Closing arguments in James Zarate trial

Jury begins deliberations tomorrow in 2nd Zarate murder trial:

Today both the prosecution and the defense gave their closing arguments in the trial of James Zarate who is accused of helping his brother Jonathan Zarate kill and dismember Jennifer Parks in 2005.

Morris County Executive Assistant Prosecutor Robert Lane argued that James Zarate had the motive to kill Jennifer since she had previously gotten him at trouble at school for bullying. He also argued that it was no coincidence that on the first time he had seen her in 2 years that she ended up murdered. Lane also argued that the forensic evidence shows that Jennifer was killed by two people.

Defense attorney Joseph Ferrante argued that the coroner missed a lot of evidence during the Jennifer’s initial autopsy and picked apart the testimony of Vladimir Basilio the witness who tried to help the Zarate brothers dump Jennifer’s body into the Passaic River.

Honestly I don’t know how this one is going to go. Since James Zarate isn’t a raving psychopath like his convicted brother it’s hard to tell which way the jury is going to go on this one. I honestly believe that James Zarate had a hand in the murder of Jennifer Parks but I have to admit that it seems like there is reasonable doubt with some of the testimony given.

The jury begins deliberations tomorrow.

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