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School killer played shooter game the night before massacre:

A little update n both Albertville blame game posts that I’ve made. The first is about the video games. German media is reporting that not only did Kretschmer play Counter-Strike but it seems he also played the first person shooter Far Cry 2. Now here in the States I think the video game violence issue has died down considerably in the past couple of years. Germany is a different matter. Like I’ve said before they have some of the more bizarre laws on record when it comes to video games. In light of this there will more than likely be more calls from politicians for more legislation in Germany.However I think it goes without saying that video games did not make this kid into a mass murdering fuckwit. He already was one.

As far as the psychiatry debate goes Kretschmer’s parents are saying that he in fact did not receive any kind of psychiatric treatment. If that’s true maybe they should have but that would definitely shoot a crap load of holes in the Luddites’ theories.

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