Kannapolis, NC man arranges to have his wife raped on craigslist

Police say man arranged to have his wife raped:

Kannapolis, North Carolina is a town just two towns over from TTRR HQ here in Charlotte. It’s a town that was built on the back of the textile industry. As a matter of fact the literal translation of the name Kannapolis is ‘city of looms’. When the textile jobs went overseas it fell on hard times but is starting to pick itself up with more technical industries. It’s a decent sized southern town with hard-working people. It’s even the home of the Earnhardt family of NASCAR fame.

Having said that even my jaded view of the world was rocked when this story broke.

Allegedly what happened is that a man from a decent part of Kannapolis placed an ad on craigslist for someone to come to his house and rape his wife. No doubt he probably placed the ad claiming that it was some kind of fantasy of theirs for this to happen. Except it wasn’t. While it may have been a fantasy for the husband it wasn’t for the wife. The man allegedly did not tell his wife about the ad. So on Sunday a man entered their home armed with a knife and raped the man’s wife while he just stood by and watched. Their children were even home at the time.

It’s not known at this time if the alleged rapist knew he was committing full on rape or if he was just a pawn of the man who placed the ad. The accused rapist himself is still at large while the husband has been put behind bars.

I was interviewed for this article by the local news and like I said to them while craigslist may have cleaned up the erotic/adult services section the casual encounters section still has a long way to go.

So far craigslist has issued no response.

Thanks to Tom Roussey at WBTV for having me on.

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