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Stickam Quietly Turns Off Private Video Chat:

This is a great blog post from Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins of SiliconANGLE about Stickam turning off the private rooms. And it’s not a great post just because he quotes me.

Mr. Hopkins wonders if the removal of the Stickam private room features will mean that the private room option will become a paid upgrade for Stickam in the future with the supposition that kids normally wouldn’t normally have access to credit cards.

That’s a great idea in theory as long as Stickam does not accept PayPal. In doing research about Stickam a lot of these kids claim to have PayPal accounts and would say in their public chats that they would do such and such if they got a certain amount donated into their PayPal account.

But again a lot of the issues on Stickam would be non-existent if parents just monitored their children’s online activity. And yes that pretty much is my answer to everything.

One thought on “Stickam Private Rooms: Is the removal about safety or money?

  1. Chris says:

    Uhm what about the visa and other cards that can now be purchased in pretty much most stores?


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