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Auburn man charged in sexual assault of woman he met on MySpace:

52-year-old Richard Gordon Wheeler of Auburn, Washington was arrested for a January rape that took place in Federal Way, Washington.

Wheeler is accused of drugging the woman he met over MySpace and raping her. That sentence doesn’t do the story enough justice so let me quote straight from the article so you can get the full effect of how heinous this crime really was.

On Jan. 24, Wheeler came to the woman’s apartment and poured her a shot of mescal. She drank it, even though she noticed the liquor in her glass was darker than the liquor he was drinking, charging papers say.

The woman told detectives her memory became foggy and the next thing she remembers Wheeler was performing a sex act on her as she lay naked on her bed, the charging papers say. She told him to stop and when he refused, she hit him and he laughed, the papers say. Wheeler allegedly then had intercourse with the woman and pulled out clumps of her hair when she resisted, according to the charging documents.

A friend took the woman to the hospital for a sexual assault exam and the nurse documented her bruises — described as “large and deep purple, red and green” — along with lacerations and abrasions to her vagina, the papers say. The woman also gave police the sheets from her bed as evidence.

Wheeler claims the sex was consensual.

With that kind of evidence, I’m sure we’ll have someone coming forward to claim that he was set up.

And didn’t I say recently that MySpace crimes were on the way down? That will teach me to open my big mouth.

2 thoughts on “Man charged in Federal Way MySpace rape

  1. Soobs says:

    Yeah, sex with an unconscious person is always my idea of a fun time. He must really SUCK at it, if he prefers no one to remember.


  2. Or he’s afraid that women would laugh at him for obvious reasons.


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