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John Hock

Man accused of airing rape of woman online: (5th story down)

Stickam CEO Steven Fruchter issued the following statement about the alleged rape committed by John Hock (pictured) that was broadcast over Stickam.

“All of us at Stickam are deeply concerned about the well being of the young woman who was involved in this incident and our thoughts are with her and her family,” Fruchter said. “Our investigation, while still in progress, indicates that the Stickam site monitor team did in fact ‘ban’ the account of the person arrested, and the live broadcast of the incident was terminated immediately upon notification.

“Further, to the best of our knowledge, a video of the incident was never published on the Stickam Web site.”

So Hock’s account was banned and the broadcast was terminated once they were notified. So it took someone in the private room to flag the broadcast before it was stopped. I’m sure that will comfort the rape victim greatly.

Here’s a thought Steve. How about doing away with private rooms? The majority of your users are underage teens that have no real reason to have private rooms. The private room feature is just too attractive to sexual predators and pedophiles.

I’d be very surprised if that happened because I’m sure that would drive away the majority of Stickam’s traffic.

I wonder how many serious crimes like this have actually happened on Stickam that went unreported.

30 thoughts on “Stickam CEO issues statement about broadcasted rape

  1. William says:

    I think you are missing the point and point fingers at just Stickam. What about all the other sites that provide the same capabilties.. What about the ustream user was it that managed to broadcast some stranger that wandered drunk into his house. I could keep listing all the many things that happen live and not the sites fault. Its the people behind the acts. Would it be better to have this Hock do this off cam and not be caught because no witness ? Would he have without a cam ? Dont blame the sites


  2. gh says:

    Ok, first off, this did not happen in a private room, second off, if you read the Stickam TOS it is each members responsibly for what they stream and do, and Stickam doe snot invade members privacy unless they are flagged. and this lasted no more than 5 mins, till someone finely ‘flagged’ rather than going “oh yeah show vag’ please do not blame stickam, John Hock has done this forever read for others including 15 year olds, he just did this live for once.


  3. UberSpork says:

    “no more than 5 mins” is too long when a crime is being committed.


  4. gh says:

    @UberSpork well, if users would flag sooner, but if stickam was notified as soon has it happened, there would be no evidence she was raped just “he showed her boobs” and she would never know what happened. Thanks to the lack of kids caring, StickyDrama was able to screen record it, becase the rape would have happened weather the cam was on or off, and she only found out thanks to him being live and members telling her.


  5. Since Stickam’s rules are so loose it allowed and almost encouraged this attention whoring emo douchebag to rape a girl. He was already banned twice. I don’t think ustream would have put up with that crap.


  6. UberSpork says:

    I don’t care what the reasoning is, to be honest. I care that he was banned twice and allowed back on. I’ve never been to stickam, nor will I ever visit. It does seem like his behavior was encouraged by loose rules, etc., from what I have read. These sites need to be better monitored because these sickos are encouraged by the apparent “lack of supervision” by moderators or whatever. To say that it was a good thing that the rape was caught on video does not make sense to me.


  7. Kitty says:

    Are you freaking kidding me?
    “Would it be better to have this Hock do this off cam and not be caught because no witness? Would he have without a cam? Dont blame the sites”
    What the hell kind of argument is that? Sure, I would rather have a couple hundred witnesses of my rape. I mean, the act is completely vile, traumatizing, and humiliating, what’s a couple hundred people watching me be violated? &gt:( Clueless, completely clueless.


  8. gh says:

    there was only about 43 people really watching it, the others were the player being spammed by Hock, the Media is clueless on this whole thing


  9. Kitty says:

    Thanks to the link you posted to, this is what they say, “Hock&rsquos LIve stats indicate that no more than a few hundred viewers witnessed the assault.”
    No more than a few hundred…. 43…. I see where people can mistake the numbers. Geeez.


  10. gh says:

    @kitty, yes but if you were around that night you would have known he had posted a bulitin on myspace so if someone opened it would make 40 lurkers, so i counted the people in the acutal chat then estimated the lurkers 🙂


  11. Kitty says:

    So you really have no idea of how many people were watching that night. From what I understand, this douche bag had a huge following, so it’s very possible that there were more lurkers than you ‘estimated’. Besides, why the hell were you following this guy anyway? I use the term ‘guy’ very loosely, he looks like a pansy and wears more make-up than Sephora has in stock.
    ANYWAY, be it 43 or 430, it’s still vile, traumatizing, violating, and websites like Stickam really need to do something about their open access to adolescences…. OR shut down all together.


  12. Sticky says:

    this is funny how half of you are getting this wrong via listening to the media talk about it, we have corrected the media countless times with the facts.


  13. Kitty says:

    This quote came from &ldquoHock&rsquos LIve stats indicate that no more than a few hundred viewers witnessed the assault.&rdquo


  14. UberSpork says:

    Kitty, I agree with all you’ve said.

    Seems that since the crime lasted no more than five minutes and and people saw it, it makes it ok. Good, even. Well, according to gh anyways.

    And sticky…you can stick it. Hopefully while “no more than a few hundred” people are watching.


  15. Kitty says:

    “And sticky&hellipyou can stick it. Hopefully while &ldquono more than a few hundred&rdquo people are watching.”

    Well said!


  16. UberSpork says:

    Kitty, it never fails does it? When something like this happens, there are people that come out defending the site it happened on, or the creep that did it. Makes me sick.


  17. lol says:

    who cares what site it happens on, it would have happened regardless of him being live.


  18. Kitty says:

    UberSpork, I know it! I don’t get how anyone can stick up for that loser. TOS is a joke. Don’t have private rooms. When a user is banned, make sure they can’t go back to the site.

    @lol, oh yeah, good point genius. We’re not saying the rape wouldn’t have happened if the site didn’t exist.


  19. Kitty says:

    lol, another thing, we are discussing this article. If you look at the other stories posted on this site, you will see that we’re not just talking about Stickam. You do realize this site is called MyCrimeSpace, right?


  20. UberSpork says:


    I care what site it happened on. When sites allow users back that have been banned and have private rooms, they are giving these sickos just one more way to commit their crimes. Let’s help further traumatize a victim by allowing their abuser to do this in front of people. Jeesh, give my a break.


  21. Silverback says:

    Ok this is all semantics. Hock was a prick and a special kind of one. You can blame the website all you want to but it wasn’t long ago that I read about a rape in open area of a park in NY and all kinds of people saw that and no one did shit. Is it right.. of course not. Is it the websites fault? In reality no more then it was his ISP for letting him have an internet connection. It’s really easy for someone to get back in almost anywhere online, and no manner of policing is going to do it outside of having good community standards and look out for each other.

    Instead of whining about shit and saying that you’ll never go there but someone has to do something about it, why don’t you idealist step up to the plate and either join the community and work to change it and make it a better place for everyone or lobby for congress to have draconian control over our internet.

    You know that’s all we need is more government to tells us how we need to live our lives since they do such a good job of regulating themselves and all.

    But if any of you have ideas of how to “fix” these problems then by all means go for it, but don’t get your feelings hurt when your rally cries for more political governance is meet with fury and hatred. It will be the ones crying for change with out any real ideas of how to make shit better that will cause more of a rift with those that do nothing wrong anyhow.

    Become involved, become active, be supportive, be decent people, use common sense. Don’t be an armchair warrior, do something about it.


  22. William says:

    Very well said Silverback – VERY well said


  23. Twizzy says:

    yes its a good idea to have as many “Good People” on stickam as possible. Then they can flag the “Bad Ones”
    Silverback, You are right on the money.
    Oh and by the way if some one gets banned from stickam it only takes 5 min to change your ip
    Set up a new account and your back on.
    Stickam can not be held responsible for people that are good at hacking.
    Let’s Make Stickam a safer place.
    So Count me in. How do i sign up to be a Moderator.
    Lets Get the “Bad Ones” off stickam
    and Protect the “Innocent ones”


  24. Chris says:

    I believe the photo of it showed something like 101 users viewing the video.

    I personally feel that three felony charges is way to much. Drop the rape charges to sexual assualt,underage drinking and suriptaious video taping only. I think the rape and kidnapping law in this case is bullshit. I also think the woman in this situation should get in trouble for underage drinking. Maybe then she will stop and think about her actions as well.


  25. Chuck D. says:

    “Think about her actions”? Her only actions were suffering @ the hands of a some online pseudo-celebrity and getting his ass thrown in jail…God only knows how many more girls would’ve been next, had Hock not been caught.


  26. Chris says:

    Yes her actions, Action 1: Being alone in her home without knowing her male companion well enough. Action 2: Drinking, underage drinking is a no no. Action 3. Drinking enough to passout, with a man she hasn’t been with long term and didn’t know him well enough.

    If she hadn’t been drinking and drinking way to much, if she hadn’t been drinking alone with him in private quarters, perhaps she wouldn’t of found herself in this situation. If she had gotten to know him a lot better beforehand, being alone with him she may not of been in this situation.

    Those were all her choices and each choice required an action or on some of the choices there was a lack of action on her part(not getting to know him well enough, lack of action)

    I realize sometimes, no matter how well you know a person, it can still happen but it certainly narrows the chances of it happening,


  27. Kitty says:

    Chris, what she went through isn’t enough? She’s been through far worse than a slap on the wrist for something as trivial as underage drinking. SHE IS THE VICTIM!


  28. Chuck D. says:

    Yeah, really…how was she to know Hock would do what he did? And there seems to be a certain “pretzel logic” here…if John-Boy had a reputation for this kinda stuff, what was he doing walking around free? You can bet if he wasn’t some online pseudo-celeb, his supporters would be calling for the guy’s head and ranting about the evils of conformity that caused it.


  29. Kitty says:

    Clearly Chris, you’re delusional. Bottom line is, he violated her, and as if that wasn’t enough, he did it publicly…. I don’t care how drunk she was, that she was drinking under age, this is NOT her fault, it is Hock’s…. He’s the one that needs to pay for his actions. He’s a lousy piece of shit, any guy that does such degusting things will most likely repeat…. And by the articles I’ve read about him, he’s not new to this.


  30. Chris says:

    Yes she’s been through a lot, however that doesn’t make her above the law. Maybe her getting in trouble for underage drinking, will slow her down a bit and she will get to know guys pretty well, before getting drunk and passing out with the next Hock. Since you mention Hock’s past behavior, will be in his future behavior, I’m guessing you know people do have repetitive behaviors. You don’t care if one person breaks the law but you do care if someone else breaks the law and you think, your thinking is right? Lol. Bottom line is, after it goes to trial, he might be found guilty of rape or some lesser charge, such as sexual assault. As for her, again she made poor choices and as a result of those choices, this was able to happen. Oh and by the articles you’ve read, he’s not new to streaming sexual/assault/rape live? Link us to those articles.


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