Trench weighs in on the healthcare debate

I love referring to myself in the third person.

Anyway, I heard President Obama, or one of his representatives say that Medicare is proof that the government knows about healthcare. That obviously came from some one who never had to deal with Medicare. I mean it’s a plan that doesn’t cover routine physicals. You would think the government would rather pay for preventative care than an illness down the road. Medicare is the ultimate definition of a government bureaucracy. I should know, I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for 21 years.

However I have to take the town hall protesters to task. You people scare me. Nothing was ever solved through hysterics. And you may want to turn off whatever talking head you’ve been listening to because a lot of you are beginning to sound the same.

Now look, I’m no fan of President Obama’s proposed healthcare plan but it’s because of my experience that I formed that opinion. Not from what some suit is telling me in order to gain ratings.

The town hall protesters remind me a lot of the ‘No Blood For Oil’ protesters from 2003. Just as uninformed of the real issues.

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