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Cops: Mom left baby in car while she burglarized home:

21-year-old Colleen Sullivan of Tampa, Florida is accused of leaving her 4-month-old son in her car while she burglarized a home. The temperature reached 93F that day and the windows were only partially down. When she was arrested she allegedly told police “Do what you want. I don’t want the baby.”

Here’s a thought. If you don’t want a baby keep your legs closed. It’s just that simple. But I’m guessing that common sense is not her strong suit.

28 thoughts on “Florida woman leaves baby in car while she robs house

  1. brent says:

    I know they have safe haven laws for newborns – but what about people that get to a certain point – 3 months – 2 years down the track and realise that they’re just dirty lowlife slutbags?? is there an option for those people to drop out of parenthood without having to harm the kid to do so??


  2. Angel says:

    Yes. It’s called giving them up for adoption. Most of the slutbags are too selfish or lazy to take the time to do it, though.


  3. Samantha says:

    These idiots dont even care about the baby so they dont care what happens. Why take the time to go through giving up your baby to a good home if you can just leave it somewhere to rot? I cant stand these idiotic selfish people.


  4. Jaimie says:

    The worst part of all is that slutbags like these can have children, while loving couples are still trying and trying and trying to get pregnant.

    Why is it always that way??? Why do those who do not deserve children can have them, beat them, treat them like shit, kill them, but the loving families suffer without?


  5. Samantha says:

    Unfortunately I think thats a question that can never be answered.


  6. vegasgirl says:

    So this flea-ridden scag doesn’t want her child? Okay, leave the baby on my front porch. That goes for any other scum-bag who thinks their time is soooooooooooo valuable they can’t waste it on their own child. Or here’s a novel concept–use birth control if you can’t keep your pants up.

    I tried for 14 yrs to get pregnant. Every drug on the market, every invasive and painful procedure you can imagine; I tried it. Wasn’t in the cards for me, so I adopted my 2 babies. Folks like this don’t appreciate what they have. Maybe that’s the difference between a parent & a breeder? Parents appreciate & value the children entrusted into our care.

    Back home we had a saying “you don’t know thirst til the well runs dry”. Those of us who cannot have children know what we’re missing in life. Breeders can’t appreciate that deep desire, they’ve never yearned to cradle a child in their arms.




  7. jade says:

    again, candidates for mandatory sterilization.

    VG – as an adoptee, i give you a standing ovation.


  8. Samantha says:

    I agree jade.


  9. Kathy says:

    Ya know… maybe there are couples who can’t have children so that at least some of the unwanted, neglected, and abused children will eventually find a loving home? I dunno. I can’t have children so my husband and I adopted our son. We currently have another 6 y/o in our care that will likely become adoptable. Two 6 y/o boys… neither of which can pee IN the potty… both of which sit in the car going nuh uh, uh huh, nuh uh, uh huh (repeat thousands of times). 6 y/o boys who argue because someone looked at the other one and smiled. Seriously, the fight over smiles. But, you know what? I’m not going to put shock collars on them… I will not taze them… I’m not going to beat them with anything. I’m not going to swear at them and call them names. Now, if I had a velcro wall, I might attach them to it long enough to go to the bathroom without having to worry about the bickering… but, I would take them down and feed them and all the things good parents should do.

    Hey, you know that there are times you’d like a velcro wall… don’t flame me! 🙂

    The point is…shoot, I don’t even know what the point is. Idiots should STOP abusing kids and give them up to people who will take care of them. Children are human beings, not possessions.


  10. Angel says:

    LOL, Kathy. I have said many times to my kids, “If y’all don’t stop fighting, I’m gonna attach coat hooks to the wall, and hang you on the wall by your beltloops, so that your feet don’t touch the floor and you can’t get down.”

    One of my smart mouth offspring once responded, “But it’s almost dinnertime, Mama…..can’t we eat first?”

    I thought for a second, and offered to throw dinner AT them….and whatever they could catch in their mouths was all they would get for dinner.

    But I didn’t MEAN it. And my kids knew that. One of them even offered to stand in front of the wall and see if she really COULD ‘catch’ anything that was thrown. When she realized we were having spaghetti for dinner, though, she changed her mind. hahaha


  11. Bishop Black says:

    Well, you know, 4 month olds make excellent getaway drivers.


  12. Angel says:

    LMAO, Bishop.


  13. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Kathy, I see nothing wrong with a velcro wall! Hell, I can think of a LOT of adults (many holding public office) who would be better off if they spent a little time on a velcro wall!


  14. sfdude_2008 says:

    Colleen Sullivan is ONE TRULY FAT UGLY BLOATED BITCH THAT SHOULD’VE KEPT HER LEGS SHUT AT ALL TIMES. I want to lock up that vile fat whore so-called mom in prison myself.


  15. vegasgirl says:

    Where can I get a velcro wall? My grandson is 16 months old. Gosh, that would be handy so Mimi can go potty and know exactly where he is. 😛

    Thank you Jade. I’m lucky that two such great kids were given to me. If I could have afforded to have six, I would have had them.

    @Kathy, that’s the way I’ve always felt. The Big Man didn’t give me children of my own body so I would be available to take care of the two He wanted me to love. If I had given birth to my kids, I wouldn’t have been able to raise the two I have.



  16. Isa says:

    Kept her legs closed? Really?

    You do realize that it takes two people to make a baby, right? Or are the men involved in these cases just innocent victims of us foul temptresses? I’m getting a distinct “ladies are whores” kind of vibe and I do not care for it. Sure, this woman is an ASSHOLE, but really now.

    I agree with the basic premise of what you’ve said: if you’re a shitty person, you don’t want kids and are too retarded to make proper use of birth control, don’t have sex. If you can’t handle yourself like a grownup, then just don’t do it. But the use of the phrase ‘keep your legs closed’ comes across as very chauvinistic to me.


  17. But the use of the phrase ‘keep your legs closed’ comes across as very chauvinistic to me.

    With all due respect I don’t care.

    Considering I used to run a domestic violence blog for b5 you couldn’t be further from the truth.

    If it was a man who was caught robbing a home with his baby and said that he didn’t want it I would have said for him to keep his dick in his pants.

    Do I think all women are whores? Not in the least. Do I think Colleen Sullivan is? You betcha.


  18. Samantha says:

    I totally agree with you Trench!!


  19. Isa says:

    “If it was a man who was caught robbing a home with his baby and said that he didn’t want it I would have said for him to keep his dick in his pants.

    Do I think all women are whores? Not in the least. Do I think Colleen Sullivan is? You betcha.”

    Well said. I certainly can’t argue with that. I apologize for the confrontational tone of my comment; it’s the phrase itself that irks me and I did not mean to imply anything about you. You have never shown any hint of misogyny in your writing and it was unfair to word my comment the way I did. Hopefully you can forgive my incivility.

    Thanks for the response, and keep up the good work.


  20. No harm, no foul Isa. 🙂


  21. Angel says:

    Trench, you rock!


  22. Ihavekidstoo says:

    Well, there goes my fantasy image of Trench as the smoldering, seductively dangerous misogynist type. Dammit Trench, ya just HAD to go and be a nice guy.


  23. Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

    Is that better?


  24. Angel says:

    You forgot the beeyotch on the end of that, Trench. Just trying to be helpful…..;-P


  25. Ihavekidstoo says:



  26. LIsa says:

    I agree with you, Trench. That unpaid whore should have kept her legs closed. Sure, it takes two to make a baby, but so many of today’s “ladies” are very whorish and no one has to force them to open their legs OR get on their knees. They do it more than willingly. Although they wouldn’t call it being whorish. They’d put a nice spin on it and say they weren’t all hung up on sex, or had open minds, or whatever. The problem IS open legs! Actually, the problem is in their minds — they have no respect for themselves, although granted they don’t see it that way. Colleen is a trampa from Tampa, and she is vile, and doesn’t deserve that beautiful child, and has no respect for the sanctity of life or herself. She should lose that child. Unfortunately she will probably not learn anything from this, and will run out and make another baby tout de suite.


  27. LIsa says:

    VG, I love that phrase, “You don’t know thirst till the well runs dry.” Lovely! And bless all you adoptive mothers that really CARE! Thank God for you. Thank God.


  28. Selah says:

    What’s worse is that she’s the mother of 6 children, has custody of none of them, but keeps procreating. She just had a baby in jail in November. She’s a drug addict who should be court ordered to take birth control.


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