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All Crime Is Personal

…is don’t take your kids to teen fight club.

Mother Accused of Driving Girls to Fight:

That disappointed looking individual is one 46-year-old Sherri L. Turner of Kearney, Missouri. She’s accused of allowing her daughter’s friend to drive her in Turner’s car and her 16-year-old daughter to a fight that her daughter and her friend were going to be in. She also had 3 beers prior to 5:30pm. Well at least she had a designated driver.

As is usual in these cases the fight was captured on video.

Police say a video of the incident that ensued shows Turner encouraging the girl who drove her there and another girl while they continually hit and punched a different girl, who at times was on the ground being held by her attackers.

Turner has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

7 thoughts on “The first rule of teen fight club…

  1. Samantha says:

    Mother of the year right there…. let me tell ya… thats just how I want to raise my kids! *sarcasm*

    Thats just ridiculous. I teach mine its OK to defend themselves but never to start it… But I bet ya if I were there there would be no fight in the first place… nope not gonna happen. Hope this woman can be charged with something!


  2. Angel says:

    Does anybody else think that the mother looks like she might have gotten a few punches in the face as well? Or maybe somebody just beat her with an ugly stick……..Nah, they must have used the whole damn tree on her.

    What kind of parent encourages their child to fight like that? That’s just sick. Maybe they’ll allow the parents of the girl who was assaulted to have 15 minutes alone in a room with this moron before they haul her off to the pokey. And film it for youtube. *giggle*


  3. Samantha says:

    hey thats a good idea angel!


  4. Lori says:

    Looks like she’s stunned. “What? You mean that was wrong?”


  5. Jamie says:

    Figures that would happen in Missouri…lol That’s just horrible…..I think Angel has a great idea though 🙂


  6. Gary says:

    Yeah, have her in restraints, too, like her hands cuffed behind her back and ankle restraints, as well.. That way she can’t defend herself..


  7. pak31 says:

    Amazing. These stories just keep getting more ridiculous. What kind of mother/woman does this or encourages it? Just can’t believe this, then everyone will wonder why her daughter turns out to be a trouble maker.


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