Victim takes the stand in Dunbar Village rape trial

Fla. Woman: Teens Laughed As They Raped, Beat Her:

Dunbar trial update – victim takes the stand:

West Palm Beach Dunbar rape jury could start deliberations soon; prosecutors say they will rest case tomorrow:

The woman who was gang raped by 10 individuals at the Dunbar Village apartments in West Palm Beach took the stand today to recount her horrifying experience to the court.

She said she heard her then 12-year-old son being beaten while she was being raped and that they were laughing the entire time.

Both of them were force into the shower and told to clean off. It was then she was forced to perform oral sex on her own son. That was when they had cleaning solutions dumped on them to further try to hide evidence.

She said the suspects were looking for a lighter in order to set them on fire. The victim says she had one but lied about and luckily they didn’t find it.

The woman and her son walked a mile barefoot to the ER after the suspects left.

The victim was wearing dark glasses in court saying she had permanent eye damage from the cleaning fluids and permanent internal damage from the rapes.

And in a shocking turn of events the prosecution says it’s look to rest its case tomorrow.

I just find it aggravating that the most that the scumbags Poindexter and Walker could get is a couple of life sentences. Whatever happened to hard labor? Oh that’s right, it went away when prisoners’ rights became more important than the victims’.

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