actually go out LOOKING to hire the least competent, most disinterested nincompoops they can find? Or do those types just naturally gravitate toward this kind of work?


  3. If you don’t want babies, lock yourselves in the house so you don’t get raped.


  4. Ihavekidstoo,

    No, they hire caring, intelligent people who want to do what’s right. Unfortunately, resources are so limited that they seldom get to do what’s right.


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