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Three Teens Jailed in connection with threats at Landstown High School:

Two more teens have been arrested in the plot to bomb Landstown High School in Virginia Beach. In addition to the 17-year-old who was already arrested police arrested a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old. Both the 15 and the 16-year-old were in possession of sawed-off shotguns. The alleged plot was to storm the school with the shotguns and the bombs that the 17-year-old was arrested for.

The 16-year-old previously showed up to school with a concealed razor blade to school and the 15-year-old was a former student of the school. The article doesn’t say if he expelled or if he dropped out. Either of which carries the same results of fry making.

Prosecutors are trying to get the 17-year-old charged as an adult.

And as an added bonus lets throw a little more mutancy in there…

Newschannel 3 has learned that at least one of the three arrested teenagers appears on a videotape, calling the plan they’d come up with his destiny and setting Monday, April 20th as the day all hell would break loose.

Still no word on a motive but it could be something as simple, and stupid, as them wanting to be copycats. Luckily there is nothing original in their failure.

One thought on “Two more arrested in Virginia Beach school bombing plot

  1. Soobs says:

    Copycats wanting to “celebrate” on 4/20 – hurrah for potheads! Tell me these guys weren’t smokers…..


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