James Zarate gets life

Life in prison for James Zarate:

4 years and a day after her murder James Zarate was sentenced to life in prison for the murder and dismemberment of 16-year-old Jennifer Parks. Zarate helped his older brother Jonathan, who was also convicted and sentenced to life, in killing Jennifer, dismembering her body and tryoing to dispose of it by throwing her into the Pasaic River.

Before sentencing Zarate tried giving a sob story of how rough he had it growing up but luckily the jury didn’t buy it.

Zarate has to serve at least 76 years before he’s eligible for parole. That would make him 94.

Let’s hear from Jennifer’s family…

David Parks referred to Zarate only as ”it” or ”a jackal,” in his statement, while Laurie Parks called him ”pure evil.” David Parks said he wished the death penalty was available as punishment for the brothers.

”We can never forgive or forget what you did to our Jen,” Laurie Parks said.

”Jennifer’s life was worth so little to him but, for me, she was worth the world,” David Parks said.

And the prosecutor…

“For the rest of his life he’s going to live in a 12′ x 12′ prison cell for the vicious cold-blooded murder of a sweet trusting girl who couldn’t have imagined the evil intentions James and Jonathan Zarate planned to unleash the night she was lured over to their house,” Morris County Prosecutor Robert A Bianchi said following the sentencing hearing.

I wish I could say this was the end. However if history has taught me anything there will be appeals. Not successful ones mind you but there will be appeals.

Hopefully the Park family can rest a little bit now knowing that both of her daughter’s killers are in prison forever.

New ‘leads’ in West Memphis 3 case

Damien Echols

Damien Echols

West Memphis 3: New Leads:

The last time we visited West Memphis former NYPD homicide detective and current private investigator Jay Salpeter opened a tip line that was already opened.

Mr. Salpeter is now saying that tip line has uncovered new leads in the case but he won’t say what those leads are.

I wonder how many of those calls just say “MARK BYERS MARK BYERS MARK BYERS!!!” I can imagine how many of the WM3 outcast army are calling from all over spouting whatever conspiracy theory that they’ve cooked up after a night of dope smoking and listening to whatever outcast band they enjoy.

I would say that I would hate to be manning that tipline but whoever is I would imagine would be just as zealous as the callers.

NH sports reporter charged with being craigslist pimp

Sports reporter for N.H. paper allegedly ran prostitution ring:

50-year-old Kevin Provencher of Manchester, New Hampshire has been a sports reporter for the New Hampshire Union Leader for the past 23 years. The police in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and possibly Canada say that he’s been a craigslist and backpage pimp for an undisclosed amount of time.

Prosecutor Michelle Defeo said Provencher would rent a room in the hotel, then two women would arrive, followed by a steady flow of male visitors.

Provencher has been suspended by the paper pending the outcome of the situation.

Colo. man arrested for shaking and smothering son

Lafayette man suspected of dropping, biting infant:

That’s 26-year-old Benjamin Charles Koller of Laffayette, Colorado. He’s accused of not only shaking his 2-month-old son but also smothering him to the point that the baby has extensive brain damage and may not survive.

Of course it was because the douchebag couldn’t handle the baby crying. And check out the precision in which he used to suffocate his own son…

“Benjamin demonstrated and described with his hands how he put his fingers over Jack’s face, with two fingers on his mouth and two fingers on his throat, with his thumb on the back of his neck (counter pressure), constricting Jack’s airway,” the affidavit reads. “Benjamin said that Jack kicked his legs and moved his arms during the process. He said once he realized Jack began to change color, he stopped.”

It’s like this jackass has a black belt in child abuse.

He also allegedly shook the baby so hard the baby fell from his arms and hit his head against a changing table.

It seemed his 20-year-old common law wife wasn’t too concerned about the injuries either.

There’s also some accusations of biting the child as well among other sadistic moves.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Second Landstown suspect pleads guilty

Second teen pleads guilty in Landstown plot:

The second juvenile suspect accused of plotting an attack against Landstown High School in Virginia Beach has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, possessing a sawed-off shotgun and possessing weapons of terrorism with the intent to commit an act of terrorism.

No sentencing deal is in place and the teen is being held until sentencing which is scheduled for 9/22.

The scariest MySpace crime ever prevented

Jesse Lee Wise

Jesse Lee Wise

Police: Man came from Nevada for sex with girl on MySpace:

25-year-old Jesse Lee Wise traveled from Nevada to Chesapeake, Virginia by bus to meet a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace. Once he got to Virginia he set up a tent near a public library so he could continue messaging the girl. He had been communicating with the girl for about a year and a half. The girl allegedly told Wise he was 13 and he didn’t care.

“I know how old you are just don’t type it on here cause I am in a public place,” Wise replied.

When the conversations became sexual the girl told her mother who in turned told police. It was then that Wise was actually chatting with law enforcement.

After Wise pitched his tent he invited the girl to his tent promising to take her to Arizona and to give her a ring.

According to the court records, he asked the girl to meet him at the library and said that she would recognize him by his dragon/barbed wire tattoo on his left arm.

“Well baby, I am in the tent and it is in the woods as you walk out the front doors,” he wrote to her the day before his arrest.

I bet it was the around the bicep tattoo too. That’s not the sign of a child molester but it is a sign of douchebaggery, but I digress.

When police searched the tent after Wise’s arrest they found used and unused condoms (WTF?), a ring with a pink heart and bus tickets back to the Southwest, one of which was in the girl’s name.

If it wasn’t for the girl (not the parents) this girl might have been kidnapped and killed and never heard from again. She had been chatting with Wise on MySpace since she was 11 1/2 or 12. No one that young should be on MySpace. Even the judge who arraigned Wise asked “Where were her parents to allow her MySpace page to have her personal identifying information?” Where indeed?

Wise has been charged with federal crimes so hopefully he’ll get a real sentence.

And on a personal note I can’t stress how important it is to never give your sons the middle names of Ray, Lee or Wayne. You’re kind of guaranteeing that they’ll be criminals.

Yet another Connecticut molester

Police: Conn. man molested teen he met on MySpace:

I swear that Connecticut has an inordinate amount of MySpace sex offenders no matter what Richard Blumenthal says. Today we add another one to the list.

26-year-old Jacob Bonilla was arrested by Middletown police for molesting a 14-year-old boy he met on MySpace over a year ago. Police say there were several meetings between Bonilla and the boy and Bonilla has been charged with nine counts of second-degree sexual assault and nine counts of risk of injury to a minor. So I would imagine there was at least 9 meetings.

Again while Richard Blumenthal is posturing about registered sex offenders he’s done nothing to curb the tide of the unregistered ones.

Parents, the government is not there to raise your kids. You are the first and last line of defense when it comes to the internet and your kids.

Ohio man charged with having sex with teen he met over MyYearbook

HOBART Ohio man charged with molesting teen:

Anthony Scott Yoder of Millersburg, Ohio was arrested last weekend for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in Hobart, Indiana. He met the girl over MyYearbook. She originally said she was 18 then a couple of months ago she admitted she was 14 which still apparently didn’t dissuade Yoder from making the 6 hour trip.. and oh yeah, the girl was actually 13 at the time of the arrest.

Yoder and the girl were at a motel when Yoder was arrested. The girl uttered something that will make every father’s skin crawl…

The girl was in the parking lot and told police “she had just lost her virginity” to Yoder, the probable cause affidavit states.

Yoder is looking at a max of 50 years.

Texas girls runaway, found in NC

Irving teens disappear after online conversations:

Charlotte apartment manager alerts police to missing teens:

Two 14-year-old girls from Irving, Texas stole one of their grandmother’s car and drove 1100 miles from Irving to right here in the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina. The pair was allegedly on their way to meet a 23-year-old man from Rock Hill, South Carolina which is a suburb of Charlotte.

It’s unknown which social network was used but the girls had accounts on Facebook and MyYearbook. One of the girls wasn’t even allowed to have a computer in the house but still found a way to set up her accounts. One of the girls was staying at the other girl’s house.

The girls were caught when after they reached Charlotte and stopped in an apartment office to make a phone call. They claimed their parents had died and they were in their way to visit their 23-year-old cousin. The apartment manager didn’t buy it and called police. That’s what cracks me up about teenagers. They think their outlandish stories make sense.

Luckily the girls were unharmed.

I’ve asked my local news channel to see if any charges have been brought up against the 23-year-old.

One of their mothers has advice for other parents out there…

“Look on the Internet, do some searches, you think, ‘Not your kid,’” she said. “Fourteen-year-olds are very impressionable, and these guys are saying scary things.”

I still think keeping the computer in a public area of the house is the best idea. The first mother thought so two. Unfortunately the second one didn’t.

Former deputy sentenced in craigslist sex case

Ex-Canyon County jail deputy gets a year in jail in sexual battery, prostitution case:

I could have sworn I’ve posted about this story before because you don’t forget a name like Hundersmarck but I can’t seem to find it.

Anyway 40-year-old Aaron Hundersmarck of Idaho was sentenced to 15 years behind bars with the judge saying he’ll have to serve one year before being eligible for parole.

Hundersmarck seems to have gotten himself a craigslist ‘masseuse’ who just happened to bring her underage daughter with her. Hundersmarck fondled the girl who was 16 at the time. He claimed that he thought the girl was 17 nearing her 18th birthday. I love how sex offenders try to justify their actions with idiotic explanations like that. It wouldn’t have mattered how close to 18th birthday she was. If she’s under 18 she’s under Idaho’s age of consent. Afterwords he contacted the girl’s mother asking if he could have sex with the girl. Even craigslist ‘masseuses’ must have their limits.

A year in jail for child molesters I would imagine are 365 days of hell. He’ll be lucky to make it to parole. But since he’s a former prison deputy he’ll probably be separated from general population.