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Kidnapping staged to get money from ex, feds say:

This sounds like a plot to a bad 70’s sitcom.

Alejandra Arriaza of Miami, Florida told her 17-year-old son that she was taking him to Wal-Mart to buy him an iPhone. Instead he was kidnapped by a ‘masked intruder’. The ‘intruder’ then directed Arriaza to a trailer where ‘El Negro” was waiting. Really? El Negro was the best they could come up with? Why not Senor Grande? The kidnappers called the boy’s father for ransom. He had recently come into money from the sale of a business. Arriaza even told the father that the ‘kidnappers’ were using a blow torch on the boy’s feet.

They might have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling FBI agents. The FBI found the location of the trailer. The boy was able to identify one of his captors as Alejandra Arriaza’s penis, Angel Ponce. The penis’ cousin, Joel Boza, was also charged in the kidnapping.

It was all a plot for Arriza to get some money from her ex-husband. Greed really does make people do incredibly stupid things. Kidnapping, faked or otherwise, is a federal offense and the trio could be sentenced to life behind bars.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

13 thoughts on “Woman fakes son’s kidnapping to get money from ex

  1. LIsa says:

    Krikey! It seems like when the greed part of the brain must not be in the rational part of the brain! Ah, the love of money….
    Chalk up another one for the FBI, but I’m sure this case was open and shut for them since the perpetrators are such stooges. Not to take away from their win, though…


  2. Angel says:

    Ahhhhh…….so THAT’S how you make a deadbeat dad pay up! And I was told that I had to go through the courts……LOL


  3. LIsa says:

    Either that, Angel, or you take out a life insurance policy on him and kill his ass! No one will ever suspect….


  4. Angel says:

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight……you keep telling yourself that, LIsa…..and you too, could be a feature story on one of the crime blogs one day. Teeheeheehee

    The headline might read, “Woman Gets Idea For Offing Ex From Parents Behaving Badly”. And would you like a side order of irony to go with that order, ma’am? LOL. I’m so amusing… least to myself. ;-P


  5. LIsa says:

    I can see it now — “If it hadn’t been for LIsa on ‘Parents Behaving’, Your Honor, I never would have done something like this! She made me do it! I’m so sorry….(that I got caught but now I’ll blame the internet for my stupid stupidity)….”


  6. LIsa says:

    Angel, I may be stating the obvious, but I was just joking about offing the ex… you weren’t dissing me, were you? (My sarcasmatron may be set to high.)


  7. Lynn's Daughter says:

    Holy cow, she allowed this boy to be terrorized for money? I hope he gets to go live with his Dad after this. Mother is clearly unfit.


  8. Angel says:

    No, I was just carrying on the joke, Lisa. I guess my sarcasmatron was calibrated even higher than yours…..I have a very dry sense of humor sometimes, but I know, after seeing several of your posts on here (different stories), that you were joking about offing the ex…..and, hell, most of the whiney bastard killers on here blame their families or the cops, so it wouldn’t surprise me if one of them did read some of our horseplay one day, and try to blame it on a regular commenter on one of these sites. Good thing we post anonymously, huh? LOL. nope….not dissing you…still giggling though, about the ‘Your Honor’ comment….


  9. LIsa says:

    Gotcha, Angel. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, The whole lack of accountability thing is a serious problem in this country, as you stated in your post on the Meth Breeders (I’ll be commenting there later).

    We used to get court-tv and loved to watch the “whodunnits.” There was no shortage of shows about spouses offing each other. I just don’t understand the thinking — “I know! I’ll kill the bastard! Much easier than divorce and far more lucrative, too!” It is hard to believe that anyone would think they could actually get away with it, considering the arsenal of tools available to law enforcement these days. And what was the Breeder in this story thinking? It’s hard to believe she actually thought she could get away with it, and to use her son, to traumatize him like that — dispicable! I know the thought of going to jail should be a deterrent to commiting a crime, but for someone to even consider something so heinous as a viable option boggles my mind. But then again, I have a conscience.


  10. SithSnoopy says:

    Whenever my husband and I watch those mystery crime shows, with the whole “in a quiet town of bleah in bleah”*, where some spouse kills another spouse for X number of dollars, we always look at each other…

    and tell each other to watch out…

    or let the other know we’re sleeping with one eye open, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And no, I would sooner start cutting off my fingers, one at a time, *slowly*, before I murdered my husband. ๐Ÿ˜›

    * Whenever one of those shows starts with that phrase of “in a quiet town of bleah”, you know there’s going to be some serious crap going down in the town of bleah, lol.


  11. Angel says:

    My hubby is military, and each time he was sent to Iraq, or any ‘danger zone’ he would tell me, “You know if I die over there, you will be set for life, if you manage the money wisely.”

    My response was always the same (and still is). It doesn’t matter how much life insurance he has, or how much I could get from S.S.A. for the kids (assuming S.S.A. even exists any more in a few more years), no amount of money is worth the loss of his life. I love him, as do our children, and I would sooner cut off my own arm than do anything to take away their happiness.

    Also, if he were dead, I would be very lonely. I have six kids (five girls and a boy) and I would be terrified to even think about dating anyone. I would assume that anyone who would be willing to take on that much baggage must be either A) crazy, B) desperate, or C) a pedophile. None of which appeals to me in the slightest.

    And even on the occasions when my husband and I have had our difficulties in our marriage, when he brought up that topic, and I didn’t feel particularly loving to him at the moment; I still would not have wished him dead. I would simply point out that even if he had a million dollar policy on his life (which he doesn’t), it would still not be financially feasible to kill him for the money. He is an officer, and if he died I would only get that amount once, but if I keep him alive, he makes that much every ten years. That’s like chopping down the tree to get the apple, instead of just waiting for it to ripen and fall….LOL


  12. LIsa says:

    Yes, I would rather lick the snot from Britney Spears nostrils than kill my own husband! Where is this town of bleah, and why aren’t people moving out in droves with all the murders and goings on? ๐Ÿ™‚

    One time, after one show about murder in bleah, my husband looked at me and said, ‘Don’t worry, honey. If I ever want out of this marriage, I’ll just divorce you!” Said in love and jesting. We have a very humorous relationship, and still make each other laugh to tears after 25 years together. I agree, Angel, if my hub were to pass, I would not be dating. Why take the chance? My children would need my full attention. I do not even like to consider the thought of my husband dying early — sometimes, when he’s late coming home, those crazy thoughts of “maybe he was in a car wreck!” come to me and I shudder at the thought of my children losing their father so young. (We started our family late.) When these selfish amoral people murder their spouses, it just makes them doubly evil and depraved that they would take their children’s parent from them.

    My husband and I both work and we get that life insurance that comes with the job. I heard that one should have life insurance in the amount of 5 to ten times your yearly salary — for stay-at-home spouses, their salary should be considered a minimum of 40K per year. Well, we didn’t have near that amount of insurance. So, I set about getting us some more life insurance. My husband got suspicious. Why was I so intent on getting so much insurance on him? I think we had been watching too many “Murder in a small Town” shows :). So, to allay his fears, I got the policy on myself, first. And as we like to joke around, I handed him the new policy and a bullet. He gave me a huge huge hug and cried! It suddenly dawned on him how hard it would be for him to raise our family alone if I were to pass, and that my desire to make sure he was financially set if that were to happen was out of true love. If I were to have passed before we had this insurance, and suddenly my income were gone, it would be such a struggle for them. So, if either of us is taken before our time, the other will be set, and can focus on raising our children.


  13. Lori says:

    My MIL actually told my sister in law (her daughter) that she needs to hurry and find a guy and get married so she doesnt have to work so hard to support her kids. My sister in law thought she was nuts. More people should think of the well being of their kids, instead of rushing to find a ‘penis’.


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