Convictions in first Dunbar Village trial

Juries convict men in gang rape of mother, son:

Both Tommy Poindexter and Nathan Walker were convicted by their respective juries in the Dunbar Village gang rape trial.

Poindexter was convicted on eight of 13 counts. The jury found him not guilty on several counts related to the suspects having forced the mother to perform oral sex on her son. Walker was convicted on 11 of 14 counts, and his jury did find him guilty in the mother-son sex acts.

Poindexter is looking at 11 life sentences and Walker is looking at 8. Sentencing is scheduled for October 13th.

Here’s what happened after Poindexter was convicted…

He looked over his shoulder as he was led out of the courtroom and mouthed, “I love you,” to family members in the gallery. They cried and quickly left the courtroom, shouting obscenities as they walked from the building.

Real class. I’m guessing the rotten apple didn’t fall too far from the poisoned tree.

Poindexter and Walker were both teens charged as adults at the time of the crime. The people who normally think teens should never be charged as adults never made comment one on this case but that may have more to do with the suspects’ skin color than anything.

More on Alex Youshock’s plans

Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

San Mateo HS Attack Planned For Months:

Collision Course: Teacher Schools Would-Be Terrorist;

School attack suspect held without bail:

First I want to talk about that picture. That is a picture of Alex Youshock posing with his pipe bombs. The only thing I could find out about the pic was that it police sources say it’s Youshock. Now on the less edited photo it has some kind of text that says “My resolutions for your actions.” This leads me to believe that Youshock may have made some kind of video. If he did make a video that would put him one step close to being another unoriginal mutant.

The pipes for the bomb were purchased at Home Depot but the explosives were bought over the internet. From what I understand they were model rocket rockets. So model rocket hobbyists, expect your hobby to be regulated. But I can see how that could get past a parent.

Youshock allegedly carried the infamous chainsaw in a guitar case. So now he thinks he’s a cross between Leatherface and El Mariachi. What a maroon.

And for those of you who I’m sure will come forth and unbelievably say that he wasn’t really trying to hurt someone this is for you. After the initial bombs went off he ran towards the fleeing students and he also had rubber doorstops supposedly to keep his victims inside the classroom if he had thrown the bombs inside.

And how is this for being a big bad criminal? He had his mommy drive him to the school under the guise that he was visiting ‘a friend’.

It also seems that his intended target was in fact chemistry teacher Meghan Spalding blaming her for some of his bad grades. I got tons of bad grades in high school. While young punks blame the teachers the fault actually lies with you. Youshock is now being said to have dropped out of Hillsdale High.

He’s being held without bail as an adult but he’s still being held in a juvenile facility. He’s looking at a life sentence.

Child burned in meth lab explosion

1-Year-Old Badly Burned In Meth Lab Explosion:

You know how we’re always saying when a child is found in their parents’ meth lab that we’re just glad the lab didn’t explode? Yeah, you can scratch that off the list now.

One-year-old Johnna Osborn of Bay County, Florida was burned over 40 percent of her body after her parents’ meth lab exploded.

The county sheriff, not a county sheriff but the head guy, was so outraged by what happened he arrested the girl’s father, John Osborn, himself.

Also arrested was the girl’s mother, Tessa Wagy. She was arrested in Georgia.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

SC couple charged with leaving kids in car while they were at nightclub

S.C. parents arrested after children found locked in truck:

In keeping with our recent theme 41-year-old Luis Raul Mahones Andino and 26-year-old Rosa Lopez were arrested in Spartanburg, South Carolina after their kids were found locked in a truck.

The 5 and 3 year old were locked in a truck while the couple was allegedly inside a Spartanbug night club. Did I mention it was 2 in the morning?

The kids were placed with DSS.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

The difference between Ted Kennedy and Laura Bush


In the wake of Ted Kennedy’s death it seems that a type of debate has broken out. Basically it comes down to why is Kennedy vilified for Chappaquiddick but former first lady Laura Bush isn’t for the death of Michael Dutton Douglas. Personally I think the differences are obvious.

Kennedy had already been a senator for 7 years. Laura Bush was still in high school.

Laura Bush was found by police to not be under the influence of alcohol. Kennedy claimed that he had not been drinking. Given the Kennedys’ proclivity for partying I seriously doubt that.

Kennedy was married to Joan Kennedy at the time.

Laura Bush didn’t flee the scene.

Kennedy never reported the incident to police.

And Laura Bush at the time didn’t wield any kind of power that could have influenced a police investigation.

And for those of you who think Ted Kennedy’s record should overshadow his ‘indiscretions’ all I have to say is OJ is in the Hall of Fame but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get away with murder.

Philip Bay moved to big boy jail

Philip Bay

Philip Bay

Teen accused in Landstown plot moving to Va. Beach jail:

A judge has ordered Philip Bay to me moved from a juvenile facility to the Virginia Beach city jail. Bay was 17 when he was arrested for his part in a plan to attack Landstown High School but was charged as an adult.

Bay’s attorney requested that he stay in juvie but the judge said…

“He’s an adult. Doesn’t look like an adult, but he’s an adult,”

I like a judge who doesn’t mess around.

Bay’s attorney also said that he may be using an insanity defense and requested state funding for a psychologist in Charlottesville. Again the judge laid the smackdown and told him there were qualified shrinks locally.

Victim takes the stand in Dunbar Village rape trial

Fla. Woman: Teens Laughed As They Raped, Beat Her:

Dunbar trial update – victim takes the stand:

West Palm Beach Dunbar rape jury could start deliberations soon; prosecutors say they will rest case tomorrow:

The woman who was gang raped by 10 individuals at the Dunbar Village apartments in West Palm Beach took the stand today to recount her horrifying experience to the court.

She said she heard her then 12-year-old son being beaten while she was being raped and that they were laughing the entire time.

Both of them were force into the shower and told to clean off. It was then she was forced to perform oral sex on her own son. That was when they had cleaning solutions dumped on them to further try to hide evidence.

She said the suspects were looking for a lighter in order to set them on fire. The victim says she had one but lied about and luckily they didn’t find it.

The woman and her son walked a mile barefoot to the ER after the suspects left.

The victim was wearing dark glasses in court saying she had permanent eye damage from the cleaning fluids and permanent internal damage from the rapes.

And in a shocking turn of events the prosecution says it’s look to rest its case tomorrow.

I just find it aggravating that the most that the scumbags Poindexter and Walker could get is a couple of life sentences. Whatever happened to hard labor? Oh that’s right, it went away when prisoners’ rights became more important than the victims’.

Youshock charged as adult, targets named

Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

Charges: Chem teacher, security aide targeted:

San Mateo bombing suspect charged with seven felonies:

17-year-old Alex Youshock has been charged as an adult with seven felonies for his role in the pipe bomb attack against Hillsdale High in San Mateo, California. He’s been charged with two counts of premeditated attempted murder, two counts of detonation of an explosive device, one count of possession of explosive devices and one count of felony possession of deadly weapons.

I like what one of the DA’s said about charging Youshock as an adult…

“Any 17-year-old who shows an intent to kill other human beings — which was certainly the case here, there was an intent to kill many people — has forfeited the right to be treated in our rehabilitative juvenile system and has to be dealt with in our adult system, where the purpose is punishment, San Mateo Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

“The concept of rehabilitation is truly a secondary interest here,” Wagstaffe said. “Public protection is the number one factor.”

That is awesome. Standing ovation from yours truly.

Also according to court documents Youshock’s targets included chemistry teacher Meghan Spalding and security aide Jana Torres. Except it seems that the court documents named them as targets since they were closest to the bombs and may not have been Youshock’s intended targets.

Now the blame game hasn’t started yet but tech blog Gizmodo has a post up wondering if Youshock’s choice of weapons were influenced by video games. The funny thing is when I heard that he was carrying a chainsaw it automatically reminded me of DOOM. If DOOM was an influence for the chainsaw that would go even more towards Youshock possibly being a mutant considering the Columbine killers were obsessed with the game.

H/T to Game Politics for the Gizmodo link.

Woman left baby at home to turn tricks

Kettering mother arrested for selling sex; child home alone:

25-year-old Lori Richards of Kettering, Ohio was arrested for allegedly selling herself for $40-120 outside of a store. Upon further investigation police found that she left her 8-month-old home alone.

The baby has been placed with the grandparents.

Thanks to Cassandra for the tip.

Woman who beheaded son was deemed not a threat

Report: L.A. Mom Who Decapitated Son Not Considered a Threat:

I don’t know how I could have possibly missed this one when it happened.

Anyway Yolanda Tijerina of Los Angeles is accused of beheading her 4-year-old, Lars Sanchez, son then slashing her own wrist to the bone.

She had been investigated by the county after she was found outside her son’s school yelling “I think you killed my son.” But the county did not consider her a threat…

According to the documents obtained by the L.A. Times, the investigation concluded that the mother’s “emotional stability, developmental status or cognitive deficiency impairs her current ability to supervise, protect or care for the child.”

However, officials concluded that any risk to the boy could be addressed through informal monitoring by relatives and neighbors.

How’d that work for you?

Thanks to Stacey for the tip.