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Fayette couple held for trial in SIDS death:

30-year-olds Jennifer Nicole Gaster and Daniel Keith Martin II of Luzerne Township, Pennsylvania have been ordered to stand trial in the death of their two-month-old daughter Lilly Marie Martin.

The baby died after the parents partied on large amounts of vodka, beer and cocaine.

The birth organism passed out in a chair with the baby on her lap. When she woke up she found the baby not breathing face down on the chair between her leg and the arm of the chair.

The official cause of death is listed as SIDS.

I couldn’t even imagine letting coke into my house if I had a 2-month-old let alone doing some lines and washing it down with vodka. Then again I’m not a drug addict.

40 thoughts on “Coke snorting Breeders didn’t notice baby dying

  1. Ihavekidstoo says:

    She drank 5 beers and then breastfed? I thought SIDS was no one’s fault, just something that happens tragically to some babies. This sounds much more like criminal negligence. If the booze in her breast milk didn’t cause the baby to stop breathing then being left facedown on the recliner would have done it. Either way, she’s to blame.


  2. Michelle says:

    How can this be SIDS? It sounds like the baby was suffocated, face down between her leg and the arm of the recliner? How horrible. You know that baby, at some point was crying, but of course no one heard. IDIOTS!!!


  3. Samantha says:

    My thoughts exactly Michelle! This is not a case of SIDS… no way in hell… That poor baby was suffocated!


  4. Angel says:

    The article also says that she drank a quarter gallon of vodka. That amount alone would be enough to keep me drunk for a few DAYS. Maybe even a week. (OK, so I’m a lightweight.) But for heaven’s sake, to drink that much, plus the beer, plus snorting the coke, and then to nurse the baby? What kind of moron is she?

    While I was nursing my kids, I NEVER drank. Not even a sip. Everything you put in your body while you are nursing winds up in the milk supply. And the baby gets it. I’m surprised they didn’t find that the baby died of alcohol poisoning. Amazed, actually.

    I agree with IHKT, I think a charge of criminal negligence is warranted, at the very least. Perhaps even manslaughter. She had to know that all of that alcohol she was consuming would get to the baby through the milk. And could kill it.


  5. beargirl says:

    wow! this woman is obviously demented to breastfeed her baby after taking in all that alcohol and drugs. She must have known that whatever she consumes the baby consumes, she can’t say she doesn’t know or she would be lying!! That poor baby didn’t stand a chance to a normal life, the creator took this child because it was suffering at the hands of the parents. may you rest in peace little one!


  6. Bishop Black says:

    I think SIDS gets diagnosed a lot of times in cases where they have no idea what the COD was, or in cases where the child has stopped breathing for reasons that aren’t actually SIDS.

    I’m not sure that neglect/stupidity counts as an official cause of death, though it’s hard to argue the death is anything other than that.


  7. LIsa says:

    Oh, that poor little babe! I agree with you all that this sounds like suffocation and/or drugs that killed the poor child. I am surprised that the coronor said it was SIDS, but at least the couple is being charged. I bet that stupid cow of a mother is one fat ugly bloated bitch! And her friends are not any good either. One of them in the article states that after drinking and snorting all night, at 4 am she went to go sleep in a camper with her kids. Where were the kids while she partied? They all gave up their parenting cards.


  8. sfdude_2008 says:

    I agree with you all…hey! One of you stole my insult to throw at that vile fat whore so-called mom!


  9. LIsa says:

    sfdude — πŸ˜‰


  10. LIsa says:

    I just love that expression, sfdude. Vile fat whore so-called mom is also good! Props.


  11. Pam says:

    That is CRAP – SIDS should not involve neglagent adults


  12. Angel says:

    I wonder….did they even do a tox screen during autopsy? I can’t believe that after drinking that much, and snorting coke, and then nursing the child – that nothing at all showed up in the baby’s system. The mother has to be lying. That amount of alcohol would definitely be enough to affect the baby. She could not have nursed the child when she said she did. The question is, what is she trying to cover up?


  13. vegasgirl says:

    If no drugs or alcohol were found in the baby’s blood, does that mean she hadn’t fed the baby in a day, two? did they weigh the baby during the autopsy? Could the baby have dehydrated?

    Sometimes I hate the way I think.

    Rest in peace, little angel.


  14. Angel says:

    That’s what I was thinking, vegasgirl. I wonder if they checked ……


  15. karen says:

    i agree with all the above comments…something isn’t right here….someone’s not telling the truth. SIDS is not caused from suffocation; dehydration; malnutrition; over doses of drugs or alcohol….it’s cause is unknown which is why most parents are so nervous with their newborns and try to do everything possible to prevent it (sleeping on their back; no blankets in the bed; firm mattress, etc)…so…where are they getting this from??? what caused the coronor to rule SIDS as the cause of death??? if it’s true that mom consumed everything her friend says she did…and she was heard in the background of the 911 or 411 call saying she was “so (explecit) drunk last night”…i’m assuming the friend’s account of what happened the night before is correct….how can SIDS come into play??? makes you wonder just how thorough this autopsy was. did the coroner just assume it was SIDS and not perform a in depth autopsy? i think this needs to be looked into.


  16. Angel says:

    Something has been bothering me about this case… and I think I know what it is, now. Trench, you said that the parents have been charged in the death of the infant, but you never said what the charges were. What, exactly, were they charged with?

    After all, isn’t SIDS, by definition, an unexplained NATURAL cause of death? If the cause of death has been determined to be natural, then why have the parents been arrested, and what are the charges?

    I think that there was something else found at autopsy, otherwise the DA would not be able to charge the parents for the death, but only for neglect or endangerment. What do you think, Trench? Is there more to this story?


  17. As far as I know they’ve only been charged with child neglect charges. In another article about this story their defense attorney is saying that there were no drugs found in the baby’s system.


  18. Angel says:

    If there were no drugs found in the baby’s system, then she couldn’t have nursed the baby when she said she did. Either way, somebody’s lying. I’m interested in finding out who that might be….


  19. Samantha says:

    Yeah something in this just isnt right… Especially if the baby was found how it says. You can get charged with murder (manslaughter? one of them?) for co sleeping with your baby and something happening. I dont see how this could be ruled SIDS, its so obvious its not, and we arent even the medical examiner! Something is going on…


  20. MOTHER says:

    Lucky baby, it gets to go to heaven. And the parents will hopefully have a very long full hellish life. Reminds me a bit of train spotting huh.


  21. sfdude_2008 says:

    LIsa, I believe you


  22. vegasgirl says:

    Okie dokie,

    I talked to my cop. He sez coke can clear the user’s blood in 3 days. Alcohol can be out of your blood in a bit better than 24hrs. No way on Earth this bitch nursed that baby when she says she did.

    What did the baby weigh at birth (just 2 short months before her death)? What did she weigh at autopsy?


  23. SithSnoopy says:

    Shit. I’ve really got to quit reading this site.


  24. Angel says:

    Please don’t Sith – I might have to ‘carge’ you with desertion. ;-P


  25. SithSnoopy says:

    LOL! Well, it probably won’t happen right away. This site is scarily addictive.

    I don’t know if that indicates a “morbid fascination” on my part, or what. If so, I guess I’m not the only one.

    I think most of the readers are those who would never want any of this to happen to their child / would never want to catch themselves doing something like this to their child.

    Which begs the question, why are we reading this? Is it doing us any good? Do we feel like if we don’t read this, we might falter and allow ourselves to accidentally do something horrific?? Is this an attempt to thoroughly list the things NOT to do to our child, to ensure we don’t do them??

    Or, again, is this just some morbid fascination? Like watching horror movies, but worse, as it sickens us to know that this really happened, that these children really suffered. πŸ˜›

    Come to think of it, why are we drawn to read about horrible events in the news? Natural disasters, war, violence, etc…

    I guess, if we have to choose our faults, morbid fascination would be a better one than having a fault that means Trench ends up reporting on one of us. πŸ˜›


  26. vegasgirl says:

    We read so we know at least somebody remembers these poor dead and abused children.

    We read so we can know what to watch our neighbors for.

    And morbid fascination too. πŸ˜‰


  27. Angel says:

    We also (some of us) read these stories, because we have been through similar things as children, and we keep hoping that someday, some way, these abusers will get the punishment they deserve, and we will be able to find out about it by keeping up with these stories.

    And to remind ourselves, that, as bad as we may have had it, we don’t own the monopoly on suffering, and we should thank God every day that we HAD the chance to grow up, and possibly help another soul who has had to endure the same thing.

    And to learn of the latest tricks and traps employed by the molesters and rapists out there, so we can better protect our children, all children, from them.

    And because of a need that we have to mourn for the children who didn’t make it, and to make sure that they are remembered, and loved by us, even if by nobody else.


  28. SithSnoopy says:

    vegasgirl, Angel, I like your reasoning. πŸ™‚

    And yes, I do mourn for the little children.

    I wasn’t abused as a child. I was very fortunate.


  29. vegasgirl says:


    You said it perfectly. Thank you for your ability to speak where words failed me.

    From one survivor to another, big hug.


  30. pak31 says:

    I am almost at a loss for words. I am in agreement with the posters here. For LE to claim SIDS is one thing but to have evidence of very hard partying and the baby possibly suffocating on her mother’s lap, I am shocked. After reading Angels last post, it hit me. I had the greatest parents and a clean protected upbringing. For that I am forever grateful and I really feel bad for kids who are exposed to bad things by the adults around them as they are growing up. It can affect a person for the rest of their life. These people were partying with their kids around? Heavy partying not just a few drinks. How can you let your child see that or be exposed to that? How selfish on their part. It just amazes me how many ignorant selfish people are parents.


  31. Angel says:

    Thank you Sith, and vegasgirl. I appreciate the kind words. And a big hug to you, too, VG.


  32. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Sith, I personally read this site to remind myself that for every dirtbag, crappy parent out there, there are 100 posters like you and Angel, VegasGirl and SFDude, who would NEVER dream of hurting a child, who live by their belief that children are precious gifts to reared with love and respect. I come here to reaffirm the fact that I’m not alone in my outrage.

    Also, because every now and then Trench throws out a gem like “crazier than a shithouse rat.” Gotta LOVE that!


  33. Angel says:

    Yeah, with sayings like that one and the fact that his wife says “He needs killin'”, just like me, I figure Trench and his wife are either from the south, or have a lot of friends who are. I’ve heard the term “crazier than a shithouse rat” thrown around since I was a kid. And it still makes me giggle every time I hear it.


  34. I’m a yankee transplant who married a southern girl.


  35. Angel says:

    “married a southern girl.”

    So you moved up in the world, huh? Good for you! πŸ˜‰


  36. vegasgirl says:


    Bless your heart, you came to your senses and joined the Light.

    In the South (always capitalized) you can say the rudest things and if you add “bless your/her/his heart” it’s okay. As in “Vegasgirl is crazier than a shithouse rat, bless her heart.”

    (born in TN, raised in FL)


  37. Angel says:

    Or, “Oh my goodness gracious! Is that a baby? Why, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen in my life, bless it’s poor little heart!” (I’ve actually heard someone say this – when I was very little)


  38. vegasgirl says:

    For a moment when I read yr post, I could hear my grammy’s voice. Ever hear “big-headed baby”? I was never sure if that was a compliment or not. πŸ˜›


  39. Angel says:

    Yeah, VG, I’ve heard that one too. LOL


  40. Gary says:

    Something is not right here.. It wouldn’t surprise me if SIDS is changed on the death certificate to manslaughter, at the least.. They should have plenty of time to think about what they did, behind bars..


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