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I realize that I’m posting old information but I’m playing catch up after my whirlwind media tour yesterday.

Details Released About ‘Craigslist’ Suspect:

It seems that an alleged gambling addiction of Philip Markoff may have been part of the motive behind his robbery spree and Julissa Brisman’s murder. He took the $800 he got from the robberies and turned it into over $5K at the Foxwood’s Casino in Connecticut two days after Jullisa’s death. When Markoff was arrested he was on his way again to Foxwood’s with his fiance in tow.

Markoff was ordered to be held without bail.

Alleged ‘Craigslist killer’ recalled as a nice, smart boy:

There it is again. That’s the equivalent of the neighbors of a serial killer saying that he was always the shy quiet type as they pull the bodies out of the crawl space.

N.J. woman stands by fiance accused of Craigslist murder:

I get the feeling that may change after today considering the evidence police allegedly found in Markoff’s place.

Easy prey drew suspect, DA says:

Markoff’s lawyer entered a plea of not guilty for his client and had this to say…

“Philip Markoff is not guilty of the charges,” Salsberg told reporters. “He has family support. Philip is bearing up. It’s obviously a difficult time, for anybody under these circumstances, for the charges that have been brought against him . . . He pleaded not guilty. He is not guilty.”

Just because you keep saying that he’s not guilty doesn’t make it true.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Still playing catch up. I’ll post more soon.

2 thoughts on “Update on Julissa Brisman’s murder

  1. LilMissSunshine says:

    this guy reminds me of michael skakle soo much. his demeanor reeks of superiority (delusional). his girlfriend is in denial, i mean i guess i can’t blame her, but at this point she should be thanking her lucky stars she didn’t become a victim. I wonder if abuse allegations will come out eventually?


  2. jay jay says:

    ok maybe is not guilty, but how then the police found him and not me or you???that’s because the trail and footprints from the murder led to him…not anybody else…easy


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