The Trench Reynolds Report

Without truth there is no justice

The man who Tim Kretschmer carjacked is sort of a hero. The man, 41-year-old Igor Wolf, wanted to bail at a red light but noticed mothers with children in strollers. Wolf feared that Kretschmer would start shooting then if Wolf escaped. Instead, Wolf veered off the road when he spotted a police car. Wolf was able to escape unharmed.

However, while Kretschmer was in Wolf’s car he said he had killed his 12 victims at Albertville-Realschule for fun. Wolf said that Kretschmer was also looking for another school to attack.

Wolf said he asked Kretschmer, 17, why he had killed people at the school.

“He answered very loudly: ‘for fun — because it’s fun,'” Wolf told Stern.

Kretschmer also asked: “do you think we can find another school?” according to Wolf, who said he distracted Kretschmer by changing the subject.

Who knows how many lives Herr Wolf saved on that day.

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