Buckmaster responds to Illinois AG

Meeting IL AG Madigan:

craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster has posted on the official craigslist blog that he is looking forward to meeting with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

He says he’s looking forward to discussing the progress made since their joint statement last November.

What progress? Are you that delusional Jim? You can’t say craigslist has regressed in criminal prevention either because it doesn’t do anything worthwhile to prevent criminal activity on its site.

He reminds me of Baghdad Bob saying there were no American troops in Baghdad as the tanks rolled in.

Markoff off of suicide watch

Source: 16 Pairs of Women’s Underwear Found in Home of Alleged ‘Craigslist Killer’:

Basically there’s really only two worthwhile pieces of information from this article. The first is as I mentioned in the headline Philip Markoff has been taken off of suicide watch but he’s still wearing the paper clothes. The second piece of information is that Markoff told his family to forget about him because more information is going to come out. What that information may be is anyone’s guess.

However this allows me to address something. I am not going to post the more salacious and gossipy parts of this story. I personally could give a rat’s ass if his fiance is going to call off the marriage or not. I’m only interested in seeing justice served for the death of Julissa Brisman.

San Antonio school shooting plot thwarted

Jorge L. Alfrao

Jorge L. Alfrao

Cops say a local Columbine foiled:

That cheery individual is 22-year-old Jorge L. Alfaro of San Antonio, Texas. He was arrested on Monday for planning to shoot up Harlandale High School. The school he used to attend.

This was no mere joke either. Alfaro was leaving his house with two shotguns, three handguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and body armor. He allegedly told his mother he was going to shoot up his former high school for the way they treated him. For the sake of argument let’s say he graduated at the age of 18. That would mean he graduated from high school in 2005. 4 years ago.

Luckily his mom convinced him to seek mental help and while he was at the hospital she called police. Go mom.

Getting back to Alfaro himself it seems that his middle initial stands for loser. He claims that he was beaten up and harassed in school and that he had no friends. He worked most recently at a fast food joint. I bet he cooked the fries.

And yes he is in fact a mutant.

Authorities said they also found a notebook filled with detailed plans and notes about the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech University.

At least he picked an original date. He wanted to commit the shootings Monday and then kill himself because that was his birthday.

Four years, possibly, after leaving high school and this assclown wanted to go back and shoot the place up when more than likely anybody he went to school with wasn’t even there anymore.

The stupidity of these chuds never fails to amaze me.

I’ll have more on Alfaro as details are released.

Woman has sex with dog and toddler and broadcasts it

Woman accused of sex acts with dog, toddler:

I can honestly say this is one of the more disturbing stories I’ve ever posted. Disturbing but not surprising after some of the stories I’ve posted.

Anyway there’s no beating around the bush with this story. A woman from Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada was arrested for having sex acts with a toddler and a dog and broadcasting it over the internet.

The police were tipped off by a man who claims he just met her over the internet before she started performing sex acts with the dog and child on webcam.

Police aren’t releasing much information about the child or the woman to protect the child’s identity and to prevent mobs from brandishing pitchforks and torches.

The one detail they did release was the breed of the dog. Care to take a guess what kind of dog it was? C’mon guess. The answer might surprise you.

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craigslist escort turned paralegal says stay off craigslist

Police, Former Prostitute Urge Sex Workers: Stay Off Craigslist:

This is a great story from Channel 11 in New York City about a former craigslist prostitute named Sasha who has not only turned her life around but is now urging sex workers to stop using craigslist.

Sasha used craigslist in 2005 to advertise her services but when she went to meet her client the guy turned out to be a junkie who pistol whipped her repeatedly and stole $1700 from her. The damage to her nose ended up costing her thousands of dollars to repair.

Now she’s a paralegal and has this advice for the working girls….

She says her warning is worth it if even one sex worker stays off the anonymous site. “If you want to make money go and get a job. Nobody’s going to protect you. If you have a pimp, he’s not going to protect you. . . . This is your life. You have to be proud of your life. “

Words to live by.

James Sargent found guilty of first degree murder in death of his son

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Judge: Father’s actions toward baby were ‘brutal and heinous’:

Again you can find my other posts on Sargent here and here. He is one of a pair of Breeders who left their son, Benjamin Sargent, alone in his car seat in his crib for days while they played video games and did not feed or change Benjamin which led to his death.

The sperm donor of the pair, 24-year-old James Sargent of Peoria, Illinois, was found guilty yesterday of first degree murder.

A doctor who testified during the trial said that Benjamin didn’t die from starvation but rather from an infection caused by the unchanged diaper. The fecal material ate through the skin causing a massive infection.

Sargent is looking at 100 years when sentenced in June.

The birth organism of the pair, Tracy Hermann, is scheduled for trial in August.

The Devil You Know by Heaven and Hell

If Black Sabbath had written Stairway to Heaven it would be Bible Black.

This song is an instant classic that should be in the pantheon of Dio-Era Sabbath songs like the song Heaven and Hell. Unfortunately the rest of the album doesn’t rock as hard. Oh it rocks all right and it’s a great album. It’s just not as good as other Dio Sabbath albums. Yes I think Dehumanizer is a better album. But it’s still the Dio fronted Black Sabbath so it’s automatically awesome.

Highly Recommended.

All hail his name m/

All hail his name m/

A strange desire – Wash. man arrested for looking for a murder victim on craigslist

Man arrested after posting Craigslist murder ad:
$1 million bail for suspect in Craigslist sex-and-death case:

Once again I’m late to the party. I’m sure most of you have heard by now about the guy from Washington state who posted ad on craigslist looking for a woman he could have sex with then kill her and get paid for it too.

That man allegedly is 24-year-old Shawn T. Skelton of Kent, Washington.

Supposedly a craigslist employee spotted the casual encounters ad entitled “A strange desire” where Skelton allegedly expressed his desire to have sex with a woman he could murder and his fee was $1000.

Seattle police intervened contacted Skelton in an undercover capacity.

Investigators say after communicating with the man about 30 times, during which the man doubled his price to $2,000, detectives set up a sting at the Aero Motel in South Seattle where the man allegedly agreed to meet the would-be murder victim.

But of course the victim was the Seattle PD. Skelton allegedly had a length of chain and a knife on him at the time of his arrest.

Not surprisingly anymore his girlfriend is proclaiming his innocence and that police set him up…

“He didn’t do anything,” the woman said. “If he was doing anything, he was trying to figure out a way to get money. He had no intent to go through with it.”

She said she read some of the e-mails between police and her boyfriend and she said the police “definitely entrapped him.” She said the issue of payment was brought up by officers, not by her boyfriend.

“They offered him money and we’re broke, living at our grandmother’s house,” she said.

“He actually has a lot, lot, lot of mental issues that need to be dealt with … But he’s not really the person they’re making him out to be,” she said. “He’s a good person, an amazing father, and I love him and support him.”

Not only is love blind but it’s retarded.

Skelton allegedly placed the ad so guess what sweetheart, it’s not entrapment.

Skelton is currently being held on $1M bond.

Now this brings up a few points. First Skelton must be the dumbest criminal in America. With all the attention on craigslist now thanks to the so-called craigslist killing out of Boston you would think that he would have picked a different avenue. Or maybe he picked craigslist because of all the attention. Either way he’s an alleged idiot.

Secondly the ad was discovered by a craigslist employee. I thought they didn’t have the manpower to monitor their ads since they only have 28 employees. If you monitor one you have to be able to monitor all.

Lastly where was the so-called community policing that craigslist brags about so much. Why wasn’t this ad flagged by the other craigslist users?

craigslist’s response should be interesting if they deem this incident worthy enough to give one. I bet it will be about how they helped the police.

Thanks to Soobs, SuziQ, Greg and Steve Huff for the tips.

NOLA boy shot in arm during alleged drug deal

Riley: Boy hit by bullet because father was buying drugs, not getting directions:

To hear the unidentified sperm donor tell it him and his son had just pulled over to a house to ‘ask for directions’ when a man started shooting at him with a machine gun, The assailant was obviously a lousy shot because of instead of hitting the ‘direction asking’ father he hit the 10-year-old boy instead. The boy was hsotg in the arm and the injury is not life threatening.

However as the police tell it the sperm donor was actually there to buy drugs. Oh, and did I mention his 8-year-old daughter was in the car as well? She was uninjured.

I would recommend in the future that this guy uses Mapquest or Google Maps for his directions but I’m guessing they don’t have crack houses listed on them.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Nevada Breeders convicted for sex abuse

Mother pleads guilty in Douglas County to helping then-husband exploit their daughters:

Rocky Raccoon over there is 32-year-old Stacy Thoman. She recently pleaded guilty to charges of assisting her then husband sexually abuse and exploit their children. Said husband, 35-year-old Kevan Thoman, was recently sentenced to life plus 20.

The abuse began in 2000 when their daughters were 6 and 3. They are now 12 and 15. I couldn’t find an article that detailed the kind of abuse they had to endure but it must have been really bad because the oldest girl has obviously been indoctrinated to whatever depraved lifestyle they were teaching their kids.

Washoe County Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ann Partin read a letter the older daughter wrote last fall asking to be reunited with her father.

“Did I say I was in danger?” the girl wrote. “I had many chances to leave. In four years, when I am 18, what will you do to stop me from seeing my father?

“I do see the error of my father’s ways, but this is no business of the government. I grew up way too fast, but it was good for me. My father is a proud Libertarian. I will follow his example,” she wrote. “I am adult enough to know what I want. I could have worked things out for myself.”

I don’t mean to get political here but the last time I did any research on the Libertarian party I don’t think sexually abusing your children was anywhere in their platform.

Hopefully this girl can get some help.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.