No more private stickam rooms?

I’ve been getting a lot of search traffic lately for phrases like “no more stickam private”. I thought to myself this couldn’t possibly be true but when I moseyed on over to stickam, after putting on my internet hazmat suit, I noticed that there were no more settings for private rooms.

Has stickam done away with private rooms or is this just a temporary glitch. As far as I know stickam has not made any kind of official announcement.

If they did turn it off it’s amazing that it only took a couple of sexual assaults.

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  1. People are saying there’s some trick getting around it. Like all the live streamer starter has to do is change their format back to the old layout and it’ll still work.

  2. So, you think it’s good that they removed it, but you chastise them for it anyway?

    You may want to work on your people skills.

    You should applaud it, no?

  3. Agree with Norman.R..IF they have
    So, you think it&rsquos good that they removed it, but you chastise them for it anyway? geesh

  4. It should have never been an option to be able to chat with your friends WITHOUT a group of 50 assholes talking shit over eachother??!

    Private was what made stickam worth it – those that don’t like are attention seekers that just love seeing 100 people in their room.
    stickam=waste now

  5. How is the Friends only feature different from private? Only your friends can come in. All a true predator has to do is create their own room, set it to friends only, add their prey as the only friend, and presto, they have the same privacy as before.

  6. I’m glad the private option is gone so now pervs can’t ask me to “go private” anymore 🙂 If people wanna do naughty things they can go on Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Skype, etc. Or be in an actual relationship. Whichever.

  7. Private was good because sometimes i just wanted to talk with 1 or 2 friends and nobody else. And i don’t have MSN, AIM, Yahoo or any others so stickam was great for that. Now its just a lame chat site

  8. what if you wanna talk to one person in your room and not the whole entire friends only chat, i mean what the fuck stickams worse that ever, fuck em fuck em all. i’ve delelted my account until those bastards can get something right,

    just like they took the new message sound away that was a waste too. fuck em.

  9. i find it hilarious that you can essentially ‘private’ on any chat service like aim, msn, yahoo and skype.

    the reason stickam caught so much shit is because they enabled people to see that a person was private making everyone either butthurt and cranky or automatically assume that people jackin dicks and finger fucking behind the veil of privacy that stickam admins gleefully monitor.

    private should have been and should still be there but it should actually be private not notifying everyone that you are private.

    oh well. Other services are better if you want a private single/group chat /

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