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Christopher Wayne Kidd

Christopher Wayne Kidd

Girl, 15, allegedly lured on Web site, given alcohol and assaulted:

Mr. Personality over there is 24-year-old Christopher Wayne Kidd of Corbin, Kentucky. Kidd and a 17-year-old accomplice are accused of getting a 15-year-old girl drunk and raping her. Of course since you’re reading it here you’d be safe to assume that they met the girl on MySpace. The 17-year-old went to school with the victim so you can take the ‘she lied about her age’ argument out of it. Not like that argument ever works.

On a side note did you ever notice how many criminals end up have the middle names of either Wayne, Lee or Ray?

9 thoughts on “Ky. pair accused of raping 15-year-old

  1. Soobs says:

    Chris Kidd of Corbin Kentucky? That’s a joke, right?


  2. K-K-K-Ken is coming to k-k-k-k-kill me.


  3. kayla says:

    old dude might have done it but i know 4 a fact the 17 yr old didnt do because the 2nd day after she was “supposely” raped he came too school that following monday and got on myspace on phone and showed me the messages between them and it looked 2 me like it was concentual. that little girl is ruining the 17 yr olds life because he had left but the girl was 15 yrs old she knew what they was doing and stil yet she went on and done it. theres been many of people to tell me she came to school braging about how she got drunk and partied that weekend.. i mean come on now and she didnt want her foster mom to find out what she had done


  4. Kitty says:


    You really need to pay attention in class, you still have much to learn, little girl.


  5. brittany says:

    wow kayla.
    so because she knew what she was doing drinking, you think its okay that she got raped?
    dont see how thats her fault.

    hmm. “got my glass of vodka… can i have some sexual assault with that please?”
    nah. dont think thats how it works.


  6. kayla says:

    HAHA BITCHES I TOLD YA T.J. DIDNT DO ITt!! now r you gonna tell me 2 pay more attention??
    yeah thats what i thought! Kidd amitted 2 the shit and tj isnt locked up anymore!!!!!!!!!!
    i knew he didnt do it


  7. Jae says:

    Ugh. Please learn to write. 😦


  8. Kitty says:

    Kayla- Yes, I still think you need to pay more attention in class.


  9. brittany says:

    wow. so he’s not in jail.
    that doesnt make him innocent.
    but i guess you better hope he is
    if he goes to your school, because
    i know i wouldnt want a rapist at my school.


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