Starmaker Mitch – The modeling scam strikes again

13-year-old Newton County girl victim of online predator:

The parents of a 13-year-old girl from Newton County, Georgia got police involved when they thought their daughter was having improper conversations with a boy online. When police talked to her it turns out she was talking with a 22-year-old fashion photographer who could get her into modeling. The man who called himself Starmaker Mitch said that he was looking for models for a line of clothing aimed at teens. Then Starmaker Mitch started requesting pictures of the girl which included the girl in various states of undress, you know for ‘modeling purposes’.

22-year-old Starmaker Mitch is actually 61-year-old Martin Friedman of Woodbridge, Virginia. Police believe that Friedman may have scores of other victims and are asking that if anyone had contact with Starmaker Mitch to contact the Covington, Georgia Police Department at (770) 385-2144.

Friedman had several e-mail addresses and several accounts at such social sites like MySpace, Tagged and Netlog.

Luckily the girl’s parents got involved but they made the crucial mistake when it comes to teens and computers. They allowed the computer to be in the girl’s room. I can’t stress how important it is to keep the computers that your kids use in a common area where it can be monitored closely. You may think that you don’t have to worry about that with your kid but I bet these parents did too.

And like I’ve said before, this modeling ploy seems to be a trend among sexual predators. Parents, you need to tell your kids to be aware of this and anyone who is promising your kids some kind of Hollywood career online is more than likely a predator. Tell them that real talent or modeling agents don’t use MySpace and the like and they would go through the child’s parent(s) and not approach them directly. Even if you think that your kids are too smart to fall for something like that tell them anyway.

Kids left in cars

It’s debate time again Breeder Readers. This time the topic is about kids who get forgotten about and left behind in hot cars to die. A lot of us including me say how can a parent forget one of their own children in the car?

This article from the Washington Post sent to me by reader Rachel attempts to address the reasons why.

My question to you is…Is this legitimate or is just a bunch of psychobabble meant to excuse people from their neglect?


Danielle Black to be tried as an adult

Md. teen to be tried as adult in dad’s slaying:

This past Thursday a Maryland judge ordered that 15-year-old Danielle Black to be held for trial as an adult for soliciting the murder of her father, 47-year-old Billy Lee Black.

If you’ll recall Black tried to enlist a classmate into killing her father. The classmate didn’t bite but another man, 19-year-old Alec Eger, took up the request. Police allege that Black claimed her father was abusing her in order to get someone to kill her father even though police claim there was no evidence of abuse. Eger is accused of stabbing Billy Lee Black to death on Halloween morning of 2008. Investigators and prosecutors seem to think that the real reason that Black had her father killed is because he didn’t want her hanging out with her goth friends. There have also been accusations of blood drinking among her clique but that remains to be seen.

Black’s defense attorney is already hinting at an insanity defense claiming that Black has undiagnosed mental disorders and that Black was abused. I always find it peculiar that when a teen kills their mental disorders are always undiagnosed. You never here “Oh yeah, he/she has been batshit crazy for years.”

In my opinion Danielle Black is just another selfish brat who thought that killing someone was a reasonable response to her need for instant gratification.

She’s looking at life behind bars.

Reward offered for Giovanni Gonzalez’s return

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Reward Offered For Missing Lynn Boy:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine months since Giovanni Gonzalez disappeared. If you don’t know who Giovanni Gonzalez is I’m not surprised. The story has hardly been a blip on the national media’s radar.

Giovanni is a 6-year-old boy from Boston who back in August of last year was supposed to have spent the weekend with his sperm donor, Ernesto Gonzalez of Lynn, Mass. When Giovanni’s mother went to pick Giovanni up he was gone and Ernesto Gonzalez said that he didn’t know what happened to him. Ernesto has been in jail ever since, refusing to give police any information on his son’s whereabouts.

Ernesto Gonzalez gave an interview to Boston media claiming that he killed Giovanni but police say there’s no evidence to back that claim up.

National (U.S.) media could probably assist a great deal helping to find Giovanni but they’re too interested in the Casey Anthony story. The only national media outlet that has featured Giovanni’s story is America’s Most Wanted.

Ok, enough ranting for now.

Anyway the police in Lynn, Mass. are offering a $7,000 reward for the return of Giovanni Gonzalez.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lynn police at 781-477-4436.

Since national media won’t help to find Giovanni I guess it’s up to us. Please spread the word about Giovanni’s plight. Let’s do what the national media refuses to do. Let’s help get Giovanni home.

Dillard shooter to plead insanity

Teen to plead insanity in Dillard High fatal shooting:

The attorney for Teah Wimberly filed a motion this past Thursday that he plans to use an insanity defense for his client.

As you’ll recall Wimberly is accused of shooting and killing Amanda Collette in the halls of Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Allegedly the shooting was because Amanda spurned Wimberly’s romantic advances.

A notice filed Thursday by Wimberly’s lawyer, Larry S. Davis, outlined what the defense contends are several causes of mental illness. They include allegedly being molested by an unnamed family member at age 6, being abandoned several times by her parents and beatings by her parents.

I’m sorry your childhood sucked but Amanda Collette had nothing to do with that and didn’t deserve to be murdered.

Gregory Scott Serrano pleads guilty

Monrovia man pleads guilty to luring girls online:

I originally posted about Gregory Scott Serrano here and here. He’s the man from Monrovia, California who was indicted in Los Angeles County for molesting and/or taking nude pictures of 10 female victims ages 13 to 17. He met his victims through MySpace.

He originally pleaded not guilty but has now has changed his plea to guilty. Considering he was facing a life sentence I’m not surprised he changed his plea. He’s now looking at just a mere 20 years when he’s sentenced.

Hawaii trio accused of pimping out 16-year-old on craigslist

3 men indicted in sexual listing:

Trio Charged With Promoting Prostitution:

A Hawaiian District Court has indicted Marcus Xavier Arrington, 19, Anthony Terrell Fuller, 20, and Brad Yick Kin Young, 20, of pimping out a 16-year-old girl on craigslist this past December. The girl was a runaway who was allegedly forced to have sex with Arrington and other men six to eight times a day for 10 days in December. Arrington and his buddies are allegedly part of a gang called H-mob. The victim claims that she was abused by Arrington and was afraid not to do what he said.

Since craigslist has changed their erotic services policy I can’t trash them too bad except to say they should have done it a long time ago so what happened to this girl could have been prevented.

Consenting? Not on your life. Adult? Not even close. Would this have happened if prostitution was legal? You betcha. There’s always going to be a demand for the young. Again, here’s your ‘victimless’ crime.

Kids who can’t talk found in trash filled home

Kids Discovered In Waste Infested Apartment:

35-year-old Nicolette Brady and 34-year-old Chad Lee of Metairie, Louisiana were arrested on various charges including child neglect, receipt of stolen property and disturbing the peace. No one knows who called the police or why but when they got there they found the home in deplorable conditions. A 4 and a 5-year-old were found wearing only diapers and insect bites all over them. The kids are unable to speak and were found hanging out of a window when police arrived. They also had a second grade boy who they allegedly let wander the street.

Lee has a prior arrest history that includes heroin possession and selling crack.

Brady on the other hand has eight kids in several different states.

Winners all around.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Jim Buckmaster plays the victim

Jim Buckmaster

Jim Buckmaster

Craigslist chief Jim Buckmaster: we’re the victim of a witch-hunt:

craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster slings hyperbole again, this time in the British media. Here’s what he told The Guardian…

“We were just the subjects of a witch-hunt over a certain class of ads,” he said. “We’ve had this recent episode where a grandstanding politician has decided to call us out as criminals in a way that was unfair, unreasonable and unlawful.”

“Journalistic media have no interest in reporting on far larger numbers, and far more graphic ads that exist in their own publications,” he said. “They only have an interest in reporting such ads as they appear on the internet, and on Craigslist in particular.”

Well Jim, I’m neither a grandstanding politician nor a hypocritical media outlet and yet I’ve been calling for craigslist to clean up its act long before either of those entities were. What do you have to say about me Jim? Please enlighten me, I’m dying to know.

7-month-old left home alone in filthiest home ever

Crying baby in filthy apartment leads to woman’s arrest (with REPORT):

I think we have a ‘champion’ in the filthy home category but more on that later.

20-year-old Jennifer D’Silva of Fort Walton Beach, Florida left her 7-month-old daughter home alone. A neighbor heard the baby crying inside. When police entered the apartment they found the baby strapped inside a carseat wearing only a full diaper and had a sheet on her that had bloodstains on it. If you think that’s bad it gets much worse. So bad in fact I’m putting it behind the cut. Not for the weak of stomach. You have been warned.

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