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Md. teen to be tried as adult in dad’s slaying:

This past Thursday a Maryland judge ordered that 15-year-old Danielle Black be held for trial as an adult for soliciting the murder of her father, 47-year-old Billy Lee Black.

If you’ll recall Black tried to enlist a classmate into killing her father. The classmate didn’t bite but another man, 19-year-old Alec Eger, took up the request. Police allege that Black claimed her father was abusing her in order to get someone to kill her father even though police claim there was no evidence of abuse. Eger is accused of stabbing Billy Lee Black to death on Halloween morning of 2008. Investigators and prosecutors seem to think that the real reason that Black had her father killed is that he didn’t want her hanging out with her goth friends. There have also been accusations of blood-drinking among her clique but that remains to be seen.

Black’s defense attorney is already hinting at an insanity defense claiming that Black has undiagnosed mental disorders and that Black was abused. I always find it peculiar that when a teen kills their mental disorders are always undiagnosed. You never here “Oh yeah, he/she has been batshit crazy for years.”

In my opinion, Danielle Black is just another selfish brat who thought that killing someone was a reasonable response to her need for instant gratification.

She’s looking at life behind bars.

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