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‘Monster of Mendoza’ accused of incest:

67-year-old Armando Lucero of Mendoza, Argentina has been arrested and placed in a maximum security prison on charges of incest. It’s alleged that Lucero, now known as the Monster of Mendoza, raped three of his daughters and fathered at least seven children through them.

It finally came to light when one of his daughters accused him of trying to sexually abuse one of the children he fathered through her.

Lucero had seven children with his wife and another 8 from a previous marriage.
What is it with South American guys who feel the need to impregnate their daughters?

Thanks to Southern Lady for the tip.

10 thoughts on “Monster of Mendoza

  1. karen says:

    so this man fathered 22 children total and who knows how many others through affairs. there’s no hope for someone like this. i say lock him away for the rest of his life.


  2. Kathy says:

    Why waste prison space? Shoot him and get it over with.


  3. Angel says:

    Lock him up, my butt! Just save time, and put a bullet in his head…..after you use the gun to remove his penis first, that is…..

    Those poor children….how confusing that must be for them….

    “I’d like you to meet my sister, who’s also my mom; and my grandmother who’s also my aunt; and my *gag* father, who’s also my *retch* grandfather.”

    Was the grandmother/mom/wife arrested too? She sure as hell should have been. I need to go throw up now.


  4. Angel says:

    I must have been typing my comment at the same time Kathy was. Great minds think alike, I guess…..


  5. Bishop Black says:

    “”From her first pregnancy, I suspected that he could be the father,” Lucero’s wife, 60, told the court.

    She is reported to have said that at some point, “I realised that they had to be my husband’s children because my daughter wasn’t having sexual relations with a man.”

    Lucero’s wife added that at various times, she threw her husband out of the house but that it was the daughter who insisted he be allowed to return.”

    I just don’t know what to say to that, except that it’s a gigantic parenting fail™. Mind boggling.


  6. Angel says:

    Sounds like both of the parents should have been ‘thrown out of the house’, and the children given a chance at some semblance of a normal life with a different family.

    If I ‘suspected’ that my husband might be the father of a baby being carried by my daughter, there would have been no need for the qualifying phrase “first pregnancy”. It would have been the ONLY PREGNANCY. I would have killed the bastard.

    The kindest thing I can say about this ‘mother’ at this point is that she’s a stupid whore. I do, however, have a multitude of other UNkind things to say about her. I don’t have enough time to sit and type all of them out, though – since that would take the better part of two months, and my butt would probably have melded itself with the leather seat on my computer chair by the time I got finished.

    I do agree with one thing the egg donor said though. She said, “my daughter wasn’t having sexual relations with a man.” That’s the effin’ understatement of the year….her bipedal sperm donor doesn’t even qualify as an animal at this point – that would be insulting to all animals everywhere. I’ve seen snakes with more charm, and hyenas with more compassion and civility than this walking oxygen thief.


  7. sfdude_2008 says:

    I want to kill this man myself


  8. AlabamDeb says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what his *relationship* (just threw up in my mouth a little bit there) would be to his child’s child’s child. Assume he was successful in his attempt to impregnate his daughter’s daughter, which is his grandaughter/daughter, right? Would that make a child from that unholy union (*gag*) his great-grandaughter/granddaughter/daughter?? Provided of course this genetic nightmare could even exist and was -God forbid- female. And what if SHE lived long enough to continue the family tradition? Great-great-grand…Nevermind, my brain just exploded.


  9. Angel says:

    Familial relationships aside, is there anyone alive today in an even halfway developed country who doesn’t recognize the danger – the horrible possible genetic mutations – which can result from such inbreeding? I shudder to think of what kinds of genetic aberrations this monster may have passed on to his *gag* progeny. And how many of these children will grow up to repeat such behavior with their own children, thinking that it is acceptable? My prayers are all for the children – I have nothing but unbridled disgust for the animal who spawned them.


  10. Carlos Reyes says:

    This monster should be crastrated and forced to eat his own penis. I have a beautiful daughter of my own and this is just horrible! Unthinkable!


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