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Child in crash not properly restrained:

3-year-old Kaiden Smith is in critical condition after the vehicle he was traveling in crashed in Fountain County, Indiana on April 1st. Kalden was in his car set but the seat was not restrained. Kalden and his birth organism, Pamela Smith, were both airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital. The other person in the vehicle, 29-year-old Jason Coleman was treated and released. It’s unknown at this time if Coleman is the sperm donor or just the penis.

Anyway it turns out that not only were both ‘adults’ intoxicated neither one of them had any business driving since they both had suspended drivers licenses.

Police at this time don’t know which of the pair were driving and DNA tests are being performed on the airbags to see who was at the wheel. I’m laying odds on the penis since he was the one with the least amount of injuries. That’s the way it seems to work out in drunk driving cases.

Thanks to Erin for the tip.

24 thoughts on “3-year-old not restrained in drunk driving crash

  1. Angel says:

    Question: When you leave the hospital with a newborn don’t they tell you to always use a carseat? And wouldn’t you think that part of the instructions would include mentioning the fact that the seat needs to be buckled into the car?

    For this baby’s egg donor, and anyone else out there who is too ignorant to figure this out on their own: What do you call a carseat that is not buckled in? A PROJECTILE!!! And if your kid is in it, he becomes part of the missile, too. Maybe the carseat hit one (or both) of the adults on the way out of the car. That would at least be a little bit of poetic justice.


  2. Ann Abbott says:

    I beieive that Jason Coleman is not the sperm donor and that Pam Smith deserves alot more than jail time for what she has done ..i also beieive that Jason Coleman is as guilty as the mother ..why does a child have to suffer because the mother is a junkie ie. the nick name quarter gram Pam…jail is too good for these people and i really don’t want to see my tax dollars feeding and housing them in jail..these people are the bottom feeders of society and they need to be punished for the life that they so carelessly disreguarded..and if anyone wants to ask me to my face i would say the same to them them..if this were my child or grandchild i would be pushing the envelope to have these two people Pam Smith and Jason Coleman suffering for what they have done… many seconds does it take to buckle a carseat in and to buckle the child into it??????


  3. Angel says:

    how many seconds does it take to buckle a carseat in and to buckle the child into it??????

    A lot less time than it takes if the unbuckled child gets injured from being improperly restrained, and ends up in critical condition at the hospital.

    That has been my standard reply every time some well-meaning (and impatient) friend/person has asked me “Why are you buckling all of your children in? We are just going around the corner.” I have six children, and although it takes a minute or two to climb into the very back of my van, and make sure they are all buckled properly; it would take a lot more of my time if one of them were injured due to the sheer laziness of leaving them unbuckled.

    People, PLEASE, if you love your kids, buckle them up! It is the best investment of time you can spend in showing them your love. My oldest is almost twenty, now, and has NEVER ridden in a vehicle with me without being properly buckled in. She rolls her eyes and sulks every time I remind her, but she knows that the vehicle will not move unless ALL of my children are buckled in. And when her boyfriend rode with us to a wedding once, and asked why HE had to buckle up too, my daughter turned around to him, smiled sweetly, and said, “Because she loves us.”
    That made my day……..hell, that made my year!


  4. Angel says:

    Oh, in case any of you are wondering, since I said that my oldest is almost twenty…….My four youngest children are all under the age of nine. So I still have to physically buckle, or at least check, each of them before we go anywhere. And the very youngest is still in a 5-point-harness. As I said, it may be time-consuming, but it’s worth it….


  5. nut says:

    how could the child not been restrained since he had shoulder harnest marks on his could jason been driving since more than five people seen pam driving just minutes before the accident maybe because they want the penis to take the fall for her.people should know all the facts of the accident before the post their comments.


  6. Amanda says:

    Umm..nut…the child was buckled into the carseat but the seat was not buckled into the car. That is how the child wasn’t restrained. I HATE when lazy parents refuse to properly restrain their kids in the car. It’s such a simple thing to do.


  7. sfdude_2008 says:

    I agree with everything that Amanda, Angel and Ann Abbot said.


  8. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Angel … six kids! You are my hero!

    I totally agree with you on the lazy ass parents who can’t take the two seconds needed to buckle a child into a car seat and make sure the seat is properly secured. And the idiots who make the excuse that it’s too difficult to figure out how to properly secure the carseat. Oh yeah, I’ve heard THAT one too. Here’s a newsflash, years ago the federal government mandated that EVERY car built after 2000 have the LATCH system in it.

    That means all you have to do is clip the carseat’s belt onto those two sturdy little latches in the bottom of the seat and the one at the top of the seat and the seat is quickly and easily secured. Only a total moron wouldn’t be able to do it. And if your car is older than 2000 and you’re not sure what do do with your car seat take the seat and the car to your local police department, fire station or car dealer and someone with a little more sense than you will gladly show you how to secure the seat.


  9. Samantha says:

    Ihavekidstoo, you still have to put the car seat belt through the car seat too though right? Either way its not rocket science and not that hard to figure out… They just didnt care enough to do it.


  10. daisy says:

    You know…I personally know the people and the rediculous thing to me is a 3 year old child is the one sitting in a hospital while the other two are probably “bumping “another round of heroin into their arms. I have a child and i have burried a child and the thought that grown people could be so irresponsible with another human life reguardless if Jason Coleman’s mother is off her rocker more than not and as for”quarter gram Pam if cps doesn’t rip that child from her so mabe if he survives he may salvage a desent life than we have one messed up legal system….people use this to enjoy the wonderful little miricle children we have in our live’s-shame on you Pam and Jason


  11. Kathy says:

    There’s also a wonderful device called Mighty-Tite (sp) that is available at Toys R Us. You feed the seatbelt through it and then pump the handle until the carseat is secure (as in it will not move an inch an any direction). It’s great for the kids still in a 5 pt harness. My son is in a booster and he gets really mad because I ratchet the seat belt so that he is secure in the car. He hates that he can’t reach toys on the floor because he’s stuck in an upright position. I tell him I like his head where it is, and that’s why I make sure he’s safe.


  12. nut says:

    UM ,
    like i sead know the facts. the car set was bukeld in in tell the child was pulled out the truck,before cops got to the sence


  13. Angel says:

    “nut” seems to be an appropriate name for the previous commenter, since he seems to be NUTS!

    Are you saying that the police falsified evidence? The baby is in critical condition, you idiot! The drunk assholes who didn’t restrain him properly are at fault!

    Also – you have the writing skills of a first grader. Just reading your comments is enough to give me a headache.


  14. daisy says:

    Oh by the way….everytime you see a coment left by “nut”that is Jason coleman we gave him that nickname as kis also jason if u could learn how to spell people might understand you and oh yeah.. you can try to shift the name blame but who really cares who was driving and it was your vehicle can you not make the responsible descision to check and see if the child is securely buckled in YOUR vehicle????? your the one who has to live with it everynight sweet dreams sweetheart ask Roger it doesn’t feel good you put that child there so live with it pea brain


  15. SithSnoopy says:

    Kathy, wonder if Mighty-Tight is available on Amazon? Thanks for even mentioning it… it sounds like a WONDERFUL tool. 🙂

    I drive an ancient Saturn. I had to get that car seat securely installed THE HARD WAY. Lots of sweat, tears, and cursing, lol. 🙂

    But it’s secure. Damnit. Son of a… ghrrr.

    Not sure in this economy that it’s going to be a good idea to upgrade the Saturn anytime soon.

    Does anyone know how the poor 3 year old is doing? Is his name Kaiden or Kalden?


  16. Angel says:

    Thanks, Kathy – I think I’ll go there and order one too.


  17. Ihavekidstoo says:

    That looks like an awesome product! And it works with booster seats too right? We moved my son into a booster a few months ago and he’s just realized he can now lean forward in the strap. I’d love some way to ratchet the strap tight so he can’t do that. Scares the crap out of me every time I see him bend over and stretch the belt.


  18. Samantha says:

    You dont want to get the belt too tight though because then it will snap if you are ever in a car accident. Read the reviews written about that product, I didnt see a single car seat tech or any expert encourage use, they all actually discouraged using it… Im going to check with some people I know that do the car seat stuff and see what they say about it.


  19. April says:

    Nut is a moron. And why is it everytime someone defends one of the useless asshole features on this sit they can’t spell? More proof that Nut is a moron.


  20. Samantha says:

    haha April… sit=site? I hate it when that happens, I say something about someone spelling something wrong and then I do it too… never fails… lets see if I can make it through this one without a typo.
    But I agree. All these trash talkers on here just talk (type) garbage. You can tell the literate from the illiterate very easily. I don’t mind have an open argument/debate with someone if all parties can be civil and actually type coherently. Its just a waste of time to argue with someone who can’t even make a complete sentence!


  21. Angel says:

    “And why is it everytime someone defends one of the useless asshole features on this sit they can’t spell?”

    Because, April, if they had any brains, they wouldn’t be defending these morons. teehee


  22. Darren says:

    There are times I am ashamed to be from Veedersburg….

    So, Nut & Quarter-Gram Pam hurt a kid?? I’m not surprised at all…


  23. Fergilicious says:

    I know “NUT” AKA Jason & he is pure waste of oxygen………….Dunno the mother of this poor child .BUT whoever was driving deserves the utmost the law can give them…..I pray the child lives & is placed into a loving family’s home…As far as the mother & Jason who cares yanno???


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