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Teen Sentenced For YouTube Beating:

Teen In Polk Video Beating Gets Probation, Community Service:

And the sentences aren’t that much if you ask me.

Anyway, 18-year-old Brittany Mayes was given the ever so harsh sentence of 1-year probation, $2000 in restitution paid to Victoria Lindsay’s family and she can not access any social sites like MySpace or Facebook.

Mercades Nichols was sentenced to 3 years probation, she must write a letter of apology, must stay in school or be employed full-time, can have no contact with Victoria or her family and can not talk to the media for profit.

So basically they were given the proverbial slaps on the wrist.

I’m not saying they should have been sentenced to life in prison but they should have received at least some time in county lockup.

24 thoughts on “Mayes and Nichols sentenced in Victoria Lindsay beatintg

  1. Alexa says:

    This is total bullshit…
    Those girls should get harsher punishments for what they did….this is the stupiest thing i have ever seen..those girls are getting off to easy…Dumb bitches..


  2. gompertz says:

    The dumbest bitches of all are the judge and prosecutors who turned this case into a sick joke. Once again criminals win and victims lose thanks to our “justice” system.


  3. Mark says:

    I really have nothing to add…both Alexa and Gomp have said it all…what an absolute shame.


  4. UltimateHustler says:

    Alexa this is so awesome. We can beat up anyone we want now, and upload it to the internet. We can punk anyone out.


  5. Diane W says:

    Very very sad ~ those girls planned the beating and were vicious ~ time in jail should have been served.


  6. gompertz says:

    This is not the first time that violent criminals have escaped punishment because of some foolish judge. But this crime was caught on video for the world to see. Yet it was not enough to persuade our great legal minds that some sort of punishment was called for. Spoto seems lost in a fog of legal technicalities, completely oblivious to the intense human suffering of the victim. Hopefully this sad sick outcome will alert good people everywhere that the legal system is broken and that fools like Spoto do not deserve any respect from decent people. Judge, prosecutors, and defense team have given us a clear picture of what our “justice” system has become. “Justice” means something very different for the legal technicians and ACLU “liberals” who keep producing such sick and perverse outcomes. Criminals go free and victims get no justice and the lawyers and judges are very pleased with it all.


  7. M. Hutchence says:

    i kind of expected this- it doesn’t make it any more easy to accept however. I’m sure we’ll see these lovely ladies in the news again.


  8. gompertz says:

    Cheer up, Hutch. The judge still has a chance to redeem himself if he sentences Hardcastle to a few months in adult prison. We know he probably won’t, but it will be interesting to see anyway. And what are the chances that Mercades and her friends will make it through the probation period without any more trouble? More on this story as it develops….


  9. Phil says:

    Is that what we should wish for that they screw up break probation and perhaps get a judge with teeth . The problem with this is that they may screw up someone elses life in the process. what i hope for is that they will be sneered at for the cowarads that they are . Jobs turned down . loud comments are parties and wispering that just about stops when the walk into the rm . They deserve so much more then a spineless judge and SAO has given them .


  10. gompertz says:

    Phil- You have to believe that if the “lovely ladies” (as Hutchence calls them) continue to offend, they will pick on the wrong person and get what they deserve. At least Mercades has to undergo some kind of psych evaluation, according to Jason Geary. If that doesn’t help, hopefully the good people of Lakeland will not let them continue on their present belligerent course without intervening effectively and administer some serious behavior modification therapy. )


  11. Bay says:

    Hate to say it but i seen this one coming. This is just why these kids keep doing this stupid crap because there are no cases yet that show them Hey Idiots if you mess up like this you will do some time. They know they are not getting anything but probation and sadly kids like these wanna by thugs do not care about probation anymore.


  12. Phil says:

    Cooper got 2 years probationand hassels one year
    Cooper read a public letter of apology to the Lindsays ,it did not say much what was in the leter or if Victoria was there


  13. gompertz says:

    I doubt whether Victoria was there. The presence of the Lindsays apparently did nothing to change the mind of the judge. As for the letter of apology, I’m sure Cooper was happy to get the formality over with and skip away merrily.


  14. Phil says:

    It is hard to say . I always try to believe an apology . It just dosen,t change the facts that the sentences of guilty were woefully inadequet


  15. gompertz says:

    I just found a picture of Ms Cooper issuing her apology, on the Ledger. To my pleasant surprise, she seems to be showing genuine remorse. Now how about her lawyer, Rohom Khonsari, showing some remorse for the way he attacked the victim at her deposition in October? But then again, has anyone ever seen a lawyer showing remorse? No? I didn’t think so…

    BTW according to some of the comments in TBO, judge Spoto can be voted out of office. If enough people want it, they can still send a message that “liberal” judges will be held accountable for their stupidity.


  16. Scott says:

    Can judge Spoto’s defense for the slaps on thw wrist be that there are so many teens in jail that added the Infamous 8 crew to stints in jail be it in prison or juvenile detention would just add to the overcrowding problems and that’s why he did not have them do time in jail?

    I agree with every post here. It’s outrageous that the teens basically got away with this crime against Victoria Lindsay even though it was cuaght on tape. But I must say how surprised I am at April Cooper’s seemingly heartfelt courtroom apology to Tori and her family. That caught me off guard and actually made me feel good about her. It doesn’t really change thing. The damamge was done to Tori. But it makes me think there is hope for April.


  17. gompertz says:

    Scott, I agree. There should have been punishment. Still, it was more than I expected to see such a sincere show of remorse from the one I though would be the most incorrigible. It is good to see that there is hope for Ms Cooper and she is still so young that she has time to become a truly good person.
    As for the judge, he messed up by his overly lenient sentences.
    I wonder whether the people of Florida will show their disapproval
    of the judge’s lack of backbone by voting him out. That would send a message that such judicial misconduct will not be tolerated any longer.


  18. Scott says:

    Gomp, I think lots of people would show their dissaporoval of Spoto’s actions in the Victoria Lindsay case if they knew how to. I wonder what sheriff Judd thinks of all this. He has to be very upset.


  19. gompertz says:

    Scott, can they vote Spoto out of office? People might get active by sending letters and staging demonstrations. As for the sheriff, I think he is quite happy with his reelection with a 96% approval.

    Still, it was good to see Ms Cooper’s clearly heartfelt apology and at least it brought the Lindsays some relief. Let’s see what happens March 20 when it’s Ms Hardcastle’s turn. Will she follow the example of Ms Cooper or not? To me that is more interesting than what the judge does.

    What is important is that Victoria is alive and doing better, at least physically. If those who attacked her show some genuine remorse, that might help Victoria to heal psychologically too.


  20. Scott says:

    Gomp, I am not sure if the public can vote judge Spoto or any of the SAO out of office. But they should because they did not protect the victims rights in this case. It was the assailants the judge protected like they were the victims. Strange. Very strange.

    This case was a disaster for victims rights. But I feel a little bit better about knowing that Kayla and April have apologized and moved on. I can live with that although a little time in juvenile detnetion was warranted for both especially April who pounded Tori.


  21. gompertz says:

    Scott, the judge has one more chance to redeem himself when he sentences Ms Hardcastle tomorrow. But even if Spoto defies expectations and imposes a jail sentence, it won’t make up for the fact that justice has not been served because the others escaped without the punishment they deserved.


  22. mark says:

    This is why kids are not detered to commit crimes because they get a slap on the rist


  23. Karma is a btch says:

    Looks like Brittany Mayes has a facebook page too. It’s under Brittany Mayes, listing her current city as Greenville, KY


  24. Karma says:

    Correction on brittany mayes. She does hav a fb pg but still n florida. Looks like she’s still friends w Brittni hardcastle. I see brittni has a little girl. I hope she teaches her daughter to NOT bully othrs


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