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Alex Pacheco

Alex Pacheco

Gruesome details released in 13-year-old’s murder:

I originally posted about Alex Pacheco here. He’s the 19-year-old Juggalo from Broomfield, Colorado who is accused in the death of 13-year-old Kelsey Shannon.

It’s believed that Pacheco killed Kelsey because he was jealous and thought she was flirting with another boy. Let’s just put the creepy age difference aside for a second. Anyway Pacheco allegedly killed her and left her body in a drainage ditch for months while posting about how much he missed and loved his missing girlfriend.

In a recent preliminary hearing for Pacheco police testified that a friend of Pacheco’s said that he stabbed and choked Kelsey. The autopsy has been sealed for the time being.

Is it me or is stabbing the preferred method of violence for the criminals among Juggalos?

UPDATE: It’s alleged that this sick son of a bitch had sex with her corpse too.

Police found a Word document on Pacheco’s computer called Kelsey.doc that said…

“I love the thought of necrophilia,” Pacheco wrote, according to a Broomfield police detective’s testimony Wednesday. “A dead body never judge(d) him, play(ed) games with him or hurt his feelings.”

I wonder how ‘the family’ feels about this scumbag now.

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