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Killer Tim Kretschmer fantasised online before massacre:

It seems that Tim Kretschmer, he of the school massacre in Winnenden, Germany, fantasized about his future killing spree online. This isn’t that fake crap from the German 4chan site either.

Well I would definitely think about f…ing stuff up. Killing everybody, hate and all that, and I’m sure loads of people would do so too,” wrote Kretschmer, whose user name was “JawsPredator1”.

“I just mean you would be famous and stay in people’s memories,” he said, adding later: “That would be really fun. It would be less fun for the victims’ relatives.”

He also cited as an inspiration Ted Bundy, saying the notorious 1970s US serial killer would still be remembered “in 500 years

No my misguided mutant miscreant. While Ted Bundy may be remembered for 500 years you will only be a footnote in history. In just a few years people outside of Germany will be struggling to remember your name.

The only thing you and Bundy have in common is your both burning in hell for your cowardly acts.

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