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Teen John Katehis, accused in WABC newsman George Weber’s murder, to claim self-defense: lawyer:

I’ve gone over the ridiculousness of John Katehis’ self-defense motive behind George Weber’s killing before so I won’t repeat myself. However, I did want to mention that this is the first article I’ve seen that confirms that the 16-year-old Katehis has been charged as an adult.

Still no word on if the criminal kids crowd will come to his aid. You know, for a movement that says a teen is never an adult they sure pick and choose their causes.

One thought on “John Katehis charged as adult

  1. LilMissSunshine says:

    did this jerk really think anyone was going to believe his self defense claim? i mean, how is it self defense when a. your the only one with a weapon and b. the guy was tied up… NY needs the death penalty back, and this LITTLE BOY needs to be the first one in line to get it… wonder where his parents are in all of this? i never heard a single word about them… anyone know?


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