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All Crime Is Personal

I received an e-mail from reader Jacqueline whose friend is being harassed by scammers since Jacqueline’s friend responded to a scam rental ad on her local craigslist for a property in Santa Monica, California. According to Jacqueline they are contacting her at least twice a day and calling her on her cell phone at odd hours.

The scammer goes by the name of Rebecca Andre, using the e-mail address of and claims to be the wife of another scammer that I’ve posted about before, Andre Ulla. The e-mail pours it on thick with claims of disability and cancer…

How are you doing today? Thank you very much for taking your time to write me, it is my sincere pleasure to write you back, and to let you know that the two bedroom apartment you are making enquiry of is still available.Utilities Inlcluded: Heat, Gas, Electricity, Water, Dryer, Washer, Internet/Cable and a secured parking space. Available from now, security deposit of $600 is required before move in,after two weeks of move in,first month rent will be required. Well trained pets are also allowed.Let me quickly introduce myself to you. My name is Rebecca and my husband’s name is Andre Ulla.My husband is the owner of the apartment you are making enquiry,but right now he’s in West Africa on a missionary work, l was suppose to travel with him, but some months before he traveled, l had a very serious car accident, that affected my back bone and brain, that lead to my disability, now l am using wheel chair and l find it very difficult to talk, but l can still communicate through any means of writing, that is the reason why l was unable to traveled with my husband. Right now, l am staying with my mother. She is also suffering from lungs cancer.Actually I and my husband both resided in our apartment before he traveled to West Africa on a missionary work, so we both agreed to rent/lease our apartment, to somebody that can take absolute care of it, in order to enable me pay for my mother’s hospital bill and take care of myself, We will not like to experience what we experienced from our last tenant, he destroyed most of our valuable home appliances ,and l know how much my husband spent to replace the things our last tenant destroyed in our apartment before he moved out.To be honest with you, a whole lot of people are contacting me regarding our apartment, but l am not sure of who to accept due to our past experience, so we’re taking our time to look for a responsible person, that can take proper care of our apartment, as if it is his/her own. My husband is a very busy man, due to the nature of his job, but he said if l find a responsible person, that promise to take care of our apartment, l should let him know. We don’t ever want to take the risk of putting our apartment in care of an agent again, because our last agent just leased our apartment, to somebody that destroyed most of our valuable home appliances, since my husband is a very busy person, he said l should be very careful with the kind of person l rent out our apartment to.lf you can assure me that, you will take absolute care of our apartment, as if it is your own, we will be more than happy to have you as our new tenant to be.Here is the address of our apartment (redacted) As soon as l hear from you, l will send you more information regarding our apartment. Expect to read from you soon, once again, thank you very much for the time you took in writing me me.. l must tell you that l really appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely


Even with the new additions to the old scam we still have some of the same old trademarks of the scam. First off the owner is in West Africa, missionary work and in a subsequent e-mail the ‘renters’ asked for the money to be couriered to them.

I advised Jacqueline to tell her friend that if they call again to let the scammers know that they’re on to them and to contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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